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Godhand - IGN Review Response

System demo - a response to the inaccurate review IGN gave Godhand. I’m hoping to show that the game’s camera is perfect for the fighting system, the way Jean is always in clear view and the way it auto-locks to the exact point you always need it to while on the offense or defense I feel is a superb achievement.

I’ve purposely boosted the game’s level to Level-Die to show that even with the initial setup you get at the start of the game, you can cause some real mess and have great fun with the creativity this system allows you to put into your fighting.

I didnt collect any of the health pickups inside the boxes on the stage on my way to the end. My energy is critical but upon collection of the ignored items I start the next stage healthy.

If a stupid pothead with barely enough time spent enjoying this game like me can do it on Level-Die, I have no idea what is wrong with certain people who’s job it is to inform the gaming public.

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