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Nintendo cereal commercial

This has to be the worst commercial ever. -_-”

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  1. 1 Whit442mosh

    [..YouTube..] Greatest cereal ever! They need to bring this back…

  2. 2 Fly WiFi Guy

    [..YouTube..] I hope it doesn’t have a poison mushroom.

  3. 3 Foxeslady

    [..YouTube..] Omg that cereal was nasty as shit

  4. 4 SuperSuperMarioMan

    [..YouTube..] O_O

  5. 5 moshomaniac1

    [..YouTube..] When I first saw this commercial in the 80s, I found it really stupid. And now, after all these years, I look back on it and realize……I still find it stupid! But in a fun way.

  6. 6 icepriestess375

    [..YouTube..] Oh my GOD… I remember this! It was delicious. But when I had a bowl, I was like… 3 or 4, so… yeah… I’d probably have eaten ANYTHING.

  7. 7 godlesswickedvanian

    [..YouTube..] hey it was the 80’s, what do you want from us?

  8. 8 smileykits

    [..YouTube..] what does it say under the pictures on the box? reply a.s.a.p

  9. 9 Uvi91

    [..YouTube..] This commercial was funny even in the 80’s.

  10. 10 wired4lif3

    [..YouTube..] @Draknfyre yes? i don’t see how that relates to being the worse commerical ever

  11. 11 Doug E

    [..YouTube..] @hamsterdoom360 and you better eat it all. No leftovers!

  12. 12 Rusher4444

    [..YouTube..] 0:16 MMM you just can’t MMM!

  13. 13 HitmonFan481

    [..YouTube..] I don’t see Halo and Call of Duty having there own CEREALS :D

  14. 14 steve84mc

    [..YouTube..] I would buy that

  15. 15 romeostoned

    [..YouTube..] @NitroTheFox really? no shit!

  16. 16 TheCkfeister

    [..YouTube..] ok…weird

  17. 17 Karto

    [..YouTube..] i would buy it

  18. 18 Aeiku

    [..YouTube..] Ganon flakes.

  19. 19 Kezef the Dead

    [..YouTube..] I remember this stuff well. I believe it was made by Ralston foods, which was famous for making shit food. It tasted like a very cheap, knockoff Lucy Charms. But we kids ate that shit up at the time. We would choke anything down that had Mario or Link on it.

  20. 20 xxgr1mmjowxx

    [..YouTube..] umm boringg

  21. 21 2010mustang1

    [..YouTube..] this is what the late 80’s was like

  22. 22 feh2

    [..YouTube..] ..The Zelda pieces look alright. The Mario ones look awful.

  23. 23 Beastboy110

    [..YouTube..] Oh my gosh. I’m ashamed of you, Nintendo. It is real. It was released in the 1980’s, and was said to have tasted like cardboard. It was also the #2 sugariest cereal in Japan. :P deangeoff, I laughed so hard at your comment. :)

  24. 24 NitroTheFox

    [..YouTube..] part of a nutricous breakfest my ass, this thing had about 65 grams of sugar in one bite.

  25. 25 SEGPED

    [..YouTube..] how did that marshmallow-flavored piece of cardboard even look like Link? It was purple!!!

  26. 26 YooToobeRater

    [..YouTube..] I thought nintendo would know nobody gives a shit about points.They make games dont they? high score games suck

  27. 27 LorChan1919

    [..YouTube..] Best. Ad. EVER.Sure, the bunny is always after the Trix, but do they have PIXELS!? And Link… mmmmm….. Link.

  28. 28 a23b23x

    [..YouTube..] I wan’t that cereal!

  29. 29 ugotjavked

    [..YouTube..] wtf lol i guess i might bye it

  30. 30 Montreal86

    [..YouTube..] right… sry… ^^

  31. 31 icarus3375

    [..YouTube..] didnt it just taste like captian crunch without the crunch berries. anyway i want a box of that right now. id wanna put it on up on display somewhere but im sure id get drunk and eat some then end up with diarrhea

  32. 32 uzay2000

    [..YouTube..] he said “i’d eat it”, that means he wants to eat it

  33. 33 AlphaicTheX

    [..YouTube..] Mmmm, pixels.

  34. 34 Montreal86

    [..YouTube..] And? How does it taste?

  35. 35 sonicedhoedown1

    [..YouTube..] best damn cereal I ever had.

  36. 36 dapancakeprodegy

    [..YouTube..] this commercial makes me feel that Nintendo was on crack when they made this and they accidentally stuffed some crack in the cereal. so yes i would eat it, if 1 the commercial wasn’t retarded and 2 if there wasn’t any crack in it.But lol at the attempt of the commercial

  37. 37 KillaG94

    [..YouTube..] Was Nintendo high when they made this?”Unnngh, you just can’t unnngh!!”XD

  38. 38 INoelNoelNoel

    [..YouTube..] id eat it

  39. 39 Strife7734

    [..YouTube..] lololol. i’d buy it.

  40. 40 NarutoBlueMan

    [..YouTube..] back then nintendo was great and awesome to kids and you know when you were little you liked it

  41. 41 jmkeller

    [..YouTube..] Link was a purple bear??

