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Mr. Do! - arcade (1982)

Finally got up my first MAME recording!! and so glad the first vid is Mr.Do! by Universal. ( I actually got up to lvl 38 with this one credit but I decided to cut the vid short) Mr.Do! was a great success because its one of the few games of the early 80’s that spawned sequels and countless home ports (although none of these match the original arcade game). One of my favourite games ever and even spawned a revival on Neo Geo and Super Famicom. Mr.Do! was just one of those great great characters (it has a few glitches).. shame it all went away in 1985 as Universal was bought up (supposedly) by a japanese company and now make pachinko machines.

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  1. 1 sugarrayrichard


  2. 2 sugarrayrichard

    [..YouTube..] Playing this at the moment. It’s a tough game. I used to smash it as a kid - but that was 30 years ago. Right now anything after level 10 Oshawa as.

  3. 3 DapperZach


  4. 4 DapperZach

    [..YouTube..] You got the diamond. Cool.

  5. 5 Jay Dee


  6. 6 Jay Dee

    [..YouTube..] I have a couple of these cabinets that I don’t know what to do with. Do people actually like this game and would they want the cabinets?

  7. 7 Famtomerc


  8. 8 Famtomerc

    [..YouTube..] I’d DO that!

  9. 9 npgangel


  10. 10 npgangel

    [..YouTube..] Loved this game

  11. 11 dmiller332

    [..YouTube..] I have a Mr Do stand up arcade game for sale. Have the owners manual to go with it too.

  12. 12 hellasow


  13. 13 hellasow

    [..YouTube..] I loved this game in the arcade, Have it for the super nintendo…went up to a million points (i am pretty sure the score just starts over.) If i remember correctly…No save for the super nintendo so that kinda sucks though

  14. 14 BAYBE KDL Kurtis Lee


  15. 15 BAYBE KDL Kurtis Lee

    [..YouTube..] This is my fav video games of all times

  16. 16 Jay Doubleyhoo


  17. 17 Jay Doubleyhoo

    [..YouTube..] 6:45 Doood…..u are KA @ this game.

  18. 18 clement brown


  19. 19 clement brown

    [..YouTube..] Well this is my USERNAME in a sense CLEMMRDo….And now you know also Ihave this game also VERY GOOD GAME I’m still collecting other GEMS Thanks for uploadin’ this by the way good player though!!!

  20. 20 OuterSpaceFreakshow


  21. 21 OuterSpaceFreakshow

    [..YouTube..] my uncle used to own the arcade machine. He sold it tho :-(. Great machine to own if you got the money.

  22. 22 wayneleon1000


  23. 23 wayneleon1000

    [..YouTube..] I used to be addicted to this game in the arcades. I now have it on Mame {the arcade emulator} I can play for free, to my heart’s content.

  24. 24 pragma256


  25. 25 pragma256

    [..YouTube..] great player

  26. 26 lemontoalime


  27. 27 lemontoalime

    [..YouTube..] Around 20 yrs ago this was “THE GAME” out at the Roller Skating Rink!

  28. 28 John Michaelson

    [..YouTube..] I never got nearly this far, but man by level 15 or so they are getting rather hostile. The diggers start up at the drop of a hat.

  29. 29 talshiarr


  30. 30 talshiarr

    [..YouTube..] I never got nearly this far, but man by level 15 or so they are getting rather hostile. The diggers start up at the drop of a hat.

  31. 31 snotnosedlilkid


  32. 32 snotnosedlilkid

    [..YouTube..] i love this game so much!

  33. 33 mrmuffer69


  34. 34 mrmuffer69

    [..YouTube..] I love this game. I want to get the arcade game. One of only 2 arcade games I was ever good at. Lots of quarters into this game at the old pizza place.

  35. 35 Shinobi


  36. 36 Shinobi

    [..YouTube..] The Diamond appears if you kill four or more monsters with one Apple.. I’m trying to learn this on the X Box now if only I could the arcade machine

  37. 37 Hans Kamp


  38. 38 Hans Kamp

    [..YouTube..] In a bar I have been playing the game for about 2 hours and had more points (> 900.000) than the game could display. I thought the game, as I saw it, was a bit too easy, compared to other arcade games. Later on I saw more difficult and easier versions of this game.

  39. 39 nibelung34343


  40. 40 nibelung34343

    [..YouTube..] @badsysop lets not forger joust tempest centipede mr do castle and paperboy

  41. 41 marquis4206


  42. 42 marquis4206


  43. 43 radconserv86


  44. 44 radconserv86

    [..YouTube..] I was SOOOOOO addicted to this game, spent probably a hundred bucks. Now I have it on my computer and I can’t stop playing. 312,000 is my record.

