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SOCOM: US Navy SEALs Fireteam Bravo 3 Interview by GameSpot

Fireteam Bravo heads back to the PSP, get some of the details in this interview, take from PlayStation Gamers’ Day 2009. Read more: http://www.gamespot.com/6208785

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  1. 1 playmaker x


  2. 2 playmaker x

    [..YouTube..] man i just love that game but my psp broke and that game got broken well i can get a new one for my birthday

  3. 3 Achkima


  4. 4 Achkima

    [..YouTube..] @Neverlose2u yea

  5. 5 Simon70


  6. 6 Simon70

    [..YouTube..] I have a question, on my psp i have a mic and on ftb3 it said vhat is disabled, whats with that??

  7. 7 PgWallace


  8. 8 PgWallace

    [..YouTube..] yur sick, because socom came out before resistance….resistance sucks compared to socom, the online…let me tell you, socom has THE best history for online gameplay for the psp.

  9. 9 chris53591


  10. 10 chris53591

    [..YouTube..] w0000t im gettin it today!@#$

  11. 11 GuitarRick


  12. 12 GuitarRick

    [..YouTube..] @ Orlando877 yeah me to XD i realy love it im still playing it already have much weapons haha!!! coolest game i have ever played on my psp and i have played many games :D!!! /6 hase done a great job!!!

  13. 13 Kidpudi Alexander


  14. 14 Kidpudi Alexander

    [..YouTube..] weres the mother fucking game at

  15. 15 routhier80


  16. 16 routhier80

    [..YouTube..] i never actually noticed that, you have a point there.

  17. 17 gorskiegangsta


  18. 18 gorskiegangsta

    [..YouTube..] @xxSEExMINxx you won’t do shit. it has its own antihacking engine.

  19. 19 Samuel Lupkus

    [..YouTube..] dang, it got postponed to 2/16/10

  20. 20 Jack Westgate


  21. 21 Jack Westgate

    [..YouTube..] i have FTB 2 gr8 game this looks even better

  22. 22 Peter Uong


  23. 23 Peter Uong

    [..YouTube..] but i dont want to play a game with shitty graphics

  24. 24 Jerry Xiang

    [..YouTube..] sure

  25. 25 yellowfellow


  26. 26 yellowfellow

    [..YouTube..] you’ve never really played confrontation when it came out huh people expected the beta to be perfect, but they forgot that it was a beta, not the full game

  27. 27 youtub3username69


  28. 28 youtub3username69

    [..YouTube..] k those game play graphics look like socom confrontation on the ps3 lol

  29. 29 russiangrim ihategoogleplus


  30. 30 russiangrim ihategoogleplus

    [..YouTube..] the best socom i have played was the first one.. amazing online,, SUPER addicting.. but why the FUCK would u put regenerating health!!!!! it better not regenerate online.. id be pissed

  31. 31 Blackwido88


  32. 32 Blackwido88

    [..YouTube..] Regenerative health??? WOW…Now theres a giant leap away from the true feel of Socom! These asshats are ridiculously unfit for this type of game. Go the fuck away from this game and go work on some other title….FUCK SLANT SIX

  33. 33 sahuke20


  34. 34 sahuke20

    [..YouTube..] WHEN IS IT COMING OUT

  35. 35 closetbeaner

    [..YouTube..] lol how the hell is health regeneration REALISTIC???? why does everyone say that? its not….. trust me.

  36. 36 SIV3L


  37. 37 SIV3L

    [..YouTube..] Itll have lots of features on the box, but they will be missing in the game.

  38. 38 closetbeaner


  39. 39 closetbeaner

    [..YouTube..] lol. agreed. regenerating health system SUCKS. this aint no call of duty.

  40. 40 TylerBlindGuardian


  41. 41 TylerBlindGuardian

    [..YouTube..] Yeah, everytime I get shot in the heart I crawl in corners and I’m fine in like ten seconds. Whoever thought of the Health Bar idea was really stupid. Like you actually get shot once and the wound stays longer than five seconds. That’s ridiculous. Whoever thought of that needs to be shot in the face, stand still and not get shot anymore for a few seconds, and then realize that he’s perfectly fine. Show him what realism really is. I mean, health bars are so unrealistic. God.

  42. 42 JinKazama92


  43. 43 JinKazama92

    [..YouTube..] we still dont know about the AI yet. maybe they balanced it. hardcore AI at Default difficulty + Health regeneration might do good.

  44. 44 KiyoshiAkio718


  45. 45 KiyoshiAkio718

    [..YouTube..] winter 09

  46. 46 Jack Whitehead


  47. 47 Jack Whitehead

    [..YouTube..] man, i hope the final graphics are like they are in the vid

  48. 48 calvinliang1


  49. 49 calvinliang1

    [..YouTube..] Games don’t fit into reality. They’re supposed to be FUN. War rarely gets to be FUN. But if you’re looking for a realistic experience and can only choose between health packs and regenerative, I’d say regenerative. Regenerative health promotes the act of taking cover(and is more FUN). Health packs, on the other hand promotes bringing in as much kits as u can and keeping an eye on the health bar.

  50. 50 321wawaweewa123


  51. 51 321wawaweewa123

    [..YouTube..] this isnt even an fps… do you even know what fps means???

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