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Final Fantasy A+ part 2

The video is just over 10 minutes so i broke it up into two parts.
This is the second part.

The first part is here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XsNKKnzs77A

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  1. 1 Paul Banta

    [..YouTube..] Glad this is still here. Always fun to watch!

  2. 2 kirikakirikakirika


  3. 3 kirikakirikakirika

    [..YouTube..] Yaho watashi wa kattaze! ^_^

  4. 4 Ilovemariofan


  5. 5 Ilovemariofan

    [..YouTube..] @pensukatheknight But still scripted battles happen like that alot.

  6. 6 Ukir4321


  7. 7 Ukir4321

    [..YouTube..] I love how he said he saved the school when the whole school is exploded XD

  8. 8 Marbrood


  9. 9 Marbrood

    [..YouTube..] That was Awesome. I would like too go to a school like that. Just Kill all you tests and homework! Thumbs up for fighting!

  10. 10 AquaShadow


  11. 11 AquaShadow

    [..YouTube..] This was genitals XD

  12. 12 MalevolenceWolf1


  13. 13 MalevolenceWolf1

    [..YouTube..] @ZPokemonfanA hahah actually im writing a story on it i often write final fantasy fan fictions and post them on quizzilla though in real life id love it hahaha who needs a good education when u can kil a monster for ur money XD and save a princess :P

  14. 14 MalevolenceWolf1

    [..YouTube..] @ZPokemonfanA I agree and becoming a theif class and stealing things from monsters and bad people to sell would be bad assed too hahah fuck jobs im a theif or i could just beat the crap outta them and then get my money :D someday itl happen someday

  15. 15 Solais1019


  16. 16 Solais1019

    [..YouTube..] at 2:23, what music is that? o.o I’ve heard it elsewhere but where’s it from?

  17. 17 itsjoshwiper


  18. 18 itsjoshwiper

    [..YouTube..] love this video!

  19. 19 Jabbernaut


  20. 20 Jabbernaut

    [..YouTube..] Well yeah, but I mean it sounds really funny when he says it at the end. It just matches the melody of the song they’re playing really well. He’s not really singing.

  21. 21 Chaos Herrera


  22. 22 Chaos Herrera

    [..YouTube..] he is singing whenever the victory song plays he say Yahoo I win in Japanese and it goes with the songs melody.

  23. 23 ReverseTwinkie


  24. 24 ReverseTwinkie

    [..YouTube..] You still are, because while homework is still an enemy, each enemy has it’s own specific weakness! Homework’s just happens to be getting the right answer/completion! But like Final Fantasy random battles, it still keeps coming back and no one knows why! … I’ll go die now.XD

  25. 25 GamerFeedProductions


  26. 26 GamerFeedProductions

    [..YouTube..] the deathlade guy looks a little bit like emerald weapon any of yall noticed that?

  27. 27 emovideomaker999


  28. 28 emovideomaker999

    [..YouTube..] u kno i never liked final faantasy but watching this makes me wanna play it!

  29. 29 Gamerboy2012

    [..YouTube..] Why did it repeat at 1:37?

  30. 30 larkfeathers

    [..YouTube..] 4:40 tadashii! haha.

  31. 31 larkfeathers


  32. 32 larkfeathers

    [..YouTube..] i kno its odd! it actually motivates me to study :P

  33. 33 larkfeathers

    [..YouTube..] loolk for a city college that does. i took two yrs in high school and then in community college i took 2 semester of japanese to keep myself sharp. i’m not taking it now but when i transfer to san fransisco state i’ll continue.

  34. 34 videogamenerd1991

    [..YouTube..] “Crap! I didn’t save!” lol

  35. 35 godzilla1800

    [..YouTube..] lol “where do i sit?” =D

  36. 36 UrashimaHauro

    [..YouTube..] Grade Curve = Barrier

  37. 37 mapleseallux

    [..YouTube..] LOL halirous crap i forgot to save hahaha

  38. 38 the5destroyer


  39. 39 the5destroyer

    [..YouTube..] I didn’t know… Oh well…

  40. 40 the5destroyer

    [..YouTube..] I didn’t know…Oh well…

  41. 41 ObviouslyJacques


  42. 42 ObviouslyJacques

    [..YouTube..] Just in case you haven’t noticed: The author specifically said he won’t make a sequel. :P He said he might make a game though!

