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Yu Gi Oh 5 (1/2) English Version

YuGiOh Episode 5 English Version
YuGiOh Episode 5 English Version
YuGiOh Episode 5 English Version
YuGiOh Episode 5 English Version

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  1. 1 calebcarlcrouch


  2. 2 calebcarlcrouch

    [..YouTube..] @TwilightOtakugirl That’s the Winged Kuriboh.

  3. 3 super12870


  4. 4 super12870

    [..YouTube..] @TwilightOtakugirl thats winged kuriboh

  5. 5 CuJoProductions

    [..YouTube..] @MrsCutie12 I wish someone would give him a good bitch slap just for having an annoying voice.

  6. 6 CuJo06241


  7. 7 CuJo06241

    [..YouTube..] @MrsCutie12 I wish someone would give him a good bitch slap just for having an annoying voice.

  8. 8 bluecookieeater


  9. 9 bluecookieeater

    [..YouTube..] this duel makes me wish he’d stolen a blue eyes from kaiba

  10. 10 joseph14790


  11. 11 joseph14790

    [..YouTube..] @GodsAngel68 XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  12. 12 GodsAngel68


  13. 13 GodsAngel68

    [..YouTube..] lol 7:19 joeys looks like hes takin a dump

  14. 14 joe88john


  15. 15 joe88john

    [..YouTube..] I cant tell but i think that trap card that Weevil used on Kuriboh was Eatgaboon but because the show was new then they didnt choose to realize that Eatgaboon only works on 500 attk point monsters or less…and doesnt do damage therefore yugi’s monsters would’ve be fine

  16. 16 gillbay


  17. 17 gillbay

    [..YouTube..] rock on man

  18. 18 DXJacobxxxDX


  19. 19 DXJacobxxxDX


  20. 20 Sassybq1


  21. 21 Sassybq1

    [..YouTube..] @TheLegendofTriforce OMG IT DOES!!! XDXDXDXD thats so weird!!! >3

  22. 22 baconstrip003


  23. 23 baconstrip003

    [..YouTube..] shouldnt gaya the knight been destroyrd ??/

  24. 24 xSKxLinkinprk


  25. 25 xSKxLinkinprk

    [..YouTube..] lol i love how fucked up the rules are so much different

  26. 26 Aquosproductionsx

    [..YouTube..] @wolfie79x fine with me :P

  27. 27 Alison Warner-Smith

    [..YouTube..] @64TheUltimate Totally! I mean, it just doesn’t make sense!

  28. 28 Simona Storn


  29. 29 Simona Storn

    [..YouTube..] @64TheUltimate Totally! I mean, it just doesn’t make sense!

  30. 30 stevean2

    [..YouTube..] @b00n96 screw the rules, i have money

  31. 31 mikemike8000


  32. 32 mikemike8000

    [..YouTube..] @Keurosaur Just a field spell, but since no-one activates a field spell in all of this series it is rather useless =)

  33. 33 winxclub845


  34. 34 winxclub845

    [..YouTube..] 1:36 Wevils sleeve is blue?!?!

  35. 35 Shawn Hunter


  36. 36 Shawn Hunter

    [..YouTube..] Anime Millhouse is a jerk

  37. 37 Karnezar


  38. 38 Karnezar

    [..YouTube..] He took a risk attacking with Kuriboh. . in case the trap might have weakened Kuriboh or stopped it from attacking, Weevil could’ve counterattacked.

  39. 39 goldangel100


  40. 40 goldangel100

    [..YouTube..] ….moth…..?…..wow..

  41. 41 thevideogamerzz


  42. 42 thevideogamerzz

    [..YouTube..] yes but i think he was aiming for perfectly ut great moth

  43. 43 letsgetsomeshoes1239


  44. 44 letsgetsomeshoes1239

    [..YouTube..] Why the fuck are you wondering why he’s using Larvae Moth, and not asking why people can summon level 6 monsters without tribute?

  45. 45 mrhappyrainbow


  46. 46 mrhappyrainbow

    [..YouTube..] Please, stop with the field power bonuses…… Sorry if I didn’t spell that right.Can’t function properly today:(

  47. 47 Freddy R


  48. 48 Freddy R

    [..YouTube..] yeah way funny reaction

  49. 49 superfakerbros


  50. 50 superfakerbros

    [..YouTube..] He played the Shadow Game and monsters in that game didn’t have attack points but based on Life Force.

  51. 51 brawl1222


  52. 52 brawl1222

    [..YouTube..] @sarapkmngirl18

  53. 53 Ej Jones

    [..YouTube..] yep

  54. 54 yurikgaara


  55. 55 yurikgaara

    [..YouTube..] recovery card if that was the real effect of it the card would be a banned one LOL

  56. 56 93narnia

    [..YouTube..] how come no one seems surprised or even scared shitless when little yugi turns into a tall fricking adult with a deep voice?? they just continue talking like nothing. if that ever happened in front of me, i would be screaming and attacking scared shitless!

