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FF7 - Aries and Cloud’s Date

One of the secret movies from FF7 - All About Random Battles.

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  1. 1 Angelalex242

    [..YouTube..] Whodunnit?Was it Tifa, channeling Skuld from Ah My Goddess? Or possibly succumbing to the Yandere side of the Force?Was it Zack, who is pissed that Aerith left his memory for Cloud?Was it Sephiroth, who planned on killing at least one of the two anyway?Or was it random chance, being ‘interrupted by fireworks’, even though both of them tank much worse damage then that on a regular basis…

  2. 2 solitonmedic

    [..YouTube..] To those who don’t really get the joke, the song that’s playing is called “interrupted by fireworks”. xD

  3. 3 WolfVenom


  4. 4 WolfVenom

    [..YouTube..] i only liked Cids accent, spear, and actions (how he always wiped his nose, LOLZ), and i liked Yuffies skillz and her way of stealing… other than that, Cloud, Aerith, Zack, Vincent, and Sephiroth are the best to me.

  5. 5 Shade Sanborn


  6. 6 Shade Sanborn

    [..YouTube..] Ooooookkkkkk

  7. 7 Shade Sanborn

    [..YouTube..] Ooooookk

  8. 8 Spike Speigel


  9. 9 Spike Speigel

    [..YouTube..] sephiroph: master of cockblocks since 1997

  10. 10 katloverz11


  11. 11 katloverz11

    [..YouTube..] poor poor cloud and aerith

  12. 12 thegameijustlost


  13. 13 thegameijustlost

    [..YouTube..] Holy shit my brain is bleeding double downs that comment was so awesome

  14. 14 linuslillen01


  15. 15 linuslillen01

    [..YouTube..] JEEEZHUS! How did one stick of firework annahilate two human beings to kingdom come?

  16. 16 MaidenAerith


  17. 17 MaidenAerith

    [..YouTube..] Lmao! Omg. That made me chuckle. xD

  18. 18 KatzRUs91


  19. 19 KatzRUs91

    [..YouTube..] Dayuuum!

  20. 20 tyler wolf


  21. 21 tyler wolf

    [..YouTube..] It’s funny cuz the song that playing is called “interrupted by fireworks” XD

  22. 22 Ragnarok Darkie


  23. 23 Ragnarok Darkie

    [..YouTube..] Hey! What´s that?

  24. 24 pyrotech8285


  25. 25 pyrotech8285

    [..YouTube..] @cloud4aerith its actually a misspelling of “aeris” wich was a mistranslation of “aerith”

  26. 26 marzian9


  27. 27 marzian9

    [..YouTube..] beware, cloud, zack will hunt you and steel your girlfriend even though tifa hates zack

  28. 28 Wolfsrain90


  29. 29 Wolfsrain90

    [..YouTube..] @makotomikami The god of war.

  30. 30 kml1952


  31. 31 kml1952

    [..YouTube..] @Trogdorgirl46 Tifa: Oh snap, I killed Cloud too!

  32. 32 Leviticase


  33. 33 TheFlowerGirl13

    [..YouTube..] @SwissCheeseHeart22 Have you played the original game? Zack was actually kind of a dick (and a womanizer) and Aeris just assumed that he had found another girl up on the plate.

  34. 34 TheFlowerGirl13


  35. 35 TheFlowerGirl13

    [..YouTube..] @Imthaman69 This is technically the “real: one since this game came out first, but they’re all different incarnations of the same person, just at different times.

  36. 36 TheFlowerGirl13

    [..YouTube..] @megamantwelve That’s what Cloud gets for stepping in on Zack’s girl.

  37. 37 sadyethappyendings


  38. 38 sadyethappyendings

    [..YouTube..] LOVE THIS.

  39. 39 thatfallout3guy


  40. 40 thatfallout3guy

    [..YouTube..] @inoyamanaka228 ZOMG A twelve year old fan girl! JK, but seriously every video on Youtube there’s at least one hate comment,ays has a few thumbs up.

  41. 41 thatfallout3guy

    [..YouTube..] @inoyamanaka228 Does anyone like him besides twelve year old fangirls?

  42. 42 Tackhedgehog


  43. 43 Tackhedgehog

    [..YouTube..] Zack Threw that bomb he just want that aeris retutn to the planet ^^

  44. 44 BlackStar657


  45. 45 BlackStar657

    [..YouTube..] @inoyamanaka228 SO IT WAS YOU!!!…Well Iv’e would of Done the same Mistake, so I forgive ya.

