Pulling Back the Curtain on Thief [PlayStation 3] Posted on 10/9/2013
Kevin VanOrd takes to the shadows in a demo of Thief. Just how convincing is the city where Garrett makes …

XCOM: Enemy Within Reveals the Traitors Among Us [PC] Posted on 10/9/2013
The battlefield is growing. The enemies of man no longer hail from just the stars. The exalted are here to …

Ubisoft talks about the secret development of Just Dance [Wii] Posted on 10/7/2013
Developed by a team of 20 out of a minigame from Raving Rabbids and pitched to Ubisoft’s top brass just …

Top Five Skyrim Mods of the Week - Kevin VanThord burns Centaurs [PC] Posted on 10/5/2013
Kevin lives on as the god of thunder, now with the power to start forest fires and create new …

Refined Musical Edutainment: Rocksmith 2014 [PlayStation 3] Posted on 10/4/2013
Rocksmith 2014 builds upon the foundation of the original Rocksmith with a plethora of new features.

GaymerX2: Avoiding the Sophomore Slump [PC] Posted on 10/4/2013
Kevin VanOrd chats with GaymerX founder Matt Conn about what’s in store for the LGBT gaming convention’s second year.

Retooling Rapture for Infinite Possibilities [PC] Posted on 10/4/2013
Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea revisits, and reinvents, the series’ roots.

Between Robocop and an X-Wing Pilot: Designing XCOM’s MEC Trooper [PlayStation 3] Posted on 10/2/2013
Senior game designer Ananda Gupta explains the science and sacrifice behind XCOM: Enemy Within’s new class, the mechanized exoskeletal cybersuit. …

Lessons From the Wild: What Watch Dogs Learned From Far Cry 2 [Xbox One] Posted on 10/2/2013
Ubisoft’s Jonathan Morin explains how Chicago and Africa aren’t so different when it comes to the finer points of player …

Bungie On How Destiny Beta Is Like a Full Product Launch [PlayStation 3] Posted on 10/1/2013
Community manager Eric Osborne discusses “massive undertaking” that is beta period for upcoming shared-world shooter.

Super Mario 3D World: Safety in Numbers [Wii U] Posted on 10/1/2013
Despite looking similar, Super Mario 3D World is more inventive than its portable predecessor.

Five Tips to Get You Started in GTA Online [Xbox 360] Posted on 10/1/2013
GTA Online is more than just 16-player Grand Theft Auto V. Here are a few tips to make the transition …

Returning to Eden in Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag [Xbox One] Posted on 9/30/2013
Kevin VanOrd dons Edward Kenway’s pirate garb to discover how much the newest Assassin’s Creed hero has in common with …

The Future Is 4K and It’s the PC Not Next-Gen Leading the Charge [All] Posted on 9/29/2013
The Xbox One and PS4 are set to support 4K, but as Mark Walton discovers, only the PC has the …

Top 5 Skyrim Mods of the Week - Dovahbear, Destroyer of Flesh! [PC] Posted on 9/28/2013
Kevin VanNord finds the ultimate companion in the mighty Dovahbear. Together they explore treehouses, realistic suns, and 4k bonemold armors. …

GameSpot GamePlay Episode 57: Meat Space [PC] Posted on 9/26/2013
Host Kevin VanOrd beats guests Matt Downham, Matt Gilgenbach, Tom Mc Shea, and Carolyn Petit with the stick of truth. …

Taking Scores: Heat and Grand Theft Auto V [Xbox 360] Posted on 9/26/2013
Carolyn Petit considers the ways in which Grand Theft Auto V takes inspiration from the film Heat, and the important …

Four More Things You Should Know About the Xbox One [Xbox One] Posted on 9/25/2013
Microsoft doles out more information about Xbox One’s dashboard and system functionality at the Tokyo Game Show.

Top Five Skyrim Mods of the Week - Diablo Dungeons & Chicken Mounts [PC] Posted on 9/21/2013
The Cam and Seb dream team returns to bring you rideable farm animals, your very own Kevin VanSword, and a …

D4 Deftly Delivers Daring Drama [Xbox One] Posted on 9/20/2013
A young woman’s murder investigation takes a turn for the absurd in D4, a time-traveling adventure game from the team …

Our favorite cheat codes in Grand Theft Auto V [Xbox 360] Posted on 9/20/2013
We have some fun causing mayhem in Los Santos using a few random cheat codes.

GameSpot: The FAQ [All] Posted on 9/19/2013
The new GameSpot is on its way, and you’ve probably got a lot of questions. Fortunately, we’ve got a lot …

Fresh Yet Familiar: The Pokemon X and Y Contradiction [3DS] Posted on 9/19/2013
Randolph Ramsay plays the first hour of the latest main game in the Pokemon series and is impressed by the …

SoulCalibur: Lost Swords Singles Out Single-Player [PlayStation 3] Posted on 9/18/2013
Namco Bandai’s upcoming free-to-play SoulCalibur is sidestepping the series’ competitive roots, but to what end? Get all the early details …

GameSpot GamePlay Episode 56: Try The Elvis Poutine [PlayStation 3] Posted on 9/18/2013
Developers Matthew Downham and David Gallant join Carolyn Petit and host Kevin VanOrd for the latest episode of our curd-covered …

Why Knack is More Next-Gen Than You Might Think [PlayStation 4] Posted on 9/17/2013
Do yourself a favor and take a closer look at this PS4 launch title.

Tokyo Game Show 2013 GameSpot live stream [All] Posted on 9/17/2013
Get the latest news from Tokyo Game Show 2013! Tune in to GameSpot’s live stream!

League of Legends Season 3 World Championship Coverage [PC] Posted on 9/16/2013
Stay tuned for the live stream and coverage of the group stages, semifinals, and grand finals of the League of …

Coming of Age with the Press of a Button [PC] Posted on 9/13/2013
Chris Watters analyzes the remarkable bond between narrative and gameplay in Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons.

Fireside Chat: Game pages and more! [All] Posted on 9/12/2013
Lark suits up again to go over game pages and more on September 13 @ 11:30am PDT / 6:30pm PDT. …

A Journey to the Nether Regions of the Mutant Apocalypse [PC] Posted on 9/12/2013
With elements of DayZ and Left 4 Dead in its DNA, Nether presents an interesting take on the multiplayer survival …

Sony’s Strengthening Relationship With Independent Developers [PlayStation Vita] Posted on 9/12/2013
Four indie studios examine their place in the changing games industry and how Sony has built such a strong relationship …

Bottling the Spirit of Seattle in Infamous: Second Son [PlayStation 4] Posted on 9/11/2013
Horia Dociu, art director at Sucker Punch Productions, explains how his team is striving to re-create the vibe of some …

DreamHack organizer on Bucharest event: "We have the strongest competitor list ever at a DreamHack" [Macintosh] Posted on 9/11/2013
DreamHack’s Christian Lord talks to GameSpot about running events, working with developers, and why its Bucharest event should be big. …

Beat the Pros Pax Prime Edition [PC] Posted on 9/10/2013
CLG also stops by for a Q and A session, as attendees attempt to take down IdrA, KDZ, Filipino Champ …

Talking Indies With Nintendo [Wii U] Posted on 9/9/2013
Dan Adelman and Damon Baker discuss breaking down the “locked gate” nature of the company and what the future holds …

Top Five Skyrim Mods of the Week - Giant Rabbits vs. Chicken Shout [PC] Posted on 9/7/2013
Cam is joined by Danny this week for a show filled with giant rabbits, elemental shields, and a shout that …

Frank O’Connor on the Future of Competitive Halo [Xbox One] Posted on 9/6/2013
Franchise development director at 343 Industries discusses outlook and focus on the competitive Halo community, the continuation of the Halo …

Does MGSV’s Snake Still Have What It Takes? [PlayStation 3] Posted on 9/5/2013
Hideo Kojima reveals how Metal Gear Solid V attempts to reinvent the gameplay of the stealth action series.

GameSpot GamePlay Episode 55: Earth Culture [PC] Posted on 9/5/2013
Host Kevin VanOrd and guests Tom Mc Shea, Carolyn Petit, and Walter Lopez welcome developer Matt Gilgenbach to discuss things …

Beyond: Two Souls–A Life Out of Sequence [PlayStation 3] Posted on 9/5/2013
The upcoming game from David Cage has big narrative ambitions, and attempts to seamlessly integrate your choices into the tale …

Neverending Nightmares: How OCD Inspired a Psychological Horror Breakthrough [PC] Posted on 9/5/2013
Developer Matt Gilgenbach’s upcoming horror adventure is not about ghosts and ghouls, but about the terrors within the human heart. …

Xbox One and the Promise of the New Generation [Xbox One] Posted on 9/4/2013
Four developers working on Xbox One games discuss how they’re harnessing the console’s potential to do things that weren’t previously …

Fireside Chat: A Bunch of Random Pages [All] Posted on 9/4/2013
Join us today at 12pm PDT to take a look at a bunch of pages on the new GameSpot. What …

Microsoft Talks Digital-Only Future, Kinect, and Why Xbox One is Worth $100 More Than PlayStation 4 [Xbox One] Posted on 9/3/2013
Senior director Albert Penello declares a digital-only future for gaming is inevitable; says pack-in Kinect will allow for greater innovation …

The Torches are Kindled: The Lord of the Rings Online Heads to Helm’s Deep [PC] Posted on 9/3/2013
Where in Middle-Earth will The Lord of the Rings Online’s fifth expansion lead us? Kevin VanOrd takes a look.

Mega Man Creator On How Kickstarter Could Rejuvenate The Japanese Gaming Scene [PC] Posted on 9/3/2013
Keiji Inafune discusses crowd-funding campaign for Mega Man-inspired Mighty No. 9, hopes for a future where indie games rise to …

Guild Wars 2: The Big Gets Bigger [PC] Posted on 8/31/2013
Kevin VanOrd looks into Guild Wars 2’s future and reminisces about its first successful year.

Dragon Age: Inquisition Says Goodbye to Claustrophobia, Hello to Tactical Combat [PlayStation 4] Posted on 8/31/2013
BioWare wants players to be in full control in this role-playing sequel. Here’s how they’re planning to do it.

Top Five Skyrim Mods of the Week - The Fellowship vs. The Balrog [PC] Posted on 8/31/2013
Cam is back, and he’s found nine ring-bearing companions to take into the Mines of Moria, battle the Balrog, try …

From R-Type to Halo, Galak-Z Combines Decades of Shooter Design Into One Impressive Package [PlayStation 4] Posted on 8/30/2013
17-Bit’s PlayStation 4 and PC shoot-em-up isn’t afraid to draw inspiration from wildly different eras, and the results are looking …

GameSpot GamePlay Episode 54: Imconventional [3DS] Posted on 8/29/2013
Host Kevin VanOrd welcomes Chris Watters and Tom Mc Shea to share their thoughts on the Nintendo 2DS and the …

Mad Max and Chumbucket: The Ultimate Road Warriors [PlayStation 4] Posted on 8/29/2013
When a stone-cold champion and a crafty mechanic team up in the harsh wasteland in Mad Max, almost nothing can …

Win a 500GB PlayStation 3 and Diablo III! [PlayStation 3] Posted on 8/29/2013
To celebrate the console launch of Diablo III we’re giving you the chance to win a 500GB PS3 and a …

The Curious Existence of the Nintendo 2DS [All] Posted on 8/28/2013
Tom Mc Shea proposes answers to the myriad questions that are swirling around Nintendo’s latest handheld announcement.

GameSpot Fireside Chat: Videos and Shows [All] Posted on 8/26/2013
Join us this Wednesday at 12pm PDT for our second weekly fireside chat to see a bunch of video-type pages …

Ten Reasons To Love The Xbox One Operating System [All] Posted on 8/25/2013
Microsoft’s Xbox One operating system appears to improve upon Xbox 360’s OS in almost every way.

Lords of the Fallen: More than High-Fantasy Dark Souls [Xbox One] Posted on 8/25/2013
With its methodical combat, Lords of the Fallen could be seen as yet another spin on the Souls series–but its …

Top Five Skyrim Mods of the Week - Thor Hammers Metal Gears [PC] Posted on 8/24/2013
Seb’s joined by Shaun for this week’s Top 5 Skyrim Mods, featuring assassins, Thor’s mighty hammer, and Metal Gear.

The Flock: Gamescom 2013’s Spooky Surprise Hit [PC] Posted on 8/24/2013
Have you ever played Red Light, Green Light in a dark, terrifying cave filled with inhuman monsters? Welcome to The …

GameSpot GamePlay Special Edition Spoilercast: Gone Home [PC] Posted on 8/23/2013
Kevin VanOrd sits down with Carolyn Petit and Chris Watters to discuss the impact the very special Gone Home had …

Sony’s impressive strategy stole the show at Gamescom [PlayStation 4] Posted on 8/23/2013
Sony’s Gamescom press conference was an inspired piece of marketing and another sign that the once out-of-touch company is back …

WCS Season 2 European Finals Live Stream [Macintosh] Posted on 8/23/2013
Watch as TaeJa, INnoVation, NaNiwa and DuckDeok battle it out at the WCS Season 2 European Finals.

GameSpot Fireside Chat: Big Changes, New Home Page, Reviews [All] Posted on 8/22/2013
Join us for our first weekly fireside chat to find out about some big changes to GameSpot, see our new …

Sony on PS4 vs. Xbox One: "It’s nice to feel you’re ahead" [PlayStation 4] Posted on 8/21/2013
Sony UK managing director Fergal Gara talks to GameSpot about the PlayStation 4’s line-up, the battle for preorders, and why …

Taking XCOM: Enemy Within’s New Class for a Spin [PC] Posted on 8/21/2013
Gamescom 2013: Take a closer look at some strategies for Enemy Within’s newest class, the mechanized exoskeletal cybersuit.

Indies Will Tip the Scale in PS4’s Favor [PlayStation 4] Posted on 8/21/2013
Sony truly does care about indies and it’s going out of its way to help them find the people, tools …

GameSpot GamePlay Episode 53: Roguelikelike [Xbox One] Posted on 8/20/2013
Host Kevin VanOrd welcomes Dying Light producer Tymon Smektala to talk about the living dead with guests Tom Mc Shea …

Breaking Out of the Routine: Player Agency in The Stanley Parable [PC] Posted on 8/20/2013
Davey Wreden, creator of The Stanley Parable, talks about the nature of choice in games and fleshing out his original …

When 30 Years of Wrestlemania Come to Life [PlayStation 3] Posted on 8/20/2013
Giant Bomb’s Alex Navarro sees firsthand at SummerSlam what happens when games and real life combine in the world of …

In which we announce some pretty big changes [All] Posted on 8/20/2013
The time has finally come for us to start publicly talking about the new GameSpot that we’ve been building, so …

Gamescom 2013 Sony Press Conference [PlayStation 4] Posted on 8/20/2013
What sort of PlayStation 4 news will Sony announce? Make sure to tune in live at 10AM Pacific / 1PM …

No Happy Endings: The Tale of A Wolf Among Us [PlayStation 3] Posted on 8/20/2013
Telltale Games tackles the Fables comics in their upcoming interactive drama. Kevin VanOrd takes a close look at the first …

The Tough Road of Being a Sports Developer [Xbox 360] Posted on 8/19/2013
NBA 2K14 marks another impressive leap in a franchise known for breaking boundaries, and yet few appreciate the series’ many …

Gamescom 2013 In Pictures [All] Posted on 8/18/2013
Check out all the latest from Cologne in this Gamescom 2013 gallery.

Top Five Skyrim Mods of the Week - Sinister Sonic Slaughter [PC] Posted on 8/17/2013
Cam and Seb ruin our childhoods on this week’s Top 5 Skyrim Mods as they take Sonic and Tails on …

Eye of the Beholder II: Bringing a Classic Tale Back to Life [PC] Posted on 8/17/2013
Modder Rick Francis is out to ensure that the classics are neither gone nor forgotten.

The Past, Present, and Future of Borderlands 2 [PlayStation 3] Posted on 8/15/2013
Love Borderlands? The team at Gearbox Software present a panel giving an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the creation of the …

Why Grand Theft Auto Online is Crazy Enough to Work [PlayStation 3] Posted on 8/15/2013
Rockstar is taking an ambitious approach to GTA multiplayer, aiming to strike a balance between open-world mayhem and carefully crafted …

Rockstar North Boss on GTA Online, Why the Time is Finally Right [PlayStation 3] Posted on 8/15/2013
In a rare interview with Leslie Benzies, Shaun McInnis learns about all the steps that led to this ambitious new …

Call of Duty’s Bid to Stay on Top [Wii U] Posted on 8/14/2013
Chris Watters checks out Call of Duty: Ghosts for the first time and sees how its competitive multiplayer suite aims …

The Witch and the Hundred Knights’ Unique Contributions To The Action RPG Genre [PlayStation 3] Posted on 8/12/2013
The makers of the Disgaea series take a break from 2D turn-based strategy RPGs to experiment with a genre unfamiliar …

Smothered by Nostalgia [PlayStation 3] Posted on 8/12/2013
Tom Mc Shea explores how our insatiable desire to relive the past has undercut the creative freedoms that developers need. …

Top Five Skyrim Mods of the Week - Playable Ninja-Death Chicken [All] Posted on 8/10/2013
This week Cam and Seb add the rat-spawning spells of Dishonored, drop in some real clouds, and turn Kevin VanNord …

Something to Lose: The Pitfalls and Potential of Competitive Multiplayer [PlayStation 3] Posted on 8/9/2013
Chris Watters examines how some games are spoiling online competition and what others are doing to save it.

Taking Metroid to the Blue Collar Mines in Full Bore [PC] Posted on 8/9/2013
The tale of boar-turned-miner takes a turn for the surreal in Full Bore, a puzzle (un-)platformer from Whole Hog Games. …

Civilization Online: Turning a strategy classic into an MMO [PC] Posted on 8/8/2013
The Civilization series is being reimagined as a large scale online multiplayer game. Does it have a chance of retaining …

Europa Universalis IV and the Border Between Complex and Complicated [Macintosh] Posted on 8/8/2013
EUIV project lead Thomas Johansson explains how this strategy series avoids buckling under the weight of its own ambitions.

The International Dota 2 Championships Live Coverage and Stream [PC] Posted on 8/6/2013
Watch on August 7-11th for live coverage and the streams of the third International Dota 2 Championships, where the best …

Bonds Forged in Difficult Times: The Making of The Last of Us [PlayStation 3] Posted on 8/6/2013
Game director Bruce Straley and creative director Neil Druckmann reflect on the inspirations, ambitions, and struggles of The Last of …

Assassin’s Creed IV: Sailing the Living Ocean of Black Flag [PlayStation 4] Posted on 8/5/2013
There will be plenty of activities to do in the open seas of Black Flag, but just how integral will …

Designing BioShock Infinite: Two Sides to Every Coin [PC] Posted on 8/5/2013
Irrational Games’ lead level designer, Forrest Dowling, discusses BioShock Infinite’s downloadable content, and the balance of narrative and combat.

EverQuest Next: A Life of Consequence [PC] Posted on 8/2/2013
Will EverQuest Next be the game changer it aims to be? Kevin VanOrd digs into the details.

Exploring the Ethics of The Castle Doctrine [PC] Posted on 8/2/2013
Jason Rohrer’s upcoming game The Castle Doctrine presents an ethically simplistic view of what are in reality some extraordinarily complex …

QuakeCon Live Stream Gameplay Presentations on 8/2 - 8/3 [PC] Posted on 8/2/2013
Stay tuned for QuakeCon Live Gameplay Presentations of The Elder Scrolls Online and Dishonored: The Brigmore Witches.

Sound Byte Radio Episode 16: Remember Me, Fez, Final Fantasy XIII-2 [PC] Posted on 8/1/2013
We jump start this month’s music podcast episode with remixes and genre mash-ups from Halo 4, Fez, and Final Fantasy …

GameSpot GamePlay Episode 51: Mr. Miyamoto, Tear Down This Wall [PC] Posted on 7/31/2013
Tom, Tyler, and Caro join host Kevin VanOrd to return to the halcyon days of the video game Cold War. …

Batman: Arkham Origins - Invisible Predator Online [Xbox 360] Posted on 7/31/2013
Carolyn Petit plays as hero and villain in the newly revealed multiplayer mode for the latest game in the Arkham …

The Multitasking Madness of Cannon Brawl [PC] Posted on 7/30/2013
Learn how this real-time artillery game was born on a last-minute whim, and how its developers are preparing for release …

BioShock Infinite DLC Returns to Rapture [PC] Posted on 7/30/2013
Ken Levine explains why he wants to return to the setting of the original BioShock and retool our understanding of …

Assassin’s Creed IV: The New Wolfpack [PC] Posted on 7/29/2013
Kevin VanOrd exercises his prowess and his patience in Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag’s Wolfpack multiplayer mode.

Top Five Skyrim Mods of the Week - Colourful Tree Magic [PC] Posted on 7/27/2013
Join Cam and Seb as they make Breezehome enormous, build their own forest, and shoot forks from crossbows. That’s right, …

The Legacy of Rogue: Internal Growth vs. External Reward [PC] Posted on 7/26/2013
With their very different approaches to Rogue-inspired 2D platforming, Spelunky and Rogue Legacy illuminate two of the most powerful ways …

Indies Respond To Xbox One Policies [PC] Posted on 7/26/2013
Developers behind Limbo, Thomas Was Alone, Jack Lumber, and Halo discuss impact of Microsoft’s new stance for independent studios and …

GameSpot GamePlay Episode 50: Pining for the Fjords [PlayStation 3] Posted on 7/24/2013
Kevin returns to hosting duties to discuss heroes and antiheroes with Carolyn, Tyler, and Tom.

Diners, Drive-Ins, and Divekicks [PlayStation Vita] Posted on 7/24/2013
Maxwell McGee rolls out to Las Vegas where EVO attendees are lining up to try out a new twist on …

Assassin’s Creed IV: Building a Fictional Tale in an Authentic World [PC] Posted on 7/23/2013
Kevin VanOrd sits down with three talents to unveil the amount of research and care being poured into Assassin’s Creed …

Top Five Skyrim Mods of the Week - Pacific SkyRim [PC] Posted on 7/20/2013
Cam and Seb attempt to make their own Pacific Rim movie through the power of Skyrim mods. It’s probably even …

With Project Spark, Everyone can be a Creator [Xbox One] Posted on 7/19/2013
Project Spark’s intuitive tools make it a snap to design and test game worlds of your very own.

GameSpot AU PAX Aus 2013 Photo Gallery [All] Posted on 7/18/2013
Check out GameSpot’s photo gallery from the PAX Aus 2013!

