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Battle Against a Machine: Earthbound Music

Battle Against a Machine: Earthbound Music

168 Responses to “Battle Against a Machine: Earthbound Music”

  1. 1 Pikachu™ [HyperTails]

    [..YouTube..] Reminds me of the moment I got the Sword of Kings

  2. 2 Duane Hodgson Jr.

    [..YouTube..] This sounds a little different than what I remembered.

  3. 3 DynoSkrimisher

    [..YouTube..] Robot! Oh my God!!

  4. 4 DisorbedRBLX

    [..YouTube..] Pokey’s themeeeee

  5. 5 A Liar

    [..YouTube..] The only reason to put up with Star men.

  6. 6 Eric Powers (Popowerst)


  7. 7 Eric Powers


  8. 8 asda89

    [..YouTube..] Fake and gay…

  9. 9 Avilnetro X

    [..YouTube..] Fucking Starmen.

  10. 10 Ryu BLADE

    [..YouTube..] why is he wearing lipstick?

  11. 11 Starman Ness

    [..YouTube..] Memories of the fucking Sword of Kings… *Shudder*(Anyone else notice Ness in the Starman?)

  12. 12 LakituBroz

    [..YouTube..] Memories of the fucking Sword of Kings… *Shudder*(Anyone else notice Ness in the Starman?)

  13. 13 Shen Kai

    [..YouTube..] Dyrus was so YOLO back in those days :D

  14. 14 Dart Sujxo

    [..YouTube..] Les robots fais a la main !

  15. 15 Purple Guy Fangurrl~

    [..YouTube..] Epic.

  16. 16 かわいい おたくヽ(eωe)丿

    [..YouTube..] Epic.

  17. 17 Earthbound|Mother♥

    [..YouTube..] Epic.

  18. 18 Yesenia ZG

    [..YouTube..] So peaceful takes me to another life.

  19. 19 Koopiane

    [..YouTube..] Like that too :3

  20. 20 Paula -Earthbound-

    [..YouTube..] Like that too :3

  21. 21 PK Earthbound!

    [..YouTube..] Like that too :3

  22. 22 Ailene Thomasson

    [..YouTube..] There are many SCAMs out there how do you know these are not the same as others……..

  23. 23 MarcoRubio2012

    [..YouTube..] Oh, and Satan can suck my dick.

  24. 24 Elisson 9

    [..YouTube..] I want a dubstep to this music

  25. 25 Elisson Nascimento (Gunslinger86)

    [..YouTube..] I want a dubstep to this music

  26. 26 Elisson Nascimento

    [..YouTube..] I want a dubstep to this music

  27. 27 Ogulcan KURÇ


  28. 28 3dsking61

    [..YouTube..] Who wants to beat up a Sharman!

  29. 29 EGG | Phylo

    [..YouTube..] it’s ‘Hardly anything THERE for you to see’ instead of ‘Hardly anything LEFT for you to see

  30. 30 ImagineABear

    [..YouTube..] It is well documented that music from this game heavily borrows from pop culture from the time period. Anyone think this sounds like “Everybody Everybody” by Black Box?

  31. 31 VintageGamer Pvt. Lee- Brown

    [..YouTube..] Hello Community! My song of the day comes from a game and series I hold dear. Mother 2 Battle against a machine

  32. 32 legalink1

    [..YouTube..] Am I the one who thinks Earthbound music sounds more awesome with headphones?

  33. 33 PuzzleHunter ThreeOh

    [..YouTube..] oomp oomp oomp oomp oomp oomp oomp oomp*with heart bumps*

  34. 34 Ichiro Miyasato

    [..YouTube..] oomp oomp oomp oomp oomp oomp oomp oomp*with heart bumps*

  35. 35 NOfun CREW


  36. 36 MashedFriesGaming

    [..YouTube..] ray of frost AKA kamehameha wave

  37. 37 Maverick Hunter Zero

    [..YouTube..] 0:32 mega man over here

  38. 38 Perdomot

    [..YouTube..] So nice to see Ginza again. Some of those Dept stores are amazing especially the food areas in the basements. Visit the Mitsukoshi store if you get the chance because it will blow your mind.

