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Zelda UO Deku 2

Legend Of Zelda: Unknown Origins
Deku Chapter: Part 2

The Legend Of Zelda: Unknown Origins is an independent animation series created off of the original Legend Of Zelda story lines by Shigeru Miyamoto(creator of Zelda) and Nintendo. Though I am the creator of the Zelda UO series, I take no credit for Zelda, it’s story, or any of its characters. They are all Copyright Shigeru Miyamoto and Nintendo.

124 Responses to “Zelda UO Deku 2”

  1. 1 crimpson 702

    [..YouTube..] Sand temple pot music

  2. 2 Kyle Taylor

    [..YouTube..] Sand temple pot music

  3. 3 Kristopher Cody

    [..YouTube..] Please make the 9th chapter

  4. 4 Julia Jackson

    [..YouTube..] One of the famous quotes “The inside of oranges look like kidneys”-Digs 

  5. 5 slenderlink11

    [..YouTube..] yay second part

  6. 6 ben pasta

    [..YouTube..] yay second part

  7. 7 Charles Barrick

    [..YouTube..] Screw you, mido! 

  8. 8 Jewel Alexandrias

    [..YouTube..] WHat’s the name of the song at the end,

  9. 9 Shadic Hedgehog

    [..YouTube..] 1:25-2:33 Can some one please tell me the name of that song?

  10. 10 Narishia98


  11. 11 Narishia98

    [..YouTube..] Is there a possible way of re-posting OU5 2 of 2? You know, like by editing out the song from Princess Mononoke or something and getting it back up?

  12. 12 SukiNyaProductions


  13. 13 SukiNyaProductions

    [..YouTube..] nice ending XD

  14. 14 zShayn


  15. 15 zShayn

    [..YouTube..] The song at the end is shown in the credits…

  16. 16 Captian Kate


  17. 17 Captian Kate

    [..YouTube..] but does it make u fly like a helicopter?

  18. 18 silverwolf7791


  19. 19 silverwolf7791

    [..YouTube..] what is the name of the song at the end

  20. 20 Bryan Colthearts


  21. 21 Bryan Colthearts

    [..YouTube..] No rupees? aww snap Mido’s head was wasted

  22. 22 soulstealer18


  23. 23 soulstealer18

    [..YouTube..] Yes it’s in the games. You can count the ultimate spinning attack in LoZ Wind Waker that you learn from Orca, or you can count the up B spin attack from the Super Smash Bros games. Those are the only two that are long enough and make you fly higher, that I can think of.

  24. 24 jcwhite52


  25. 25 jcwhite52

    [..YouTube..] this rules !

  26. 26 rhiannon hollensbe


  27. 27 rhiannon hollensbe

    [..YouTube..] When that jar few at Mido, I froke out!

  28. 28 Darkwolflink1


  29. 29 Darkwolflink1

    [..YouTube..] I called dibs on him three years ago XD

  30. 30 Teddie


  31. 31 Teddie

    [..YouTube..] 1:23

  32. 32 fae1245

    [..YouTube..] digs well he doing better mido walking to link link thros pot at his head lol

  33. 33 sonicwalkthroughsify


  34. 34 sonicwalkthroughsify

    [..YouTube..] have a listen to the music and look at Mido walking it looked like he was moving to the music.

  35. 35 egloman


  36. 36 egloman

    [..YouTube..] that pot he threw at mido should’ve given him rupees D:

  37. 37 pikachu18179


  38. 38 pikachu18179

    [..YouTube..] diggs is hilarious

  39. 39 Zaraxion1


  40. 40 Zaraxion1

    [..YouTube..] lol hey saria betcha mido wins Saria : FALCON PAWNTCH also lol mido slams leg into links head just lol

  41. 41 sandraandrewsg


  42. 42 sandraandrewsg

    [..YouTube..] Diggs is soo funny.

  43. 43 ninjafaceify


  44. 44 ninjafaceify

    [..YouTube..] when link is falling what is that song?

  45. 45 ExtremeMidnaFan12272


  46. 46 ExtremeMidnaFan12272

    [..YouTube..] And Saria FALCON PAWNCH-ed the kokirian boy.

