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Stormrise Video Review by GameSpot

This frustrating, broken mess is one of the worst strategy games in years. Read our full review: http://www.gamespot.com/xbox360/strategy/stormrise/review.html

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  1. 1 jd30511

    [..YouTube..] i found the game to be ok idk how it was meant to be played but the controls you have to work with are not that bad you sure do have to babysit the units and walk them step by step i thought that how it was to suppose to be played. Whip select was not a problem for me on the xbox i mostly use my air units to help me select the units i want to control. 

  2. 2 OfficialDukesofgamin

    [..YouTube..] well, wish I had watched this before I bought the game… ._.

  3. 3 MrSamueleD

    [..YouTube..] Sounds like Rome II.

  4. 4 Lenny Leonard

    [..YouTube..] Zing!

  5. 5 MegaZeroX7


  6. 6 MegaZeroX7

    [..YouTube..] Well, if you are a console owner, you can get R.U.S.E, which was a pretty good strategy game.

  7. 7 Smackindaface


  8. 8 Smackindaface

    [..YouTube..] What about the total war series? Yea. keep your mouth shut.

  9. 9 Blackmanson


  10. 10 Blackmanson

    [..YouTube..] And also not even advertise them either.

  11. 11 JJO117


  12. 12 JJO117

    [..YouTube..] yeah sega is reknowned to not make the best games besides one great game alien and alien vs predator

  13. 13 samuelgh11


  14. 14 samuelgh11

    [..YouTube..] buyed this at car boot. whish i hadnt even for £3

  15. 15 SERVER1992


  16. 16 SERVER1992

    [..YouTube..] their is one thing he is wrong in this review “you cant set your own rally points” the cross hair is your rally point but owell the gae isnt that good

  17. 17 lainofob


  18. 18 lainofob

    [..YouTube..] damn it, the trailer was so cool :(

  19. 19 Resifanboy

    [..YouTube..] I should not have bought this! It is shitty as hell… Never could have imagined that a game can suck as much as this one… I am speechless…

  20. 20 loyalbear1690


  21. 21 loyalbear1690

    [..YouTube..] I bought this game today for 2.99 at gamestation so far it is shit

  22. 22 krischai srihanu


  23. 23 krischai srihanu

    [..YouTube..] oops bought hte game looks awesome when i plyed but really i had a horrible time stupid whip lash they should seriously improve on this game

  24. 24 Misjif Williams


  25. 25 Misjif Williams

    [..YouTube..] I only bought it cause it was cheep, this game helps me kill time b4 work

  26. 26 Zeno0010


  27. 27 Zeno0010

    [..YouTube..] @TheMigSousa its just not a great idea to in this game.

  28. 28 Zeno0010

    [..YouTube..] also, this retard put his master ranged unit in melee move, the correct move is to use acid rain like he should. no problem with the controls on my end.

  29. 29 Zeno0010

    [..YouTube..] This guy is a n00b, you don’t group select in stormrise like other simpleminded rts games, you pick a “tank scout” have him go ahead and use the follow me command to your battalion behind you. path finding works then.

  30. 30 Joon Studios

    [..YouTube..] @irishScott2 StarCraft is the best RTS.

  31. 31 JoonStudios


  32. 32 JoonStudios

    [..YouTube..] @irishScott2 StarCraft is the best RTS.

  33. 33 GoldenbanjoDJ


  34. 34 GoldenbanjoDJ

    [..YouTube..] why can’t you just double click a unit to travel to it like almost every other game? whip select seems like a pointless gimick

  35. 35 WeHaveExplosive


  36. 36 WeHaveExplosive

    [..YouTube..] I bought this game for 49p in a Gamestation store and luckily, can’t play it as I don’t have Vista. After looking at this vid, I’m glad I can’t!

  37. 37 Gestapo1940


  38. 38 Gestapo1940

    [..YouTube..] @Lightscribe225 there’s a reason why it was reduced, you’ve just seen why

  39. 39 nuffzx


  40. 40 nuffzx

    [..YouTube..] sounds good

  41. 41 Alchemistcore


  42. 42 Alchemistcore

    [..YouTube..] Gah, he just put the pathfinding and whip complaints for lack of more things wrong with the game. Anyone who plays it for less than 3 hours and expects the game to behave nicely is the real trash. All RTS are like Baby projects and you DO need to keep an eye on every troop and not have them crowd together. Yes, Stormrise is not a game for your first RTS experience but veterans of the Genre will still find it to be a great game.

  43. 43 W33ROSCO97


  44. 44 W33ROSCO97

    [..YouTube..] first person view fuck third!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. 45 raju KhAn


  46. 46 raju KhAn

    [..YouTube..] shit games and sega can go fuck them selfs

  47. 47 Adun4184


  48. 48 Adun4184

    [..YouTube..] jammmy012 i agree with you, and isn’t gamespot supposed to be professional? they should learn how to play before they review it.