The Last of Us Bucks Depressing Trends All the Way to the Bank [PlayStation 3] Posted on 7/18/2013
Why Naughty Dog’s successful experiment should serve as a sign to big publishers that change is acceptable.

Ryse: The Next Great Tease [Xbox One] Posted on 7/18/2013
Ryse is more than just a bunch of quick-time events. But how deep will this cinematic adventure go?

GameSpot @ Comic-Con 2013 [All] Posted on 7/18/2013
Join GameSpot at San Diego Comic-Con 2013 and check out the latest games, craziest costumes, and more.

GameSpot GamePlay Episode 49: E3PO Meets King Organa [iPhone/iPod] Posted on 7/16/2013
Tom Mc Shea takes over Kevin’s hosting duties this week to explore EVO 2013 and Star Wars geekery with Caro …

An Ultimate Revelation for WWE 2K14 [PlayStation 3] Posted on 7/16/2013
Giant Bomb’s Alex Navarro steps into 2K’s virtual squared circle to get its take on the WWE universe and some …

The Legend of NHL 94: A Link to the Past [PlayStation 3] Posted on 7/16/2013
Why NHL 14’s retro-inspired mode is making us pine for the era of simpler sports games.

GameSpot AU at PAX Aus 2013 [All] Posted on 7/15/2013
GameSpot AU is heading to PAX Aus to bring you coverage from the show floor. Tune in for all the …

Comic-Con 2013 Photo Gallery [All] Posted on 7/15/2013
Check out our photo gallery from Comic-Con 2013!

World’s Best Fighters Head into EVO Finals [PlayStation 3] Posted on 7/14/2013
Get caught up on all the excitement from EVO 2013, just in time for the finals.

Top Five Skyrim Mods of the Week - Spider-Manslaughter with Pikachu! [PC] Posted on 7/13/2013
This week Cam and Seb train some Pokémon, cause mayhem as Spider-Man, and indulge in a little bit of rabbit …

EVO 2013 World Finals Live Stream and Coverage [PlayStation 3] Posted on 7/11/2013
Stay tuned this weeked as the World’s best fighting game players duke it out at EVO 2013 in Las Vegas, …

Fighting Games Symposium 2013 [Xbox One] Posted on 7/11/2013
With a silver tongue and an iron fist, fighting game luminaries share their thoughts on the current state of the …

Grand Theft Auto V: Everything We Know So Far [Xbox 360] Posted on 7/11/2013
You’ve seen the new trailer. Now catch up on everything else there is to know about Rockstar’s latest epic.

GameSpot GamePlay Episode 48: Final Freedom Force Fighters [PC] Posted on 7/10/2013
We lost someone dear. And so we tell our favorite Ryan Davis stories, admiring the man’s work and describing his …

Nvidia GTX 700 Series: Is It Worth It? [All] Posted on 7/10/2013
Nvidia’s latest line of graphics cards are certainly more powerful than its previous offerings, but they haven’t made last year’s …

Grand Theft Auto V Live Gameplay Breakdown [PlayStation 3] Posted on 7/9/2013
Join our live stream as we take a closer look at the first Grand Theft Auto V gameplay from Rockstar. …

A View to a Thrill: The Secret World Gets the 007 Treatment [PC] Posted on 7/8/2013
By adding a snowmobile shootout and a slinky temptress, The Secret World’s newest episode channels a beloved British Secret Service …

Top Five Skyrim Mods of the Week - Iron Man vs. The Villager [PC] Posted on 7/6/2013
We’re back for a third season! Seb and Cam kick things off with the Iron Man suit, throwing weapons, and …

Razer Blade Review [All] Posted on 7/3/2013
The new version of Razer’s Blade gaming laptop is thinner, more powerful, and more reasonably priced than ever.

CEO 2013 Road to EVO in Orlando June 28-30 [Xbox 360] Posted on 6/27/2013
Tune in this weekend to CEO 2013 on the Road to EVO 2013 where top fighting game players will compete …

MLG Anaheim Spring Championship 2013 - Starcraft II Heart of the Swarm [All] Posted on 6/27/2013
Watch as some of the best Starcraft II Heart of the Swarm players battle it out in a 128 Player …

MLG Anaheim Spring Championship 2013 - Call of Duty Black Ops II [Xbox 360] Posted on 6/27/2013
Watch as 128 teams battle it out in an Open Bracket Call of Duty Black Ops II Tournament at MLG …

MLG Anaheim Spring Championship 2013 - League of Legends LCS/Qualifier [PC] Posted on 6/27/2013
Stay tuned this weekend for the League of Legends North American Qualifiers as well as week 3 of the North …

Watch Mark Cerny’s GameLab "Road to PS4" Talk [All] Posted on 6/26/2013
Lead system architect Mark Cerny’s talk to feature insights on PlayStation 4 hardware development.

GameSpot GamePlay Episode 46: Banana Hammock [PC] Posted on 6/26/2013
Host Kevin VanOrd asks Tom, Peter, Tyler, and Andy to contemplate The Last of Us, State of Decay, and the …

GameSpot GamePlay Special Edition Spoilercast: The Last of Us [PlayStation 3] Posted on 6/21/2013
Chris Watters, Shaun McInnis, and Tom Mc Shea sit down to discuss the emotional rollercoaster known as The Last of …

A Better Castlevania for All: Lords of Shadow 2 [PlayStation 3] Posted on 6/20/2013
David Cox and Enric Alvarez discuss their plans for Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2.

Wielding Hope in the Face of the Dragon [All] Posted on 6/19/2013
That Dragon, Cancer wasn’t one of the biggest games at this year’s E3, but it may have been one of …

GameSpot GamePlay Episode 45: Popular Tarts [PlayStation 4] Posted on 6/19/2013
Host Kevin VanOrd and the GameSpot crew react in real time to Microsoft’s big Xbox One news before launching into …

Smashing the Definition of Smash Bros. [3DS] Posted on 6/19/2013
Smash Bros. series director Masahiro Sakurai weighs in on the state of the fighting game genre and offers a few …

A Tale of Two Worlds: ArcheAge and The Elder Scrolls Online [PlayStation 4] Posted on 6/13/2013
ArcheAge and The Elder Scrolls Online are cut from very different cloths. Which of these two MMOGs featured at E3 …

South Park: The Stick of Truth Is Crude, Immature, and Oh So Funny [PlayStation 3] Posted on 6/13/2013
The writing of Matt and Trey shines through in The Stick of Truth, but the crude humour isn’t for everyone. …

Cruising the Streets in The Crew [Xbox One] Posted on 6/12/2013
The Crew is an ambitious open-world game to be sure. But is the driving actually any fun?

What Does an Open World Mean for The Witcher 3? [PC] Posted on 6/12/2013
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will feature an expansive open world. But is that necessarily a good thing?

GameSpot @ E3 2013 [All] Posted on 6/12/2013
Check out all of GameSpot’s news, videos, and games of E3 2013.

Alan Wake Developer Sheds a Little Light on Quantum Break [Xbox One] Posted on 6/12/2013
The Xbox One sci-fi action game is the latest and most ambitious attempt yet by Remedy Entertainment’s Sam Lake to …

Square Enix Goes on the Defensive With Final Fantasy [Xbox One] Posted on 6/11/2013
Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns, Kingdom Hearts III, and Final Fantasy XIV touted as the games to revive the company’s fortunes, …

Mario Kart 8 Embraces Its Glorious History [Wii U] Posted on 6/11/2013
It’s all right to recognize greatness, even when a franchise doesn’t change much through the years.

Dead Rising 3 Reaches for the Call of Duty Crowd [Xbox One] Posted on 6/11/2013
The zombie-slaying franchise has gone in a new direction, but can it appeal to old fans while creating new ones? …

After a Gray Day, Nintendo Brings the Color [Wii U] Posted on 6/11/2013
Nintendo’s lineup was a breath of fresh air after yesterday’s slew of grim shooters and serious racing games.

Almost Massive: How Destiny and The Division are Changing the Online Future [PC] Posted on 6/11/2013
Kevin VanOrd examines the online concept dominating E3 2013’s multiplayer games.

PlayStation 4 is the gamer’s choice for next-gen [All] Posted on 6/11/2013
Sony is backing gamers this holiday season, and that’s a good thing.

Super Mario 3D World: Chaos Multiplied [Wii U] Posted on 6/11/2013
Nintendo has added cooperative play for the first time in a 3D Mario game, but that change takes some getting …

Sony’s Triumphant Night [All] Posted on 6/10/2013
Why embracing consumer rights has thrust the PlayStation 4 ahead in the early stages of the next-generation console war.

PlayStation 4 In Pictures [All] Posted on 6/10/2013
Sony has finally unveiled the PS4 design. Check it out here!

PlayStation 4 In Pictures [All] Posted on 6/10/2013
Sony has finally unveiled the PS4 design. Check it out here!

Assassin’s Creed IV: A Pirate’s Life for Thee [Xbox One] Posted on 6/10/2013
The upcoming sequel adds sea shanties and seamless oceanic exploration to the series’ expanding repertoire.

Xbox One: New Console, Old Games [Xbox One] Posted on 6/10/2013
Microsoft showcased dozens of upcoming games, but none of them showed what differentiates their latest console from their old one. …

The Uninspired Lineup of Xbox One [All] Posted on 6/10/2013
A lack of belief and vision in Microsoft’s E3 press conference made for a lacklustre games lineup and little in …

How to E3: 2013 Edition [All] Posted on 6/10/2013
Things are a bit different for this year’s E3 website. Find out about all our changes right here!

Between Silly and Serious: Metal Gear Solid V [Xbox 360] Posted on 6/9/2013
Kevin VanOrd and Carolyn Petit analyze the latest Metal Gear Solid V trailer, seen at E3 2013.

E3 2013 Photo Gallery [All] Posted on 6/9/2013
GameSpot’s out in full force at this year’s E3 where we’ll be getting our hands on the next generation of …

On the Quirks of Civil War Generals and Civilization’s Scenario Design [PC] Posted on 6/7/2013
Firaxis’ lead designer, Ed Beach, and lead producer, Dennis Shirk, talk through the designs of the two new scenarios coming …

1962: The Year XCOM Makes Contact [Xbox 360] Posted on 6/4/2013
2K Marin’s lead narrative designer, Erik Caponi, talks about the challenge of weaving tactical gameplay and a 1960s alien invasion …

GameSpot GamePlay Episode 44: Movement to the Beat [PC] Posted on 6/4/2013
It’s the newest British invasion! Host Kevin VanOrd welcomes Martin Gaston, Mark Walton, Danny O’Dwyer, and Tom Mc Shea. They …

The Novelist and the Wicked Problem of Player-Driven Stories [PC] Posted on 6/3/2013
Industry veteran Kent Hudson talks about attempting to create a game that allows players to truly drive the narrative.

Top Five Skyrim Mods of the Week - How to be any creature you want! [PC] Posted on 6/1/2013
Cam and Seb bring you a fantastic collection of Mods including one which lets you play as any living thing …

Spector: We’re not in a Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo World Anymore [Wii] Posted on 5/31/2013
Deus Ex and Epic Mickey designer discusses changing industry landscape, ownership in the digital age, and where he may be …

Borderlands 2 and the Healing Power of Nerd Stuff [Xbox 360] Posted on 5/30/2013
Anthony Burch and Paul Hellquist talk about crafting the humor and the seriousness of Borderlands 2’s final campaign add-on.

Forging WeaponLord [Super Nintendo] Posted on 5/30/2013
In 1995, a team of young game developers created the most barbaric, heavy metal fighting game imaginable. Nearly two decades …

Sound Byte Radio Ep. 15 - Halo: Reach, Jet Set Radio Future, Viva Pinata [Xbox 360] Posted on 5/29/2013
From the action-packed to the cute and cuddly, we showcase the best video game music the Xbox game library has …

GameSpot GamePlay Episode 43: Slow Boat to Ireland [Xbox One] Posted on 5/29/2013
Giant Bomb’s Matt Rorie gives us all he’s got–and more!–on this week’s pro-consumer, pro-panda podcast.

Monkeys Vs. Nazis: Getting Little-Game Publicity in a Big-Game World [Unix/Linux] Posted on 5/28/2013
Tom Mc Shea talks to Dan Marshall about an indie developer’s struggles to get noticed in a crowded marketplace.

Wargaming.net League North America Tournament [PC] Posted on 5/28/2013
The Wargaming.net League North America is the premier World of Tanks league for professional WoT eSports competition in North America. …

Rise From Your Grave! Franchises the PS4 Should Resurrect [PlayStation 2] Posted on 5/26/2013
We dig through the vast library of long dormant PS and PS2 titles, and pick out a few worthy of …

The Allure of Ambiguity: On the Power of Uncertain Game Endings [PlayStation 2] Posted on 5/26/2013
Guest writer tomcat discusses why the endings that stay with him the most are often those that shy away from …

Top Five Skyrim Mods of the Week - Death Petal Poison Forest [PC] Posted on 5/25/2013
This week Seb and Cam battle their enemies by conjuring a Death Forest. Don’t worry, that’s only a name–it’s really …

Hauppauge HD PVR 2 Gaming Edition Plus Review [All] Posted on 5/24/2013
Hauppauge’s best efforts come up short in the HD PVR 2, held back by poor software and lackluster hardware.

Ultimate Fighting Game Tournament 9: Infinity - Road to EVO May 24-26 [PlayStation 3] Posted on 5/24/2013
Watch this weekend as the Ultimate Fighting Game Tournament 9: Infinity brings you some of the best players and matches …

Nvidia GTX 780 Review: Titan Performance on the Cheap [All] Posted on 5/23/2013
$649 is still steep for a graphics card, but if you’re playing games at higher than 1080p there’s no better …

GameSpot GamePlay Episode 42: Put Some Pants On [Xbox 360] Posted on 5/22/2013
The Bureau: XCOM Declassified writer Erik Caponi re-enters The Matrix to talk about the Xbox One and the art of …

Xbox One: Microsoft’s Phil Spencer Talks Used Games, Always-On [Xbox One] Posted on 5/22/2013
Microsoft Game Studios VP Phil Spencer opens up on hot-button issues related to the just-announced next-generation platform.

Is Xbox One only interested in twentysomething males? [Xbox One] Posted on 5/21/2013
Microsoft’s all-inclusive Xbox felt like it was laser-focused on appealing to only one particular set of tastes.

How’s the Xbox One controller? [All] Posted on 5/21/2013
Justin offers some opinions on the new Xbox One controller after spending a little time with it.

The Xbox One Reveal: 60 Minutes of Silence [Xbox One] Posted on 5/21/2013
Kevin ruminates on whether Microsoft actually revealed anything surprising when announcing the Xbox One.

League of Legends All-Star Shanghai 2013 Live Stream and Coverage [All] Posted on 5/21/2013
Tune in this weekend as the best LoL players from each region battle in skills competitions and more to see …

Top Five Skyrim Mods of the Week - Hyper Atomic Chicken Cannon [PC] Posted on 5/18/2013
No smoke with your fire? There is now! This week Cam and Seb take a look at fire smoke, Project …

AverMedia Live Gamer Portable Review [All] Posted on 5/17/2013
The Live Gamer Portable’s unique ability to capture directly to an SD card is valuable, but not enough to put …

East Coast Throwdown V Live Streams [Arcade Games] Posted on 5/17/2013
This Weekend May 18-19th marks the 5th East Coast Throwdown presented to you by John “SweetJohnnyCage“ Gallagher and Joe “iloveu“ …

Sound Byte: The Futuristic Sounds of Remember Me [Xbox 360] Posted on 5/16/2013
Composer Olivier Deriviere explains the thought process behind the orchestra and electronica fusion of Dontnod’s upcoming memory restoring-themed action adventure. …

The Next Xbox Revealed [All] Posted on 5/16/2013
Join us as Microsoft takes the wraps off the successor to the Xbox 360, starting at 9AM PST on May …

Prime World Beta Giveaway [PC] Posted on 5/16/2013
Grab a key for this upcoming MOBA, which gives you access to this weekend’s beta event, as well as all …

GameSpot GamePlay Episode 41: A Boy Named Xbox [Xbox 360] Posted on 5/14/2013
Danny O’Dwyer is in the house. And so we get all judgmental on everything there is to judge.

The Bureau: XCOM Declassified’s Uphill Battle [PlayStation 3] Posted on 5/13/2013
2K Marin’s tactical third-person shooter is aiming to bridge the gap between strategy and action. But can it succeed?

Top Five Skyrim Mods of the Week - Diamonds are a Dovahkiin’s Best Friend [PC] Posted on 5/11/2013
We traverse the harsh wilds of Skyrim with only some shiny new diamond armour to keep us safe and a …

Pondering the Potential of Wolfenstein’s Alternate History [Xbox 360] Posted on 5/10/2013
We speculate on various aspects of Wolfenstein: The New Order’s alternate- history setting. What do you think the Nazi-controlled 1960s …

Remember Me: Building a Terrifying Future in a Familiar Landscape [Xbox 360] Posted on 5/9/2013
How Dontnod Entertainment embraced the title of ‘that French developer’ by turning its home city of Paris into an unsettling …

Rewriting History in Wolfenstein: The New Order [PC] Posted on 5/9/2013
We analyze new Nazi technology, cavort with passionate resistance fighters, and take on hulking mechs in this in-depth hands-on preview. …

VRcade Sets Its Sights on the Next Leap in Immersive Gaming [All] Posted on 5/8/2013
Using the Oculus Rift, VRcade’s engineers are designing what they believe will become the future of virtual entertainment.

Caught Red-Handed: Punishing Pirates in a Virtual World [PC] Posted on 5/8/2013
Tom Mc Shea explores how Game Dev Tycoon dealt with piracy and its similarities to Game Dev Story.

GameSpot GamePlay Episode 40: Happy Happyism [PlayStation 3] Posted on 5/7/2013
Thomas Was Alone creator Mike Bithell talks platformers, paint, and pornographic images with Kevin and crew on this week’s podcast. …

Videodrome - Be Kind, Please Rewind [All] Posted on 5/7/2013
Videodrome welcomes you to check out some amazing video talent from across the internet.

The Places of Our Past: Exploring the Emotional Intimacy of Gone Home [PC] Posted on 5/6/2013
Gone Home’s remarkable sense of time and place frames a fascinating story waiting to be discovered in this upcoming exploration-based …

Reviewers of the Month - April [All] Posted on 5/6/2013
Featuring GameSpot user reviews for the month of April.

Top Five Skyrim Mods of the Week - Tardis Travels [PC] Posted on 5/4/2013
This week Seb and Cam hob aboard the Tardis to travel through time and relative dimensions in Skyrim. Also, they …

Darkstalkers Resurrection Caption Contest [Xbox 360] Posted on 5/3/2013
Enter to win a digital copy of Darkstalkers Resurrection!

Artist Arcade - Fire Emblem: Awakening [3DS] Posted on 5/3/2013
In this edition of the Artist Arcade we feature fantastic fan art from Fire Emblem: Awakening.

The Contemporary Comforts of Divinity: Original Sin [PC] Posted on 5/2/2013
Kevin VanOrd journeys to Rivellon for a look at Divinity: Original Sin.

Grand Theft Auto V: The Making of a Great Heist Sequence [PlayStation 3] Posted on 5/2/2013
The three-protagonist structure of Grand Theft Auto V allows for the most complex, cinematic missions in the series’ history.

The Many Weird and Wonderful Roles You Can Play in Grand Theft Auto V [PlayStation 3] Posted on 5/2/2013
Here’s what happens in Grand Theft Auto V when you get off the beaten path and explore the sandbox at …

How Jedi Duels Inspired a Cyberpunk Swordfighter [PC] Posted on 5/1/2013
Michael Chang, creator of the third-person swordfighting game Blade Symphony, meets the man who inspired him to dive into game …

GameSpot GamePlay Episode 39: GameSpot GamePlay - The Movie: The Game [Xbox 360] Posted on 4/30/2013
Something’s rotten in the state of GameSpot. How else to explain why Tom Mc Shea takes the hosting reigns in …

Among the Sleep: A New Perspective on Horror [PC] Posted on 4/30/2013
Krillbyte Studio’s Adrian Tingstad Husby talks about designing this unusual horror game in which you play as a 2-year-old.

Grand Theft Auto V Live Trailer Breakdown [PlayStation 3] Posted on 4/30/2013
Join Danny and Johnny as they meet the three protagonists of Grand Theft Auto V in the latest round of …

Gears of War Great Giveaway Sweepstakes [Xbox 360] Posted on 4/29/2013
Enter to win our Gears of War Great Giveaway sweepstakes for a chance to win a custom Xbox 360. No …

City in a Bottle: Designing the Story of Watch Dogs [PlayStation 4] Posted on 4/29/2013
Jonathan Morin of Ubisoft Montreal discusses how Watch Dogs will balance a cohesive narrative with the chaotic structure of an …

The Zone of Influence: How Paratext Can Change Our Experience With Games [Xbox 360] Posted on 4/28/2013
Guest writer tomcat explores how a game’s paratext can be creatively used to enhance our affection for a game’s developer …

Top Five Skyrim Mods of the Week - Teenage Mutant Zombie Turtles [PC] Posted on 4/27/2013
This week Cam and Seb go hunting in Skyrim. Their prey? Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and your beloved childhood.

Chalk Talk - Pokemon Paradigm [All] Posted on 4/27/2013
In this edition of Chalk Talk we discuss Pokemon, it’s highs, its lows and what changes (if any) should be …

Applauding Nintendo for Stepping Off Center Stage [Wii U] Posted on 4/26/2013
Tom Mc Shea praises Nintendo for calling off its E3 press conference and urges other companies to follow suit.

How the Fight Creates the Fighter [PlayStation 3] Posted on 4/25/2013
Learn how three fighting game developers are using the data you create to help design, balance, and perfect the art …

DreamHack Stockholm 2013 April 26-27th [PC] Posted on 4/25/2013
This weekend will feature some of the best StarCraft II Heart of the Swarm players fighting for a top prize …

NorCal Regionals - Road to EVO 2013 4/26-4/28 Live Streams + Coverage [PlayStation 3] Posted on 4/25/2013
NorCal Regionals take place this weekend on April 26-28 in Sunnyvale, California. Stay tuned this weekend for IPLAYWINNER and TeamSp00ky’s …

Field Trip - All a Buzz [All] Posted on 4/24/2013
Welcome to this weeks field trip, where we do all the heavy lifting for neat finds on the internet.

GameSpot GamePlay Episode 38: Sexual Dismemberment [Xbox 360] Posted on 4/23/2013
What’s better than the possibility of another Homeworld game in the foreseeable future? Well, nothing. But here’s another podcast episode …

Videodrome - Press Start to Play [All] Posted on 4/23/2013
Videodrome welcomes you to check out some amazing video talent from across the internet.