  39. 39 Luciferminusone


  40. 40 Luciferminusone

    [..YouTube..] The FrankenStein Mark II explodes into a billion zillion pieces and the hot metal burning up both Frank and Ness. Both Frank and Ness lose 1/2 of their health.

  41. 41 Luciferminusone

    [..YouTube..] wkelly464 opened a box and inside he found………..a cookie!

  42. 42 DBZFan8001


  43. 43 DBZFan8001

    [..YouTube..] Congratulations you want a cookie?

  44. 44 CdiLinkReturns


  45. 45 CdiLinkReturns

    [..YouTube..] Master Giygas would approve.

  46. 46 Ey maaS


  47. 47 drazokk


  48. 48 drazokk

    [..YouTube..] Yikes! Poo turned into Nuclear Reactor Robot!

  49. 49 Master of Lasagna

    [..YouTube..] That’s when I let Poo mirror the Nuclear Reactor Robot. Free HP!

  50. 50 mr. wooferwoof1


  51. 51 mr. wooferwoof1

    [..YouTube..] That’s when I let Poo mirror the Nuclear Reactor Robot. Free HP!

  52. 52 Oranges


  53. 53 Oranges

    [..YouTube..] it’s called “run away”

  54. 54 kennylives04


  55. 55 kennylives04

    [..YouTube..] rockin already? geez you grind alot.

  56. 56 kennylives04

    [..YouTube..] Such a thumbwhore. Literally, shameless spam.

  57. 57 Sylvain Carrier

    [..YouTube..] Would love to hear how Scott McGroove would render that :)

  58. 58 Lord Xavi

    [..YouTube..] No. I don’t. However, I did hear it’s coming to Virtual Console from a good friend of mine. As excited as I am, I’m also not going to get my hopes up.

  59. 59 Luciferminusone

    [..YouTube..] Yeah! A free beating by no other then……The Frakenstein Mark II!

  60. 60 wkelly464


  61. 61 wkelly464

    [..YouTube..] well, earthbound brought me here… do i get a prize?

  62. 62 Bone Joe

    [..YouTube..] Wait why is ness face on the starman in the cover pic? I know its an guygas face but…

  63. 63 gwonam fangson

    [..YouTube..] Wait why is ness face on the starman in the cover pic? I know its an guygas face but…

  64. 64 drazokk

    [..YouTube..] Poo+mirror+nuclear reactor robot

  65. 65 SpashBanjo

    [..YouTube..] Funny what we notice after seeing the same picture a few times.

  66. 66 BuddyBoy600alt


  67. 67 BuddyBoy600alt

    [..YouTube..] The music reminds me of “Get Ready for This.” by 2 Unlimited.

  68. 68 Brandon Cade

    [..YouTube..] ness trie psi rockin omega. the attack made giygas h…a…p…p…y!

  69. 69 EggNogBlogHog

    [..YouTube..] I don’t think it’s as much of a fuck up as it’s just for cover art. I mean, the Starmen Finals are the last Starmen in the game, right? Though you are a robot at that time, it just seems more symbolical to have one of the last and hardest enemies in the game looking down upon the main protagonist to show how crazy this game can be.

  70. 70 Captain Toast

    [..YouTube..] A broken vending machine appeared…

  71. 71 ToastToastyToast


  72. 72 ToastToastyToast

    [..YouTube..] A broken vending machine appeared…

  73. 73 LinkinNintendo64

    [..YouTube..] Wait a minute… This is a remix of Porkey’s/Pokey’s theme!

  74. 74 Luis Alba Sarria

    [..YouTube..] A game with a battle song like this just can’t be bad at all.

  75. 75 jeepheep69

    [..YouTube..] Normally I wouldn’t mind it but pony comments appear SO much that all it does it cause trouble for everyone in the comment section and annoy people who don’t like MLP. The point is that if it wasn’t shoved down everyone else’s thought then it wouldn’t matter, but it is. It’s not cute, it’s not funny, it’s just annoying.

  76. 76 Wikkler


  77. 77 Wikkler

    [..YouTube..] Search MOOBLEAPP.