  57. 57 hatchhyjack

    [..YouTube..] that rule wasnt official at that time

  58. 58 hatchhyjack

    [..YouTube..] that rule wasnt official at that time

  59. 59 biyutch90

    [..YouTube..] its the USA version

  60. 60 DarkMagicalYoshi

    [..YouTube..] I only ask this because it’s been a while since I watched this episode and it looks different.

  61. 61 DarkMagicalYoshi

    [..YouTube..] This isn’t the USA version. Which version is this?

  62. 62 meadsnooze

    [..YouTube..] weevil sounds like an old lady

  63. 63 AnimeLove97

    [..YouTube..] Iack!Stinky BUGS!!!!!

  64. 64 verius2

    [..YouTube..] it takes 6 for it to become perfectly ultimate great moth i have the card i know

  65. 65 crazypunk6396

    [..YouTube..] no it takes 2

  66. 66 verius2

    [..YouTube..] it actually takes 6 turns for larvae moth to fully evolve

  67. 67 mikemike8000

    [..YouTube..] At 4:54 was he attacking just to lower his life points? He knew Gaia had 300 less than the cocoons.

  68. 68 partygoers0121

    [..YouTube..] The animation style changes in yugioh 5ds too

  69. 69 kamonsan

    [..YouTube..] Hmm, this episode’s animation and drawing style are kinda different from the previous ones, don’t you think? All the characters look odd, and the part where Yugi summons the Curse of Dragon is the weirdest animation so far. ( 7:32 )

  70. 70 seanyyysy

    [..YouTube..] i hate bug boy and his monsters they both give me chills

  71. 71 LouiseLovesGlam

    [..YouTube..] i know haha and shouldnt his gaia be destroid ?

  72. 72 maza9876543210

    [..YouTube..] What original yugioh?

  73. 73 yankeepunk3000

    [..YouTube..] Mias one hot ass bitch, she needs to do a strip tease with Tea hahaI love her line “what can he learn from these Mental Morons” haha

  74. 74 TheRealNipaw


  75. 75 xirvin92

    [..YouTube..] dam if i challenge the yugi from the series with my actual deck i would kick his ass lol

  76. 76 sokerkritik

    [..YouTube..] at 0:28 she sais “she’s always butting in with her big mouth!”i was thinking big tits!

  77. 77 kiheispeed33

    [..YouTube..] at 2:58 yu gi like what the hell is this guy laughing at

  78. 78 darkdante14

    [..YouTube..] lol does yugi know how to count? cocon has 2600 def points gaia has only 2300 atk points lol

  79. 79 greendr92

    [..YouTube..] no he’s firey red

  80. 80 animegx45

    [..YouTube..] “Popped it open like a zit”. Love that line.

  81. 81 2writewuvonherarms

    [..YouTube..] holy crap weeble (i don’t think i spelled his name right) scares the shit outta me!

  82. 82 JB131170

    [..YouTube..] Aww yeah.

  83. 83 gorguts879

    [..YouTube..] ya u here that nusic whenever shes around

  84. 84 JB131170

    [..YouTube..] Well she does have great tits.

  85. 85 thundermuffin1

    [..YouTube..] For some odd reason lol

  86. 86 thundermuffin1

    [..YouTube..] lol

  87. 87 JB131170

    [..YouTube..] It seems Mai’s established theme is porn music.

  88. 88 okcthunder35

    [..YouTube..] 80000000000

  89. 89 okcthunder35

    [..YouTube..] both

  90. 90 ShadowDragonFilms

    [..YouTube..] tristan voice change to like yu gi

  91. 91 ballsinyoumouth

    [..YouTube..] this is before battle city, summoning didn’t happen in duelist kingdom

  92. 92 ballsinyoumouth

    [..YouTube..] because this is duelist kingdom, tributing doesn’t happen until battle city

  93. 93 megahpfan

    [..YouTube..] Weevil’s voice is funny hehe

  94. 94 hemajestic

    [..YouTube..] mai’s being really obnoxious in this episode

  95. 95 lpfan100

    [..YouTube..] how come they dont have to tribute?

  96. 96 sverrirpr15

    [..YouTube..] jesus i hate weevil he think hes better than others

  97. 97 37thperson

    [..YouTube..] Every time Weevil laughs a puppy dies xD

  98. 98 marcusterry1

    [..YouTube..] because the old yu-gi-oh doesnt need tributing for higher levels. suckish.

