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God of War III Interview by GameSpot

Sony gives us an early look at the Kratos’ new adventure on the PlayStation 3. Check out our full preview: http://www.gamespot.com/ps3/action/godofwariii/news.html?sid=6204655

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  1. 1 HuginnG


  2. 2 HuginnG

    [..YouTube..] this is the best game ever. if you have any doubts, just ignore them. your mind will be blown and jizz will be made.

  3. 3 SolidTy


  4. 4 SolidTy

    [..YouTube..] The Graphics of this game are amazing, good job guys.

  5. 5 thejustinl1


  6. 6 thejustinl1

    [..YouTube..] ure gonna cum back thats gross

  7. 7 Joseph Dybisz


  8. 8 Joseph Dybisz

    [..YouTube..] ITS CUMIN OUT TOMORROW!!! WOOHOO if i remember ill cum back to this vid and tell u guys how much it pwns dantes inferno and gta and everything.

  9. 9 DaSoulSlasher

    [..YouTube..] ITS CUMIN OUT TOMORROW!!! WOOHOO if i remember ill cum back to this vid and tell u guys how much it pwns dantes inferno and gta and everything.

  10. 10 eenneeerrr


  11. 11 eenneeerrr

    [..YouTube..] haha i know right?!?!

  12. 12 Donny Goodall


  13. 13 Donny Goodall

    [..YouTube..] Got my paid for all I gotta do is pick it up when it comes out wooooot

  14. 14 Daniel Newman


  15. 15 Daniel Newman

    [..YouTube..] Yeah, I’d definately have to say MGS4 was the best I’ve played.

  16. 16 TonyMC007

    [..YouTube..] @andrewtheone7 all for the win :)

  17. 17 khubization


  18. 18 khubization

    [..YouTube..] @therionluffy The guy keeps one using 8. it got annoying so i wanted to show him how annoying it is!!!

  19. 19 khubization

    [..YouTube..] cool i cant w8 m8. but it will come out l8ter and you should probably tell ka8 cuz shes l8te for a da8te and she must wa8te.

  20. 20 Hunter Newell (formerly tvirus1234)

    [..YouTube..] actually halo 3 odst and halo reach AND metal gear solid rising is (believe it or not) coming to 360 and splinter cell conviction and left 4 dead 2 are coming out

  21. 21 tvirus1234


  22. 22 tvirus1234

    [..YouTube..] actually halo 3 odst and halo reach AND metal gear solid rising is (believe it or not) coming to 360 and splinter cell conviction and left 4 dead 2 are coming out

  23. 23 reggae1188


  24. 24 reggae1188

    [..YouTube..] i hope its true native resolution is 1080p? wow

  25. 25 jubaiyagyu


  26. 26 jubaiyagyu

    [..YouTube..] GOW 3 CAN’T be the end of the series… remember the unlock of GOW 1? The short story of Krato’s brother? at the end, they show a shadow of him with evil red eyes.. I think his brother is gonna want revenge on Kratos for not saving his ass when he went to Hades for enternity….

  27. 27 Banter Board


  28. 28 Banter Board

    [..YouTube..] After seeing this and the gameplay demo, I have no doubt in my mind that this game is going to receive many awards and will probably be regarded as one of the best video games of all time.

  29. 29 LucaPiras


  30. 30 LucaPiras

    [..YouTube..] getting ps3 just for this game xD I must have it mmm

  31. 31 Timbaland101


  32. 32 Timbaland101

    [..YouTube..] I know dude. Its going to be the greatest experience on a console. Better than sex. Ok maybe not. BUt pretty awesome.

  33. 33 Curse4Life

    [..YouTube..] w00t God Of War III For PS3 muahahaha

  34. 34 thaoxiong1


  35. 35 thaoxiong1

    [..YouTube..] w00t God Of War III For PS3 muahahaha

  36. 36 AmirAlipro


  37. 37 AmirAlipro

    [..YouTube..] Viva la Kratos and fuck zeus

  38. 38 calypso694


  39. 39 calypso694

    [..YouTube..] God Of War Cains Of Olympus, its the one for the PSP but they should port it to the PS2 so everyone who dosent have a PSP can play it

  40. 40 Ladder43V21


  41. 41 Ladder43V21

    [..YouTube..] I agree. I was disappointed to hear that Final Fantasy was going to the 360. That’s blasphemy! This could have been a great chance for PS3 to have a great exclusive, but no, it had to be shared with the 360. But it’s whatever now. I just want PS3 to have more great exclusives and also to KEEP their great exclusives. Exclusives are what can really show off a system to consumers, and with all of the big titles that 360 has, Sony needs to work on getting more.