CS:GO Modcast - Waka Waka Warfare [Macintosh] Posted on 4/23/2013
This week on the Modcast Seb and Cam face the neon horrors of Pac-Man’s lair. They’ll never be able to …

Call Of Juarez: Gunslinger - Gameplay Gallery [Xbox 360] Posted on 4/22/2013
Check out cowboy hats, dodgy southern accents, and plenty of six shooters in our Gunslinger gameplay gallery.

BioShock Infinite: Baptism of the Human Heart [PC] Posted on 4/21/2013
Youth pastor Ashley Dusenbery offers his personal perspective on the use of baptism in BioShock Infinite.

Top Five Skyrim Mods of the Week - Snakes on the Plain [PC] Posted on 4/20/2013
In this week’s mods bonanza, Cam and Seb duck and cover from artillery fire, dress up as Medusa, and don …

Chalk Talk - eSports [All] Posted on 4/19/2013
Welcome to Chalk Talk, we introduce guest contributor HarlockJC with some reflections on TSM and their recent team changes.

Bioshock Infinite Creative Writing Contest Winners [All] Posted on 4/19/2013
We announce the winners to our Bioshock Infinite Creating Writing Contest

Artist Arcade - Pandora’s Tower [Wii] Posted on 4/19/2013
In this edition of the Artist Arcade we take a look at fantastic artistic renditions of fan art for Pandora’s …

Mantling the Challenges of Writing Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag [PC] Posted on 4/18/2013
Lead writer Darby McDevitt shares some insight about bearing the narrative standard for one of gaming’s biggest story-driven franchises.

The Caged Bird Sings: Five Stirring Musical Covers in BioShock Infinite [PC] Posted on 4/17/2013
How important is the role of popular music in the floating city of Columbia?

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate - Create a Monster Contest [3DS] Posted on 4/17/2013
Create your very own creature to feature in this Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate contest for a chance to win a …

Left 4 Dead 2 Modcast - Night of the Floating Dead [PC] Posted on 4/17/2013
Things take an extraplanetary turn on the Modcast as Master Chief faces the fearsome aliens of Mars Attacks, and zombies …

GameSpot GamePlay Episode 37: Mascara Galaxy [PlayStation 3] Posted on 4/16/2013
Supergiant Games’ fantastic Greg Kasavin joins Kevin and company to talk about the good old days, the good new days, …

Razer’s Innovative Edge Gaming Tablet Is a Risky Proposition [All] Posted on 4/15/2013
The Edge offers a lot of gaming power for a tablet, but it requires costly accessories to realize its full …

80s Action meets Far Cry 3 in Blood Dragon - Gameplay Gallery [PC] Posted on 4/15/2013
Far Cry 3 goes on an 80s nostalgia trip courtesy of Ubisoft’s forthcoming Blood Dragon stand-alone. Get your fill of …

If the Rumors Are True: 5 Reasons the Next Xbox Will Fail [PlayStation 4] Posted on 4/14/2013
Is the writing on the wall for the next generation’s Xbox? Here are five rumors that could spell doom should …

Beauty Is in the Eye of the Destroyer [Xbox 360] Posted on 4/12/2013
Tom Mc Shea responds to Crytek CEO’s comments about the importance of graphics in video games.

Top 10 Tweetable Truths for Civilization V: Brave New World [PC] Posted on 4/12/2013
All the latest updates on this empire-building expansion in 140 characters or less. Pick your favorite(s) and spread the word. …

Splinter Cell: Blacklist and the Challenges of Stealth [PC] Posted on 4/12/2013
Ubisoft Toronto’s Patrick Redding explores the challenges of developing a modern stealth game, and how the next Splinter Cell aims …

Sound Byte Radio Ep. 14 - Tomb Raider, Valkyrie Profile 2, Hard Corps Uprising [DS] Posted on 4/11/2013
This month’s playlist is all about the sounds of war and conflict, ranging from the latest Tomb Raider to a …

Blacklight Retribution Caption Contest [All] Posted on 4/11/2013
Want to win a Blacklight Retribution shirt? All you have to do is caption this image for a chance to …

Gears of War Judgement Social Challenge [All] Posted on 4/11/2013
Welcome to the Gears of War Judgment Challenge where two teams complete in challenges and earn points for a chance …

Welcome to Dark Souls II: You’re Already Dead [PC] Posted on 4/11/2013
Dark Souls II prepares to inherit the flaming mantle of death from its punishing predecessor without a hint of remorse. …

Top Five Skyrim Mods of the Week Live - Zombies vs. Nicolas Cage [PC] Posted on 4/11/2013
Get ready to do the Moster Mash as Skyrim gets a zombie injection. Also, Nicolas Cage has come along for …

The Anatomy of a Ninja Turtle [PC] Posted on 4/10/2013
Chris Frechette and Kris Taylor of Red Fly Studio explain the development of this striking new look for the heroes …

Blizzard WCS America Season 1 - Operated by MLG [Macintosh] Posted on 4/10/2013
Find out who makes it through the North America Blizzard WCS Starcraft II Season 1 broadcasted by MLG.

Civilization V Modcast - Game of Thrones [Macintosh] Posted on 4/10/2013
We’re bringing Game of Thrones to Sid Meier’s Civilization V on this week’s Modcast.

Xbox 720: Will always-on switch gamers off? [All] Posted on 4/9/2013
The rumours all point towards the next Xbox requiring an internet connection to play games, but is the technology or …

Meet Me Halfway: How Embracing Contradictions Can Create Better Games [Xbox 360] Posted on 4/9/2013
Tom Mc Shea admires the beauty of compromise in a world of heated conflict.

Featured Blog: Why Tomb Raider Failed as a Reboot [Xbox 360] Posted on 4/7/2013
Lara is a vaguely established character in other games, and for this reboot we were told that this game would …

Bungie Talks Destiny Worldbuilding [Xbox 360] Posted on 4/5/2013
Design director Joe Staten and art director Christopher Barrett talk trials, triumphs of creating a brand new world.

Reviewers of the Month: March [All] Posted on 4/5/2013
Featuring GameSpot user reviews for the month of March

CS:GO Modcast - For Agatha! [PC] Posted on 4/5/2013
What do you get when you mix Counter-Strike: Global Offensive with Chivalry? Carnage. Lots of carnage. Check out the maps …

GameSpot Asia Beat Ep. 21 - Pushing The Sky [PC] Posted on 4/4/2013
Major BioShock Infinite spoilers! Favorite LucasArts games! Defiance first impressions! All this and more on this week’s Asian video game …

GameSpot GamePlay Special Edition Spoilercast: BioShock Infinite [PC] Posted on 4/4/2013
IGN’s Mitch Dyer joins Kevin, Caro, Chris, and Tyler to analyze BioShock Infinite and ask each other: what does it …

GameSpot Community Calendar [All] Posted on 4/4/2013
The place where GameSpotters can gab about the latest events, contests, competitions, activities and other related attractions.

Shadow Puppeteers: Designing the World of Contrast [PC] Posted on 4/4/2013
Contrast blends 2D and 3D platforming using light and shadow. Learn how its designers created this game’s surrealist interpretation of …

If Suda51’s Mystery Game Isn’t No More Heroes 3, Then What Is It? [PlayStation 3] Posted on 4/4/2013
Chatting with Suda51 about his next game raised more questions than it answered.

Thief: In with the Old, In with the New [PC] Posted on 4/4/2013
The newest Thief is very much a modern game–but it hasn’t forgotten its deep roots.

Top Five Skyrim Mods of the Week Live - Welcome to Westeros [PC] Posted on 4/4/2013
We’re venturing into the mind of George RR Martin this week as Skyrim gets a Westerosi upgrade. So, pack up …

Combo Breaker Live - Deus Ex: Human Revolution [PC] Posted on 4/3/2013
Safety Dance your way along the halls of Deus Ex: Human Revolution with Johnny on Combo Breaker.

GameSpot GamePlay Episode 35: Drink, Hamburger, and Afro Pick [Xbox 360] Posted on 4/2/2013
Join Kevin, Tom, Chris, and Tyler to hear them discuss Metal Gear, tanks with meat legs, and octopus ladies–and all …

Android Consoles: The Beginning of a New Era for Game Development [All] Posted on 4/2/2013
Android’s openness and affordability may have a significant impact on console gaming as we know it.

Top Five Skyrim Mods of the Week - Werebear vs. Vasto Lorde [PC] Posted on 4/2/2013
Cam and Seb take Kevin VanNord on his first Skyrim Mods of the Week adventure, but how will he fare …

An Industry Divided [All] Posted on 4/1/2013
At this year’s Game Developers Conference, many people spoke out in support of a more equitable and inclusive gaming industry. …

Guild Wars 2 Goes Retro with the Super Adventure Box [PC] Posted on 4/1/2013
Guild Wars 2’s newest content is entertaining and adorable–and probably not what you were expecting.

Artist Arcade - Bioshock Infinite [Xbox 360] Posted on 4/1/2013
In this edition of the Artist Arcade we check out some amazing fan art from the new hit game Bioshock …

Final Round Competitive Gaming and Entertainment Exhibition [PlayStation 3] Posted on 3/29/2013
Stay tuned on 3/29 - 3/31 for Final Round that will have SSF IV, KOF XIII, TTTT2, UMvC3, DOA, MK9, …

GameSpot Asia Beat Ep. 20: End of March Madness [PlayStation 3] Posted on 3/28/2013
The month of March comes to a close; GameSpot Asia and friends talk about BioShock Infinite (no spoilers), Tomb Raider, …

Heroes Who Look Like Us: A Call for Diversity in Games [Xbox] Posted on 3/27/2013
At GDC 2013, Halo: Reach writer Tom Abernathy argued that when games are more diverse, everybody benefits. Carolyn Petit thinks …

Ninja Gaiden Z: "Character Is More Important Than Combat" [PlayStation 3] Posted on 3/27/2013
With Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z, a beloved series swerves in an entirely new and potentially troubling new direction.

Inside GDC 2013: Behind the Scenes [All] Posted on 3/27/2013
Get behind the scenes with the community team at this years Game Developers Conference.

BioShock Infinite’s Ultra Settings on Nvidia Titan [PlayStation 3] Posted on 3/26/2013
Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 owners beware. Here’s how good BioShock Infinite can look on a top-spec PC.

GameSpot @ GDC 2013 [All] Posted on 3/25/2013
Check out all of GameSpot’s coverage at Game Developers’ Conference 2013.

Sound Byte: Meet the Composer – BioShock Series [PlayStation 3] Posted on 3/24/2013
We had a lengthy chat with series composer Garry Schyman on his past work with the first two BioShock titles …

The State of the MMO: Creating a Soundscape, Part 2 [PC] Posted on 3/23/2013
What are the greatest challenges MMOG developers face when making a world come alive with noise and music? Kevin VanOrd …

Artist Arcade: Gears of War [Xbox 360] Posted on 3/22/2013
It’s Gears of War fan art time in this edition of Artist Arcade.

Inside PAX East 2013: Behind the Scenes [All] Posted on 3/22/2013
Get behind the scenes with the community team at PAX East 2013.

Masters of Reality [All] Posted on 3/22/2013
As consoles become more and more capable of creating convincing realities, it falls upon indie developers to create gaming’s most …

PixelJunk Inc.: The Galactic Soup Empire Sim You’ve Been Waiting For [PC] Posted on 3/22/2013
Q-Games is working on the most ambitious PixelJunk game to date, and the first to debut outside of Sony’s PlayStation …

Top Five Skyrim Mods of the Week - They See Me Rollin’ [PC] Posted on 3/22/2013
Try to catch Seb and Johnny ridin’ dirty in a fabulous wagon on this week’s Top Five Skyrim Mods.

Sound Byte: Meet the Composer – BioShock series [Xbox 360] Posted on 3/21/2013
We had a lengthy chat with series composer Garry Schyman on his past work with the first two BioShock titles …

Bioshock Infinite Creative Writing Contest [Xbox 360] Posted on 3/20/2013
To celebrate the release of Bioshock Infinite we’re having a creative writing contest for a chance to win an Elizabeth …

Portal 2 Modcast - A Whole New World [PC] Posted on 3/20/2013
Johnny and Seb jump into Aperture Laboratories’ Perpetual Testing Initiative to try their hands at building a Portal 2 chamber. …

GameSpot GamePlay Episode 34: Junk Deodorant [PlayStation 3] Posted on 3/19/2013
Host Kevin VanOrd welcomes Matt Gilgenbach with 24 Caret Games, who shows off his Midas touch to a laid-back GameSpot …

Nvidia and AMD Place Bets On Next-Gen Gaming [All] Posted on 3/19/2013
Two of tech’s biggest competitors are taking a very different approach to the next generation of gaming with Sony and …

Telltale and the Value of Episodic Content [Macintosh] Posted on 3/18/2013
Laura Parker speaks to Telltale CEO Dan Connors about the success of The Walking Dead and why episodic content could …

Chalk Talk - Reboot Wars [All] Posted on 3/18/2013
Welcome to Chalk Talk, we introduce Guest Contributor Asagea_888. In this edition, we talk about reboots and the effect they …

Far Cry 3 Event - Player Evaluation [All] Posted on 3/18/2013
GameSpot is selecting the best Far Cry 3 PC players to participate in our invite-only Far Cry 3 event on …

GameSpot Asia Beat Ep. 19: Melodies of Life [PlayStation] Posted on 3/17/2013
After a short break, Asia’s best video game podcast returns. We talk about video game music with Distant Worlds Kuala …

Gears of War: Judgment review-in-progress update [Xbox 360] Posted on 3/17/2013
Chris Watters shares some impressions of Gears of War: Judgment in advance of the GameSpot review.

The State of the MMO: Creating a Soundscape, Part 1 [PC] Posted on 3/16/2013
Kevin VanOrd explores how MMOG developers use sound effects and music to bring persistent worlds to life.

Five Must-See Games From BitSummit [iPhone/iPod] Posted on 3/15/2013
There were many impressive games on display at BitSummit, but these five stood out as the most interesting of the …

Artist Arcade - God of War [PlayStation 3] Posted on 3/15/2013
In this edition of the Artist Arcade we take a look at fantastic fan art from God of War.

Welcome to the Artist Arcade [All] Posted on 3/15/2013
The Artist Arcade is the perfect place for gamers to show off their game-inspired paintings, drawings, sketches, cartoons, sculptures, and …

How the World’s Riots Inspired a Video Game [Android] Posted on 3/15/2013
Are real-world riots the right subject matter for a video game? Is it even possible to address such subject matter …

CS:GO Modcast - Welcome to Mars, my liege [PC] Posted on 3/14/2013
It’s time for another live Modcast, as we visit Camelot, Mars, and a creepy dollhouse with a little help from …

Reviewers of the Month: February [All] Posted on 3/13/2013
Highlighting our favorite reviews for the month of February.

Top Five Skyrim Mods of the Week Live - Tropical Skyrim, Screaming Goats, Baby Dragons [PC] Posted on 3/13/2013
Join us in the tropical warmth of Skyrim as we go in search of baby dragons. Caution! The region has …

GameSpot GamePlay Episode 33: Salmonella Commendation [PC] Posted on 3/12/2013
Two games writers for the price of one! GamesRadar’s Hollander Cooper and former GameSpotter Matt Rorie join the crew for …

Call of Duty: Black Ops II Australian Qualifiers [PlayStation 3] Posted on 3/12/2013
Support the Australian Call of Duty: Black Ops II players and tune in to the tournament live stream!

Naruto Scribble Showdown [Xbox 360] Posted on 3/12/2013
Calling all Naruto Shippuden fans, we’re giving away two Naruto Shinobi Relations figures from the game Ultimate Ninja Storm 3. …

StarCraft II: Heart Of The Swarm Gameplay Gallery [PC] Posted on 3/12/2013
Check out the Queen of Blades in action in this gameplay gallery of StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm

Why Gaming Needs More Events Like BitSummit [Wii] Posted on 3/12/2013
BitSummit represents a sea change in the making for the Japanese indie scene, but supporting their creativity is a critical …

Under the Influence: How Books, Movies, and Music Inspired Recent Games [PC] Posted on 3/11/2013
We ask a handful of developers to explain how their games were inspired by material outside the world of video …

StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm Aussie launch event [Macintosh] Posted on 3/10/2013
Excited for the launch of StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm? Tune in to the launch event, streamed live from …

SimCity Shows the Dark Side of Online Gaming [PC] Posted on 3/9/2013
SimCity’s launch was a disaster. Will our online games always be victim to such spectacularly bad releases?

What is GameSpot Videodrome [All] Posted on 3/8/2013
Videodrome filters your user created videos and grants you some recognition!

How Space Travel Influenced Ultima Creator [PC] Posted on 3/8/2013
Richard Garriott discusses how exotic travels have influenced his creative process, as well as why the Tolkien-style of writing for …

Artist Arcade - Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 [Xbox 360] Posted on 3/7/2013
In this edition of the Artist Arcade we take a look at fantastic artistic renditions of fan art for Naruto …

David Cage and the Race for a Faster Horse [PlayStation 3] Posted on 3/7/2013
Laura Parker speaks with the head of French game development house Quantic Dream about peer approval and the growth of …

Left 4 Dead 2 Modcast - Welcome to Croft Manor [Macintosh] Posted on 3/7/2013
Join us live for a tour around Croft Manor, which has recently become home to the My Little Ponies. Caution! …

Miyamoto: ‘I’m Creatively Satisfied’ [Wii U] Posted on 3/6/2013
Mario, Zelda creator Shigeru Miyamoto discusses how he stays creatively inspired when making sequels, Wii U struggles, and eventual retirement. …

Tomb Raider Live Brain Bust [Xbox 360] Posted on 3/6/2013
Are you brainy enough? Is your typing fast enough? We’re giving away a special Tomb Raider treat in this LIVE …

Top Five Skyrim Mods of the Week - Master Chief’s Gonna Rip Your Heart Out! [PC] Posted on 3/6/2013
Cam and Seb dip back into the wonderful world of Skyrim mods. This week we witness Master Chief go all …

GameSpot GamePlay Episode 32: World of Willy Wonka [PC] Posted on 3/5/2013
Tim and Holly Keenan from Misfits Attic guides us through the finer points of puzzle games, always-online DRM, and how …

User Reviews Recognition Changes [All] Posted on 3/5/2013
We retire the Top 100 and Top 500 reviewers emblems and reveal new ways to receive recognition for your written …

ARMA III: The Alpha and the Omega [PC] Posted on 3/5/2013
The ARMA III alpha test gives a tantalizing glimpse of what the upcoming war simulator has in store.

KingsRoad Beta Giveaway [PC] Posted on 3/5/2013
Now in open beta, KingsRoad combines the epic scope of traditional role-playing games with the easy access offered by browser-based …

BAFTA Games Awards Live [All] Posted on 3/5/2013
Join Danny, Johnny, and a few of their favourite beverages as we broadcast the 2013 BAFTA Games Awards.

Call of Duty: Black Ops II MLG Winter Championships March 15-17 [PlayStation 3] Posted on 3/4/2013
Top CoD teams will battle it out at for a $50,000 1st place prize and a spot at the 1 …

StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm MLG Winter Championship March 15-17 [Macintosh] Posted on 3/4/2013
MLG Winter Championships in Dallas on March 15-17th will showcase one of the first major StarCraft II: Heart of the …

League of Legends MLG Winter Championships March 15-17 [PC] Posted on 3/4/2013
Check out the League of Legends NA Summer Promotion Qualifier, International Exhibition, and Season Three NA League of Championship Series. …

Will Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Put the Series Back on Course? [PlayStation 4] Posted on 3/3/2013
This year’s Assassin’s Creed hopes piracy will keep the series ticking along.

Denial of the Self: Queer Characters in Persona 4 [PlayStation Vita] Posted on 3/1/2013
Persona 4 is full of fascinating, psychologically complex characters. But when it comes to issues of sexuality and gender identity, …

Artist Arcade - Tomb Raider [Xbox 360] Posted on 3/1/2013
In this edition of the Artist Arcade we take a look at fantastic artistic renditions of the newly rebooted Lara …

Taking The Longest Journey Home [PC] Posted on 3/1/2013
If the Dreamfall Chapters crowdfunding campaign is a runaway success, April Ryan will once again take center stage in The …

Don’t Hit Reset [3DS] Posted on 3/1/2013
Tom Mc Shea looks at how permanent death can create a strong emotional connection.

Chalk Talk - Horror [All] Posted on 3/1/2013
Welcome to Chalk Talk, we introduce our first ever Guest Contributor Starshine_M2A2 and we discuss what makes a good horror …

Eight 3DS Games Nintendo Needs to Bring to the West [3DS] Posted on 2/28/2013
Nintendo wants to bring more Japanese third-party games over to North America, but what could it have in mind?

What We Crave From Killzone: Shadow Fall [PlayStation 4] Posted on 2/28/2013
Kevin VanOrd and Chris Watters join forces to create a wishlist of features for the upcoming PlayStation 4 shooter, Killzone: …

Trials returns to PC - Trials Evolution: Gold Edition Gameplay Gallery [PC] Posted on 2/28/2013
Trials comes home to the PC in one big package. Hooray for motorbikes and repeatedly crashing!

Social Share: Tomb Raider Cosplay [Xbox 360] Posted on 2/28/2013
This edition of Social Share reveals the latest tech and gadgetry, Star Wars pinball, potential Battlestar Galactica TV show, and …

Top Five Counter-Strike Mods of the Week - Portal 2 and Nuketown [PC] Posted on 2/28/2013
Cam and Seb avoid enemy fire and many instances of copyright infringement to bring you the best Counter-Strike: Global Offensive …

FIFA ULTIMATE TEAM ASIA ALLSTARS Live Stream [Xbox 360] Posted on 2/27/2013
Didn’t score a ticket to our FIFA ULTIMATE TEAM ASIA ALLSTARS tournament? Catch all the action on the live stream! …

Defiance and the challenges of transmedia storytelling [PC] Posted on 2/27/2013
We speak to Syfy’s Mark Stern and Trion Worlds’ Nicholas Beliaeff about the upcoming MMO shooter and the accompanying TV …

Game Reboot Video Contest [Xbox 360] Posted on 2/27/2013
Win a copy of DmC for the PS3 or X360 in this video blog contest.