  46. 46 leo7278(xanimaster)


  47. 47 leo7278(xanimaster)

    [..YouTube..] it was sephiroth

  48. 48 leo7278

    [..YouTube..] it was sephiroth

  49. 49 tobiawsome123


  50. 50 tobiawsome123

    [..YouTube..] Zack:Cheating whore!!!

  51. 51 VenxFox 34

    [..YouTube..] fin ally cloud actually dies for once

  52. 52 Ven Fox

    [..YouTube..] fin ally cloud actually dies for once

  53. 53 TehCaster

    [..YouTube..] I don’t know if anyone’s with me but… watching this video and the melody of the music brings back the memories… Time flies too quickly. Cheers to fellow FF fans.

  54. 54 shadowrunner7295

    [..YouTube..] I CANT STOP LAUGHING!!!

  55. 55 MetalGearRexPilot

    [..YouTube..] In japanese, ‘th’ is pronounced as ’s’ Sephiroth sounds like sephiros and aerith sounds like aeris.

  56. 56 MegidramonX

    [..YouTube..] You do realize her name was returned to Aerith in all other appearances right?

  57. 57 genmaximus110

    [..YouTube..] Yeah, but we’re not Japanese, so therefore, it’s Aeris.

  58. 58 bioniczitsplitters

    [..YouTube..] lol XD

  59. 59 ss2gohan4565359

    [..YouTube..] yeah but that was just a translation error it was aerith in the jap version

  60. 60 TheLithp

    [..YouTube..] Yeah, most of the things in the Gold Saucer seem like massive safety hazards.

  61. 61 TLTheBohemianStormTL

    [..YouTube..] In the original FF7 her name is Aeris, some people prefer Aeris, being the loyal, die hard FF7 fans they are!:)

  62. 62 xDYurix3

    [..YouTube..] LOL hey whats that -boom- :)

  63. 63 soopa96

    [..YouTube..] it is not aeris it is aerith…

  64. 64 JLadicuss

    [..YouTube..] the statue in the background is the owner of the Gold Saucer. His name is Dio.

  65. 65 NoHopeForGays

    [..YouTube..] monster?

  66. 66 shgfe3ay

    [..YouTube..] LOL is all i can say. haha

  67. 67 DragnSly

    [..YouTube..] I wish…

  68. 68 TribalQueen851

    [..YouTube..] What’s with the huge statue in the background?

  69. 69 coolsimon282

    [..YouTube..] haha you should really buy the game or atleast download the pc version

  70. 70 tennyomelime

    [..YouTube..] That was epic.

  71. 71 sirherg1

    [..YouTube..] lololololol nnnoooo!!!! aeris is in love with zack fair from crisis core final fantasy VII not cloud… and aeris dies by sephiroth not a rocket.. search on youtube aeris death

  72. 72 ShadowMokujin

    [..YouTube..] Tifa did it!!!!

  73. 73 guitargamer1000889

    [..YouTube..] KABOOM!!!!

  74. 74 Zerocaliber0

    [..YouTube..] does that really happend in the game?

  75. 75 MetaBlazarAle

    [..YouTube..] Hey what’s that? BOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!!HAHAHAHA xDDDD

  76. 76 DaPivotBox

    [..YouTube..] *spits out the cheese i was eating while watching this*BWAHAHAHSHAHAHAHAHAH!Aww shit… Now theirs cheese on my monitor… :(

  77. 77 SALD1AS

    [..YouTube..] LMAO!!!!

  78. 78 drakekid7

    [..YouTube..] dude that mess up lol

  79. 79 PTp1ranha

    [..YouTube..] Oh crud I didn’t think of that. I’ll remove it right away.

  80. 80 mastachief1000

    [..YouTube..] spammed only cause its a spoiler for people who have not played it.

  81. 81 Dracindo

    [..YouTube..] … well, another reason why you better go on a date with Sephiroth then Cloud :p

  82. 82 renChu95strike

    [..YouTube..] Aries?O.o

  83. 83 PTp1ranha

    [..YouTube..] Maybe I shouldn’t have said that…

  84. 84 PTp1ranha

    [..YouTube..] THAT’S how she really died.

  85. 85 frostyboy36

    [..YouTube..] omg unexpected! roflmao

  86. 86 ringmaster316ms

    [..YouTube..] LMAO

  87. 87 stezo2k

    [..YouTube..] LOL i didnt expect that

  88. 88 cyx77

    [..YouTube..] i seriously was not expecting that

  89. 89 Lutearina

    [..YouTube..] It’s not spelled Aries. That would be a mythological god.Aeris or Aerith. :)

  90. 90 xd5599

    [..YouTube..] cloud and aeris fainted rocket gains 9000 exp

  91. 91 supremeLeader001

    [..YouTube..] rocket 9999 HP damage, game over! lol.