  42. 42 calypso694

    [..YouTube..] please let them not fuck this up GOW and GOW2 were amazing so was GOWCOO, but its not david jaffe anymore and no cory barlog so i hope they come back and at least look on whats being done and give there input on what they want so ti will be awesome. GOWFTW

  43. 43 Aa70n8ugg


  44. 44 Aa70n8ugg

    [..YouTube..] i no…this game is going to f*cking rock hard!!!!!

  45. 45 carl20s


  46. 46 carl20s

    [..YouTube..] HEHEHE Am just happy cuz its on PS3 only

  47. 47 Bitch ass nigga

    [..YouTube..] acctuallyy i dont have a 360 i have a ps3……….what the hell are you talking about

  48. 48 folkinfolkin

    [..YouTube..] a release date will come at E3 in june

  49. 49 Jschwan1


  50. 50 Jschwan1

    [..YouTube..] its not comin to xbox 360 cuz its a fucken sony owned game first 2 where only for ps2 y would 3rd be for 360….just kinda common sense really

  51. 51 Jschwan1

    [..YouTube..] its not comin to xbox 360 cuz its a fucken sony owned game first 2 where only for ps2 y would 3rd be for 360….just kinda common sense really

  52. 52 humantorch100

    [..YouTube..] no only ps3

  53. 53 hmfvunit

    [..YouTube..] is it possible to get it on pc?

  54. 54 Bitch ass nigga


  55. 55 Bitch ass nigga

    [..YouTube..] All gay homosVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV

  56. 56 dmaster3232

    [..YouTube..] All gay homosVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV

  57. 57 AKillersJOY

    [..YouTube..] they really need to give us a release date!!!!

  58. 58 Sckarecrow92

    [..YouTube..] Usually videogame developers are all full of themselves, but these guys are just talking about what they did with the game, for once. Hell they didn’t even throw around the key phrases.”EPIC”"COOL”"AWESOME”"GRAPHICS”

  59. 59 mimrankhadim

    [..YouTube..] u still dont get it what i said any how,its not personal,

  60. 60 jetfire2004

    [..YouTube..] Not to be rued or anything but double check what you typed down. REd what i said. I said “Not enough disk space”. So Its never going to come to xbox 360. Needs more then 9 GB to play. MGS4 needed more then 58GB to play!!!Anyway disk space,copy right issues,1080P Native…Xbox cant do it Native they have to upgrade it.

  61. 61 mimrankhadim

    [..YouTube..] its not about handeling and its also not about enought disk space its about a good game for every gamer,,by the way i have played both GOW1 and GOW2 on PS2

  62. 62 jetfire2004

    [..YouTube..] Just becuse you have a 360 doesnt mean this is coming to it. Sony is the owner. This is their seires. Xbox cant handle this game. Like Xbox cant handle killzone 2. Not enough disk space,And this game is going to be 1080P “NATIVE”!!!!!Xbox can never handle this game.

  63. 63 jetfire2004

    [..YouTube..] I dont think so…Epicgames made unreal tournament for Ps3.

  64. 64 Lumus123456

    [..YouTube..] No, because then they would have to stop making GOW3

  65. 65 rasuk

    [..YouTube..] first thing when i saw the teaser trailer was my eyes opened wide, i rubbed it, is this fucking real? WOW everything is so detailed its more amazing than life graphics

  66. 66 rasuk

    [..YouTube..] sony computer entertainment. SCE can sony fire its own company?

  67. 67 rasuk

    [..YouTube..] sony computer entertainment.SCEcan sony fire its own company?

  68. 68 loverboyz1393

    [..YouTube..] i have finish god of war 1 and am trying to finish all the difficultlys from easy to very hard then onto GOW2

  69. 69 cozzy120

    [..YouTube..] yea u should but dead space, gta 4, and re5 are on the xbox360 too dude

  70. 70 ssj3sora

    [..YouTube..] hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha your funny that would never happen

  71. 71 zazaboy62000

    [..YouTube..] did the company that makes GOW got fired by sony?