Sins of a Dark Age Beta Code Giveaway [PC] Posted on 2/27/2013
Click here to redeem your beta key for Sins of a Dark Age, the upcoming high-fantasy MOBA from developer Ironclad …

Top Five Skyrim Mods of the Week - Kiss Me…OH NO, NOT THE BEES [PC] Posted on 2/27/2013
Cam and Seb embark on another Skyrim mods quest, this time armed with killer bee magic and the power to …

Meeting the World’s Fastest Gamer [Xbox 360] Posted on 2/26/2013
Are racing games on the verge of becoming the next big thing in eSports? Joe Barron speaks to the iRacing …

Sound Byte: Meet The Composer - Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time [PlayStation Vita] Posted on 2/26/2013
We chat with Peter McConnell, a music-composing veteran whose latest work is on the recent Sly Cooper entry on the …

GameSpot GamePlay Episode 31: Covert Taboo Action [Xbox 360] Posted on 2/26/2013
Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli joins Kevin, Caro, Tom, and Peter to tell us what the next generation means for him. …

Exploring the GTX Titan, Nvidia’s Supercomputer-Grade Graphics Card [All] Posted on 2/26/2013
Nvidia took the GK110-packed K20X graphics card and retooled it into a gaming-grade solution with serious chops, but how many …

Unicorn Apocalypse Game Creation Contest [All] Posted on 2/26/2013
That’s right, call forth the Unicorn Apocalypse for your chance at winning $25,000!

Win an Xbox 360 and Collectors Edition of Tomb Raider! [Xbox 360] Posted on 2/25/2013
We’re giving away an Xbox 360 and a Collectors Edition of Tomb Raider to one lucky winner, plus 50 runners …

The Emotional Price of Making Video Games [Xbox 360] Posted on 2/25/2013
Making games can be a grueling, all-consuming process. John Davison talks to developers about the significant emotional challenges of this …

Podcast Episode 30: The Beefy Center of your Meat Arsenal [PlayStation 4] Posted on 2/22/2013
A Valley Without Wind 2 developer Chris Park joins us to discuss the PlayStation 4, our fondest memories of 1UP …

The PlayStation Meeting: Under the Microscope [PlayStation 4] Posted on 2/22/2013
Kevin VanOrd and Martin Gaston go head to head on whether or not the PlayStation 4 announcement was a success. …

Introducing the new GameSpot iPhone App [All] Posted on 2/22/2013
Find out all about the exciting new features available in the newly updated iPhone app, available on the App Store …

Fear of a Woman Warrior [PlayStation 3] Posted on 2/22/2013
The development of Aliens: Colonial Marines and comments from Epic Games’ art director reveal a troubling attitude about strong women …

The Tyranny of King Washington - Creative Writing Contest [Xbox 360] Posted on 2/22/2013
Win a season pass for the new Assassins Creed 3 DLC - The Tyranny of King Washington in this creative …

OzHadou Nationals 11 Live Stream [Xbox 360] Posted on 2/21/2013
Australia’s longest running fighting game national tournament is kicking off this weekend. Thanks to the live stream you can join …

Developers Can Be Creative with the PlayStation 4’s Social Features [PlayStation 3] Posted on 2/21/2013
Tom Mc Shea hypothesizes how PlayStation 4 games could use the system’s functionality in unique and crazy ways.

FIFA ULTIMATE TEAM ASIA ALLSTARS Tournament [Xbox 360] Posted on 2/21/2013
Do you play FIFA 2013? Fight to prove yourself as the best FIFA 13 player in Asia Pacific and win …

My, That’s a Fine-Looking Necromorph - Dead Space 3 Graphics Comparison [PC] Posted on 2/21/2013
Which version of Dead Space 3 is the best looking? You decide.

Starting From Scratch - Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn [PC] Posted on 2/21/2013
Is the upcoming MMOG a true rebirth, or will it reopen old wounds?

PlayStation 4 photo gallery [PlayStation 4] Posted on 2/20/2013
Get your first close-up look at Sony’s new DualShock controller and camera system for the PlayStation 4.

The State of PlayStation 3’s Missing Exclusives [PlayStation 3] Posted on 2/19/2013
Ahead of the PlayStation 4 announcement, we look back on some of the PlayStation 3 exclusives that have gone MIA. …

Wishful Thinking: Predicting the PlayStation 4 [PlayStation 3] Posted on 2/19/2013
GameSpot staff from around the globe sound off on their hopes and dreams for Sony’s new console.

PlayStation 4 Rumor Roundup [PlayStation 4] Posted on 2/19/2013
With just a day to go before the PlayStation Meeting, what do we already know about the platform? What do …

GameSpot UK Podcast Live [All] Posted on 2/19/2013
Join us live every week as we record the GameSpot UK Podcast.

Destiny Unveiled: What Bungie’s Next Game Is (And Isn’t) All About [Xbox 360] Posted on 2/17/2013
The wait is over. It’s time to dig into Bungie’s ambitious successor to Halo.

AZUBU Collegiate Champions Grand Finals [PC] Posted on 2/16/2013
Watch as the Grand Finals makes it way to Los Angeles on February 16th-17th for both StarCraft II and League …

A Sight For Ore Eyes: Examining The Geology Of Skyrim [PC] Posted on 2/15/2013
Trained geologist Jane Robb wonders what we can learn from the geology of Skyrim and if it’s accurate enough for …

Sound Byte Radio Episode 13: Ico, Chrono Cross, To The Moon [PlayStation 2] Posted on 2/14/2013
This month’s music podcast playlist will put you in the mood for love, with songs from Team Ico’s adventure title …

Artist Arcade - Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch [PlayStation 3] Posted on 2/14/2013
This edition of Artist Arcade highlights amazing fan art for Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch.

Crysis 3 Live From London’s BFI IMAX [Xbox 360] Posted on 2/14/2013
Join the GameSpot UK team live from London’s BFI IMAX for an advance look at Crysis 3.

GameSpot Asia Beat Ep. 18 - Blasting Into Orbis [PlayStation 4] Posted on 2/13/2013
Raccoons, monster girls, and good old Sony-themed next-gen forecasting is the main course for this week’s Asian gaming podcast.

PlayStation Meeting 2013: PS4 Announcement? [PlayStation 4] Posted on 2/13/2013
Come back here on February 20 at 3 p.m. PST/6 p.m. EST to see our live coverage of Sony’s PlayStation …

Be my Valentine live stream [Xbox 360] Posted on 2/13/2013
In a celebration of all things romantic, the GameSpot AU team will be conducting a special Valentine’s Day themed stream! …

League of Legends Championship Series Season 3 Week 2 Coverage [PC] Posted on 2/13/2013
Week one of the LCS Season 3 has come and gone, but the action continues to pick up in week …

Top Five Skyrim Mods of the Week Live [PC] Posted on 2/12/2013
Cam and Seb take to the sky with a skeletal steed as they hunt down a dragon on the island …

GameSpot GamePlay Episode 28: Eat My Dead Skin [PC] Posted on 2/12/2013
Destructoid reviews editor Jim Sterling stops by for a nice long talk about Killzone, Kinect, and how much he hates …

Gaming Has Already Grown Up [PlayStation 3] Posted on 2/12/2013
Tom Mc Shea examines the deeper themes present in games, and how the industry is more mature than some think. …

GameSpot WANTS YOU! [All] Posted on 2/12/2013

With Connor Gone, Where Could Assassin’s Creed Go Next? [Xbox 360] Posted on 2/9/2013
Martin picks out the places he wants to travel to in the next Assassin’s Creed.

Light in the Darkness: Dealing With Depression in Games [PC] Posted on 2/8/2013
Are games capable of meaningfully confronting the difficult issue of depression? The creators of two new games think so.

The Neverwinter Live Stream Extravaganza [PC] Posted on 2/8/2013
It’s a beta weekend for Neverwinter, so Kevin is jumping in to see what’s happening in the Forgotten Realms.

Dreamfall Chapters: Keeping Faith in the Long Journey Ahead [PC] Posted on 2/7/2013
Fans of The Longest Journey and Dreamfall will once again return to Arcadia, should Red Thread Games’ Kickstarter campaign prove …

In Defense of Video Game Violence [PlayStation 3] Posted on 2/7/2013
A personal account of the impact of gaming, gun ownership, and growing up.

Reviewers of the Month: January [All] Posted on 2/7/2013
We highlight our favorite reviews of the month.

Field Trip: Career Move [All] Posted on 2/7/2013
In the latest field trip we share some jobs to get you into the game industry, items to loot or …

GameSpot UK Podcast 07/02/13: Prison Architect, Next Gen Rumours [PC] Posted on 2/7/2013
Join the GameSpot UK team and Prison Architect developers Introversion Software as they cover the week’s gaming news and answer …

League of Legends Championship Series Season 3 Begins [PC] Posted on 2/6/2013
Tune in on 2/7 - 2/10 for the Live Stream and coverage of the opening week of the League of …

Remember Me Gameplay - Memorable or Forgettable? [Xbox 360] Posted on 2/6/2013
Check out our brand-new, fresh-as-a-French-baguette gameplay of Capcom’s upcoming third-person action adventure game Remember Me.

Trials Evolution: Gold Edition - Live Stream [PC] Posted on 2/6/2013
Trials is returning to the PC this year with the Gold Edition. Get a live sneak preview.

Social Share: Safe and Secure [All] Posted on 2/5/2013
Social Share: Find ways to keep secure and ways to cause some mischief.

The Fighting Millionaires of Injustice: Gods Among Us [Wii U] Posted on 2/5/2013
Take a closer look at the combat styles of Injustice’s richest, most gadget-oriented superheroes: Batman and Green Arrow.

Artist Arcade - League of Legends [PC] Posted on 2/5/2013
This edition of Artist Arcade highlights amazing fan art for League of Legends!

GameSpot GamePlay Episode 28: Occupy Animal Crossing [Xbox 360] Posted on 2/5/2013
Developer David Gallant joins Kevin, Tom, Caro, and Chris to get ‘roided up and expose Unitology for the scam it …

Experience Crysis 3 on the UK’s biggest cinema screen with GameSpot [Xbox 360] Posted on 2/5/2013
On February 14, GameSpot is bringing Crysis 3 to the biggest screen in the UK, and you’re invited! Here’s our …

Abandoning Tradition to Keep Castlevania Relevant [3DS] Posted on 2/4/2013
The man in charge of Castlevania reveals that forging a new path for the series was the only way to …

MLG StarCraft II Heart of the Swarm Winter Season Showdowns [Macintosh] Posted on 2/4/2013
Watch as top players battle it out in Online Winter Showdowns leading up to the Exhibition Tournament at the MLG …

Win an exclusive Defiance costume, PlayStation 3 and an Ultimate Edition of the game [PC] Posted on 2/4/2013
We have an original costume from the Defiance live-action trailer, a PS3 console, and an Ultimate Edition of the game …

Call of Duty: Black Ops II Live Stream Competition [Xbox 360] Posted on 2/3/2013
Want to see what the new Call of Duty: Black Ops II Revolution DLC has to offer? We play through …

Friday: Teenage Mutant Ninja Rabbits [PC] Posted on 2/2/2013
Aubrey Serr of Wolfire Games demonstrates how two highly-skilled ninja rabbits would face off in mortal combat.

Fire Emblem Character Battle [3DS] Posted on 2/1/2013
Who is the best Fire Emblem character? Show off your favorite character and get a chance to win a Fire …

Staying Human in the Inhuman World of The Last of Us [PlayStation 3] Posted on 2/1/2013
Take a closer look at the influences and inspiration behind Naughty Dog’s upcoming postapocalyptic survival game, The Last of Us. …

Thursday: On the Art of Punching Fists [PC] Posted on 2/1/2013
Matt and Jake Lewandowski join us to reveal the origins of indie brawler Fist Puncher–as well as reminisce on other …

Crysis 3 Multiplayer Beta Face Off: Xbox 360 vs PC [Xbox 360] Posted on 2/1/2013
Who wins? You decide! (It’s PC.)

Sound Byte: Meet the Performer - Malaysian guest artist for Distant Worlds [PlayStation 3] Posted on 1/31/2013
We had a short online chat with Az Samad, a Malaysian guitarist and composer who was a guest performer for …

Grand Theft Auto Vice City Bumper Sticker Contest [PlayStation 2] Posted on 1/31/2013
We’re giving away Grand Theft Auto: Vice City swag in our bumper sticker contest.

GameSpot GamePlay Special Edition Spoilercast: Ni no Kuni [PlayStation 3] Posted on 1/31/2013
Destructoid’s Jim Sterling and Polygon’s Phil Kollar join Kevin to dissect Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch and …

Five Technologies That Will Change the Future of Gaming [Wii] Posted on 1/31/2013
A handful of daringly creative teams have made it their mission to reinvent the way we’ll view and play our …

Wednesday: Creating Combos in Super Comboman [PC] Posted on 1/31/2013
The team at Interabang Entertainment gives a behind-the-scenes look at the art and animation of their side scroller sticker brawler, …

EA Sports Challenge Series Powered by Virgin Gaming [PlayStation 3] Posted on 1/30/2013
The EA Sports Challenge Series Finals are here! Watch the best FIFA, Madden, and NHL players in the world as …

Tuesday: Crime and Car Chases in Sub Rosa [All] Posted on 1/30/2013
Developer Alex Austin lays down the basics of Sub Rosa: a dynamic, high-stakes crime game where deceit and betrayal are …

The Hive mind behind the Ong Bak video game [Android] Posted on 1/29/2013
We speak to Thai-based developer Studio Hive about its upcoming game based on the Thai martial arts action series.

GameSpot GamePlay Episode 27: Vibrate Your Molecules [PlayStation 3] Posted on 1/29/2013
DC Universe Online Creative Director Jens Andersen joins the GameSpot team to pit lizards against foxes in this superpowered podcast. …

Monday: Unleashing A Virus Named TOM [PC] Posted on 1/29/2013
Meet TOM, a computer virus sent to destroy a future utopia. Whether alone or with friends, TOM must riddle his …

Falling in Love With Lara - Live Stream [PlayStation] Posted on 1/28/2013
Join Johnny as he teams up with Lara Croft to raid some tombs and generally have a good time.

Five Games to Watch From the Heart of San Francisco [PC] Posted on 1/28/2013
The City by the Bay is fast becoming a hotbed for independent game development. Discover five future hits from this …

The Consequences of Unchecked Violence [PlayStation 3] Posted on 1/28/2013
Tom Mc Shea examines the growing concerns surrounding violent games and how the proposed legislation is not entirely off the …

What Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4 Will Take From PCs [Xbox 720] Posted on 1/27/2013
With AMD hardware rumoured to be in both next-generation consoles, just what does that mean for developers, gamers, and the …

Waiting for the Greenlight From Valve [PC] Posted on 1/25/2013
Developer David Gallant shares the trials and tribulations of getting a game through Steam’s new submission process.

Iron Squid Chapter II Squid Calling Tournament 1/26 [Macintosh] Posted on 1/25/2013
The second chapter of Iron Squid is coming to an end with its grand finals Starcraft II Tournament that will …

League of Legends Season 3 EU Qualifiers 1/25 - 1/27 [PC] Posted on 1/25/2013
Watch as 16 teams battle it out for five coveted spots in Riot’s League of Legends Season 3.

Left 4 Dead 2 Mod Live Stream - Dinosaurs All Up in My Helm’s Deep [Macintosh] Posted on 1/24/2013
It’s an army bred for a single purpose: to destroy the world of DINOSAURS.

Fishin’ with Dan [All] Posted on 1/24/2013
Catch up with the latest gaming news and get involved with discussion about the industry, set to the backdrop of …

Is Nintendo Trapped by Its Legacy? [Wii U] Posted on 1/24/2013
Tom Mc Shea explains why Nintendo’s latest game announcements fail to muster much excitement.

It’s Time to Say Goodbye to Atari, Once and for All [PlayStation 2] Posted on 1/24/2013
All the Atari name is good for anymore is nostalgia. It’s time for it to go away, to spare it …

Random Encounter Live [All] Posted on 1/24/2013
Join the live stream for Danny’s Random Encounter of the day.

MAG II Wireless Gun Controller Review [PC] Posted on 1/24/2013
The MAG II is an overpriced and unreliable peripheral that makes playing all your favourite shooters a throughly frustrating experience. …

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Live Stream [PC] Posted on 1/23/2013
Pull on your finest tunic and join Johnny Chiodini on the battlefield with Chivalry: Medieval Warfare.

GameSpot Asia Beat Ep. 17: Objection May Cry to Infinity [3DS] Posted on 1/23/2013
Southeast Asia’s best video gaming podcast continues with more game-talk geekery with Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney, DMC, and Disney …

Wii U News Roundup [Wii U] Posted on 1/23/2013
Nintendo Direct presentation today brought news of two Wii U Zelda games, Miiverse for smartphones, and an all-new Virtual Console …

Random Encounter Live - Prison Architect [PC] Posted on 1/23/2013
Join GameSpot’s resident warden, Danny O’Dwyer, for today’s Random Encounter with Prison Architect.

Boss Battle Bonanza - DmC: Devil May Cry [PlayStation 3] Posted on 1/23/2013
Those pesky DmC bosses giving you trouble? GameSpot is on hand with some tips to help you slay those dastardly …

Dead Space 3 Co-op: Are Two Heads Really Better Than One? [PC] Posted on 1/22/2013
We explore the first four acts of Dead Space 3, and how adding another player does–or doesn’t–affect the course of …

House of Horrors [PC] Posted on 1/22/2013
Love horror games? Tune in to our weekly House of Horrors live stream, where we will showcase a variety of …

Offsite Image Hosting Rules Are Changing: What You Need to Know [All] Posted on 1/22/2013
We’re making some changes to our rules around offsite image hosting for user avatars, forum signatures, etc. to combat malware …

Dead Island Riptide and the problem with video game marketing [PC] Posted on 1/22/2013
What decisions affect the marketing of a video game? What responsibilities do publishers have when creating advertising material? Five different …

Chris Taylor: Arguing Over Business Models Is Silly [PC] Posted on 1/22/2013
Gas Powered Games CEO says gamers should support what they love and not get caught up in the noise; believes …

The Cave Live Stream [Wii U] Posted on 1/22/2013
The Cave hits digital storefronts tomorrow, so we’re celebrating with the live stream to end all live streams about this …

THQ: What Happens Next? [Xbox 360] Posted on 1/22/2013
How did THQ get into such a dire state, and what’s going to happen now?

GameSpot UK Podcast Live 22/01/13: Xbox 720, The Cave, Ni No Kuni [PC] Posted on 1/21/2013
Join us as we dig into to the lastest Xbox 720 rumours, Ron Gilbert’s The Cave, and the Ghibli animated …

American McGee: The Man, The Brand [PC] Posted on 1/21/2013
Kevin VanOrd talks to famed developer American McGee about twisted fairy tales, good ideas gone bad, and the high price …

Shots in the Dark: Where Gaming’s Going [PlayStation 3] Posted on 1/21/2013
Tom Mc Shea theorizes how this generation’s trends will affect the next generation of consoles.

Random Encounter Live - Antichamber [PC] Posted on 1/21/2013
Danny takes on highly-acclaimed indie puzzler Antichamber in today’s live stream.

Power to the People: The Text Adventures of Twine [All] Posted on 1/20/2013
Carolyn Petit considers the importance of a new tool that makes it possible for almost anyone to create a game. …

More MechWarrior Online and Hawken videos [PC] Posted on 1/18/2013
Feast your eyes on even more mechanized carnage in these videos.

Random Encounter Live - Cannon Fodder [PC] Posted on 1/18/2013
Danny heads out to the front lines with today’s Random Encounter, as we play Cannon Fodder.

SoCal Regionals Road to Evolution 2013 [PlayStation 3] Posted on 1/17/2013
Watch as the top fighting game players duke it out at the first major FGC tournament of the year on …

How Steam and Android Will Change Gaming Forever [PC] Posted on 1/17/2013
The next-generation hardware war is far more than just the typical three platforms duking it out. The big threats on …

IEM begins 2013 in Katowice [PC] Posted on 1/17/2013
IEM Katowice will feature Starcraft II, League of Legends, World of Tanks, CS:GO, and FIFA 13 this weekend starting on …

Random Encounter Live - Quake III Arena [PC] Posted on 1/17/2013
Grab a railgun and blast your way through Quake III Arena with Danny and Martin.

Ni No Kuni Live Stream Spectacular [PlayStation 3] Posted on 1/16/2013
Studio Ghibli and Level 5’s RPG finally makes it to the West, and to celebrate the embargo lifting, we’ll be …

Sound Byte Radio Episode 12: The Rest of 2012’s Finest Music [PC] Posted on 1/16/2013
GameSpot’s music podcast is back after a long break. This month, we feature the rest of 2012’s game music absent …

The PULSE NASL’s New eSports Show [PC] Posted on 1/16/2013
THE NASL is back with a new live show called The Pulse that will be on Sundays with the entire …

GameSpot GamePlay Episode 26: The Soup is a Problem [PC] Posted on 1/16/2013
You know what’s awesome? Frog Fractions. So is its creator, Jim Crawford, who joins the GameSpot crew to talk about …

Does Nvidia Hold the Key to a Linux-Based Steam Box? [All] Posted on 1/16/2013
Gabe Newell is confident about Valve’s Steam Box running Linux, but it may not be possible without a little help …

Kickstarter Is a Full-Time Job [PC] Posted on 1/16/2013
Think you know what makes a successful Kickstarter campaign? Get the inside story from five teams who met their goals. …

Random Encounter Live - Delta Force [PC] Posted on 1/16/2013
Enlist with Danny and Johnny as they experience the voxel-based warfare of Delta Force.

Random Encounter Live - Waking Mars [Unix/Linux] Posted on 1/15/2013
Join Danny on a journey of exploration as he plays Waking Mars.

GameSpot UK Podcast Live 15/01/13: DmC, HMV Enters Administration [PC] Posted on 1/14/2013
Join the UK Podcast live as we take a look at today’s big release, DmC: Devil May Cry, and share …

Random Encounter Live - Mafia [PC] Posted on 1/14/2013
Danny and Johnny don their fedoras as Random Encounter heads back to Lost Heaven for Mafia.

Angels and Demons - DmC: Devil May Cry Gameplay [PlayStation 3] Posted on 1/13/2013
Feast your eyes on some spoiler-free gameplay from Dante’s latest outing.

DmC: Devil May Cry Live Stream Bonzana [PC] Posted on 1/13/2013
The embargo for Ninja Theory’s reboot of Devil May Cry has lifted, so we’re here to tell you everything you …

Trials Evolution’s Best User Creations [Xbox 360] Posted on 1/11/2013
Justin Calvert shows off some of his favorite community-created content for Trials Evolution.

League of Legends Season 3 NA Qualifiers 1/11 - 1/13 [PC] Posted on 1/11/2013
Watch as 16 teams battle it out for 5 coveted spots in Riot’s League of Legends Season 3.

The Empathy Game [PC] Posted on 1/11/2013
Carolyn Petit looks at three games that strive to give you an understanding of some often-unpleasant real-world experiences.