  49. 49 cammz3

    [..YouTube..] or they should just let it go.. xD

  50. 50 GearShotgun

    [..YouTube..] Woo man I was close 2 buying this game thank U Game Spot

  51. 51 fireman4000

    [..YouTube..] It’s like the Full Spectrum Warrior games but a whole lot dumber.

  52. 52 bi0shk

    [..YouTube..] Wow, Kevin Van Ord… One big fucking bald idiot… I guess he can’t select units because he’s a dumb ass…he expects there to be just one button so he can select everyone and rush people..sound like strategy? I think not, to all who are dissing this game, especially jacobscamelltoe, you and your fanboy ass can take halo wars and shove it. The only bad part about this game is that it has a few bugs, and retards can’t play. I guess you have to pay for a good review from this site..

  53. 53 joesreviews

    [..YouTube..] i jus rented this…im bitterly disapointed lol

  54. 54 Vangaurde

    [..YouTube..] OMG this saved me from wasting my time. :3

  55. 55 Arvidps3

    [..YouTube..] you shoudn’t really trust this. you should try it first

  56. 56 ROBERTSJ666

    [..YouTube..] i bought it, and i thought it worked quite well on a controller, true it takes a while to navigate but… ye your right its shit

  57. 57 catzeye1825

    [..YouTube..] i bought this yesterday im on the second level now. at the moment its okay but it has crashed once and whip select is annoying but i am enjoying it so far

  58. 58 szakiricky

    [..YouTube..] God you are an asshole. :D

  59. 59 jacobscamell

    [..YouTube..] this game sucks you idiot! Its not a point of view if the units take fucking AGES to do jack all. Its the shittiest game ive ever played. I might buy one just to play it again and then burn it

  60. 60 jacobscamell

    [..YouTube..] i rented it, its gotta be the worst game ive played on my 360 TOTAL LET DOWN.

  61. 61 madheaddan1234

    [..YouTube..] Wow, i was going to buy this crapThank you

  62. 62 Murdermanz

    [..YouTube..] Sadly, my EndWar doesn’t work anymore :( was an awesome game though.

  63. 63 flynnster00707

    [..YouTube..] i see your point but the point of reviews is to make you consider to get it

  64. 64 szakiricky

    [..YouTube..] Hey, I don’t know, I only know that I hate reviews. :D Because these reviews are showing the perspection of ONE person, and that is not me (the player who will buy the game) so, reviews… suck cock.

  65. 65 flynnster00707

    [..YouTube..] or endwar

  66. 66 flynnster00707

    [..YouTube..] i no but i haven’t seen any other review tell me 1 other 1 if there is!

  67. 67 szakiricky

    [..YouTube..] come on, these reviews just suck cock.

  68. 68 flynnster00707

    [..YouTube..] damn i really wanted this to be good it had alot of promise i would of probably got this if it but this review changed my mind thanks saved some bucks of mine

  69. 69 Eivannn233

    [..YouTube..] OH THANK GOD. saved my ass from total money wasting.

  70. 70 Raven1180

    [..YouTube..] Darn I wanted this to be good. Oh well.

  71. 71 graffwriterfate2

    [..YouTube..] well what the fuck did they score it?

  72. 72 XPDXJ

    [..YouTube..] is their a demo for this

  73. 73 DarthRalek

    [..YouTube..] …..(cough) bought (cough)Well Godfather 1 was good so I can only hope. Whats so bad about it? I have heard only good reviews so far.

  74. 74 Playstationgamer814

    [..YouTube..] what i like about gamespot is thell review anything. gt and ign wont review any of the real s*** games

  75. 75 PullusPardus

    [..YouTube..] XD well lets say , lets hope you rented it not bought it.

  76. 76 DarthRalek

    [..YouTube..] Don’t tell me that lmao I haven’t been able to play it yet lmao.(red rings of death)

  77. 77 PullusPardus

    [..YouTube..] Godfather is worse….

  78. 78 nimshneakle

    [..YouTube..] I really want it to succeed. :(

  79. 79 vietguy808

    [..YouTube..] gladd i saw this………fuck this game

  80. 80 DarthRalek

    [..YouTube..] /sad faceI had high hopes for this game, oh well I guess I should go try out Godfather 2. Thanks for the upload./puts Godfather 2 into his 360 and starts playing.

  81. 81 illosion

    [..YouTube..] lolll ‘windows vista THE VIDEOGAME!’

  82. 82 nuddsy07

    [..YouTube..] EPIC FAIL

  83. 83 MateenK

    [..YouTube..] Yeah i have to agree with you.Too bad old games are getting rare to find nowadays. =DOLD GAMES FTW!