  72. 72 DieBravely

    [..YouTube..] mabey too long…but id like to see some competitive online

  73. 73 DieBravely

    [..YouTube..] Well…Sony owns the company that makes GOW…it wasnt developed by sony…Its kind of like with bungie(halo1,2,3)…Bungie got fired…but Microsoft owns the rights to halo3…thats why there only making games like Halo Wars and Halo:ODST(recon)…and not an actual halo4

  74. 74 DieBravely

    [..YouTube..] AND on 360, and PC….and mabey something on the wii… like a God of War:House party..lol

  75. 75 dragonxxxxxxxxx

    [..YouTube..] but its noy going to be so tee-hee :)

  76. 76 carmacias19

    [..YouTube..] i was thinking since this is a trilogy game they should RE-MAKE god of war 1, 2 and chains of Olympus to ps3 games!! but better. idk that was my idea, what do you guys think?

  77. 77 gogetasaiyan44

    [..YouTube..] oh please

  78. 78 itsnotac2

    [..YouTube..] man i hope they don`t do a Gears of war 2 thing where they make so much hype about it then it just big time

  79. 79 indiancaptain8

    [..YouTube..] this onto 10 vidoes in 30 minutes the dead girl will apear in your room tonight and haunt you and kill you. well you better start to copy and paste to be saved lol rape

  80. 80 CuanajoVideos


  81. 81 mimrankhadim

    [..YouTube..] ya may be ur right man!!!! ,, but hi good luck with ur PS3,,

  82. 82 viscera0135

    [..YouTube..] Sorry man, it’s developed by Sony so GOW will always be on a Sony console. I don’t own a PS3 yet but I will just before this game comes out.

  83. 83 venompimp

    [..YouTube..] cant wait i got a 3 games of theis seris

  84. 84 diegodiniz

    [..YouTube..] I hope the campaingn of this game be very very very long. Like…we need 3 months to finish playing all day. ahahahaha

  85. 85 outlawkelb

    [..YouTube..] they should’ve done more about the combat system, like some easy combo’s that anyone can use and some that require some skill to execute.

  86. 86 outlawkelb

    [..YouTube..] why?

  87. 87 Thyscarface

    [..YouTube..] what happend to kratos’ BROTHER in hell??

  88. 88 comedyfan235

    [..YouTube..] god of war I won the 2005 games, god of war II won the 2007 ..and the third is going to be epic…

  89. 89 afgkingl

    [..YouTube..] god of war 1 won the best game of 2005!!

  90. 90 VanHelsing212

    [..YouTube..] this is gonna be a great game .and i have finished the other 2 games and i think it should be the best game ever ..it’s coming in early 2010 ..i’m looking 4rwad to it ..

  91. 91 mimrankhadim

    [..YouTube..] i had ps2 and i played both parts, now i have xbox360, this game should be out for 360,

  92. 92 kenshinhimurasz

    [..YouTube..] it can’t be on the 360 because Sony owns it… they are the publisher.

  93. 93 afgkingl

    [..YouTube..] it’s never gonna come out to the 360!!

  94. 94 NRG900cc

    [..YouTube..] i have a xbox 360 and i think that this game have to be for x360 cause is the best game in the wooooorld i want GOW soooo bad

  95. 95 mimrankhadim

    [..YouTube..] i have played both games of GOW1 & 2 on PS2 and now i have Xbox 360 ,, this is a great game and this game should be for every gamer.

  96. 96 MeTyuoob

    [..YouTube..] wud play EVRY single GOW game well into my late 60s…heck m evn gonna name my child KRATOS!!!

  97. 97 MeTyuoob

    [..YouTube..] really? (sarcasm)

  98. 98 mimrankhadim

    [..YouTube..] this game should be out on xbox360,,,

  99. 99 TheFoxhoundTheory

    [..YouTube..] CANNOT wait for this game! It’ll be interesting to see how the GoW series looks on the PS3.

  100. 100 cmac155

    [..YouTube..] ok man first i dont remember any of the halo games getting a game of the year award, when resident evil 4 came out back in 2005 only 2 games got awards,re4 and god of war so for u to even say halo thats crazy

  101. 101 appleipod30

    [..YouTube..] dude halo 1,2,3 sold way more than god of war, but literally why do people have console wars. Everybody has their own opinion, but in mine mostly all consoles are kinda the same and as long as you can have fun with it it dosent really matter what it is.