Random Encounter Live - Devil May Cry [PlayStation 2] Posted on 1/11/2013
The DmC reboot lands next week, so today we’re going back to the beginning with the original Devil May Cry. …

Razer Sabertooth Controller Review [All] Posted on 1/10/2013
Razer’s latest Xbox 360 accessory looks similar to its Onza controller, but the Sabertooth outperforms it in almost every way, …

Are High-End Graphics Worth the Trouble? [Xbox 360] Posted on 1/10/2013
Tom Mc Shea and Chris Watters debate the merits of pursuing realistic visuals at increasingly high costs.

Random Encounter Live - Kingpin: Life of Crime [PC] Posted on 1/10/2013
Today on Random Encounter, Danny and Johnny crank up Cypress Hill while they play Kingpin: Life of Crime.

GameSpot Asia Beat Ep. 16: 2013 - A Geek Odyssey [Xbox 360] Posted on 1/9/2013
We start off 2013 with a game-amplified bang, starting with Warframe, BioShock Infinite, Pokemon X and Y, and whole lot …

GameSpot’s Paid Subscription Service is Ending: FAQ [All] Posted on 1/9/2013
GameSpot’s paid subscriptions services are ending. If you’re a Total Access or GameSpot Plus subscriber, the answers to your questions …

Random Encounter Live - Giants: Citizen Kabuto [PC] Posted on 1/9/2013
Join Danny and Martin for the first outing of our new live show, Random Encounter.

GameSpot GamePlay Episode 25: Tap Tap-a-Roo [PC] Posted on 1/8/2013
IGN’s Casey Lynch joins Kevin and the GameSpot team to discuss THQ, pit one Far Cry game against another, and …

GameSpot UK Podcast Live 08/01/13 [All] Posted on 1/8/2013
We’re back in the studio for the first podcast of the year with new starter Martin Gaston.

Crysis 3 IMAX [All] Posted on 1/7/2013
Trailers, images and the chance to get tickets to our London IMAX event on February 14th.

The Three Player Types Who Will Love XCOM’s New DLC [Xbox 360] Posted on 1/7/2013
XCOM: Enemy Unknown–Second Wave is upon us. Which player types will benefit most from this free add-on, and are you …

Steam, Next Gen Consoles, and The Importance of a Good Story: Predictions for 2013 [PlayStation 3] Posted on 1/5/2013
Will we finally see Half-Life 3? What will the next Xbox be called? Red Robot Labs’ John Davison tells us …

The Most Unlikely Fighter You’ve Never Heard Of [All] Posted on 1/4/2013
The fans who became developers share the surprising story of Fighting Is Magic, a My Little Pony-inspired fighting game. …

GameSpot GamePlay Episode 24: Rubbing the Cow Gently [PC] Posted on 1/3/2013
Kevin VanOrd hosts an overstuffed, post-holiday crew of Tom, Carolyn, Peter, and Tyler, who all agree that caressing is better …

Xbox Live: No Longer the Gold Standard [Xbox 720] Posted on 1/3/2013
Why Xbox Live Gold should not return in the coming generation.

R18+: What Happens Next? [All] Posted on 12/31/2012
R18+ is officially introduced in Australia today, but what does this mean for previously banned games? And what about the …

LittleBigPlanet Vita’s Best User Creations [PlayStation Vita] Posted on 12/28/2012
A few months after the release of LittleBigPlanet Vita, we check out some of its best user-created levels and minigames. …

MvP Invitational will feature 48 of the best from MLG and Proleague [Macintosh] Posted on 12/27/2012
Tune in December 23 - January 6th as the MvP Tournament will showcase the MLG vs Proleague players.

Personal Perspectives: The Top Ten of 2012 [PlayStation 3] Posted on 12/25/2012
The GameSpot editors reveal their personal top 10 lists for 2012.

This Week in Games - December 22, 2012 [PlayStation 3] Posted on 12/22/2012
Happy Holidays! BioShock, bankruptcy, Borderlands DLC, the decline of western civilization, Bobbty Kotick’s dating life, and the NRA.

A look back on 2012 [All] Posted on 12/20/2012
With the year drawing to a close, we take a look back at the big Aussie news and events during …

The Year of the Combo [Wii U] Posted on 12/20/2012
2012 was a tremendous year for fighting games. What trends emerge from such an outstanding lineup, and how can we …

At the Crossroads of Violence: Drive Meets Hotline Miami [PC] Posted on 12/20/2012
Carolyn Petit delves into the motivations for and costs of violence in Hotline Miami and the film Drive.

GameSpot’s XCOM Iron Man Challenge - LIVE! [Xbox 360] Posted on 12/20/2012
With only a few survivors left in the office this week, Johnny takes to re-creating his colleagues in XCOM. Will …

From God of War to Assassin’s Creed: The Musical Journey of Winifred Phillips [PlayStation Vita] Posted on 12/19/2012
Composer Winifred Philips shares the story of how her passions led to a prominent career in game music.

GameSpot’s Guide to Racing Wheels [Xbox 360] Posted on 12/18/2012
Looking to take your racing to the next level? Joe Barron gets to grips with some of the best wheels …

Sound Byte: Meet the Composer – Jack Wall [Xbox 360] Posted on 12/18/2012
We talk to the legendary composer about his recent stint with Call of Duty: Black Ops II.

GameSpot Beat the Pros: League of Legends with Team SoloMid [All] Posted on 12/18/2012
Do you have the skills to take on the amazing League of Legends Pro’s Team SoloMid?

Downsizing Your Rig? Build A Mini-ITX PC [PC] Posted on 12/17/2012
Armed with an EVGA Z77 Stinger, a Bitfenix Prodigy, and a load of Corsair kit, Mark sets out to build …

Perspective on Perspective [PC] Posted on 12/17/2012
We chat with the creators of Perspective, an experimental first-person puzzler, about their inspirations, goals, and perspectives.

Inspired by 70s king-fu flicks: Sleeping Dogs: The Zodiac Tournament Gameplay Gallery [Xbox 360] Posted on 12/17/2012
Classic eastern action cinema has influenced the latest Sleeping Dogs downloadable content, which we got to see ahead of its …

Hunting endangered species in Far Cry 3 [PC] Posted on 12/17/2012
Johnny tools up and takes to Far Cry 3 in order to terrorise the local wildlife.

Far Cry 3 Unarmed Jungle Death Adventure with Cameron Robinson [PlayStation 3] Posted on 12/16/2012
Watch Cam as he attempts to make it across Far Cry 3’s island paradise with no equipment. Will he survive? …

Why Australian game prices will not drop [All] Posted on 12/16/2012
We speak to industry insiders to find out why the future of the Australian video game industry depends on video …

This Week in Games - December 15, 2012 [PlayStation 3] Posted on 12/15/2012
The imminence of the Steam Box, what Cliff’s up to next, the mysterious Phantom Pain, Dark Souls, and the next …

Halo 4’s Episodic Experiment Reaches the Mid-Season Mark [Xbox 360] Posted on 12/14/2012
Chris Watters looks back at the first five episodes of Spartan Ops and highlights what went right, and what went …

Now Playing Live - Sleeping Dogs: Zodiac Tournament DLC [PC] Posted on 12/14/2012
Join us for a live look at the latest expansion for Sleeping Dogs, Zodiac Tournament, inspired by the Kung Fu …

GameSpot UK Podcast Live - Mega-News Quiz Special [All] Posted on 12/13/2012
The GameSpot UK team are looking back at the year with a fiendish mega-news quiz from the warped mind of …

Sound Byte: Best of 2012 In Game Music [Macintosh] Posted on 12/13/2012
We take you to an audio-filled ride on the game soundtracks that made this year great.

Supply, Demand, and SimCity’s Global Market [PC] Posted on 12/13/2012
Lead designer Stone Librande reveals how the global market can transform the most environmentally friendly city planner into a high-rolling …

GameSpot Asia Beat Ep. 15 - Goodbye, 2012 [Xbox 360] Posted on 12/12/2012
We say farewell to 2012, recapping the highs and lows of the year.

League of Legends - Learning to Play Diary [All] Posted on 12/12/2012
Join me as I learn to play League of Legends, going from scrub to champion during the month of December. …

Don’t Fear Dark Souls’ More Accessible Sequel [PC] Posted on 12/12/2012
Tom Mc Shea hypothesizes how Dark Souls II could retain the series’ punishing appeal while welcoming in new players.

All The Secret World’s a Stage [PC] Posted on 12/11/2012
Kevin VanOrd looks at where The Secret World has gone and where it’s going, including the details of its new …

GameSpot GamePlay Episode 22: Doesn’t Suck [PC] Posted on 12/11/2012
Planetside 2 Creative Director Matt Higby joins Kevin and crew to discuss creativity, conspiracies, and whether developers ever make things …

The Making of Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden [PC] Posted on 12/11/2012
Designers Eric Shumaker and Brian Raum explain how Charles Barkley, the post-cyberpocalypse, and Space Jam came together into one hilarious …

League of Legends Holiday Parade Art Contest [All] Posted on 12/10/2012
Enter in our League of Legends Holiday Parade Art Contest! Be the entry to beat and you could take home …

League of Legends Holiday Parade [PC] Posted on 12/10/2012
Celebrate League of Legends with GameSpot this December in our Holiday Parade!

GTA On Your Mobile - Grand Theft Auto: Vice City iOS Gameplay [All] Posted on 12/10/2012
Wondering what Vice City looks like on Apple’s retina display iPad? Check out these clips from the beginning of Rockstar’s …

Tomb Raider: A Second Opinion [PlayStation 3] Posted on 12/10/2012
There’s nothing wrong with differing opinions on video games, despite the protests of the gaming community.

The OzSpot End of Year Edition [Xbox 360] Posted on 12/9/2012
Santa, games, hats, and more! Join us for the final episode of The OzSpot for 2012 looking back over some …

This Week in Games - December 8, 2012 [Xbox 360] Posted on 12/9/2012
Halo and Call of Duty sales numbers, Reggie defends the Wii U, BioShock is delayed again, and we learn why …

Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Grand Finals [All] Posted on 12/8/2012
The climax of the Street Fighter 25th Anniversary is finally here and will be hosted in San Francisco, California on …

NASL Season 4 Grand Finals December 8-9th [All] Posted on 12/8/2012
The NASL Season 4 comes to an end this weekend with the Grand Finals in Long Beach where the top …

GameSpot’s Best of 2012 Awards [All] Posted on 12/7/2012
The year has almost come to an end and it’s time once again to determine the best games of 2012. …

Firefall Beta Key Giveaway [All] Posted on 12/6/2012
Click here to redeem your beta key for Firefall, the upcoming sci-fi MMORPG/MMOFPS hybrid from developer Red 5 Studios.

Do Hardware Gimmicks Matter? [Xbox 360] Posted on 12/6/2012
Tom Mc Shea explains why developers shouldn’t force themselves to take advantage of every hardware-specific feature.

Exploring Solstheim - Skryim: Dragonborn Gameplay Gallery [Xbox 360] Posted on 12/5/2012
Venture to the island of Solstheim and get your very own dragon mount in Skyrim’s Dragonborn expansion.

GameSpot GamePlay Episode 21: I Like Getting Murdered [Xbox 360] Posted on 12/5/2012
Host Kevin VanOrd welcomes Tom Mc Shea, Carolyn Petit, Shaun McInnis, and Tyler Winegarner to discuss phallus monsters and some …

Far Cry 3 Game Guide [Xbox 360] Posted on 12/4/2012
GameSpot’s Far Cry 3 game guide helps you learn the most efficient ways to tame the jungle. Or… ways to …

Now Playing Live - The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim: Dragonborn [Xbox 360] Posted on 12/4/2012
Join us for a look at what the latest Skyrim DLC, Dragonborn, has on offer. Caution, may contain dragons.

EVGA Z77 Stinger Hands-On In Pictures [All] Posted on 12/4/2012
Looking to build an uber-overclocked Mini-ITX gaming system? Here’s a first look at EVGA’s brand new Z77 Stinger motherboard.

GameSpot UK Podcast Live 04/12/12 [All] Posted on 12/4/2012
Join us for the GameSpot UK Podcast as we try out a new live stream setup.

German Studio NG:DEV.TEAM Keeps the Spirit of the Neo Geo Alive [Dreamcast] Posted on 12/3/2012
The Neo Geo scene continues to thrive thanks to the dedicated Hellwig brothers, who in 2000 began developing original games …

Incoming: Best of 2012 Awards [PC] Posted on 12/3/2012
GameSpot’s annual awards and people’s choice award voting are coming soon.

The OzSpot 04/12/12: Lucky Dip Russian Edition [All] Posted on 12/3/2012
Join us for another week of the OzSpot where we dip into our magical Lucky Dip hat and discuss whatever …

This Week in Games - December 1, 2012 [PC] Posted on 12/1/2012
Wii U sales numbers, a new stripped down Wii just for Canadians, Destiny leaks a little, and Hideo Kojima doesn’t …

Call of Duty’s Botched Innovation [PlayStation 3] Posted on 11/30/2012
Chris Watters reports on two promising new features that failed to deliver in Black Ops II.

War Games: A Word From Our Soldiers [PlayStation 3] Posted on 11/30/2012
In this feature, we hand over the soapbox to members of the armed forces, who share their thoughts on the …

Alienware StarCraft II Professional/Amateur Tournament: Singapore [PC] Posted on 11/29/2012
Watch Singapore’s best compete in our exclusive StarCraft II tournament. And you can join in too!

Early Stars in the Miiverse Skies [Wii U] Posted on 11/29/2012
Carolyn Petit is intrigued by the opportunities for self-expression and social connection in Nintendo’s new community, the Miiverse.

GameSpot Asia Beat Ep. 14: A Street Fighter Retrospective [PlayStation 2] Posted on 11/28/2012
This week’s Asia-centric gaming podcast details the enormous history of the Street Fighter series. From 3D iterations to the nonsensical …

Aussie Wii U roundup [Wii U] Posted on 11/28/2012
Looking for details on the Wii U console? We’ve got all the information for the Aussie GameSpot launch!

IPL 5 League of Legends Live Stream [PC] Posted on 11/28/2012
IGN Pro League to host a $100,000 League of Legends Tournament with top teams: Taipei Assassins, Azubu Blaze, Moscow 5, …

IPL 5 ShootMania $100,000 Tournament [PC] Posted on 11/28/2012
Get ready for an intense ShootMania tournament at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas on 11/29-12/2 hosted by the IGN Pro …

IPL 5 and GSL Code S StarCraft II Live Streams [All] Posted on 11/28/2012
IPL 5 will showcase top StarCraft II players battling it out for $100,000 in prizes as well as help host …

MLG StarCraft II Tournament of Champions [PC] Posted on 11/28/2012
Watch as 8 StarCraft II Champions duke it out for a first place prize pool of $5,000 in single elimination …

MLG League of Legends Season 3 Online Qualifying Tournament Stream [All] Posted on 11/28/2012
MLG announces a League of Legends Championship Series Season 3 Online Qualifier with up to 32 teams to compete in …

GameSpot GamePlay Episode 20: Remote-Controlled Rocket Launcher [PC] Posted on 11/27/2012
Ironclad Games’ Blair Fraser confesses his sins to a voracious GameSpot team that’s too busy eating a Bigfoot pizza to …

#1ReasonWhy You Should Pay Attention [All] Posted on 11/27/2012
GameSpot editors Laura Parker and Carolyn Petit discuss the importance of stamping out sexism in the games industry.

The OzSpot 27/11/12: The Lara Croft edition [PC] Posted on 11/26/2012
This week on the podcast we’re joined by Tomb Raider senior art director Brian Horton!

A Stage Is Worth a Thousand Words [Wii U] Posted on 11/26/2012
Fighting game stages once spoke volumes about the characters they represent. Why is this so uncommon in modern fighters?

Sound Byte: Meet the Composer – AC III: Liberation [PlayStation Vita] Posted on 11/25/2012
We speak to Winifred Philips, the composer for the Assassin’s Creed III spin-off.

Beyond Good and Evil: Morality and consequence in The Walking Dead [PC] Posted on 11/25/2012
Jessica McDonell wrestles with tough decisions and her own emotions in The Walking Dead.

New In Minecraft: 1.5 Redstone Update [Xbox 360] Posted on 11/24/2012
MINECON 2012: Analogue redstone, better minecarts, and a host of bug fixes make up the latest Minecraft update.

Minecraft In Education: How Video Games Are Teaching Kids [Xbox 360] Posted on 11/24/2012
MINECON 2012: Some enterprising teachers are using Minecraft to teach subjects like physics, geography, and English language, and with promising …

MineCon 2012 Photo Gallery [All] Posted on 11/23/2012
Take in the fantastical sights at this year’s MineCon in our photo gallery. Five points every time you spot a …

GameSpot AU Christmas 2012 [All] Posted on 11/22/2012
Ho ho ho! Looking for something festive on GameSpot AU? From gift ideas to the best games of 2012, the …

GameSpot AU Holiday Gift Guide 2012 [All] Posted on 11/22/2012
Need help gift-buying for gamers this holiday season? Here are some items to look out for.

Intel Extreme Masters Singapore Starcraft II/LoL Livestream [PC] Posted on 11/22/2012
Singapore plays host to stage two of the Intel Extreme Masters seventh season. Watch it live!

UK Christmas Gift Guide 2012 [All] Posted on 11/21/2012
Need help gift-buying for gamers this Christmas? Here are some items to look out for.

GameSpot GamePlay Episode 19: Deja Vu [Xbox 360] Posted on 11/21/2012
Kevin VanOrd gets lazy–er, efficient–in this greatest-hits episode of everyone’s favorite podcast. And by “everyone,” we mean, “Steve from Bowling …

The Shortcomings of the Wii U Hardware [Wii U] Posted on 11/21/2012
The Wii U introduces exciting innovations to the world of console gaming, but a clunky OS and a concoction of …

The Planetside 2 Live Stream Extravaganza [PC] Posted on 11/21/2012
The highly anticipated massively multiplayer shooter has finally launched, and Kevin VanOrd enters the fray!

Dark Souls: Artorias of the Abyss Respects You [PlayStation 3] Posted on 11/21/2012
Tom Mc Shea explores how the recently released Dark Souls DLC avoids the problems so often associated with premium content. …

DO NOT USE!!! [Xbox 360] Posted on 11/20/2012

MineCon 2012 Schedule [PC] Posted on 11/20/2012
Peruse our schedule for all the MineCon goodness we’ll be broadcasting live from Paris.

The OzSpot 20/11/12: The Lucky Dip Cat Edition [PlayStation 3] Posted on 11/19/2012
This week: Wii U, Black Ops II, indie games, and cats!

GameSpot Asia Holiday Gift Guide 2012 [All] Posted on 11/19/2012
Need help gift-buying for gamers this holiday season? Here are some items to look out for.

The Future We Deserve [Xbox 360] Posted on 11/19/2012
Tom Mc Shea dreams of a future where every game can be played anywhere, and it’s not as far-fetched as …

Holiday Gift Guide 2012 [All] Posted on 11/19/2012
Need help gift-buying for gamers this holiday season? Here are some items to look out for.

Gamers Embrace Cold Weather For Wii U Launch [Wii U] Posted on 11/18/2012
Hundreds of gamers visit Nintendo World Store in New York City’s Rockefeller Center to be the first to usher in …

This Week in Games - November 17, 2012 [Wii U] Posted on 11/17/2012
Call of Duty and Halo break records, GTA V shows itself, Xbox Live turns 10, and hell freezes over.

Chalk Talk - The Great Circuit of Life [All] Posted on 11/16/2012
This weeks Chalk Talk we discuss the next console generation, the XBOX 720’s the PS4’s, WiiU’s and what they mean …

GameSpot Asia Beat Ep.13: Indie Hour of Power [Wii] Posted on 11/14/2012
This week’s episode of Southeast Asia’s best gaming podcast highlights the indie gaming development scene in Singapore.

GameSpot Players Network 2012 Roster [All] Posted on 11/14/2012
GSPN Roster is your one stop place to find other players like yourself!

Grand Theft Auto V Trailer II Breakdown Live [PlayStation 3] Posted on 11/14/2012
Join us live as we break down the second Grand Theft Auto V trailer.

GameSpot Players Network [All] Posted on 11/13/2012
GameSpot Players Network, the hot spot for achievement hunts, play dates, competitions, and more. If you need a way to …

Halo: Forward Unto Dawn [All] Posted on 11/13/2012
PROMOTED: For generations, humans traveled the stars and worked together to settle worlds under the banner of the United Nations …

Is Halo Really Growing? [Xbox 360] Posted on 11/13/2012
Halo 4 minted $220 million in day-one global sales, besting Halo: Reach and Halo 3, but breaking down the data …

The OzSpot 13/11/12: GTAV, Assassin’s Creed film [Xbox 360] Posted on 11/12/2012
In this episode of the OzSpot we investigate why a number of Medal of Honor SEALs consultants are under investigation; …

Play Videogames Be Happy: Anna’s Arcade Dream [Arcade Games] Posted on 11/12/2012
Pittsburgh resident Anna Hegedus has put a great deal of effort into opening an arcade where people of all ages …

Battle.net World Championship In Shanghai Nov. 16-17 (PST) [Macintosh] Posted on 11/12/2012
After 30 StarCraft II World Championship Series Tournaments players from 28 countries meet to battle it out for a $100,000 …

How 343 Injected New Life into an Old Story [Xbox 360] Posted on 11/12/2012
Chris Watters analyzes the storytelling techniques that distinguish the Halo 4 campaign from its predecessors.

Call of Duty: Black Ops II community live stream [PlayStation 3] Posted on 11/11/2012
The GameSpot AU team will be hit up the community for a live stream of Call of Duty: Black Ops …

Playing Nice: EB vs. Aussie game publishers [All] Posted on 11/11/2012
We look at reports of a growing rift between Australian game publishers and the country’s largest specialist game retailer EB …

This Week in Games - November 11, 2012 [PlayStation 3] Posted on 11/10/2012
Grand Theft Auto V details, an Xbox 360 tablet, Elite rebooted after 30 years, more media scandals, and Peter Molyneux’ …

The Jekyll and Hyde of Strategy Gaming [Macintosh] Posted on 11/9/2012
Check out new video demos for Europa Universalis IV and March of the Eagles–two games that look similar but play …

Chalk Talk - War, what is it good for? [All] Posted on 11/9/2012
Today’s Chalk Talk we discuss military shooters. Are games like Call of Duty and Battle field unjust portrayals of tragic …

G-Star 2012 Photo Gallery [All] Posted on 11/8/2012
Check out the latest pics from G-Star 2012, one of Asia’s biggest gaming shows.