  84. 84 SwornReaper

    [..YouTube..] Well what can i say, this is a sign of recession time, maybe CA is short on good teams, so now they just produce lousy games to get some bucks to meet the decline, to survive. They think that they can make patches later, but they exploit that method way too much(most of gamemaking do this today). i just stick my way, buy decent old games to play, reasonable price and runs perfectly on my elite comp.

  85. 85 piemaster474

    [..YouTube..] its a good game honestly its not that bad really im playing right now on my 360 it does have a few flaws but no game is perfect i love wip select its just not perfected and there are things they can add but hey im not game reviewer i just thought the game should get some god damn good feed back

  86. 86 TheLunaDivider112

    [..YouTube..] I don’t know, I love the TWC series but I’m starting to come to the conclusion that CA is a bunch of hacks or they’re simply lazy. ETW isn’t much better, and now this shit, sigh…

  87. 87 sataricon111

    [..YouTube..] Lol dude i don’t like Halo or what so ever but don’t waste money on this,,,believe me you will regret it…This game is very very bad…fact is i’ve never played a game that bad in my life.

  88. 88 Frolsa84

    [..YouTube..] Rock ‘n’ roll, ROFL.

  89. 89 lnatan25

    [..YouTube..] Dude, I think your mother is also your aunt.

  90. 90 slava34

    [..YouTube..] The best controlls for the RTS game i seen for PS3 and XBOX360 was ENDWAR by Tom Clansy. Stormrise sucks , really guys take your time and build a good game with good controlls sit on the couch and play the demo of few levels to the max with all units and stuff and think if others will like it . this game sucks ass !!!

  91. 91 slava34

    [..YouTube..] man beleive me i downloaded stormrise for pc and it sucks ass everything that this gguy told is trully right dont waist oyur money on it !!! friendly wanrning…

  92. 92 kuhj93

    [..YouTube..] they should release a demo for 360 so that u can try it before buy :P

  93. 93 boyonweed

    [..YouTube..] this game looks like it was released far too hastily =/ To think I was actually gonna get it

  94. 94 slaveknight

    [..YouTube..] best rts ive ever seen hahahaha

  95. 95 TheLunaDivider112

    [..YouTube..] Damn man that’s shitty. Even the bad games cost too much money.

  96. 96 Thewhitenerd

    [..YouTube..] so tell us how you really feel, gamestop reviewer.i remember halo 3 getting a 9. somthing…i havn’t played it in years…call of duty 4 getting 10s….i hate that game….viking battle for asguard, bad reviews…i play it…hmmmmmmmmmm…i’m going to buy this….

  97. 97 kinglizard22

    [..YouTube..] this game still is a beta test, it seems like

  98. 98 MumboMoose

    [..YouTube..] ahh, i understand now, thanks

  99. 99 high712

    [..YouTube..] april fools click above the gamespot subscripe thing to change it

  100. 100 MumboMoose

    [..YouTube..] seriously, why is utube upside down

  101. 101 Murdermanz

    [..YouTube..] Nope, absolute crap, stick with Red Alert 3.

  102. 102 shadowkiller000001

    [..YouTube..] lol gamespot as usual fails at reviews.

  103. 103 l33tchris

    [..YouTube..] abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ

  104. 104 m4moth

    [..YouTube..] it’s like they completely skipped beta. GOOD BASH!

  105. 105 azzamaniac

    [..YouTube..] unfortunantly this review was not out, when i bout this game $99.95AUS …..FUCKING WASTE!!!!!!!!!

  106. 106 JcikeN

    [..YouTube..] lol !! good vid

  107. 107 maximiliaan1995

    [..YouTube..] no i dont think so what about halo wars i really liked that as a rts i thoght it works suprisingly well on the 360

  108. 108 FEEDER87

    [..YouTube..] haha. silly

  109. 109 RyanORLY

    [..YouTube..] I can talk upside down?

  110. 110 MonkeyKrap

    [..YouTube..] wow u guys BASHED this game

  111. 111 Daniel290684

    [..YouTube..] Very good review, just saved me £34,99 ^^

  112. 112 JBandKG

    [..YouTube..] the path finding hahahahaa

  113. 113 GucciPlay

    [..YouTube..] Why do you don’t like it?

  114. 114 GeonRevolution

    [..YouTube..] wow

  115. 115 chewit10

    [..YouTube..] Total war guys where heading into a mess with this game, as soon as they said it was for console. RTS games only work on PC well.

  116. 116 cozzy120

    [..YouTube..] learn to spell faggot

  117. 117 Murdermanz

    [..YouTube..] Can’t believe I wasted my money on this……..

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