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Metal Gear Crisis 1.1 by Nalo and Legendary Frog

Este lo vi en flash y lo paso a video para deleite de los Fans de Metal Gear. Este es el Flash que más me ha gustado sobre el juego, es un homenaje que Nalo y Legendary Frog hacen al MGS. Les tomó 4 meses realizarlo. Los felicito y próximamente (si ellos no se molestan) subiré la segunda parte.

26 Responses to “Metal Gear Crisis 1.1 by Nalo and Legendary Frog”

  1. 1 Libra12sky

    [..YouTube..] I Lov eSnake he’s so fucking hot! If I was in the game I’d try to get with him.

  2. 2 Meryl719

    [..YouTube..] No problem.

  3. 3 PoluxCastor

    [..YouTube..] Phew!!! thanks for the clarification

  4. 4 Meryl719

    [..YouTube..] My favorite part is when Snake switches controller slots and the PS1 startup noise is heard.BTW, Snake and Otacon look so hot in this video. (yes, I’m a girl in case you’re wondering)

  5. 5 CapcomGal27494

    [..YouTube..] OMG they even made a FART JOKE FUNNY!!!! I knew that legendary frog (aka Joseph Blanchette) was awsome, but this is just kick ass…..I SOUND LIKE A MASSIVE KISS ASS! XD

  6. 6 venom1dark

    [..YouTube..] lol chicken launchers…chick

  7. 7 hiudoggy

    [..YouTube..] no snake no pie then the terrorists have already won lol niceeee

  8. 8 Kanomaniac

    [..YouTube..] oh yea i fogot it freaking rocks

  9. 9 TheRealNinjaRaiden

    [..YouTube..] Isn’t dat living in the arm part in mgs2?

  10. 10 Halfway3

    [..YouTube..] that gun that that blonde had is an exact ripoff of the yellow gun (first mod) in jak 3.

  11. 11 PoluxCastor

    [..YouTube..] The stairs??? Wow, how exciting jajajajaja I like that part

  12. 12 piotrek1990s

    [..YouTube..] patrolling the halls patrolling the halls man, thats all i do around here, man i can’t wait to get promoted then i can patrol the stairs

  13. 13 PoluxCastor

    [..YouTube..] googleit in ocremix

  14. 14 PKUltimaga

    [..YouTube..] the Song Starting at 4:52is a remix of the first level of the snes metalgear.where can i get it? =3

  15. 15 PKUltimaga

    [..YouTube..] Otacon looks so k00l here I <3 u

  16. 16 HTankGlory

    [..YouTube..] Ha ha! The fight was very good! Very nice parody! XD

  17. 17 sabohika

    [..YouTube..] ha ha ha good vid

  18. 18 shadowzapdos

    [..YouTube..] A Chicken Launcher?!Yay!:D

  19. 19 SpartanB146

    [..YouTube..] Damn…alright, thanks.

  20. 20 PoluxCastor

    [..YouTube..] Nope, i don’t know, sorry

  21. 21 SpartanB146

    [..YouTube..] I know the songs there, but are the lyrics there?

  22. 22 PoluxCastor

    [..YouTube..] search on ocremix(dot)org, there is the song

  23. 23 SpartanB146

    [..YouTube..] Blah, does anyone know the lyrics to the song Venom by Zyko and Po (song at end of the credits) I can’t find them anywhere! If you do, please leave me a message, or reply to this comment!

  24. 24 DjAnti15

    [..YouTube..] unclick jajajajajajjajajajajajajjaja

  25. 25 kikook222

    [..YouTube..] Lol.

  26. 26 PoluxCastor

    [..YouTube..] Yes, you’re right, I don’t know how to write this in English but: Viéndolo bien se ve extraño que ponga un video en Inglés y la descripción en español ;), thanks for your comment and your observation.

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