  42. 42 musicmosaic7

    [..YouTube..] Mario was reddish, Link was greenish.

  43. 43 vata235

    [..YouTube..] …….nintendo cereal system….were they on crack when they made this?

  44. 44 swapert22

    [..YouTube..] If your going to make a commercial like this, AT LEAST PRONOUNCE NINTENDO RIGHT!!!!

  45. 45 ZShakibGO

    [..YouTube..] Oh God! this is even worst than the American Super Mario Bros. Show BLEEEH!! this was soo freaking gay…

  46. 46 CursingSasuke

    [..YouTube..] wtfthat is SOOOOOOO stupid..but.. i remeber buying these..or maybe it was the cherrios w/ the chance to win a genesis..

  47. 47 redsoxkid546

    [..YouTube..] that was the worst idea ever

  48. 48 mminjarez

    [..YouTube..] I made my mom buy that cereal I remember now!!!

  49. 49 xxxguitarhero

    [..YouTube..] the people dont even look like Link or Mario.. how can you know if it’s them?

  50. 50 raoorz

    [..YouTube..] lol people do anything to get money

  51. 51 wild8bird

    [..YouTube..] at 00:6 it said super mario is for chumps

  52. 52 ninaaa149

    [..YouTube..] miam

  53. 53 sonicmandx12

    [..YouTube..] man… That cereal was waaaay too sweetBbut damn it.It was good…

  54. 54 vascoman123

    [..YouTube..] 0_o

  55. 55 coolhitmandude5000

    [..YouTube..] Well hearts and shields are red, and Bowsers and koopas are green, so would it have killed them to make Mario red and Link green?

  56. 56 293823923021

    [..YouTube..] they’re cereal’s.

  57. 57 porcshops

    [..YouTube..] wow, mario looks perfect in cereal!you can really tell its him!

  58. 58 coolhitmandude5000

    [..YouTube..] Could someone tell me why Mario is orange and Link is purple?

  59. 59 animefanclay

    [..YouTube..] WTF… i want to shoot myself after seeing this, hm… a gun… BANG! *falls to the ground dead, if the commercial didn’t kill him first*

  60. 60 ToonLink1239

    [..YouTube..] Now I wanna eat some of that.

  61. 61 Louhila

    [..YouTube..] I wonder, what’s for dinner?

  62. 62 Athumb


  63. 63 MarbledPanda

    [..YouTube..] I worked it out! “MMMM! you just can’t move!” but his retarded voice sounded like “URGH you just can’t URGHH!”

  64. 64 TehDarkWolf

    [..YouTube..] LINK LOOKS LIKE MARIO WTF?!?!

  65. 65 FrogGKnight

    [..YouTube..] They tasted like capn crunch… just less tasty lol

  66. 66 seanburritosyrup

    [..YouTube..] tastes like old atari cartrages…

  67. 67 RobotwarsKing


  68. 68 chucky4567

    [..YouTube..] lmao i want nintendo cereal haha :D

  69. 69 legof2

    [..YouTube..] …wonder how that would taste like…Nintendoey goodness perhaps?

  70. 70 2192productions

    [..YouTube..] yep you sound so old with that words

  71. 71 epicjose

    [..YouTube..] It’s the cereal that “superheroes” eat!!!

  72. 72 ShigureHisame

    [..YouTube..] 0:06 “Super mario jumps!” Omg do you really mean that?! >.> 0:17 - 0:19 “Uunngh you just can’t uuungh” wtf? xDD

  73. 73 triforcekitten

    [..YouTube..] wtf is this crap?!

  74. 74 OurMaisy987

    [..YouTube..] No wonder they don’t show this anymore… -.-

  75. 75 Blizzardous1

    [..YouTube..] i want it

  76. 76 NinjaJon27

    [..YouTube..] i wonder what the commercial would look like now if they made another nintendo breakfast cereal

  77. 77 DvChappelle

    [..YouTube..] num num num, nintendo in every bite

  78. 78 TacoSocko

    [..YouTube..] sry about my mean comment that was my jerk friend

  79. 79 Tyler69Rouse

    [..YouTube..] YES!

  80. 80 ShlockJock81

    [..YouTube..] LOL Shut up you 13 year old little emo fuck. Learn to spell.

  81. 81 ZipDog11

    [..YouTube..] They don’t even look like the characters…lol.

  82. 82 toadsenkbeil

    [..YouTube..] i want the ceral

  83. 83 Protoplasym

    [..YouTube..] omgI somehow missed this as a child…. good thing too.

  84. 84 worrowindXVI

    [..YouTube..] we need to forgive and forgetlike we did with the holocostor beinie babies

  85. 85 TacoSocko

    [..YouTube..] that was so fucking gay i want to fuck my friends computer printer in the ass u fucking homo

  86. 86 rubino83

    [..YouTube..] Many cereals are made with corn flour… They usually say right on the box if it’s made with wheat, rice, corn, etc.

  87. 87 kingofcartoonanimals

    [..YouTube..] I wonder what’s for dinner.NINTENDO CEREAL SYSTEM!! OH MY GOD! YES! YES!

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