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Open Doors 2 Walkthrough - Levels 25 to 35

This is a non-optimal walkthrough for the last 11 levels of Ozzie Mercado’s new sequel, Open Doors 2. Enjoy! Game: http://armorgames.com/play/3357/open-doors-2

11 Responses to “Open Doors 2 Walkthrough - Levels 25 to 35”

  1. 1 leandro00000000007

    [..YouTube..] Thanks.

  2. 2 GameStat

    [..YouTube..] Nice Video,I Used It For The Last Level In Open Doors 2

  3. 3 joshuajonme48

    [..YouTube..] nevermind i did it. tasselfoot helped me.

  4. 4 joshuajonme48

    [..YouTube..] i did that in 51 moves.

  5. 5 joshuajonme48

    [..YouTube..] thanks i did it now. could you help me with level 31 for the gold?

  6. 6 ArmorGaming

    [..YouTube..] here is the start: RDDRULLURDDDDRDLLURDRULLDRRRRR

  7. 7 joshuajonme48

    [..YouTube..] ok but im confused on the bottom left corner. could you tell me the directions you move in the first time you go down there.

  8. 8 tasselfoot

    [..YouTube..] 3 total. 2 as you first go down to open the exit door, and then flip it once more on your way back up so that you can flip it once in the upper right to move down and to the exit.

  9. 9 joshuajonme48

    [..YouTube..] wait so you flip the switch 3 times when you on the bottom left side?

  10. 10 tasselfoot

    [..YouTube..] lol JON. it’s definitely not impossible. :) Make sure to go down first, then up-right. You have to flip the switch twice on the way down, then a third time on the way back up.

  11. 11 joshuajonme48

    [..YouTube..] how to get optimal on level 29 its impossible i keep trying my lowest is 91 moves

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