  45. 45 lebnene


  46. 46 lebnene

    [..YouTube..] That brings back great old memories! Thanks for sharing

  47. 47 aroslav


  48. 48 aroslav

    [..YouTube..] I love this game :)

  49. 49 gigisdad


  50. 50 gigisdad

    [..YouTube..] I wish I could get back all the money I spent playing this game!

  51. 51 madman1969


  52. 52 madman1969

    [..YouTube..] @combiangel Where, I must have one !

  53. 53 david carroll

    [..YouTube..] best game ever. i love it so much i bought the arcade machine

  54. 54 dvid carroll

    [..YouTube..] best game ever. i love it so much i bought the arcade machine

  55. 55 schoolgirlshortdress

    [..YouTube..] Great play man,..I love this game.. :)

  56. 56 slayer90k

    [..YouTube..] Great game used to play this on my bbc, good times back then

  57. 57 Shrekdonkey1973

    [..YouTube..] Those were the days!

  58. 58 eartant

    [..YouTube..] Havent played this since the 80’s ! I keep hoping it’ll wind up on a compilation game for PS2 but no such luck.

  59. 59 Patrickb1968

    [..YouTube..] Does anybody think this will end up on the Wii Virtual Console? I hope so.

  60. 60 jasonpockers

    [..YouTube..] hey guys and gals - could anyone tell me exactly how to download this - i know what mame is but have never understood how to get it working! Love this game - takes me right back!!!

  61. 61 gerubach72

    [..YouTube..] 9:44, 11:28, 14:03, 15:12 = you’re human!

  62. 62 Lamaprd

    [..YouTube..] Oh man, you mastered this game :D

  63. 63 72yankee

    [..YouTube..] I been playing Mr Do for years…my highest board was 37 460K on the arcade game not mame

  64. 64 DrLove0378

    [..YouTube..] Yeah — get an X-Arcade joystick for your MAME gaming. Hasn’t failed me once — because it’s designed to make the computer think it’s a keyboard, and as such, no drivers are necessary. Analog sticks just don’t do the job as well, when the original game used “digital” input.

  65. 65 mrjaywilliams

    [..YouTube..] Now I got to scene 34 with about 400K

  66. 66 atomdongle

    [..YouTube..] this game is totaly awesome

  67. 67 deviousconkerer

    [..YouTube..] MAME is awesome.

  68. 68 kidicarus2008

    [..YouTube..] i just noticed that the music when u get an extra do is the the english astro boy theme lol

  69. 69 guhhhhhhhhhhhh

    [..YouTube..] Good ol’ SHIFT-F7 freeze-saving with MAME. It sure makes the job of completing a game a whole lot easier. ;)

  70. 70 123png

    [..YouTube..] 924? Crikey what’s your secret? The best I could manage in an arcade 20 years ago was just over 130 levels. I’d like to watch a video of you playing… any chance?

  71. 71 mikecronis

    [..YouTube..] OMG show the REST of it! Argh! Please please please do a part 2! That was fantastic!!!!

  72. 72 DJ100674

    [..YouTube..] This game would be perfect to bring to the Nintendo DS. Throw in some clever wireless multiplay madness…that would be a BLAST.

  73. 73 Henysheadonwall

    [..YouTube..] I love Mr DO!

  74. 74 bgarff

    [..YouTube..] The game resets every 256 levels. We got one for Christmas in 1984 and I played it relentlessly in my basement, but I didn’t really master it until the emulator came along and the pause function allowed me to walk away for a while between sessions. My high = Level 924. 12.4 Million points, with a maximum of 16 extra men at the bottom at once. No cheating, no tricks. I know there are a number of “Club 256″ members out there, I just haven’t met them yet. Step forward!

  75. 75 123png

    [..YouTube..] OK I just downloaded Mr Do to MAME… you little beauty!!! Only prob is my new logitech joystick is not responsive enough… any suggestions?

  76. 76 123png

    [..YouTube..] ????? Mr Do doodoo’s all over digdug!

  77. 77 123png

    [..YouTube..] I love this game! How does MAME work?

  78. 78 DJ100674

    [..YouTube..] Bentismon & Tobo: Be sure to upload your games so we all can see who the winner is!

  79. 79 bentsimon

    [..YouTube..] I challenge you!