  78. 78 Chanchoman del Porko Divino


  79. 79 Chanchoman del Porko Divino

    [..YouTube..] It´s for the graphics :(

  80. 80 Valentin Loyola

    [..YouTube..] It´s for the graphics :(

  81. 81 Chanchoman del Porko Divino

    [..YouTube..] 1. A friend

  82. 82 Valentin Loyola

    [..YouTube..] 1. A friend

  83. 83 MaximumSpiderMvC

    [..YouTube..] I remember before I ever played Earthbound, I really liked this song. So, at Peaceful Rest Valley, I ran into a robot enemy on purpose just to hear it. Let’s just say I regretted that very fast.

  84. 84 B00pLoop

    [..YouTube..] The Atomic Power Robot shouted, “Get down!” and started disco dancing!

  85. 85 markscool33


  86. 86 markscool33

    [..YouTube..] maybe is how good nintendo is with music

  87. 87 CaioNV

    [..YouTube..] I didn’t know this was the music of freedom

  88. 88 ProtoMario

    [..YouTube..] I must’ve caught a cold from that angry coffee machine the other day, cause i keep taking 7 damage every time I sneeze.

  89. 89 Moon Aria

    [..YouTube..] wat

  90. 90 bigcigars

    [..YouTube..] this is actually battle against alien and or alien machine, i was figuring before i clicked to watch that it was the little big headed robot that u fight with the runaway 5 at the hotel or whatever it is

  91. 91 Gigaspine7

    [..YouTube..] This is the internet.That’s how.

  92. 92 GeneralCane

    [..YouTube..] Jesus motherf– how did that simple joke of a comment of mine get +20? >.>

  93. 93 robloxandpikminfan

    [..YouTube..] this music pwns!

  94. 94 GabuslashGabu

    [..YouTube..] looool i want this to play when i punch my TV for losing a battle too much

  95. 95 Airking4321

    [..YouTube..] I didn’t know your computer had a rave spasm

  96. 96 Siberianhusky89

    [..YouTube..] Yeah, according to someone, it’s the reflection of Ness.

  97. 97 Soulhedgehog010

    [..YouTube..] has anyone noticed in the STARMANS visor you can see Ness?(I can see him with my nintendo wii


    [..YouTube..] Havent gone to the cave of the past yet, im training in Onett until i get 99 all.

  99. 99 SIFAssassin

    [..YouTube..] Lucky you! It took me 5 hours, and for some reason I couldn’t get insta-wins despite being lvl. 80. It took me 3 hours to get the Gutsy Bat which is a nice consolation considering how rare Bionic Krakens are.

  100. 100 mario12345h

    [..YouTube..] Why doesn’t this play during F.Stein Mark II?

  101. 101 FIREMANISI

    [..YouTube..] True, although it only took me 20 Starman Supers to get it

  102. 102 SIFAssassin

    [..YouTube..] More like Sword of Kings haunted Earthbound players. Starmen Supers aren’t that tough.

  103. 103 GeneralCane

    [..YouTube..] I suppose because of the title, this is the song that should play when I’m trying to get my damn computer to work.

  104. 104 DDTPZX

    [..YouTube..] DDTPX tried PK SuperBANNAPOWAH!….it didnt work on the attack slug. Attack slug attacks! OVER 90000 DAMNAGE!! DDTPZ….fainted?

  105. 105 FIREMANISI

    [..YouTube..] Starman Super Haunted earthbound players!

  106. 106 wistant

    [..YouTube..] wistant picked his nose!Ness’s guts went down by 1!Paula solidified.Jeff diamonized.Poo feels unusual.

  107. 107 Atanih23

    [..YouTube..] This one sounds like the spinning robo at 0:17 Its cool to imagine things :P

  108. 108 mudkipNDS

    [..YouTube..] Honestly, I like the MOTHER 1+2 version better, due to the fact that it sounds more sinister.

  109. 109 MrMcKeigue

    [..YouTube..] MrMcKeigue appeared! Mr. McKeigue fires a beam that causes night-time stuffiness.

  110. 110 tenthousandyearsgoon

    [..YouTube..] flashbacks!!!

