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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 Interview by GameSpot

Travis Sailer of EA Sports takes us into Tournament Challenge Mode in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10.

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  1. 1 fishayyy


  2. 2 fishayyy

    [..YouTube..] lol wtf airvent what a moron

  3. 3 helikon99


  4. 4 helikon99

    [..YouTube..] ahahaha anyone hu tries to deny that tiger is the greatest is either an idiot or has no idea about golf

  5. 5 XBOXIZE


  6. 6 XBOXIZE

    [..YouTube..] vote thumbs up if u think airvent10101 is a mental c**t!!!!

  7. 7 airvent10101


  8. 8 airvent10101

    [..YouTube..] im not saying he is not good but i think he gets to much credit, thats all im saying

  9. 9 WizardMaster03


  10. 10 WizardMaster03

    [..YouTube..] airvent10101 really, Tiger is the best at what he does and one way he is the best is by intimidating people. That is what he is good at and also when pressure is on him, he doesn’t choke, he plays better. Shut your mouth cause everyone should know that if u can intimidate people, then you are very good. Tiger is the best, no doubt about it.

  11. 11 airvent10101

    [..YouTube..] the 2 torny he won because other people our intimidated by him, if O’Hair and all of those guys last week didnt fold we would not be having this confersation

  12. 12 PokeForLife25

    [..YouTube..] They choked and he didn’t hence he was better and won. The point is that he IS better than everyone else. If the whole world knows it than why shouldn’t he?

  13. 13 airvent10101

    [..YouTube..] he won becuase everyone else choked, just like when he beat Sean O’Hair, he didnt win, O’Hair lost, and he is stuck up becuase he thinks he is better then everyone esle, isnt that easy to see?

  14. 14 PokeForLife25


  15. 15 PokeForLife25

    [..YouTube..] How is he stuck up? He also just won a tournament after barely coming back so you dont make much sense.

  16. 16 MizunoKID6192


  17. 17 MizunoKID6192

    [..YouTube..] i totally agree

  18. 18 Fredoss2142


  19. 19 Fredoss2142

    [..YouTube..] That’d be fun, or: After every shot you walk into the golf cart and drive across the fairway to your ball, and the mini game u are talking about would be fun…

  20. 20 Fredoss2142

    [..YouTube..] The should have the Majors, and espicially The Masters at Augusta! That would be fun!

  21. 21 georgeread


  22. 22 georgeread

    [..YouTube..] looks wicked! love the tournment challenge mode! 64 diferent challenges

  23. 23 surfshark13


  24. 24 surfshark13

    [..YouTube..] what this game needs is to get rid of that god cursed training system. Lose point, major points because you didn’t do so hot, that is gay. Also Add more courses, and make them all available to be played. I hate the arcade play on the consoles. I loved 05 for PC, but my pc sucks now so no go.

  25. 25 livewire109


  26. 26 livewire109

    [..YouTube..] When I first picked up a Tiger Woods game, I was not especting much but it was really addicting.

  27. 27 shivinski


  28. 28 shivinski

    [..YouTube..] what the game needs is, course creation feature. Like in custom play golf

  29. 29 airvent10101

    [..YouTube..] “everyone loves tiger”, psssh, i dont, he is so stuck up and hes not even doing anything now and the commentators thinks hes gods gife

  30. 30 LuXxenatorX


  31. 31 LuXxenatorX

    [..YouTube..] have you ever coped with the feeling to be over accurate while ethe life in the post apocalyptic myth and i am stronger than the power in him.

  32. 32 MonkeyKrap


  33. 33 MonkeyKrap

    [..YouTube..] not that it matters

  34. 34 MonkeyKrap

    [..YouTube..] 1st!

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