Watermelon Corporation and the Benefits of the 16-Bit Experience [All] Posted on 11/8/2012
Creating games for consoles that came out 20 years ago is possible thanks to the support of the gaming community …

Taking Games Off the Television Screen [Macintosh] Posted on 11/8/2012
Tom Mc Shea talks to Johann Sebastian Joust creator Douglas Wilson about the joys of local multiplayer.

Introducing GameSpot TV [All] Posted on 11/8/2012
The video hub has seen a long-overdue redesign. Learn about what has changed and get a glimpse into the future …

Why Co-Op Fits the Horror of Dead Space 3 [PC] Posted on 11/8/2012
Executive producer Steve Papoutsis says Visceral has been planning co-op since original Dead Space, talks challenge of finding new ways …

Why I Keep Thinking About Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation [PlayStation Vita] Posted on 11/8/2012
Shaun McInnis shares his thoughts on why Liberation came so close to greatness, and his hopes for what’s to come. …

GameSpot GamePlay Episode 17: Space Noise [PlayStation 3] Posted on 11/7/2012
Bioware’s Mike Gamble ushers our alpha team into Omega to discuss Mass Effect 3, corporate theft, and host Kevin VanOrd’s …

Taking a Closer Look at the Wii U [Wii U] Posted on 11/7/2012
How does the Wii U look in person? A picture is worth a thousand words.

Assassin’s Creed: Why a Little Goes a Long Way [PlayStation 3] Posted on 11/7/2012
Kevin VanOrd shares why he holds this alternative-history series so dear.

Halo 4 Not Built By Microsoft Alone [Xbox 360] Posted on 11/6/2012
Austin, Texas-based Certain Affinity president, product development exec talk pressure-packed task of contributing to one of this fall’s biggest blockbusters. …

The OzSpot 06/11/12: HorseZ Edition [Xbox] Posted on 11/5/2012
On this week’s show we mix things up a bit to celebrate Melbourne Cup day; join us for some in-depth …

Playing Footsies With Fighting Games [PC] Posted on 11/5/2012
Two buttons, two kicks, and two banditos. Luke Esquivel explains how his indie fighter Senor Footsies is reimagining fighting games …

This Week in Games - November 3, 2012 [PlayStation 3] Posted on 11/3/2012
Cash back for playing Halo 4, Nintendo’s confidence, Sony’s denial, a GTA V release window, Lucas’ billions, and more on …

Chalk Talk - Play like a Girl [All] Posted on 11/2/2012
This weeks Chalk talk we discuss girls in games, gamers starved for attention, feminism, gaming elitism, misogyny, and how to …

Dead or Alive Breast Cancer Awareness Wallpaper [All] Posted on 11/2/2012
Dead or Alive Brest Cancer Awareness wallpapers created by the talented members of the GameSpot Community, big thanks to all …

Fantasy Star: Talking to Final Fantasy Scenario Director Hajime Tabata [PlayStation 3] Posted on 11/1/2012
We talk to the man behind Crisis Core: Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy Type-0 on his work on PSP RPGs, …

Can Grand Theft Auto V Steal My Heart? [Xbox 360] Posted on 11/1/2012
The gameplay of Rockstar’s GTA games is often imitated, but the series’ essence is never duplicated. Carolyn Petit explores what …

GameSpot Asia Beat Episode 12 – Assassin’s Recon [Wii U] Posted on 10/31/2012
We dissect Assassin’s Creed III and bits of Ghost Recon Online with AC III production manager Karl Luhe and GRO …

Cutting the Cord: Halo without Bungie [Xbox 360] Posted on 10/31/2012
We speak to 343 Industries head Bonnie Ross and Halo 4 executive producer Kiki Wolfkill about the challenges of taking …

Olly Moss Paper Cuts [All] Posted on 10/31/2012
Artist responsible for Resistance 3 box art releases book that’s significantly easier to buy than any of his prints, posters. …

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Demo Is Riddled with Bugs on the PS3 [Xbox 360] Posted on 10/30/2012
Konami shipped the Zone of the Enders HD Collection with the Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance demo advertised on the front, …

Halo 4 MLG Dallas Championship Live Stream [Xbox 360] Posted on 10/30/2012
Check out the live stream of Halo 4 where top players will be competing at MLG Dallas before the game …

StarCraft II MLG Dallas Championship Live Stream [Macintosh] Posted on 10/30/2012
Watch as the top StarCraft II players from around the world battle it out for $76,000 in prizes and a …

League of Legends MLG Dallas Championship Live Stream and More [PC] Posted on 10/30/2012
Watch as 8 of the top League of Legends teams from around the world battle it out for $30,000 in …

Fighters Live Stream at MLG Dallas Fall Championships [PlayStation 3] Posted on 10/30/2012
Check out some of the top fighting game players duke it out in Mortal Kombat, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, and …

Assassin’s Creed 3 Game Guide [Xbox 360] Posted on 10/30/2012
Our guide for Assassin’s Creed III will prepare you for dismantling the Red Coats’ forces, detailing each sequence and optional …

Split Attention in Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons [PlayStation 3] Posted on 10/29/2012
Get the first details on this somber fairy tale that puts you in simultaneous control of two adventuring brothers.

Medal of Honor: Warfighter’s Dirty Secret Fuels the Flames of Hatred [Xbox 360] Posted on 10/29/2012
Tom Mc Shea analyzes the damaging portrayal of your enemies in modern military games.

How Nintendo Breaks New Ground with Familiar Faces [Wii U] Posted on 10/29/2012
Tom Mc Shea explores how Nintendo Land goes beyond simple casual appeal.

MCM Cosplay Gallery October 2012 [All] Posted on 10/28/2012
From Master Chief, to Batman, to WTF?!, MCM Expo’s cosplaying attendees were out in full force this year, and we …

This Week in Games: October 27, 2012 [Xbox 360] Posted on 10/27/2012
Halo 4, Assassin’s Creed and GTA news, plus G4 ditching its games programming, Zynga’s downsizing, games media hissy fits, and …

Chalk Talk - Gamers vs. Gamer Culture [Wii] Posted on 10/26/2012
Chalk Talk Gamers vs Gamer Culture, how we effect the community, various points in society, and alter social interactions with …

Recreating Colonial America in Assassin’s Creed III [PlayStation 3] Posted on 10/25/2012
We speak to creative director Alexander Hutchinson about the challenges of historical accuracy in the soon-to-be-released Assassin’s Creed III.

GameSpot GamePlay Episode 16: Press X to Batman [All] Posted on 10/24/2012
This week’s episode is free and easy, as host Kevin VanOrd puts the GameSpot team through their paces, courtesy of …

Art of the Assassin [All] Posted on 10/24/2012
Original art inspired by Assassin’s Creed III up for auction, proceeds going to Rock the Vote.

Video Game Christmas Cards [All] Posted on 10/23/2012
Test your friends’ knowledge of iconic gaming characters with these greeting cards from UK-based GamerPrint.

Roxio Redeems Its Capture Cred With the Game Capture HD Pro [All] Posted on 10/23/2012
After releasing its underperforming Game Capture device last year, Roxio has managed to win the uphill battle, completely revamping the …

Escape From Mount Stupid - Assassin’s Creed [PlayStation 3] Posted on 10/23/2012
Danny stabs his way through history without the need of a memory machine in Escape From Mount Stupid’s history of …

Sound Byte: Meet the Composer - Ryan Shore [3DS] Posted on 10/22/2012
We talk to the man behind the score of the horror movie The Shrine on his recent work with the …

The OzSpot 23/10/12: Dishonored, BioShock Infinite [Xbox 360] Posted on 10/22/2012
Listen in for our thoughts on Dishonored, BioShock Infinite’s latest trailer, and what’s grinding our gears about the just-released Dragon …

Guild Wars 2: Living in the Shadow of the The Mad King [PC] Posted on 10/22/2012
With Shadow of the Mad King, Guild Wars 2 expands with new events, new mini dungeons, and much more.

SteelSeries Free Mobile Controller Review [Android] Posted on 10/22/2012
The SteelSeries Free is a brilliantly designed mobile controller, but a lack of game support and an eye-watering price tag …

Nostalgic Game Design Can’t Be Just Skin Deep [PlayStation 3] Posted on 10/19/2012
Carolyn Petit examines the very different ways in which two games go about celebrating the NES era.

Chalk Talk - Keeping it on the DLC [All] Posted on 10/19/2012
This week on Chalk Talk we discuss downloadable content. Is DLC the best way to add value to your games? …

The Rebirth of Lara Croft [PlayStation 3] Posted on 10/18/2012
We speak to Tomb Raider lead writer Rhianna Pratchett about redefining one of gaming’s most popular heroines.

GameSpot Asia Beat Ep. 11: Gametoberfest! [Xbox 360] Posted on 10/17/2012
It’s October, there’s a lot of games to talk about, and there are four editors with mics handy. You do …

The Troublesome Task of Translating Tolkien’s Tome [3DS] Posted on 10/17/2012
Traveller’s Tales talks tricky task of adapting English author’s iconic and mature fantasy fiction into a Lego form full of …

24 Games in 24 Hours - Extra Life Marathon [All] Posted on 10/17/2012
We’re raising funds for sick kids by playing 24 games from 24 years in 24 hours, but we need your …

GameSpot GamePlay Episode 15: A Series of Death Screams [PC] Posted on 10/16/2012
Hired gun Heidi Kemps joins host Kevin VanOrd and the rest of the crew for discussions on the cost of …

Razer’s Blade Laptop Gets a Much-Needed Overhaul; Still a Luxury Item [All] Posted on 10/16/2012
Razer’s Blade represents a much better value the second time around, costing $300 less while receiving a significant boost from …

Why I Choose to Kill Goombas [PlayStation 2] Posted on 10/16/2012
Tom Mc Shea explores how the smallest choices can have the biggest impact on our experiences.

The OzSpot 16/10/12: eSports controversies, gamer rights [Macintosh] Posted on 10/15/2012
Join Laura Parker, Zorine Te, and special guest Spandas Lui for this week’s podcast.

Escape From Mount Stupid - First-Person Shooters [PlayStation 3] Posted on 10/15/2012
Danny goes on a journey into first-person shooters’ past, and looks towards their uncertain future.

This Week in Games: October 13, 2012 [Xbox 360] Posted on 10/13/2012
Chris Roberts returns from Hollywood to finally give us another space combat game, Star Wars The Old Republic wins a …

Chalk Talk - Reviewer Revelry [All] Posted on 10/12/2012
This weeks Chalk Talk we discuss the impact that video game reviews have on the community. Do these critiques hurt …

The Story So Far - Assassin’s Creed II [Wii U] Posted on 10/12/2012
The Story So Far continues as we travel forward in time to join Ezio Auditore da Firenze and bring you …

League of Legends World Championship Season 2 Grand Finals on 10/13 [PC] Posted on 10/12/2012
Tune in on Saturday 10/13 at 7:00 PM (PDT) as Azubu Frost and Taipei Assassins battle it out to win …

Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Brazil Qualifiers [Xbox 360] Posted on 10/12/2012
Watch the Street Fighter 25th Anniversary in Brazil as top players from the region and around the world battle it …

Fable: The Journey’s Moving Finale [Xbox 360] Posted on 10/12/2012
Tom Mc Shea explores how smart Kinect controls upped the emotional connection in the heart-wrenching adventure, Fable: The Journey.

A Day With Need For Speed: Most Wanted [Xbox 360] Posted on 10/11/2012
Is playing Most Wanted as exciting as driving a Porsche? Well, no, but as Mark finds out, there’s still plenty …

Nintendo HQ and What’s Eating TGS [Wii U] Posted on 10/11/2012
In this entry of Japantown, Q-Games’ James Mielke talks Nintendo and what TGS needs to make a comeback.

PDP’s Afterglow Headset Looks Cheap, Sounds Great [All] Posted on 10/11/2012
If you look past the superficial shortcomings of the LEDs and clear plastic headband, the Afterglow Universal Wireless Gaming Headset …

Dishonored: No Kill, No Detection, Walkthrough [PlayStation 3] Posted on 10/10/2012
Chris Watters and Maxwell McGee show you how to make it through missions without killing enemies or alerting them to …

GameSpot GamePlay Episode 14: Splinter Shell [PC] Posted on 10/9/2012
Host Kevin VanOrd welcomes IGN’s Mitch Dyer for an extra dose of crazy. Also present (and also crazy): Tom Mc …

Resident Evil 6 Boss FIghts - Leon’s Campaign [Xbox 360] Posted on 10/9/2012
Get a look at all of the terrifying creatures from Leon’s portion of Resident Evil 6.

Thirty Flights of Loving: One of the Least Reviewable Games of the Year [PC] Posted on 10/9/2012
Thirty Flights of Loving exists wholly outside of the standards that are often used to define what makes a great …

Logitech’s G710+ Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Just Misses the Mark [All] Posted on 10/9/2012
Logitech’s first mechanical keyboard utilizes light keys and quiet switches, but a few extra features doesn’t justify the rather high …

Dishonored Preview Community Event [Xbox 360] Posted on 10/8/2012
GameSpot AU is hosting an EXCLUSIVE Dishonored preview event at our offices in Sydney, and you can be part of …

The OzSpot: EB Expo wrap, Angry Birds Star Wars [Windows Mobile] Posted on 10/8/2012
Check in with the GameSpot AU team to find out some of our favourite moments from this year’s EB Expo. …

Escape From Mount Stupid - Resident Evil [PC] Posted on 10/8/2012
Danny gets infected with games both good and bad in this history of the Resident Evil series.

End of Nations Closed Beta Live Stream [PC] Posted on 10/5/2012
Have you played End of Nations yet? No? Well, neither has Kevin VanOrd! Join him as he jumps head first …

Chalk Talk - Achievement Unlocked [All] Posted on 10/5/2012
In game achievements, GameSpotters discuss if they are a waste of time, an awesome addition, or simply something to collect …

GameSpot GamePlay Special Edition Spoilercast: Resident Evil 6 [PC] Posted on 10/5/2012
Brad Shoemaker (Giant Bomb), Phil Kollar (Polygon), Ludwig Kietzmann (Joystiq), and host Kevin VanOrd dissect the newest Resident Evil game. …

The Story So Far - Assassin’s Creed [PC] Posted on 10/5/2012
Missed the first Assassin’s Creed? Catch up with all of the cinematics and gameplay highlights of Altair’s roof-hopping adventure in …

Hitting Reset on Replays in Fighting Games [PlayStation 3] Posted on 10/4/2012
Replays are one of the great, modern conveniences of fighting games, but there is plenty of room for improving this …

Sticker Shock: Combat in the Next Paper Mario [3DS] Posted on 10/4/2012
Take a closer look at how to squash Goombas or scorch Koopas with the power of a mere sticker in …

League of Legends World Championship Playoffs 10/4-10/6 [PC] Posted on 10/3/2012
Stay tuned this weekend for the World Championship Playoffs for League of Legends, which will determine the 2 teams that …

Sound Byte Radio Episode 11: Okami, Mirror’s Edge, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword [PlayStation 3] Posted on 10/3/2012
We showcase some electronica from EA’s first-person action platformer, a bit of Celtic pride, and an upbeat piano rendition of …

EB Expo 2012 photo gallery [All] Posted on 10/3/2012
Can’t be at EB Expo 2012? Take a look around the show floor with our gallery from the event.

In Which the Soapbox Makes a Triumphant Return and Amends Are Made [All] Posted on 10/3/2012
The soapbox is back and better than ever! Find out all about the changes we’ve made, learn how you can …

Community Service - Driving in Paradise [Xbox 360] Posted on 10/3/2012
This week on Community Service we’re joined by our cohorts from XCAR to burn some proverbial rubber.

Exploring Halo 4’s e-sports side with Frank O’Connor [Xbox 360] Posted on 9/9/2012
We talk to 343 Industries and Halo’s development director about Halo 4 in e-sports, music, and the Prometheans’ behaviour.

Top Five Skyrim Mods of the Week - Musician Bear meets Heavy Metal Dragon [PC] Posted on 9/8/2012
I’ve seen some bears do some crazy things in my time, but playing the surf guitar tune from Pulp Fiction …

Just Cause 2 Multiplayer Live Stream Madness [PC] Posted on 9/7/2012
Join Kevin as he grapples with the Just Cause 2 Multiplayer beta weekend.

TGX Singapore 2012 Live Stream & Schedule [PC] Posted on 9/6/2012
Check out high-level DOTA 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive play and different regional tournaments happening all at one space via …

Setting the Stage for a Royale Rumble [PlayStation 3] Posted on 9/6/2012
A young team tackles the PlayStation pantheon: SuperBot Entertainment talks about the development of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.

Sink or Swim: Markets and Money in Online Games [PC] Posted on 9/6/2012
What the economies of MMOs can (and can’t) tell us about our own, and why everybody should start paying attention. …

Resident Evil 6 Campaign Gameplay - A Taste of Leon, Chris and Jake [PlayStation 3] Posted on 9/6/2012
We sat down with an early build of Resident Evil 6 to bring you a taste of Leon, Chris and …

GameSpot Asia Beat Ep. 9: Active Time Babbling [Game Boy] Posted on 9/5/2012
On this week’s episode, we talk about Final Fantasy and nothing but; at least after the 12 minute mark.

Friday Community Choice [All] Posted on 9/5/2012
Join our weekly Friday stream where you choose what we play!

The Return of Stealth [Xbox 360] Posted on 9/5/2012
We speak to Mark of the Ninja lead designer Nels Anderson about why stealth games are cool and why developers …

Community Service 5th Sep. 2012 - CS:GO GO GO! [PC] Posted on 9/5/2012
Watch Danny, Johnny and OXM’s Matt Lees playing Counter Strike: Global Offensive!

Dota 2 and the Road Toward "Getting It" [Macintosh] Posted on 9/5/2012
Shaun ventures to The International during PAX and comes away with a newfound appreciation for competitive gaming.

Origin PC’s EON11-S Achieves Portability Without Sacrificing Power [All] Posted on 9/4/2012
Origin PC and LucidLogix have teamed up to offer what may be the best portable gaming laptop on the market, …

The OzSpot 28/08/12: Gaymercon, Metal Gear Solid Movie! [PlayStation 3] Posted on 9/3/2012
On this week’s show we look at Microsoft’s support of Gaymercon, the newly announced Metal Gear Solid movie, Team Bondi’s …

Escape From Mount Stupid - Zelda [All] Posted on 9/3/2012
Danny takes a look at 26 years of collecting rupees and saving princesses in this history of the Zelda series. …

Win a one-off Borderlands 2 Claptrap model! [Xbox 360] Posted on 9/3/2012
We asked 3D print model artist Psychobob to create a bespoke Claptrap figurine that we’ll give away to you guys! …

The Early Details of Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes [PC] Posted on 9/1/2012
PAX 2012: We bring you full demo of Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes and all the early details from Kojima’s …

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale gets Heavenly [PlayStation Vita] Posted on 8/31/2012
PAX 2012: We test out the red-headed heroine from Heavenly Sword and see how she compares the growing roster of …

Japantown: Living the Sweet Life in Kyoto [PlayStation 3] Posted on 8/31/2012
Q-Games’ James Mielke returns to answer your questions about living and working in Japan.

Free Play Friday: Portals, Strategy, Charitable Donations! [PC] Posted on 8/31/2012
Justin Calvert offers some eclectic suggestions for those of you looking to play without paying this weekend. Lots of codes …

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale - Nariko & Sir Daniel Rumble [PlayStation 3] Posted on 8/31/2012
PAX 2012: We get commentary straight from the developers on the two latest additions to the PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale …

Twitch 2012 PAX Prime Booth Live Stream [PC] Posted on 8/30/2012
Stuck at home? You can still check out some of the most anticipated games of PAX Prime 2012 as Twitch …

WWE ‘13 preview event featuring CM Punk! [PlayStation 3] Posted on 8/30/2012
Several lucky Aussie GameSpotters are joining us for our WWE ‘13 Preview event, featuring CM Punk; now you can be …

How to Build Your Own Steambox [All] Posted on 8/30/2012
Valve might be taking its sweet time building a Steam Box, but Mark finds that you can build your own …

This Week in Competitive Gaming - August 29, 2012 [Macintosh] Posted on 8/29/2012
MLG Summer Championship results, KeSPA versus the eSports Fed, a PAX upon you and more in this week’s competitive gaming …

GameSpot GamePlay Episode 9: Out of the Closet [Xbox 360] Posted on 8/29/2012
Ex-IGNer and GaymerCon Operations Director Jack DeVries joins Kevin, John, Tom, and Peter for another week of debriefing and debauchery …

It’s Indie Hour! [PC] Posted on 8/28/2012
Tune in to our weekly Indie Hour live stream, where we showcase a variety of independently developed games!

The OzSpot 28/08/12: Meaningful kills in Dishonored, Battlefield 4 [PlayStation 3] Posted on 8/27/2012
On this week’s show we look recent comments by Arkane Studios regarding the meaning and weight of death in Dishonored; …

Metal Gear Producer Yuji Korekado Spills His Guts at Gamescom 2012 [PC] Posted on 8/27/2012
GameSpot sits down with Yuji Korekado, producer for the Metal Gear series at Kojima Productions, during a group interview at …

Escape From Mount Stupid - Metal Gear [PlayStation Vita] Posted on 8/27/2012
This week on Escape From Mount Stupid, Danny tackles the many incarnations of Metal Gear.

A Week From Hell [Xbox 360] Posted on 8/24/2012
Sour news abounded in the form of layoffs and closures, but the industry is poised to turn around, unless of …

Free Play Friday: Steampunk Beta Codes, Superheroes, Automobiles! [PC] Posted on 8/24/2012
Justin Calvert checks out three games currently in beta that you can play for free right now. Guns of Icarus …

The Guild Wars 2 Live Stream Extravaganza [PC] Posted on 8/24/2012
Kevin returns to Tyria, and invites you to join him!

Chalk Talk - Devil in the Digital Details [All] Posted on 8/24/2012
In this week’s Chalk Talk we discuss digital distribution and the effects it has on the gaming community.

Sound Byte: Meet the Composer - Nier [PlayStation 3] Posted on 8/23/2012
We talk to composer Keiichi Okabe about his work for 2010’s underdog RPG.

GameSpot Asia Beat [PC] Posted on 8/23/2012
Listen to Southeast Asia’s number one video game podcast here, as well as check out past episodes on this handy …

Fighting Games MLG Summer Championships Live Stream [Xbox 360] Posted on 8/23/2012
Mortal Kombat and Soul Calibur V are back at the Summer Championships on 8/24-8/26 with some of the top players …

League of Legends MLG Summer Championships Live Stream [PC] Posted on 8/23/2012
12 of the Top League of Legends teams meet up at MLG Summer Championships on August 24th to 26th to …

Starcraft II MLG Summer Championships/Blizzard WCS NA Finals Live Stream [Macintosh] Posted on 8/23/2012
Top Starcraft II pro players from around the world battle it out at the MLG Summer Championship and the Blizzard …

Our Favorite Gaming Hardware From Gamescom 2012 [All] Posted on 8/23/2012
GameSpot’s resident hardware junkies butt heads over their personal picks from Gamescom 2012.