  80. 80 tobo1888

    [..YouTube..] i would take anyone on at this game. im unbeatable

  81. 81 tobo1888

    [..YouTube..] where can i download this game? do they do it on the xbox 360?

  82. 82 zoopu

    [..YouTube..] was basically a dig dug rip off

  83. 83 BobbyNewb

    [..YouTube..] This game is HUGE on strategy. I can usually spell EXTRA by the second level, you just gotta strategically drop apples on foes and watch your score (completing patches of cherries without stopping is important). GREAT game, great vid.

  84. 84 Rlotpir1972

    [..YouTube..] It happen to me twice back in 1984 at the shore. I spent over 30 minutes in one quarter and scored over 200,000 points.

  85. 85 okee9

    [..YouTube..] Download mame and get the mrdo rom, only thing is you’ll spend hours on it. Trying to get it running on my gba with emulators, no sucess yet though, for a game that’s 26 years old it’s still very playable and addictive

  86. 86 rothecreations

    [..YouTube..] If you love Mr. Do!, come join other collectors at;CoinOpSpaceA social network, like a MySpace, for for classic arcade games. If you want to compete in some high scores action, join the individual Mr. Do! user group.This guy blows my mind…I’ve learned some strategies watching this video, but yet my score barely tops 300k.

  87. 87 SkinsFan1974

    [..YouTube..] In the arcade version,every now and then an apple would have a diamond in it.The diamond was worth 8000 points and a free game.

  88. 88 shawbros

    [..YouTube..] Dammit, they need to separate the reply/spam buttons a little more (and the thumbs up/down buttons too).

  89. 89 shawbros

    [..YouTube..] “My dad threw out his coleco in 2007 ( a good condition one too)”Parents do the dumbest things!!!

  90. 90 casper5126

    [..YouTube..] yo man dont use camtasia use zdzoft screen recorder or game recorder. If you like it, PM me for the registration codes. Hope you like it : )

  91. 91 casper5126

    [..YouTube..] My dad threw out his coleco in 2007 ( a good condition one too) and when I went into the trash to get it he told me throw it out. Man I loved that thing!!! BTW I never got past lvl 5 lol : )

  92. 92 Libitina72

    [..YouTube..] I use to LOVE this freakin game. I had it for colleco. I remember getting the highest score you can get.

  93. 93 DJ100674

    [..YouTube..] This is one of the most amazing games Ive ever seen. I played it at the arcades growing up and made to level 15 on my best game. I make similar moves to how u find a way to win in this game, on Lake Shore Drive or expresswayz on a cold night in Chicago in my 03 Subaru WRX. Ill be showing this to all my DS gamers!

  94. 94 bixlerscott

    [..YouTube..] Does this game have 30 levels, but starts over where level 31 is just like level 1?

  95. 95 Pinhead554

    [..YouTube..] God I love this game!

  96. 96 Ninsegalover

    [..YouTube..] How far can you go?! 5 stars!

  97. 97 DigiHatesMakingNames

    [..YouTube..] I was using camtasia but it don’t work very well anymore… so I not done any mame recordings lately

  98. 98 darius3pacman

    [..YouTube..] how do you record mame

  99. 99 boomerhgt

    [..YouTube..] Thos were the days man i used to play this machine at the canteen at work he he

  100. 100 jackmehoffer68

    [..YouTube..] this game is too addicting. I used to pump quarters into it. it was the most addicting game.

  101. 101 jackmehoffer68

    [..YouTube..] DUDE!!! I was addicted to this game like a crack whore is addicted to crack. I couldn’t break away! I must have spent enough money on this game to buy a house! and to get that diamond was freakishly wonderful!!! How can I get this game on my pc? The very music puts me in a hypnotic state.

  102. 102 theHockeyTonkMan3

    [..YouTube..] home-arcade (dot) co (dot) uksells classic arcade roms and emulators. I have the mame32 arcade emulator with over 3000 roms.

  103. 103 doorhandle

    [..YouTube..] anyone know where i can get the game? any websites that may sell it?

  104. 104 Vislav

    [..YouTube..] Man this is crazy.

  105. 105 pacboy24

    [..YouTube..] thats SKILL!!!an i noticed that the one i have for an actual arcade the apples a red. hmmm..

  106. 106 Papito75

    [..YouTube..] WOW!! You play like a champ!!

  107. 107 ogwigga

    [..YouTube..] do run run>mr do. i will beat anybody in do run run….anybody……..ANYBODY !!

  108. 108 vivabrooklyn

    [..YouTube..] Man, you’re good!

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