  111. 111 Wii4a11

    [..YouTube..] SWEET RAVE PARTY >:O!!!-Wario ($00pah Nin10d’oh)

  112. 112 Atanih23

    [..YouTube..] Atanih23 fainted! Atanih23 lost the battle…

  113. 113 jammerjaw

    [..YouTube..] There’s a small snippet of it that’s remixed, but the entire song isn’t a remix…

  114. 114 Triggard

    [..YouTube..] Did anybody ever notice that this is just a more techno-remix to Pokey’s Theme?

  115. 115 greendayluver972

    [..YouTube..] i always wanna dance whenever i hear this XD

  116. 116 SamantherrDooDarr

    [..YouTube..] i dont like it…wtf LOL.. its a load ov shit tbhh!

  117. 117 Tonah08

    [..YouTube..] Tonah08 ate the candy. Tonah08’s PP increased by 100!

  118. 118 Wii4a11

    [..YouTube..] Wii4a11 appears from the skyWii4a11 does a HappyFaicWii4a11 gives you candy and flies awayYOU WON!

  119. 119 Gnommail

    [..YouTube..] Gnommail started reading the comments…Gnommail felt smartGnommail owned everyone by FIRIN HIS LAZAR, BWAAAA9999999 to everyone!I WON!!

  120. 120 cartooncrazy34

    [..YouTube..] cartooncrazy34 used Healing Bcartooncray34 used Hypnosis Amrgameandpie fell asleep!

  121. 121 mrgameandpie

    [..YouTube..] Mrgameandpie joins the battle! uses PK hubuluhuh! (causes random things to happen) shadow moses2385 fell over, cartooncrazy34 became numb, yenas6669 caught on fire, dragoncaptain87 was not effected, tk4l was not effected, Atanih23 caught on fire, mrgameandpie was not effected.

  122. 122 blxxd08

    [..YouTube..] hahaha i kno right? i would bump tha shit outta this in my car. lol

  123. 123 cartooncrazy34

    [..YouTube..] cartooncrazy34 uses eye drops the crying was healed! cartooncrazy34 uses Brainshock Omega! Atanih23 and all cohorts started to fell stange

  124. 124 Atanih23

    [..YouTube..] Atanih uses PK magnet! MrMcKeigue doesn’t have any PP!

  125. 125 Atanih23

    [..YouTube..] Atanih joins the battle! uses PK Epilepsy! (special) Cartooncrazy34 can’t stop crying!shadowmouse’s armor deflects the attack! Atanih can’t stop crying!

  126. 126 ChimichangaCongo

    [..YouTube..] Lol, the bass drop at 0:17This is a great fucking song.

  127. 127 cartooncrazy34

    [..YouTube..] cartooncrazy34 ghost appears!cartooncrazy34 ghost uses rust promoter DX! shadowmoses2385 took 431 damage!

  128. 128 shadowmoses2385

    [..YouTube..] shadowmoses2385 got hurt and collapsed.shadowmoses2385 lost the battle : 0Dr. andonuts placed shadowmoses2385’s body inside a robot shell!!!!!!!!!!

  129. 129 cartooncrazy34

    [..YouTube..] cartooncrazy34 brusts into flames!812 mortal damage to Shadowmoses2385!

  130. 130 shadowmoses2385

    [..YouTube..] Shadowmoses2385 has a huge grin on its face.cartooncrazy34 cant stop cryingyenas6669 cant sop cryingdragoncaptain87 cant stop cryingtk4I cant stop crying(world explodes)

  131. 131 cartooncrazy34

    [..YouTube..] cartooncrazy34 joins the battle!cartooncrazy34 uses PSI LAZOR 500 damage to all foes!

  132. 132 StarmanAdvance

    [..YouTube..] StarmanAdvance joins the battle. StarmanAdvance used Lifeup Omega!tk4l’s health maxed out!MrMcKeigue’s health maxed out!Atanih23’s health maxed out!StarmanAdvance’s health maxed out!

  133. 133 Atanih23

    [..YouTube..] Atanih enters the battle! Uses PK Beam gamma from mother 1 against tk4I!! In critical condition!