Charles Cecil on Broken Sword, Kickstarter, and Why Sony Has a Lot to Answer For [Mobile] Posted on 8/23/2012
We speak to Revolution Software’s Charles Cecil about Broken Sword: The Serpent’s Curse, why he chose Kickstarter over a publisher, …

GameSpot Asia Beat Ep. 8: They’re All Going to LOL at You [PC] Posted on 8/22/2012
We speak up about League of Legends and discuss what makes it so special among MOBA fans. We also bring …

Papo & Yo: A Different Kind of Family Story [PlayStation 3] Posted on 8/22/2012
GameSpot’s Carolyn Petit examines how her personal experiences influenced her reaction to Papo & Yo, and why she thinks the …

GameSpot GamePlay Episode 8: Ladycrotch [PC] Posted on 8/21/2012
Jake Solomon and Garth DeAngelis from Firaxis destroy the ancient civilization of Tom Mc Shea, John Davison, and host Kevin …

Postmortem: Making kung fu right in Sleeping Dogs [PlayStation 3] Posted on 8/20/2012
We had a quick chat with Sleeping Dogs senior producer Feargus Carroll from United Front Games about the ups and …

The OzSpot 21/08/12: Gearbox’s Randy Pitchford joins us! [Xbox 360] Posted on 8/20/2012
We settle in with Gearbox president Randy Pitchford to talk Borderlands 2, next-gen consoles, and how to get the industry’s …

Escape From Mount Stupid - Starcraft [PC] Posted on 8/20/2012
Escape From Mount Stupid returns for a third season. This week, Danny takes a look at Starcraft and its influence …

Gamescom Free-to-Play Award Showcase Spectacular [PC] Posted on 8/19/2012
It’s time to throw your wallet into the garbage disposal as we run down the best, weirdest, and free-est F2P …

Best of Gamescom 2012 [All] Posted on 8/18/2012
Didn’t make it to Cologne? Then here’s your guide to the 12 best things from this year’s Gamescom.

Gamescom 2012 Cosplay Gallery [All] Posted on 8/18/2012
We braved the cavernous halls of Gamescom 2012 to bring you the best, worst, and downright strangest cosplay of the …

This Week in Games: August 18, 2012 [All] Posted on 8/18/2012
EA might be for sale, OnLive has been sold, the Wii U might have a final release date, and the …

Chalk Talk - The Art of Storytelling [Xbox 360] Posted on 8/17/2012
This weeks Chalk Talk assignment focused on the art of storytelling

Free Play Friday: Guns, Guns, Guns, Medic! [PC] Posted on 8/17/2012
Justin Calvert suggests some shooters and such that you can play for free. XP boost codes for Ghost Recon Online …

Incest, Vampires, and the KKK: An Afternoon With Kalypso Media [PlayStation 3] Posted on 8/17/2012
Gamescom 2012: Veteran games publisher Kalypso Media had a trio of distinct games here at the show. We bring you …

What If Machine - Jetpacks [PC] Posted on 8/6/2012
For the final episode of this first series of The What If Machine, Cam investigates jetpacks in videogames.

Blizzard bungles StarCraft II patch 1.5.0 [Macintosh] Posted on 8/6/2012
StarCraft II’s latest patch arrived with a swarm of game-breaking bugs. Here’s how wrong the 1.5.0 Arcade patch went.

Dota 2 Diaries [PC] Posted on 8/5/2012
Want to get your head around MOBA? Learn something new each week with the Dota 2 Diaries!

Free Play Friday: Wizards, Robots, Strategy, Bullets, Codes! [PC] Posted on 8/3/2012
Checking in from a hotel room a dozen or so floors above QuakeCon, Justin Calvert suggests some free gaming options …

Falcon Northwest Proves Micro Desktops Don’t Have to Cut Corners [All] Posted on 8/3/2012
If you’re after a powerful gaming PC in a small form factor, you should seriously consider the Tiki from Falcon …

Inside GameStop’s Refurbishment Center [All] Posted on 8/3/2012
Specialty retailer gives us a tour of their $7 million, 182,000 square foot facility in Grapevine, Texas and explains what …

League of Legends MLG Summer Arena Live Stream [All] Posted on 8/2/2012
Four of the top League of Legends teams will be meeting up at the MLG studios on August 3-5 to …

ASUS ROG Summer Starcraft II Tournament [Macintosh] Posted on 8/2/2012
32 of the top Starcraft II Players from around the world meet up at The Assembly 2012 in Finland for …

QuakeCon 2012 Live Stream [PC] Posted on 8/2/2012
North America’s largest LAN party is back at the Hilton Anatole, in Dallas Texas during August 2-5.

Rising star Jonny REcco joins UK’s Team Dignitas [PC] Posted on 8/2/2012
Team Dignitas, the UK’s biggest pro-gaming team, has made “young and feisty” Jonny REcco the newest addition to its roster. …

Portal 2 Tests of the Week - Invading Homer J Simpson [PC] Posted on 8/2/2012
Castles, cash-strapped testing chambers, and Homer J Simpson all feature in this week’s Portal 2 Tests as Jane and Seb …

Assembling a Metal Gear Solid Frankenstein [PlayStation 2] Posted on 8/2/2012
Shaun dissects the MGS series to share his thoughts on what should and shouldn’t carry over to MGS5.

This Week in Competitive Gaming – August 1 [PC] Posted on 8/1/2012
Naniwa on the move, Evil Geniuses prevail, Moscow 5 en route to GamesCom, Seed wins GSL, and what to watch …

10 Tweetable Tips for Deadlight [Xbox 360] Posted on 8/1/2012
The post-apocalyptic Northwest gets a little friendlier (well, less deadly) with these ten tips for Deadlight.

GameSpot GamePlay Episode 5: Hybrid Species [Xbox 360] Posted on 8/1/2012
5th Cell’s Jeremiah Slaczka confronts his critics: namely Kevin VanOrd, Tom Mc Shea, Shaun McInnis, and Chris Watters.

Top 10 Tweetable Truths for Pokemon Black (and White) Version 2 [DS] Posted on 8/1/2012
All the latest updates on this monster-collecting sequel in 140 characters or less. Pick your favorite and spread the word. …

Sound Byte Radio Episode 8: All That Jazz [SNES] Posted on 7/31/2012
We take a journey into a timeless music genre featuring tracks from Grim Fandango all the way to recent fare …

The 3DSXL is an improvement, but it’s not without its flaws [All] Posted on 7/31/2012
Nintendo’s upgraded 3DS will hit shelves in a few weeks, with a larger screen, better battery-life, more memory, and sadly, …

The Influences of Darksiders II [Xbox 360] Posted on 7/31/2012
Learn about the movies, TV shows, and music the influenced Vigil’s upcoming sequel.

Changes to the GameSpot user leveling system [All] Posted on 7/30/2012
After a number of years of what was quite frankly a broken user leveling system, we’ve made some changes. Find …

Japantown: Some Big Qs [PlayStation 3] Posted on 7/30/2012
Former GameSpot editor turned producer James Mielke begins his series on the life and times of working at a development …

How Video Games Changed the World [Wii] Posted on 7/30/2012
We find out what the upcoming documentary film Video Games: The Movie has to say about the history of our …

The What If Machine - Crysis Nanosuit [PC] Posted on 7/30/2012
This week Cam delves into the world of nanotechnology and investigates the sharpest suit in all of video games!

Sound Byte: Meet the Performer - Aubrey Ashburn [PC] Posted on 7/29/2012
We talk to the singer of the Dragon Age and Dragon’s Dogma’s themes about her background and her voice work. …

Top Five Skyrim Mods of the Week - July 28 [PC] Posted on 7/28/2012
This week on the show: Games of Thrones! Playable skeletons! Other stuff!

ASTRO’s A50 Wireless Gaming Headset Is Expensive, But Worth Every Penny [All] Posted on 7/27/2012
Nobody’s perfect, but the A50 wireless gaming headset is pretty close with a bevy of new features that improve functionality …

Free Play Friday: Rocket Jumps, Through Balls, 15,000 Porsches, Codes! [Xbox 360] Posted on 7/27/2012
Justin Calvert tears himself from League of Legends for just long enough to dole out more free codes and free-to-play …

Blizzard WCS Starcraft II Singapore Nationals Live Stream [Macintosh] Posted on 7/27/2012
Watch as the Singaporean Starcraft II 2012 Champion is crowned during this weekend at the Blizzard WCS Singapore Nationals hosted …

Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Global Tournament Stop #1 [Xbox 360] Posted on 7/27/2012
The first stop in the Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Global tournament will take place in Austin, Texas where players will …

Blizzard WCS Starcraft II Nordic Nationals Live Stream [PC] Posted on 7/27/2012
Watch the Blizzard WCS Starcraft II Nordic Nationals Live Stream hosted by DreamHack at the Annexect, in Stockholm.

Dwarves, Demons, and Medieval Face-Stabbing [PC] Posted on 7/27/2012
Take a video tour through the crazy strategy and action games coming to PC from Paradox Interactive.

Little Big Planet Karting Beta Live Stream [PlayStation 3] Posted on 7/27/2012
Chris nabbed a beta key for Little Big Planet Karting and figured he’d invite you to join him as he …

Eleven-Year Indie Game: Cortex Command’s Long, Strange Trip [PC] Posted on 7/27/2012
The developer of the pixel-physics strategic shooter on what he learned as the indie scene rose, and what took him …

New Super Mario Bros. 2 Recap [3DS] Posted on 7/26/2012
We bring you up to speed on the latest additions to the next portable Mario, including cooperative play and the …

GameSpot Asia Beat Episode 6: E-Sports Ecstacy [PlayStation Vita] Posted on 7/25/2012
We talk about the state of e-sports circa 2012 in this week’s show. Also, Persona 4 Arena and Final Fantasy …

This Week in Competitive Gaming - July 25 [PC] Posted on 7/25/2012
TaeJa crowned, KeSPA players enter MLG, GSL and GSTL face off, plus ESWC details its 2012 schedule.

EA giving up NCAA exclusivity isn’t giving up anything [Xbox 360] Posted on 7/25/2012
Settlement in antitrust lawsuit might cost $27 million, but unlikely to cost publisher its virtual monopoly on video game football. …

GameSpot GamePlay Episode 4: Pulling a Brad [Xbox 360] Posted on 7/25/2012
Special guest Brad Shoemaker from Giant Bomb looms large over Kevin VanOrd, Chris Watters, Justin Calvert, and Tom Mc Shea. …

GameSpot GamePlay Special Edition Spoilercast: The Dark Knight Rises [PlayStation 3] Posted on 7/24/2012
Comic Vine’s Tony Guerrero and Sara Lima join GameSpot’s Brendan Sinclair, Tom Mc Shea, and Carolyn Petit to talk about …

OzSpot 24/07/12: Next-gen woes, Wii U saves the world [All] Posted on 7/23/2012
Join us for another episode of the OzSpot. This week we’re chatting about the hardships of developing games in a …

What If Machine - Cyborgs [Macintosh] Posted on 7/23/2012
This week Cam investigates cyborgs. Just how close are the bio-mechanical beings of video games to the science of real …

This Week in Games: July 21, 2012 [All] Posted on 7/21/2012
Nintendo thinks the Wii U is “important,” but Michael Pachter does not. Meanwhile, EA announces Battlefield 4, a Taiwanese man …

Free Play Friday: Awesometacular Beta Code Giveaway Edition! [PC] Posted on 7/20/2012
Justin Calvert recommends five different betas that you can play for free, and offers up over 45,000 codes to get …

From id to Indie: Dungeon Crawling comes to iOS with Orc: Vengeance [iPhone/iPod] Posted on 7/20/2012
We take an exclusive first look at Big Cave Games’ brand new action-RPG Orc: Vengeance, and speak to the brains …

Joe Danger: The Movie Goes Beyond the Bike [Xbox 360] Posted on 7/20/2012
Joe Danger: The Movie’s take on action cinema spectacle is an explosion of stunt-happy variety.

Sound Byte Radio Episode 7: Dragon’s Dogma, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Lords of Thunder [PlayStation 3] Posted on 7/19/2012
We’re going all-out loud with ballads, metal, and whimsy for this week’s video game music podcast episode.

The trials of Hoodwink’s development cycle [PC] Posted on 7/19/2012
We spoke to executive producer Amir Irwan about the development process and starting up E-One Studio.

Starcraft II Live Stream at MLG Summer Arena [Macintosh] Posted on 7/19/2012
32 of the top Starcraft II players from around the World meet up at the MLG Studio in New York …

The Criticism We Deserve [All] Posted on 7/19/2012
What we need isn’t less expression of opinions about movies and games. What we need is less angry, more thoughtful …

MLG Summer Starcraft II Arena Starts Friday [PC] Posted on 7/19/2012
Pro gaming league’s new season kicks off with free standard-definition stream of main competition for first time ever.

LittleBigPlanet Karting: Customisation, Weapons and Maternal Dragons [PlayStation 3] Posted on 7/19/2012
We get permission to land on the LittleBigPlanet Karting Beta and explore the customisable chaos that it has to offer. …

Should developers protect gamers from themselves? [PC] Posted on 7/19/2012
Another gamer is dead after an excessive marathon session, prompting questions about the dark side of business models designed for …

GameSpot GamePlay Episode 3: Biological Warehouse [PC] Posted on 7/18/2012
Kevin VanOrd applies patch 1.03 to John Davison, Tom Mc Shea, Carolyn Petit, and Chris Watters.

This Week in Competitive Gaming – July 18 [PC] Posted on 7/18/2012
NASL season 3 finals, Capcom will be taking competitive gaming into their own hands for the 25th anniversary of Street …

Used Games Not Surging, But Outcry Is [Xbox 360] Posted on 7/18/2012
GameStop financials suggest second-hand market’s slice of the industry barely larger than a decade ago, despite hullabaloo from publishers and …

Portal 2 Tests of the Week - Companion Cubes and Energy Orbs [PC] Posted on 7/18/2012
Guy’s devilish puzzle goes up against Jake’s companion cube chaos while Jane presides over all.

The Most Quote-Worthy Interviews of Comic-Con 2012 [PC] Posted on 7/18/2012
The developers behind Halo 4, Ultima Forever, and Fortnite weigh in on their upcoming projects.

Cliff Bleszinski’s Epic Vision [PC] Posted on 7/18/2012
Highlights from Bleszinski’s appearance on the GameSpot Comic-Con 2012 stage show.

Frank O’Connor, Halo’s Master Chief [Xbox 360] Posted on 7/18/2012
Highlights from O’Connor’s appearance on the GameSpot Comic-Con 2012 stage show.

Paul Barnett’s Rose-Tinted Memories of Ultima [PC] Posted on 7/18/2012
Highlights from Barnett’s appearance on the GameSpot Comic-Con 2012 stage show.

An Evening with Katsuhiro Harada [Arcade Games] Posted on 7/17/2012
GameSpot AU is hosting a special Tekken Tag Tournament 2 evening with Katsuhiro Harada, and you can be there VIRTUALLY! …

The EVO 2012 Experience [PlayStation 3] Posted on 7/17/2012
EVO 2012: Street fights, gambling, and a pinch of salt: Maxwell McGee recounts his time at this year’s Evolution Championship …

Who are the biggest players in the industry? [All] Posted on 7/17/2012
A graphic representation of relative publisher sizes in the gaming industry, using The Witcher 2 creator CD Projekt as a …

The Legacy of the Wii: 14 of its Most Influential Games [Wii] Posted on 7/16/2012
With Nintendo’s all-conquering console on its last legs, we look back at what made the Wii such a huge success. …

Sons of Starcraft discuss top players and their upcoming documentary [PC] Posted on 7/16/2012
We caught up with the ‘Sons of Starcraft’, Dan ‘Artosis’ Stemkoski and Nick ‘Tasteless’ Plott, known collectively as Tastosis.

OzSpot 17/07/12: DayZ adventures, Steam sales [PlayStation 3] Posted on 7/16/2012
In this week’s show we hear why hiding in a shed in DayZ can be both advantageous and highly dangerous. …

One of the Fans [All] Posted on 7/16/2012
GameSpot’s Carolyn Petit shares her feelings about attending Comic-Con for the first time, and what really sets the experience apart …

The What If Machine - Re-creating Skyrim [PC] Posted on 7/16/2012
Cam investigates whether modern science could help make our boring Mammoth-free world more like Skyrim.

Does War Machine return in Iron Man 3? [All] Posted on 7/14/2012
Comic-Con 2012: Don Cheadle (AKA War Machine) and Shane Black drop some details on Tony Stark’s next appearance.

Top 5 Skyrim Mods of the Week - July 14th [PC] Posted on 7/14/2012
Minecraft in Skyrim (at last!), we learn to wield the force like Vader and meet some truly Epic Creatures.

This Week in Games: July 14, 2012 [All] Posted on 7/14/2012
A new console for $99, a ribbed, even-skinnier PS3, Sony turns down a Kama Sutra pitch, League of Legends is …

NASL Season 3 Grand Finals Live Stream [All] Posted on 7/13/2012
Check out the NASL Season 3 Grand Finals, where some of the top Starcraft II players will compete for a …

CSL and WCS Canadian Championship Live Streams [All] Posted on 7/13/2012
Check out the CSL Canadian Championship and the Blizzard Canadian National World Championships.

Origin Stories: Geoff "InControl" Robinson (StarCraft) [PC] Posted on 7/13/2012
We speak to the StarCraft player about what it takes to succeed as a professional gamer.

Interactive Photos From Comic-Con 2012 [All] Posted on 7/13/2012
Click to zoom in and focus on the things that you want to see in these photos from the Comic-Con …

Free Play Friday: Star Wars, Soccer, League of Legends! [Android] Posted on 7/13/2012
Live from San Diego Comic-Con, Justin Calvert checks in with some more free gaming suggestions for the weekend.

Borderlands 2 Refines, Expands, Adds Badass Ranks [PC] Posted on 7/13/2012
Gearbox’s role-playing shooter sequel shows off hub town Sanctuary and career-tracking, stat-boosting Badass Ranks.

Sleeping Dogs: A Visitor’s Guide to Hong Kong [PC] Posted on 7/12/2012
Gang fights, drag racing, bathroom breaks: we check out what Sleeping Dogs offers beyond its main story in the freedom …

5 Reasons Why Ouya Could Be A Winner (and 5 Why It Won’t) [All] Posted on 7/12/2012
A new console for $99. Too good to be true? Or the best thing ever?

Comic-Con 2012 Photo Gallery [All] Posted on 7/12/2012
From costumes to crowds to the convention floor, check out all the sights of San Diego Comic-Con 2012 in GameSpot’s …

You Really Had to Be There: Comic-Con Costume Battle 2012 [All] Posted on 7/12/2012
Leeloo or Mandalorian? Raiden or Maincraft Guy? Vote for your favorite costumes of Comic-Con 2012!

GameSpot GamePlay Special Edition Spoilercast: Spec Ops: The Line [PC] Posted on 7/12/2012
Spec Ops: The Line lead writer Walt Williams exposes his creative process to Kevin VanOrd, Tom Mc Shea, and Giant …

GameSpot Asia Beat Ep. 5: EVO 2012 Aftermath Salty Runback [Xbox 360] Posted on 7/11/2012
We ramble on non-stop about the fighting game festivities that was EVO 2012 with a few representatives of the Singapore …

GameSpot @ Comic-Con 2012 [All] Posted on 7/11/2012
The biggest pop culture event of the year has returned to sunny San Diego and GameSpot is there to bring …

GameSpot @ E3 2012 [All] Posted on 7/11/2012
From stage show video demos to press conference wrap ups, check out all of GameSpot’s coverage at E3 2012

GameSpot GamePlay Episode 2: Desensitized [Xbox 360] Posted on 7/11/2012
Arthur Gies from Polygon joins Kevin VanOrd, Tom Mc Shea, John Davison and Carolyn Petit to chat about game violence …

Portal 2: Tests of the Week - Captain of the Laser Ship [PC] Posted on 7/11/2012
This week Cam and Jake duel it out with sea-ships, space-ships and, naturally, lasers.

The OzSpot 10/07/12: EVO 2012, more innovation in FPS games [Xbox 360] Posted on 7/9/2012
And why are we laughing at Michael Fassbender?

Comic-Con 2012 360 Costume Cam [All] Posted on 7/9/2012
Costumes and cosplay are to Comic-Con as peanut butter is to jelly or Cloud is to Sephiroth–they’re inseparable. Take a …

The What If Machine - Robot Wars [PC] Posted on 7/9/2012
Cam investigates just how close the military robo-soldiers of modern shooters come to their real-world counterparts.

Inside Comic-Con 2012: Behind the Scenes [All] Posted on 7/8/2012
Go beyond scenes with us at Comic-Con 2012.

Inside Comic-Con 2012: Behind the Scenes [All] Posted on 7/8/2012
Go beyond scenes with us at Comic-Con 2012..

This Week in Games: July 7, 2012 [All] Posted on 7/7/2012
Sony’s cloud starts to form, Microsoft’s Phil Spencer says the Wii U is just an Xbox 360 with a fancy …

Aussie eSports: ACL Melbourne LIVE [PC] Posted on 7/6/2012
Watch the best gamers in Australia compete in the latest leg of the Australian Cyber League. On show this weekend …

Free Play Friday: Cave Exploration, Turn-Based Strategy, and Tanks! [PC] Posted on 7/6/2012
Looking to play something new without spending any money this weekend? Justin Calvert recommends games and demos that you can …

StarCraft II Finals Prove UK’s Passion For eSports [Macintosh] Posted on 7/6/2012
The StarCraft II World Championship Series UK finals were a show of strength not just for the combatants, but for …

EVO 2012 LIVE - Second Stream [PlayStation 3] Posted on 7/6/2012
Watch the top Mortal Kombat, SoulCalibur V, and King of Fighters XIII players compete on the second EVO 2012 live …

EVO 2012 LIVE - Main Stream [Xbox 360] Posted on 7/6/2012
Check out the main EVO 2012 live stream for Super Street Fighter IV: AE, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Street …

Sound Byte: Meet the Composer - Skullgirls [PC] Posted on 7/5/2012
We put up our 2D-animated dukes and talked to audio director Vincent Diamante on the game’s musical inspiration and the …

Facing My Metal Gear Solid Demons [PlayStation Vita] Posted on 7/5/2012
How our long-held opinions of certain games don’t always stand the test of time.