  99. 99 MrXtacy

    [..YouTube..] fuckin magical cylinder that bastard.

  100. 100 WolfMXII

    [..YouTube..] How did Yugi summoned Gaia the Fierce Knight without tribute summoning?

  101. 101 konkorwlfmoon

    [..YouTube..] hehe kuriboh sploded

  102. 102 gdlzn17

    [..YouTube..] the original yugioh is nothing like this!

  103. 103 NsLFire

    [..YouTube..] NO KURIBOH!!

  104. 104 Greendayhudalt

    [..YouTube..] NO, HE’S ORANGE!

  105. 105 paparoachfan76

    [..YouTube..] yeah y is weevil purple at 1:47?

  106. 106 insanekillamonster1

    [..YouTube..] Actually, when it first came out mostly 8 year olds watch it. And a lot of 12 year olds like this show too.

  107. 107 nataliev83

    [..YouTube..] oh my god its freking kurribo!!!!!!!!!

  108. 108 sweetstrawberry1993

    [..YouTube..] Weevil is mad o__o I dont like him one bit

  109. 109 keefetechkid2011

    [..YouTube..] because normally 8 yr olds watch this show. lol

  110. 110 arielassault91

    [..YouTube..] I keep wondering about the name of Gaia the Fierce Knight. Gaia is the name of the Greek goddess of the Earth so how did we go from that to testerone high dude on a horse?

  111. 111 popachewy

    [..YouTube..] what

  112. 112 popachewy

    [..YouTube..] screw u kid or adult or homo

  113. 113 loolooamsterdam

    [..YouTube..] did anyone here a blur sound

  114. 114 ultimatedaemon

    [..YouTube..] why is weevil purple during the flashback at 1:47?

  115. 115 Enderdragon91

    [..YouTube..] You know, these monsters feel a little weak now that i actually play and I am revisiting the show.

  116. 116 shadowschaoscontrol

    [..YouTube..] Tea is so hot.

  117. 117 shadowschaoscontrol

    [..YouTube..] yh. i know.

  118. 118 digital0destal

    [..YouTube..] how come wevil puts the ‘giant pus bag’ in attk mode and it’s in dnsfe mode on the field?

  119. 119 jediguardian10

    [..YouTube..] i love where yugi uses mirror force and all his bugs get fuck up!

  120. 120 karmu83

    [..YouTube..] I feel like slapping Weevile if I know him in real life.

  121. 121 karmu83

    [..YouTube..] Because no one follows the rule.

  122. 122 CarnivorousCupcake

    [..YouTube..] Gross, who else noticed the disgusting sound effects as that thing is getting caccooned?

  123. 123 GotitBoy19

    [..YouTube..] I love when Tea says: “Eww thats just gross!” lol

  124. 124 NovaEnd

    [..YouTube..] In the first season there was no sacrifice rule.

  125. 125 spinebuster123456789

    [..YouTube..] why didnt yugi tribute monsters to play gaia the feirce knight

  126. 126 gothdragon93

    [..YouTube..] y the hell did they make a moth sound like a friggin elk?!

  127. 127 gothdragon93

    [..YouTube..] not all

  128. 128 JOYLOVER4

    [..YouTube..] they changed alot of rules there like:yuo can only summon larva moth on the 2nd standby face wen cacoon of evolution equiped with petit moth and to summon the ultimate great moth its the 6th standby phase.

  129. 129 lyang082

    [..YouTube..] LOL They don’t have to sacrifice monsters for higher star level monsters. Interesting…I totally forgot.

  130. 130 NavisBrotherInLaw

    [..YouTube..] id kill for a yami voice

  131. 131 amezonfreak

    [..YouTube..] at 137 weevil voice sound like an old lady

  132. 132 Surebro0

    [..YouTube..] anyone notice but weevel sounds like gary oak from pokemon this is why he quit

  133. 133 Kalberry

    [..YouTube..] Hahaha! Tea’s jeleous of Mai…*laugh*

  134. 134 jullian707

    [..YouTube..] yeah cool

  135. 135 frootofaloom

    [..YouTube..] ow ok now it makes sense

  136. 136 Killer82649

    [..YouTube..] They (Yugi and Weevil) both mentioned that it was a larva bug, not a caterpillar.

  137. 137 nanietil

    [..YouTube..] Wevlo looks 35 in 1:23

  138. 138 johanballaz

    [..YouTube..] the producers made yugi look retarded. He wouldnt seriously attack a cocoon of evolution that clearly has more attack points.. anyone else notice the bonus is diffrent for everything and yugi lost double life points when gaia attacked o.o

  139. 139 frootofaloom

    [..YouTube..] wait caterpillars turn into butterflys not moths

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