  47. 47 zeldafantriforce


  48. 48 zeldafantriforce

    [..YouTube..] 0:31 “the inside parts of oranges are shaped like kidneys…” lol i was eating an orange when diggs thought that.

  49. 49 jon rye


  50. 50 jon rye

    [..YouTube..] what is the song playing when link falls

  51. 51 Draybolt4

    [..YouTube..] seriously, whoever made this video, they could have atleast used link’s battle voices from twilight princess(unless they couldn’t) in which case this is an awesome video and i hope you make more past eight because it is a giant ripoff if you have midna and don’t include her in any more……….midna’s awesome.

  52. 52 NeoAnimeKnight


  53. 53 NeoAnimeKnight

    [..YouTube..] For those wanting the song at the ending of this video. youtube.com/watch?v=wIXcnJIeIdc&feature=related Enjoy

  54. 54 discoj13

    [..YouTube..] anyone know the song? o.o

  55. 55 discoj13


  56. 56 alamaxout


  57. 57 alamaxout

    [..YouTube..] Awww! Thats great! I wait wait to watch them all!

  58. 58 ddsfriend


  59. 59 ddsfriend

    [..YouTube..] @96luigi96 xD lol

  60. 60 linkfreak210


  61. 61 linkfreak210

    [..YouTube..] lol i love it when Saria (omg i can’t spell) punches that one kid! >w<

  62. 62 SuperGohan2132

    [..YouTube..] Gokusen ending is really good, I love it.

  63. 63 pivotwarsman

    [..YouTube..] pause at 1:08 and look at links face :P

  64. 64 ROFLGIRL101

    [..YouTube..] the one at the end?? if soo, whats the name of the song and by who?? thx

  65. 65 m6mkiller

    [..YouTube..] nice use of the song

  66. 66 SuperGeno1234

    [..YouTube..] That Kid Looks Like Kafei!!! :D

  67. 67 redbasher636

    [..YouTube..] Lol love the ears. just love them!

  68. 68 tygersprite

    [..YouTube..] Its by a Band called Arishi. Its also the ending theme to this epic show called Gokusen! ^^

  69. 69 ChibiPRgrlz

    [..YouTube..] Mido: So…readyLink: your head isn’t the only reason u hate me.NIIICE comeback! Where’d u get, the Awesome Comebacks Store?? XDCuase it was good. I want one. :P

  70. 70 twilightxmidna

    [..YouTube..] Kokirian boy: Saria, bet ya Mido wins!”BOOM” in the face lol

  71. 71 TaylorDSB

    [..YouTube..] well….He’s doing better :)

  72. 72 zeldalink121

    [..YouTube..] haha diggs i so funny, “the inside parts of oranges are shaped like kindneys” made me laugh so much!!!

  73. 73 kyshero

    [..YouTube..] hey who sings tis song at the end of this think i tried lookin up the songs on the credits but they didnt work

  74. 74 JustAnotherShadowX

    [..YouTube..] Whenever I compare this to ep 5 and later, I realize that the amount of improvement is so fucking huge.. Awesome job.

  75. 75 annaqueen16

    [..YouTube..] why does he hit the ground twice?its against logic!

  76. 76 andrielisilien

    [..YouTube..] 0:50 hehe, Link got knocked silly!

  77. 77 Link123941

    [..YouTube..] I know, the kokiri R there ancestors, they age later than they do, I watched all of the videos already XD

  78. 78 Astos88

    [..YouTube..] What? No they are adults or in the later teens. Ok, I think it was the 4th video when they explained it… they are not kokiri exactly in this video, I think you should watch it too.Sorry for being too impatient.

  79. 79 Link123941

    [..YouTube..] diggs is like me rofl I just noticed that XD though sumtimes Im like Link XD

  80. 80 Link123941

    [..YouTube..] there not adults lol, though kokiris grow UP TO a age, if they literly never grew they’d still be in leaf-diapers XD though yeh, the animator made a mistake O_o there teens

  81. 81 Astos88

    [..YouTube..] Why are they adult? Kokiri never grow old, Link wasn’t really a kokiri, that’s why he did… Anyway, the animation is awesome, congratulations!