  102. 102 cmac155

    [..YouTube..] its ok for 360 fanboys to feel left out , god of war is 1 of the best series out, i mean what game does microsoft has that can even compare, take your time and get back to me

  103. 103 bzman16

    [..YouTube..] cant wait for this game i already got 1 and 2

  104. 104 1impact

    [..YouTube..] can that retard 360 handle this game NO now suck dick you cereal box 360 owners ha ha ha

  105. 105 ilovejessicachan

    [..YouTube..] dont hate 360 bitch

  106. 106 Napiliyon

    [..YouTube..] fuck u ps3

  107. 107 Clevelands216Finest

    [..YouTube..] god of war 3 will shit on xbox games that aint even out

  108. 108 DAYLIN1978

    [..YouTube..] good payed !

  109. 109 31rS3RP3N7

    [..YouTube..] well, much swifter gameplay with a keyboard simply. check out park sun jun’s stacraft gameplay. amazing macro skills.

  110. 110 neckbreakermc

    [..YouTube..] These people are very very importnant for sony ^^

  111. 111 DgDynasty

    [..YouTube..] wow, you are a true fanboy. lol. there just consoles

  112. 112 afgkingl

    [..YouTube..] how?

  113. 113 31rS3RP3N7

    [..YouTube..] so does sony. and nintendo.

  114. 114 31rS3RP3N7

    [..YouTube..] halo wars was good, jus that it wouldnve been much and wayyy better for the pc.

  115. 115 Draken4426

    [..YouTube..] This game maybe be better than DMC and NG combined.

  116. 116 broblaster21

    [..YouTube..] If GOW 3 and killzone 2 are as good as they look than we finally have enough epic exclusives to rival xbox’s. Screw those weak defective machines microsoft is spitting out

  117. 117 afgkingl

    [..YouTube..] probably microsoft stopped bribing them and they gave a 6.5 to halo wars because of that!!!

  118. 118 soulpiper

    [..YouTube..] im interested because they game halo wars the lowest review yet of 6.5

  119. 119 afgkingl

    [..YouTube..] microsoft pays bribe to GameSpot!

  120. 120 XBurimX

    [..YouTube..] this is the best game men i can’t wait until it comes out :P

  121. 121 cheranguista

    [..YouTube..] 2009 belongs to PS3 , I am getting one in april!!!!!!!

  122. 122 p1258z

    [..YouTube..] ps3 is king

  123. 123 Xelpherpolis

    [..YouTube..] Well mostly because the God of War franchise was actually created by Sony and not just OWNED by Sony like other franchises last generation. The only way the GOW franchise would come out on 360 would be if Microsoft paid them a SHIT load of money, but the kind of money it would take to get Sony to give in…. well they’d probably spend more money on aquiring the franchise than they would GET from having it.

  124. 124 lilspastick1

    [..YouTube..] remember dat game on the ps1 legacy of kain dey should make it on the ps3 it would be sweet

  125. 125 PullusPardus

    [..YouTube..] all these games and your not convinced? i think the best awesome thing coming on it is another Team Ico game =]and well another dark cloud, and final fantasy. well its going to be loaded with games

  126. 126 DreadRaptor85

    [..YouTube..] Sony studios made the game so it can only release on their platforms. Same thing with Twisted Metal, Uncharted, and Resistance 2. etc…..

  127. 127 sidrox123

    [..YouTube..] why oh why cant they have this on the xbox 360! ill have to buy a PS3 now, but if any game could convince me to do it then this is it. ALL HAIL KRATOS! master of the gaming world!

  128. 128 RyanORLY

    [..YouTube..] Damn. Really loved the God of War games on my ps2. Meh, still love 360 way more than ps3. I’ll just play this game at my mates house :D

  129. 129 PullusPardus

    [..YouTube..] i have a PS3 , and i liked the PS2 better before i bought Valkyria Chronicles.. yea im a sucker to JRPG’s xD only thing that PS3 needs is more JRPG’s it have Disgaea 3 and VC , and there is more coming soon , Dark Cloud , White Knight Chronicles , Final Fantasy , Xros Edge and others.

