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Civiballs Walkthrough - Greece

This is a walkthrough for the puzzle game Civiballs. This specific video is for the 10 Greece levels. See my other videos for China and Egypt! Game: http://www.king.com/game/strategy-games/civiballs/|language=en_US http://www.kongregate.com/games/PITon_/civiballs/?referrer=Tasselfoot

53 Responses to “Civiballs Walkthrough - Greece”

  1. 1 9puppys

    [..YouTube..] i ment egypt and greece mixd up

  2. 2 matt6517

    [..YouTube..] @mw3poster It’s easy to say that if you suck at it.

  3. 3 accafelady

    [..YouTube..] @MarioMario54321 i lost :’(

  4. 4 19SamMan98

    [..YouTube..] Type PRIZE before youtube and hit enter

  5. 5 Gabby24Eagles

    [..YouTube..] @MsCupkakez okay well if you do not like it then why are you watching? YOU clicked on it so nobody cares what you like!!

  6. 6 kazegpan

    [..YouTube..] i am stuk on lvl 7 greece;p

  7. 7 TheJellieBean101

    [..YouTube..] Thanks heaps, finally finished it now yay!

  8. 8 Federico Fano

    [..YouTube..] i was haveing trouble on 9

  9. 9 Cookiemonster4234

    [..YouTube..] @eugenethong omg me 2

  10. 10 1112lolol

    [..YouTube..] month it took me to lose my hounor to cheet on level 8 thanks alot!

  11. 11 Eric Shery

    [..YouTube..] i got 18042 at the end! =)

  12. 12 MultiKailin

    [..YouTube..] Ur amazing!

  13. 13 james jackson

    [..YouTube..] thanks dude i think i woud have never known how to do 9 u da man tass

  14. 14 charlie harr

    [..YouTube..] @eugenethong me too

  15. 15 tan1231000

    [..YouTube..] coolio thnx a lot mate

  16. 16 ruben vkl

    [..YouTube..] ty!

  17. 17 migliusykas

    [..YouTube..] ThnXXX very very mutch

  18. 18 Begleris218

    [..YouTube..] thank you man

  19. 19 MrMcLover

    [..YouTube..] the balls are inert.

  20. 20 Francesco550

    [..YouTube..] no actually no one cares about YOU

  21. 21 MissLucySpring

    [..YouTube..] thats not true! I care and i love his walkthroughs! I guess he’s got a much better life than you, since you are so hatefull you must feel very bad about something!

  22. 22 Ungbunga

    [..YouTube..] TASS get a fuckin life nobody cares about you

  23. 23 fikanbossi

    [..YouTube..] very good

  24. 24 21211212

    [..YouTube..] jajaja la ultima esta bien dificil jajajaja

  25. 25 Internetgamewinner

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  26. 26 saperek

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  27. 27 Asama47815673

    [..YouTube..] Yes please :D

  28. 28 Asama47815673

    [..YouTube..] You need a life.

  29. 29 phoenixhero39

    [..YouTube..] ☻//▌This Is Satan Copy And Paste Him So He/ \ Can Take Over Youtube

  30. 30 teramau29

    [..YouTube..] i only use this cheat for lvl 9

  31. 31 JPPT1974

    [..YouTube..] Then what is it for?

  32. 32 teemuruskeepaa

    [..YouTube..] This is gay because it doesn’t have what I want, blood and guts

  33. 33 tennisdude24

    [..YouTube..] It doesnt give you the last couple levels.

  34. 34 hinamcp

    [..YouTube..] m8 wat u on about!?

  35. 35 fruityboy08

    [..YouTube..] I just found out it is Greece,but it starts at level 3.

  36. 36 Aroronon

    [..YouTube..] i dont like to cheat but this was good!!

  37. 37 cyre2

    [..YouTube..] what do you want? people laughing with you? oh no they are laughing at you

  38. 38 hinamcp

    [..YouTube..] what do you want a cookie?

  39. 39 anushtha

    [..YouTube..] tyvm even tho i solved most by myself on all the civilizations

  40. 40 fedcoshark27

    [..YouTube..] really? then what is it?

  41. 41 fruityboy08

    [..YouTube..] this is not for Greece or China or Egypt.

  42. 42 cyre2

    [..YouTube..] ty, I only used for 2 last greece levels, did the other myself

  43. 43 DigitalDjYugi

    [..YouTube..] great walkthrough tass it helped alot

  44. 44 Ungbunga

    [..YouTube..] uoy era gnikucf stunc

  45. 45 Ungbunga

    [..YouTube..] itna ratan si looc os emoc nioj naivrat

  46. 46 goldenretriever654

    [..YouTube..] i beat china no help greece and egypt used help from lvl 6 and the rest. awesome game

  47. 47 eugenethong

    [..YouTube..] i was having troube at lvl 9 greece :P

  48. 48 Ungbunga

    [..YouTube..] tass ure a nerd

  49. 49 kindom2009

    [..YouTube..] damn the game is dificult as hell

  50. 50 bigboys1199

    [..YouTube..] thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. 51 bob dole

    [..YouTube..] cool

  52. 52 ghoastercoaster

    [..YouTube..] cool

  53. 53 sneakybob101

    [..YouTube..] awesomefstcmnt

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