  92. 92 TheGreatMV

    [..YouTube..] aerith was like: hey what was that?and then cloud was like: WTF?!!ya know!!!lol

  93. 93 StuffWriter

    [..YouTube..] My sauce will mix with theirs.

  94. 94 Kyon9854

    [..YouTube..] i wanna have a date like that. all alone with my date and then a random active explosive enters the room and BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…*gasp* …OOOOOOOM!!!1!11one!!1!oneoneone!

  95. 95 FinalFantsy101

    [..YouTube..] HA HA!

  96. 96 jsh020

    [..YouTube..] i saw a video of that. i got the date with tifa

  97. 97 zephaniarinoa

    [..YouTube..] LOL

  98. 98 Minimoosethesecond

    [..YouTube..] hey whats that?

  99. 99 falconpunch10


  100. 100 wingatei

    [..YouTube..] When a girl says she wants to get to know the real you, It means she wants your scrotum.

  101. 101 burnthechickens

    [..YouTube..] That’s hilarious XD That’s what you get if you’re up in te air during a fireworks display XD

  102. 102 JudgeKazejin

    [..YouTube..] HEY WHAT’S THAT.Awesome.

  103. 103 cheeseface94

    [..YouTube..] what the heck?

  104. 104 jsh020

    [..YouTube..] that scene makes no scence anyway but now it does.

  105. 105 Vincent3323

    [..YouTube..] lol did you ever get barret on the date? it’s so fucking weird.

  106. 106 EternityEyes

    [..YouTube..] lol! They blew up!

  107. 107 GamerIGF

    [..YouTube..] loool

  108. 108 chuydvicentZXshadows

    [..YouTube..] it will be cooler if it says i want to meet you and then just put a siper sound and the wagon moves

  109. 109 MetaScizor

    [..YouTube..] lol pwned

  110. 110 N1N4

    [..YouTube..] Oh my gosh! So random! I love it! Lmfao xD

  111. 111 TeaStrife

    [..YouTube..] WTF?!?!BOOOOOOOMMMMMMMM!!!!

  112. 112 CompleteAnimeFan

    [..YouTube..] lol awesome

  113. 113 Zycarr

    [..YouTube..] LAWL

  114. 114 Fainaru23

    [..YouTube..] So funny! I just keep watching…

  115. 115 SeraphimSwordmaster

    [..YouTube..] LOL! Cloud so deserves it. =P

  116. 116 Caleb5617

    [..YouTube..] :P freakin hilarious!

  117. 117 wrestlefreak1234

    [..YouTube..] NICE work

  118. 118 Warrior536

    [..YouTube..] ”hey whats that?”*BOOM*9999 damage

  119. 119 fdcp

    [..YouTube..] omg the memories of the past… blown away… XD ROFL

  120. 120 zeomatrix3

    [..YouTube..] the real me?clouf i…..hey whats that? BOOOOOOOOM ^_^ never get tired of this vid lol so many memories ^_^

  121. 121 kkikka10

    [..YouTube..] LOVE IT!!!! JUAJAJAJAJAJA

  122. 122 flightfootwarrior

    [..YouTube..] no too much XD lololol

  123. 123 killerz7770

    [..YouTube..] lol rofl giggity1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  124. 124 lpenrike

    [..YouTube..] omg I cant breathe looooooooooooooooooooooool XD

  125. 125 re4punisherX

    [..YouTube..] …wtf

  126. 126 ThePhantomPants

    [..YouTube..] Wow. That was lulz.

  127. 127 HDPSX

    [..YouTube..] LOL

  128. 128 tanarocks

    [..YouTube..] “hey wahts that?” omg hella funny

  129. 129 freakoo33

    [..YouTube..] AHAHAHA xD oh gawdhey what’s that?

  130. 130 Prototype342

    [..YouTube..] When zack told cloud to say hi to her for him i dont think that he meant to take his girlfriend, lol.

  131. 131 TakuSang

    [..YouTube..] Omg… Don’t drink or eat anything when watching this.

  132. 132 DavyMacaroni

    [..YouTube..] HAHA! never saw that coming!

  133. 133 tomadid

    [..YouTube..] remind me never to drink water while watching this DX

  134. 134 Blitz913

    [..YouTube..] OMG this is funny.

  135. 135 GreatAtGames

    [..YouTube..] Too late…

  136. 136 unknownUSER537

    [..YouTube..] omg! i almost choked! wahhahaha!!! that was unexpected..a hahahah

  137. 137 upgrademicro1

    [..YouTube..] lol

  138. 138 oh604

    [..YouTube..] never drink any thing while watching this lol

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