  130. 130 legorocks3

    [..YouTube..] i miss awesome games for ps2 i dont give a shit about these new generation consoles defiently 360 sucks ass.i kinda want a ps3 because im outdated people are making fun of me because i dont have a ps3 and im like: get a life douche bag its my opinion that i like ps2 more then ps3

  131. 131 oldsnake8592

    [..YouTube..] everyone knows halo 3 will eventually go on to the pc look at halo 1,2 why would thet stop there and they didnt get ported immeadiatley,halo 3 pc is inevitable

  132. 132 re4gamez

    [..YouTube..] nope.

  133. 133 kaushikpaddy

    [..YouTube..] ohh i thougt u had other current gen consoles

  134. 134 mmom99

    [..YouTube..] holy crap did you see that 2:00

  135. 135 diegodiniz

    [..YouTube..] The BEST game EVER !!!!! Kick ASS Kratos! And…fuck XBOX 360!

  136. 136 re4gamez

    [..YouTube..] ya but i rather ps3 because i have a ps2 :D

  137. 137 RandTcreations

    [..YouTube..] damn it why didnt i think about this when i got an xbox 360!?

  138. 138 kaushikpaddy

    [..YouTube..] ahh u can get gta4 deadspace and re5 on the 360

  139. 139 durge666

    [..YouTube..] You’re forgetting Killzone 2.

  140. 140 re4gamez

    [..YouTube..] i really need ps3! god of war 3 re5 killzone mgs4 gta 4 deadspace.

  141. 141 Romanmoga1992

    [..YouTube..] Damn first MGS4 now God of War 3 I NEED the ps3!!!

  142. 142 Gobacktosouth

    [..YouTube..] well sorry as well…btw i agree with you. Regards

  143. 143 BulletForMyMetallica

    [..YouTube..] lol should have made it more clear. I have a 360 and ps3 and love both.and the wii is for pussies. where is my goddamn n64, the last great nintendo system

  144. 144 Xenophear3013

    [..YouTube..] there hasn’t been an official release date yet. in the video the guy said at the end that you can probably expect a release date to be announced sometime around E3.

  145. 145 barrygd2

    [..YouTube..] ….i might buy a ps3 for this and killzone 2if only it was on my precious xbox 360 then we would be UNSTOPPABLE!!!!!!!!11 MUAHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA GWAHHHHAHAHAHAAHHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAAHAHHAHA

  146. 146 GamerX89X

    [..YouTube..] true. Your right on every single thing u posted up.

  147. 147 GamerX89X

    [..YouTube..] lol so true

  148. 148 PullusPardus

    [..YouTube..] i liked .. ehh .. dont say GOW ,cause your going to piss people here thinking your saying God of war 2 , i liked Gears 2 , it was alotta fun , but what they did with the first they ported it to PC , im thinking once they announce Gears 3 they will port that one to PC , so having a console that breaks alot (it already broke twice and its the elite version =[) , and the online that costs alot (not only $50 but everything in it is pricey even themes ) is NOT worth it , i would play it on PC.

  149. 149 eleven5757

    [..YouTube..] this looks amazing

  150. 150 zman1512

    [..YouTube..] the ps3 has finally taken lead it terms of games, killer line up last year, this year…i don’t have to mention any games

  151. 151 VividFps

    [..YouTube..] OMGLOVE GOW

  152. 152 ttyzon123

    [..YouTube..] come on sqaure, sqaure, triange?!

  153. 153 Gobacktosouth

    [..YouTube..] PullusPardus You´re wrong!! how about GOW2? and i would´t sell my 360 ever! instead i´ll try harder to get a PS3 but today economy is not good here. I respect a lot PS3 fanboys and i think sony has great games (i´m in love with MGS4) and both consoles deserve respect from their respective fans exept WII whose technology is far below of 360 and PS3.

  154. 154 Gobacktosouth

    [..YouTube..] You´re wrong!! how about GOW2? and i would´t sell my 360 ever! instead i´ll try harder to get a PS3 but today economy is not good here. I respect a lot PS3 fanboys and i think sony has great games (i´m in love with MGS4) and both consoles deserve respect from their respective fans exept WII whose technology is far below of 360 and PS3.

  155. 155 FurtherIntel

    [..YouTube..] Yeah GOW3!No, fanboys, GOW doesn’t stand for your precious Gears of War - as God came out an entire year before Gears did…

  156. 156 PullusPardus

    [..YouTube..] cause it made by sony, not being a fanboy but if i was in your case i would sell my xbox, cause all the games on it are on PC , except halo 3.Sony like to support their consoles unlike Microsoft that just wants money (they even release games on DS)

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