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Morningstar Walkthrough

This is a video walkthrough for the amazingly beautiful and professional point and click game Morningstar.

Game: http://www.bubblebox.com/game/Adventure/1362.htm

55 Responses to “Morningstar Walkthrough”

  1. 1 Carol Hopkins

    [..YouTube..] Awesome! I love this game! :D

  2. 2 gelicide

    [..YouTube..] Awesome! I love this game! :D

  3. 3 Jeyadave Nuntha Kumar

    [..YouTube..] scary game :( but very interesting

  4. 4 steeleyestrato

    [..YouTube..] what about the goldfish? what was its use for?

  5. 5 Follia Pura

    [..YouTube..] thanks ^_^

  6. 6 Megawearwolf34

    [..YouTube..] this was an awsome game! this walkthrough helped me alot thanks!

  7. 7 Girom Christian Calica

    [..YouTube..] It has batteries.

  8. 8 Megan Reed

    [..YouTube..] How does it make sense to use a doll on a control panel?!

  9. 9 Ceb65

    [..YouTube..] On notdoppler there doesn’t seem to be speech availabe (including even the intro movie), but it works on bubblebox.

  10. 10 Papa Karl

    [..YouTube..] the code in the alien building doesn’t make sense

  11. 11 Potatoman


  12. 12 Potatoman

    [..YouTube..] the code in the alien building doesn’t make sense

  13. 13 pinklemon


  14. 14 pinklemon

    [..YouTube..] @papoj1PVR me too i think it is very creepy

  15. 15 marclink0


  16. 16 marclink0

    [..YouTube..] I am the 556 000 viewer. yay

  17. 17 Monika POKRIVAČ


  18. 18 Monika POKRIVAČ

    [..YouTube..] this game is long !!!!!!!!!!

  19. 19 Bruno Holmes


  20. 20 Bruno Holmes

    [..YouTube..] essa porra!!! eu to com o plasma fire mas nao estou conseguindo ir no fundo do gorge!!! o que eu faço?!?!

  21. 21 mattsnow81


  22. 22 mattsnow81

    [..YouTube..] The guy is awfully calm when he talks with the guy that is impaled.

  23. 23 beufordpusser


  24. 24 beufordpusser


  25. 25 lolpl0000


  26. 26 lolpl0000

    [..YouTube..] @BenDover1151 EPIC FAIL co za asy doesnt mean fail in polish im polish btw.

  27. 27 BenDover1151


  28. 28 BenDover1151

    [..YouTube..] ca za asy?

  29. 29 TheDmDark


  30. 30 TheDmDark

    [..YouTube..] this image in my mind was dead guy in sleep chamber was standing up, is staring at me, then went ZOMBIE on me…

  31. 31 aidenartorius

    [..YouTube..] @playerztzmez not to mention a wonderful pun

  32. 32 tutituti1987


  33. 33 tutituti1987

    [..YouTube..] Sör:D

  34. 34 thesacredwalrus


  35. 35 thesacredwalrus

    [..YouTube..] i dont get the flying aliens part of the game but it is good

  36. 36 Ethan Pippin


  37. 37 Ethan Pippin

    [..YouTube..] good job going fast. it gets the game going.

  38. 38 Rory Gallagher


  39. 39 Rory Gallagher

    [..YouTube..] @l127l its a red herring get it? everheard of that itsl iek a false trail

  40. 40 TheOdd101

    [..YouTube..] Where do you go to get the ‘hibernation fluid sample’ checked by the computer? I’m only asking this cause the video keeps buffering

  41. 41 SpaceAnimator


  42. 42 SpaceAnimator

    [..YouTube..] the stone heads creep the hell out of me

  43. 43 Argonauts S.


  44. 44 Argonauts S.

    [..YouTube..] amazing game! thx for walkthrough

  45. 45 cxjiek


  46. 46 cxjiek

    [..YouTube..] This could had been a retail game in the 90s. I really like point and click. Now I know that this genre had not disappeared but instead it has evolved.

  47. 47 Pidjjin


  48. 48 Pidjjin

    [..YouTube..] Ive played and won this game several times….I just cant get enough of it…….thanks for the walkthrough tasselfoot :)

  49. 49 doomslicer9me


  50. 50 doomslicer9me

    [..YouTube..] Really helped with codes

  51. 51 EmoFishStick66


  52. 52 EmoFishStick66

    [..YouTube..] When I go to the medical the computer says theres an error with one of the hiber nation chamber I’m not doing anything diffrent. what should I do.

  53. 53 Dylan Boyce


  54. 54 Dylan Boyce

    [..YouTube..] thanks man this works like crazy man i bet the game in like 25 mins i got a little confused when i got to the codes and all that but i mannaged to get through it thanks allot man

  55. 55 TKD1994266

    [..YouTube..] thx i made it

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