  82. 82 ulmer5433

    [..YouTube..] IN YOUR FACE!1:46

  83. 83 ulmer5433

    [..YouTube..] IN YOUR FACE1:43

  84. 84 chibirobo99999

    [..YouTube..] you forgot one5) his friends

  85. 85 tommyisapimp

    [..YouTube..] Diggs remind me of me lol

  86. 86 Uhhh45

    [..YouTube..] Things that go through Diggs’s mind:1.) oranges2.) women3.) Fightingand4) nothingi think

  87. 87 StarforceOnAir

    [..YouTube..] Diggs = originalDiggs personality/luck = epic win

  88. 88 Link79957


  89. 89 NeaZerZ

    [..YouTube..] Go diggs! ^^

  90. 90 loveGaara6

    [..YouTube..] how did you make this?

  91. 91 Maggyiiy

    [..YouTube..] 1:43 DO A BARREL ROLL!

  92. 92 deathrifle

    [..YouTube..] Betya mido wins!*WAP*

  93. 93 naboonice

    [..YouTube..] very good what is the program because the grthinc are amzing

  94. 94 N1nt3nd0Smash3r

    [..YouTube..] XD LOL too funny! epic fight link! WOOT

  95. 95 KittySasu

    [..YouTube..] yay go link!!!!!!!

  96. 96 5978888

    [..YouTube..] 1:43 YOU MUST RECOVER!

  97. 97 Akane101

    [..YouTube..] The song is Feel Your Breeze by KAT-TUN :D

  98. 98 gotpossesedbylucario

    [..YouTube..] kokirian boy:saria! beta mido wins!PUNCH!!!LOFUCKINGL!

  99. 99 xvoranzoxx

    [..YouTube..] the ending was epic!

  100. 100 kittytaekwondo

    [..YouTube..] Cooooooool… OwO

  101. 101 chibirobo99999

    [..YouTube..] 1:28 what was that song called(ment to ask that earlier but forgot by the time it was over)

  102. 102 chibirobo99999

    [..YouTube..] the inside’s of oranges are shaped like kidney’s LOL

  103. 103 Zeldagirl123456

    [..YouTube..] Hey!I like those parts too.

  104. 104 DCANTWO

    [..YouTube..] Hmm… kinda seems like a mix of Brave Fencer Musashi and Legend of Zelda. I like it!

  105. 105 princesszelda1235

    [..YouTube..] this video is awesome rock on !!

  106. 106 princesszelda1235

    [..YouTube..] big fan

  107. 107 LONGTAIL15

    [..YouTube..] the song your all looking for is ”Fell your Breeze” it’s played by three different bands but just type it in and you’ll find it.

  108. 108 songsurfer08

    [..YouTube..] Wow Mido got his butt face whooped lol

  109. 109 clownassassin4

    [..YouTube..] wow u made this

  110. 110 calleo123

    [..YouTube..] XD…the insides of oranges are shaped like kidneys…priceless…hey Saria, bet you Mido wins! *Phwap!* XDXD

  111. 111 jgw246

    [..YouTube..] that’s pretty cool. I rent soul calibur and play OoT at my cousins

  112. 112 Linkx22

    [..YouTube..] Was think in Ocarina not Time hehe

  113. 113 Linkx22

    [..YouTube..] So did I. I still have both games :)

  114. 114 jgw246

    [..YouTube..] it’s okay. The thing is. i played both soul calibur 2 and OoT.

  115. 115 DragongalII

    [..YouTube..] … since when is C near the T?

  116. 116 Linkx22

    [..YouTube..] sorry Ocarina of Time Mis typed it :(

  117. 117 qwertygirllol

    [..YouTube..] love the ending :)

  118. 118 jgw246

    [..YouTube..] OOC?

  119. 119 Linkx22

    [..YouTube..] LOZ:OOC more likely


    [..YouTube..] Wait Scoots voice is Links?

  121. 121 earthspiritgaia

    [..YouTube..] Nevermind.

  122. 122 earthspiritgaia

    [..YouTube..] What’s that song that’s being played while Link’s falling?

  123. 123 jgw246

    [..YouTube..] i think link yell and attack sounds are frome soul calibur 2

  124. 124 JoshuaAushoj

    [..YouTube..] man this zelda UO deku show is so awsome i wish it could be on t.v. my faviorte charecter is Diggs =D make more videos! plz!

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