  43. 43 ObviouslyJacques

    [..YouTube..] Just in case you haven’t noticed:The author specifically said he won’t make a sequel. :PHe said he might make a game though!

  44. 44 MalcolmPauze

    [..YouTube..] i wish my school had a japanese class

  45. 45 CannonMagi

    [..YouTube..] I never get tired of watching this.

  46. 46 Sendrand

    [..YouTube..] Amazing & very original. Kudos to the creator, and thanks to the creator for making it.

  47. 47 TwoMixConan

    [..YouTube..] Ahaha, the person who came up with this is incredible. 5 stars!! :o

  48. 48 NikolitaNiko

    [..YouTube..] Is it me or is there a skip in the beginning of this part?

  49. 49 Minotast

    [..YouTube..] Biology = Bio

  50. 50 KingdomKey9999

    [..YouTube..] Study Guide=Scan

  51. 51 finalcouragedrive1

    [..YouTube..] And grade curve saves you from an imminent shank from a sword.

  52. 52 GaaraXshinobi

    [..YouTube..] this was originally made as the authors final project for his japanese class.

  53. 53 lightningkid1

    [..YouTube..] thankes i was looking for this

  54. 54 KingdomKey9999

    [..YouTube..] Extra Credit=Cure

  55. 55 KisaTiger95

    [..YouTube..] Fat Chocobo lol

  56. 56 dkajflsdkjfalksdfjla

    [..YouTube..] ah a part repeated here…

  57. 57 mapleseallux

    [..YouTube..] LOL crap i didnt save xP

  58. 58 NarutoFan2135

    [..YouTube..] Atticus is too smart to have homework affect him!

  59. 59 nume26

    [..YouTube..] Too bad this flash was made like 5 or so years ago.

  60. 60 the5destroyer

    [..YouTube..] I smell a sequel.

  61. 61 BlackCatMew

    [..YouTube..] awesome. XD

  62. 62 Amoshuryu

    [..YouTube..] Either it did loop or you and I both tripped on something lol

  63. 63 THEPHE0N1X

    [..YouTube..] lmao multiple choies have 4 questions and he got it wrong 3 times :P

  64. 64 ChronospaceTrode

    [..YouTube..] whoa, did it just loop with Fat Chocobo or did i trip on something

  65. 65 Phasondragon

    [..YouTube..] What’s the music from at 0:37?

  66. 66 Stove Spiegel


  67. 67 Stove Spiegel

    [..YouTube..] Is the “It… Smells…” line supposed to be like the “It smells like… Chocobo…” Line from FF3, or is it just me?

  68. 68 Stove Sexkik

    [..YouTube..] Is the “It… Smells…” line supposed to be like the “It smells like… Chocobo…” Line from FF3, or is it just me?

  69. 69 UltiMario1337

    [..YouTube..] Is the “It… Smells…” line supposed to be like the “It smells like… Chocobo…” Line from FF3, or is it just me?

  70. 70 nonearesafe

    [..YouTube..] loltoo much homework to black mage does 0 dmg

  71. 71 ReadinManga

    [..YouTube..] lolk?

  72. 72 witchiebunny


  73. 73 witchiebunny

    [..YouTube..] “Yahoo Watashi wa yattaze” is correct, since “Yatta” is more or less, “I did it!”

  74. 74 TakashiProductions


  75. 75 TakashiProductions

    [..YouTube..] あほ -_-

  76. 76 MinaHimura


  77. 77 MinaHimura

    [..YouTube..] it wasnt his hp that dropped to 0, it was his grade! o-o

  78. 78 FantasyMaster666


  79. 79 FantasyMaster666

    [..YouTube..] I actually tried of thinking of school like this, and it doesn’t work:(

  80. 80 WandererKen


  81. 81 WandererKen

    [..YouTube..] he tried to math him to death xD

  82. 82 tekkenjin5

    [..YouTube..] lol *atticus’ eyes flash**fat chocobo walks in* Where do i sit? Shiken:O_O he’s in the copy room! he’s making a super final!

  83. 83 cidtheknight


  84. 84 cidtheknight

    [..YouTube..] im surpirsed that pensuka is still alive through the fight since his hp went to 0

  85. 85 BethShanFan

    [..YouTube..] “crap! i didn’t save!” hahahaha (it’s almost as funny in japanese as in english!)

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