  134. 134 Yenas6669

    [..YouTube..] this is a cool song!

  135. 135 tk4l

    [..YouTube..] Tk4l used PSI Glitch*beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep*189 hp of damage to MrMcKeigue

  136. 136 MrMcKeigue

    [..YouTube..] MrMcKeigue fired a beam!*choooochaaaannnng*28 hp of damage to tk4l!

  137. 137 DragonCaptin87

    [..YouTube..] i remember how huge the box for this was when i got it. at the time it was bigger than me. lol. truly one of the best games ever made. if only nintendo would port the others over here to the states…..

  138. 138 tk4l

    [..YouTube..] this is the original.

  139. 139 tk4l

    [..YouTube..] This song is *whirr*The best song ever *bzzt*

  140. 140 greendayluver972

    [..YouTube..] i love this

  141. 141 twilightWo1f

    [..YouTube..] Relax, it’s probably just 9001.

  142. 142 megabanjo03

    [..YouTube..] 567890 hp damage to Lil’ UFO.

  143. 143 abellang

    [..YouTube..] what 9000???

  144. 144 Dannynelsonstinks

    [..YouTube..] Yes, perfectly matching to a machine, as the quality of this, needing little analysis, is pulsey enough for magnet Rosie all the way from the future.Yeah, but about humans, I don’t really think the poor quality is that appealing.

  145. 145 DonAkida

    [..YouTube..] The encounter the tiny UFO and his cohorts!

  146. 146 ThyNobleCactus

    [..YouTube..] This sounds different than the original.

  147. 147 cthulhusanta

    [..YouTube..] over 9000!!

  148. 148 GarredHATES

    [..YouTube..] damn this song needs a rave beat with bass its awesome!!!

  149. 149 GarredHATES

    [..YouTube..] Love that bass

  150. 150 orunir

    [..YouTube..] Ness is swinging his ravestick bat to this song.

  151. 151 tk4l

    [..YouTube..] two of them.

  152. 152 tk4l

    [..YouTube..] *whirr*

  153. 153 GodOfRandomness15

    [..YouTube..] If you know everything about the Mother series, then answer this. In Mother 2/ Earthbound, if I start with 700 dollars and I buy a cracked bat and a mr baseball bat, then sell a laser gun, beef jerky, and a hamburger how much money do I have left?

  154. 154 tk4l

    [..YouTube..] best song ever.

  155. 155 nowitski2

    [..YouTube..] i know i said this before but this music is a remix of pokey’s theme at the beginning of the game…….

  156. 156 POGOPUNK32

    [..YouTube..] You sir, have earned a thumbs up.

  157. 157 Eliskuya

    [..YouTube..] looks like the starmans are loved. I love this music..

  158. 158 TerrenceJohnson12

    [..YouTube..] Looks just like a kind of metal,so that could be true.

  159. 159 redmageviewer

    [..YouTube..] you’ll fighting like a bunch of bitchs, you people need to shut the fuck up

  160. 160 Kaynex

    [..YouTube..] Your a good look at how dumbass Americans see the world. I don’t know what your problem is, but don’t bring it here.

  161. 161 PankeymanProductions

    [..YouTube..] I think that’s actually it’s body, they are aliens so they might have metal bodies.

  162. 162 dx619hey

    [..YouTube..] it’s just a reflection, cuz it’s most likely fighting Ness at that moment.

  163. 163 dx619hey

    [..YouTube..] IoniaWhat color underwear am I wearing? *slap*

  164. 164 TerrenceJohnson12

    [..YouTube..] seriosly what do these things look like without space suits on

  165. 165 KoopaEater

    [..YouTube..] Ask me any question aboutthe Mother series;lets see if I can get it wrong. In fact,What Magypsie disappeared after the 6th Needle was pulled?

  166. 166 ExeggutorLover

    [..YouTube..] Prove it.

  167. 167 KoopaEater

    [..YouTube..] At least I know mroe about the Mother series than you.

  168. 168 ExeggutorLover

    [..YouTube..] I am not sayin’ that Ness is there, idiot.

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