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H2O Escape Walkthrough

This is a video of me, Tasselfoot, beating the room escape game H2O Escape by Zomayor. Game: http://www.freegamesnews.com/en/games/2009/H2O.php Music: Destiny by Smiley. http://www.kyle-ward.com

15 Responses to “H2O Escape Walkthrough”

  1. 1 Jesse Francis


  2. 2 Jesse Francis

    [..YouTube..] dont understand how to get the jar to have 1 litre of water give me the steps plz!

  3. 3 ScarletxNightmare


  4. 4 ScarletxNightmare

    [..YouTube..] The red circle looks like the valve on the pipe. Just have to look at the widths of the segments.

  5. 5 warhammermaggot


  6. 6 warhammermaggot

    [..YouTube..] At 0:52 how did you know what you needed to do?

  7. 7 tasselfoot

    [..YouTube..] gotta put the pole in the water, then you can put the clay on it.

  8. 8 sneakybob101


  9. 9 sneakybob101

    [..YouTube..] i don’t know how to change the pole or put on the clay

  10. 10 tasselfoot

    [..YouTube..] what don’t you get?

  11. 11 tasselfoot

    [..YouTube..] fixed. sort of.

  12. 12 tasselfoot

    [..YouTube..] fixed. sort of.

  13. 13 sneakybob101

    [..YouTube..] i don’t get how to do it

  14. 14 tCrek


  15. 15 tCrek

    [..YouTube..] the text on the beginning is not right

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