Kung Fu Superstar: Martial Arts for the Masses [PlayStation 3] Posted on 7/5/2012
Mark speaks to Kostas Zarifis, head of indie studio Kinesthetic Games, about motion controls, life as an Indie, and how …

Dead or Alive 5 Gameplay Gallery [Xbox 360] Posted on 7/5/2012
Have a butchers at a few rounds from the upcoming Dead or Alive 5, the latest chapter in the seminal …

Game Masters: Hideo Kojima and Fumito Ueda [PlayStation 3] Posted on 7/4/2012
Meet the creative minds behind Metal Gear Solid and Shadow of the Colossus.

Portal 2: Tests of the Week - The Lone Future Roller Coaster Rider [Macintosh] Posted on 7/4/2012
Guy and Jane compete for coveted test of the week award. Featuring lonely tests subjects, a sinister office map, and …

GameSpot GamePlay [All] Posted on 7/4/2012
Welcome to GamePlay, GameSpot’s audio panel show in which editors and guests discuss the latest news and demonstrate their gaming …

Game Masters: Singstar and Lego [Xbox 360] Posted on 7/3/2012
We chat to the creative minds behind two of gaming’s biggest franchises.

This Week in Competitive Gaming – July 3 [PC] Posted on 7/3/2012
UK on center stage for Blizzard’s WCS, Team Fortress 2 rocks Dallas, Brood War legends and current StarCraft II pros …

Why would anyone ever want to be a AAA game developer? [PlayStation 3] Posted on 7/3/2012
The gaming industry has a growing history of blockbuster hits built through abusive working conditions, and calls to improve are …

The OzSpot: Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut, Sony buys Gaikai [PC] Posted on 7/2/2012
This week on the show: Ed and Laura host! (Translation: Anything could happen!)

Game Masters: Yu Suzuki and Yuji Naka [PlayStation 3] Posted on 7/2/2012
Meet the men behind Shenmue and the original Sonic.

When Do We See the Most New IP? [Xbox 360] Posted on 7/2/2012
The assumption is that the right time to launch a new franchise is at the start of a console cycle; …

Games of the Generation [All] Posted on 7/2/2012
A list of original PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii games published by Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo.

What If Machine - Portal [PC] Posted on 7/2/2012
In this, the debut episode of What If Machine, Cam takes a look at the science of Portal, featuring the …

London 2012 Gameplay Gallery [Xbox 360] Posted on 7/2/2012
Check out a few of the 31 playable events in the London 2012 Official Videogame.

The Rocksmith Diaries: Part One [Xbox 360] Posted on 7/2/2012
Mark has been spending some quality time with Rocksmith to find out if it’s as good for established players as …

Game Masters: Blizzard and Harmonix [Macintosh] Posted on 7/1/2012
Find out what makes two of the gaming industry’s biggest publishers tick.

Top Five Skyrim Mods of the Week - June 30 [PC] Posted on 6/30/2012
We’ve got a bit of a Harry Potter thing going on this week. We’ve also got some exploding ogres.

This Week in Games: June 30, 2012 [All] Posted on 6/30/2012
Lara has a new face, Activision-Blizzard can be yours for just $8.1 billion (well, 61 percent of it), the Wii …

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Dawnguard Walkthrough [Xbox 360] Posted on 6/29/2012
Team Serana or team Aela? Our Skyrim - Dawnguard Walkthrough will provide video guides through both storylines, tips on new …

Razer’s Tiamat 7.1 Headset Brings True Surround Sound to Your PC Games [All] Posted on 6/29/2012
Individual audio drivers, rock-solid materials, and attention to comfort make the Tiamat 7.1 Gaming Headset an easy recommendation for diehard …

BlackShark Headset From Razer Booms on the Battlefield [All] Posted on 6/29/2012
Comfort is king with Razer’s BlackShark gaming headset. The unique design and eye-catching use of materials set these cans apart …

Free Play Friday: F1, Battlefield, Magic, and Space! [iPhone/iPod] Posted on 6/29/2012
Justin Calvert throws out some ideas for games that you could be playing without paying this weekend.

The Secret World Live Stream Extravaganza [PC] Posted on 6/29/2012
Kevin has jumped into The Secret World, and invites you to join him as he explores this modern-myth online role-playing …

Game Masters: Tetsuya Mizuguchi [PC] Posted on 6/28/2012
Our interview with the creative mind behind Rez, Lumines, and Child of Eden.

Demons and Drow: Menace of the Underdark Arrives [PC] Posted on 6/28/2012
Dungeons & Dragons Online: Menace of the Underdark is now available, so we took a tour of the new expansion …

My Shepard Has A First Name: Mass Effect 3 Extended Edition Spoilercast [PlayStation 3] Posted on 6/28/2012
Kevin, Kurtis, Tom, and Aaron explore the additions of Mass Effect 3’s Extended Cut.

GameSpot Asia Beat Ep. 4: Crossing The Golden Line Edition [PC] Posted on 6/27/2012
We focus on Spec Ops: The Line, the new bits of Persona 4 The Golden, and some Nintendo 3DS XL/Smash …

This Week in Competitive Gaming - June 27 [Macintosh] Posted on 6/27/2012
NASL Season 3 playoffs, EVO gets record-breaking registrations, GSL kicks into high-gear, top-tier Shootmania was on display for the first …

Portal 2 Tests of the Week - Moonbase! Death Spiral! [PC] Posted on 6/27/2012
Moonbases, death spirals and crazy chain reactions! Witness the lengths to which Guy and Jane will go to win this …

7 Games the Wii U Should Be Launching With [Wii U] Posted on 6/27/2012
Pokémon, Metroid, and Mario top the list of games Nintendo needs for a successful Wii U launch.

Sound Byte Radio Episode 6: Elder Scrolls IV, Persona 3, Darksiders II [Xbox 360] Posted on 6/26/2012
We return from a season break to bring you video game music galore, featuring Celtic-influenced dirges, fantasy rock and some …

Game Masters: Warren Spector [Wii] Posted on 6/26/2012
We asked the famed designer his thoughts on the current state of the gaming industry.

The Secret World: A Bit of Vampire Slayer, a Bit of Bigfoot [PC] Posted on 6/26/2012
The Secret World senior producer Ragnar Tornquist talks about launch stability, crunch time, and Joss Whedon’s influence on the upcoming …

Secret Code - European Bus Simulator, Thomas Was Alone [PC] Posted on 6/26/2012
This week we play a game about talking shapes and attempt to drive a bus around a fake German city. …

The OzSpot 26/06/12: Warren Spector, free-to-play games [Xbox 360] Posted on 6/25/2012
Is the future of games really free-to-play?

Game Masters: Behind the Talent [PlayStation 3] Posted on 6/25/2012
Join us for a two-week journey chronicling some of the video game industry’s most celebrated game designers!

Is It Time for Games to Get Serious? [Xbox 360] Posted on 6/25/2012
Should more mainstream games push thematic boundaries and explore the murky depths of human nature?

Civilization 5 Gods and Kings Walkthrough [Macintosh] Posted on 6/25/2012
Gandhi still loves nukes! Our Civilization 5 Gods and Kings Walkthrough gives you tips for the expansion’s new systems, changes …

The Limitations of Genres [PC] Posted on 6/25/2012
Dividing games into “first-person this” or “real-time that” makes it easier to ignore the bigger picture.

Warren Spector LIVE from Sydney [All] Posted on 6/24/2012
GameSpot AU hosts a special evening with Warren Spector, and you can be VIRTUALLY there.

This Week in Games: June 23, 2012 [All] Posted on 6/23/2012
Nintendo is confusing people, Sony is evasive, and Microsoft is changing what “Xbox” means. Meanwhile, Electronic Arts just wants to …

A Smashing Collaboration for Next Smash Bros.? [Wii U] Posted on 6/22/2012
Namco Bandai is lending its fighting game expertise to the next Smash Bros., but what can we expect from this …

Quantum Conundrum Walkthrough [Xbox 360] Posted on 6/22/2012
Your eccentric uncle is trapped in another dimension, and it’s up to you to bring him back with the power …

Games-as-a-Service Does Disservice to Gamers [All] Posted on 6/22/2012
An always-online, microtransaction-driven, free-to-play future will lead to an unimpressive diversity of disposable experiences.

ASUS Starcraft II Pro-Am Tournament [Macintosh] Posted on 6/21/2012
Watch LIVE as 32 Aussie hopefuls battle it out for cash and prizes in the ASUS Starcraft II Pro-Am Tournament! …

In Japan, a Newborn Chicken Can Defeat a Pride of Lions [PlayStation 3] Posted on 6/21/2012
Why a quirky Japan-only survival game is on the verge of a worldwide release.

From Sherlock Holmes to Shadowgate [Macintosh] Posted on 6/21/2012
How the consulting detective led to the discovery of a remake for the first-person adventure classic.

What Wii U’s Got Here Is Failure To Communicate [Wii U] Posted on 6/21/2012
When people who should know better are still confusing the Wii U GamePad as an add-on rather than a new …

Spec Ops: The Line is No Trip to The Beach [Xbox 360] Posted on 6/21/2012
Sandstorms, Helicopter crashes, Falling Skyscrapers and Nolan North! These are just some of the things you can expect to find …

The Future of Gaming Tech Looks Brighter Than Ever [Xbox 360] Posted on 6/20/2012
As our current stable of consoles begin to fade into obsolescence, the PC market has already defined what we can …

Violence in Games: Industry Buzz [PlayStation 3] Posted on 6/20/2012
Sony and Microsoft execs, as well as developers Warren Spector, Cliff Bleszinski, and others sound off on the state of …

Portal 2 Tests of the Week - Portals, Wolfenstein, and the PSP [Macintosh] Posted on 6/20/2012
Cam and Guy go head-to-head to find the best test map to impress The Honourable Judge, Mark Walton. Who will …

Secret Code - Monaco: What’s Yours Is Mine, Indie Game: The Movie [PC] Posted on 6/19/2012
This week we get exclusive access to the winner of the 2010 IGF and one of 2012’s biggest indie games: …

The OzSpot 19/06/12: R18+ for games [All] Posted on 6/18/2012
Join us for a discussion on the momentous decision following the official introduction of an R18+ classification for video games …

E3 2012 Bonus Stage: Day Three [All] Posted on 6/18/2012
Watch all the segments from the final day of our Bonus Stage for a behind-the-scenes look at E3 with the …

Nintendo, Social Gaming, and Why I Quit My Job [Wii U] Posted on 6/18/2012
Truly social gaming isn’t just clicking on stuff and broadcasting it to a list of acquaintances online; it’s sharing experiences …

Just Enough New: Nintendo’s Takashi Tezuka on Keeping With Mario’s 2D Traditions [3DS] Posted on 6/18/2012
Veteran Nintendo producer reflects on the state of New Super Mario Bros. and why touch-screen controls are being kept to …

Top Five Skyrim Mods of the Week - June 16 [PC] Posted on 6/16/2012
We’re back with another episode, and it may or may not involve floating demon skulls, squeaky toys, and dilapidated cars. …

Your Tweetable Guide to GameSpot’s E3 Main Stage [PlayStation 3] Posted on 6/15/2012
Let your friends know about your favorite demos with this handy, Twitter-friendly overview of the show.

Confessions of a Diablo III Day Trader [PC] Posted on 6/15/2012
The real-money auction house is live, and we have some quick tips for making the most of the new service …

GameSpot’s Community Soapbox [All] Posted on 6/15/2012
Find how you can be featured in GameSpot’s Community Soapbox!

Sound Byte: Meet the Composer - Diablo III [PC] Posted on 6/14/2012
We talk to audio director/composer Russell Brower on the sounds and melodies of Blizzard’s clickfest.

The Divinity Universe Expands with Dragon Commander and Divinity: Original Sin [PC] Posted on 6/14/2012
Dragons with jetpacks. Elemental mishaps. Expect all this and more in Larian Studios’ upcoming Divinity duo.

The Lives of Today’s Garage Game Makers [PC] Posted on 6/14/2012
Amateur game designers are finding themselves better equipped to succeed in the video game industry on their own terms. Two …

Portal 2 Tests of the Week - Creepers, Vertigo, Pinball! [PC] Posted on 6/14/2012
Cam and Guy take a look at three community test maps from the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Also, there’s a giant …

Konami and Mercury Steam Redefine Castlevania’s Traditional Formula [3DS] Posted on 6/14/2012
Enric Alvarez and David Cox sit down with a group of unruly game journalists to discuss the upcoming 3DS Castlevania, …

Kojima on 25 Years of Metal Gear, the Future of the Cobra Unit, and More [PlayStation 3] Posted on 6/14/2012
Hideo Kojima sat down with a group of journalists in a tiny room at E3 to discuss the past 25 …

Free-to-play games make me feel like Jack Thompson [All] Posted on 6/14/2012
What do a longtime Mortal Kombat fan and the poster boy for wrong-headed crusades against violent games have in common? …

GameSpot Asia Beat Ep.3: E3 2012 Aftermath [Xbox 360] Posted on 6/13/2012
For this week’s show, we talk shop about what we liked and reviled about this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo.

Postcards from E3 2012! [All] Posted on 6/13/2012
This footage was captured by GameSpot Editorial Team using the Samsung Galaxy Note during E3. Our Ambassadors were John Davidson, …

Handheld Gaming Ignored at E3 [PlayStation Vita] Posted on 6/13/2012
The PS Vita put forth a sadly lifeless showing and Nintendo offered up a one-dimensional lineup for the 3DS, but …

The Story of Zombies, Run! [iPhone/iPod] Posted on 6/13/2012
How an indie took on Nike, challenged the rules of narrative design, and started the Kickstarter revolution.

Lollipop Chainsaw: Suda 51 on inspirations, music and creating games on the toilet [Xbox 360] Posted on 6/12/2012
We sat down for a brief conversation with Suda 51, before his zombie-killing action game hits shelves worldwide this week. …

The OzSpot 12/06/12 [Xbox 360] Posted on 6/12/2012
E3 2012 wrap, Activision Blizzard for sale, and is war entertainment?

From Samus To Lara: An Interview With Anita Sarkeesian of Feminist Frequency [PC] Posted on 6/12/2012
GameSpot’s Carolyn Petit talks to Feminist Frequency’s Anita Sarkeesian about feminism, games, her visit to Bungie and her latest Kickstarter …

Why Apple’s Game Center Is A Game Changer [All] Posted on 6/12/2012
It might not have been the highlight of the WWDC keynote, but there’s a lot more to Apple’s Mac version …

Secret Code - Postal 2, Binding of Isaac DLC, StarForge, Offspring Fling [PC] Posted on 6/11/2012
On this week’s episode of Secret Code, every time Danny and Johnny massacre 15 people in Postal 2, they show …

MLG Presents Halo 4 Multiplayer [Xbox 360] Posted on 6/10/2012
Watch as some of the best Halo pros in the world go head to head playing the upcoming installment of …

E3 2012 Bonus Stage: Day Two [All] Posted on 6/8/2012
The Bonus Stage at E3 2012 continues with Double Fine’s Tim Schafer, Mortal Kombat’s Original Liu Kang, and more!

Fighting Game Live Stream at the MLG Spring Championship in Anaheim [PlayStation 3] Posted on 6/8/2012
Watch high level Mortal Kombat, Soul Calibur V, King of Fighters XIII at the MLG Spring Championship in Anaheim, CA! …

League of Legends Live Stream at MLG Spring Championship [PC] Posted on 6/8/2012
Watch 21 of the top League of Legends teams fight it out for $40,000 in prizes and Riot’s Season 2 …

Starcraft II Live Stream at the MLG Spring Championship in Anaheim [Macintosh] Posted on 6/8/2012
Watch the MLG Spring Championship, the USA Nationals of the StarCraft II World Championship Series, and the 8-player KeSPA Pro …

E3 2012 Bonus Stage: Day One [All] Posted on 6/7/2012
Missed our E3 2012 Bonus Stage show? No problem! Check out all of our videos for day one in a …

Best of E3 2012: Readers’ Choice Voting [All] Posted on 6/6/2012
Vote for your favorite game in our Best of E3 2012 Readers’ Choice awards now!

Best of E3 2012: Editors’ Choice Awards [All] Posted on 6/6/2012
What games did the editors choose to represent the Best of E3 2012? Find out now!

The Elder Scrolls Online: Keeping It Familiar [PC] Posted on 6/6/2012
E3 2012: The Elder Scrolls Online looks big and beautiful. It also looks like games we’ve seen countless times already. …

E3 2012 Photo Gallery [All] Posted on 6/6/2012
From behind-the-scenes set up to general show floor craziness, check out our photos from E3 2012!

When did regenerating health become realistic? [PlayStation 3] Posted on 6/6/2012
E3 2012: Medal of Honor: Warfighter is being billed as realistic, but this claim is as fictional as the fanatical …

Why Nintendo Won E3 [Wii U] Posted on 6/6/2012
No one panders quite like Nintendo.

Why Sony Won E3 2012 [PlayStation 3] Posted on 6/5/2012
New projects from familiar developers helped Sony steal the show.

Why Microsoft Won E3 2012 [Xbox 360] Posted on 6/5/2012
Microsoft presents a multifaceted future of gaming’s best-selling console.

Borderlands 2 and Artistic Evolution [PC] Posted on 6/5/2012
E3 2012: With Borderlands 2, the series enters an artistic Renaissance.

The dual personality of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. [PlayStation 3] Posted on 6/5/2012
E3 2012: Two GameSpot editors. One Metal Gear.

Screenshots: Castlevania, DMC, and Metal Gear!? [PlayStation 3] Posted on 6/5/2012
Check out the latest screenshots for Castlevania: Lords of Shadows 2, DMC, and Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.

Nothing’s Shocking [PlayStation 3] Posted on 6/5/2012
When so many games of E3 2012 are selling themselves based on exceptional levels of violence, it’s the more restrained …

E3 2012 Loot Drop Giveaway [All] Posted on 6/5/2012
E3 2012 has landed, and we’re celebrating with another loot drop giveaway! Enter now to win a new prize every …

Screenshots: Pikmin, Luigi’s Mansion, ZombiU [3DS] Posted on 6/5/2012
Check out the latest screenshots for Pikmin 3, Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, and ZombiU!

Gameplay Is Dead. Long Live Gameplay! [PlayStation 3] Posted on 6/5/2012
E3 2012: By focusing on cinematic excess, studios are alienating those of us who want games, and not films.

Creating Original IPs the Safe Way [PlayStation 3] Posted on 6/5/2012
E3 2012: Why Beyond, The Last of Us, and Watch Dogs aren’t quite the creative risk you might think–and why …

MLG E3 2012 Exhibition Matches Live [PlayStation 3] Posted on 6/5/2012
Join us live at E3 2012 and see some of the most well-known Starcraft II, Mortal Kombat, and Black Ops …

Screenshots: The Last of Us, Beyond, and God of War [PlayStation 3] Posted on 6/4/2012
Check out the latest screenshots for The Last of Us, Beyond: Two Souls, and God of War Ascension!

Halo 4 Makes a Fan out of a Naysayer [Xbox 360] Posted on 6/4/2012
E3 2012: Kevin examines how the Halo 4 stage demo convinced him that the Chief’s next adventure might win him …

A Missed Kinection [Xbox 360] Posted on 6/4/2012
E3 2012: Sparing us the agony of poor motion controls.

Screenshots: Dead Space, Lost Planet, and South Park [PlayStation 3] Posted on 6/4/2012
Check out the latest screenshots for Dead Space 3, Lost Planet 3, and South Park: The Stick of Truth!

GameSpot Lunch Box [All] Posted on 6/4/2012
The GameSpot AU team bring you live updates from the E3 show floor with a daily Twitch TV lunchtime stream! …

Screenshots: Halo, Splinter Cell, and Assassin’s Creed [Xbox 360] Posted on 6/4/2012
Check out the latest screenshots for Halo 4, Splinter Cell: Blacklist, and Assassin’s Creed III!

Microsoft’s SmartGlass Seems Legit, But It’s No Wii U Controller [Xbox 360] Posted on 6/4/2012
E3 2012: Microsoft’s SmartGlass software turns your mobile device into a touch-screen remote for the Xbox 360. Unfortunately, it’s not …

Top Five Skyrim Mods of the Week - June 2 [PC] Posted on 6/2/2012
Have you ever wished that dragon shouts sounded more like dragon farts? You’re weird. But you’re also in luck!

ShootMania E3 Tournament Live [PC] Posted on 6/1/2012
Watch a special ShootMania tournament to find out who will win a chance to compete on the show floor of …

Making the Next Smash Bros. a Smashing Success [Wii] Posted on 6/1/2012
Maxwell McGee shares his hopes and fears for the next Super Smash Bros. (SSB4) on the 3DS and Wii U. …

The Dimunitive Game Capture HD From Elgato Destroys the Competition [PC] Posted on 6/1/2012
Capturing game footage over HDMI is Game Capture HD’s major selling point, but there are numerous reasons why it revolutionizes …

E3: Not What It Used To Be [All] Posted on 6/1/2012
The annual trade show has been a tremendous success for two decades, and that success is undermining its own relevance. …

Rift: Storm Legion is Revealed [PC] Posted on 5/31/2012
With the first Rift expansion, Trion Worlds sets out to prove that bigger really is better.

The Customer Is Not Always Right [PC] Posted on 5/31/2012
How fan feedback changes to Doom 3: BFG Edition and Mass Effect 3 cheapen the originals and undermine the artistic …

8 Things the Dawnguard Trailer Tells Us [Xbox 360] Posted on 5/31/2012
The trailer for Skyrim’s formerly mysterious Dawnguard add-on is here. Catch the essential reveals and some wild rumour-mongering on the …

GameSpot Staff: Who To Follow on Twitter at E3 2012 [All] Posted on 5/30/2012
Our content teams from around the world will all be in Los Angeles for E3 this year. Make sure you’re …

Next-Gen Console Wars: 10 Steps to Dominance for the Wii U [Wii U] Posted on 5/30/2012
What Nintendo needs to dominate in the next generation.

Portal 2 Tests of the Week - Opera, Golf and a Giant Toilet [PC] Posted on 5/30/2012
Cameron and Jane go portal-hopping through three more hand-picked test chambers for Portal 2.

FIFA 13: A Revolution After All? [3DS] Posted on 5/30/2012
FIFA 13 isn’t just a set of tweaks to the formula–it’s the best damn FIFA yet.

Most Anticipated Games of E3 2012 [PlayStation 3] Posted on 5/29/2012
From Assassin’s Creed III to The Last of Us, here’s a round up of GameSpot’s most anticipated games of E3 …

A Look Back at E3 2011’s Biggest Disappearing Acts [Xbox 360] Posted on 5/29/2012
We cast our gaze on a few notable games that have gone radio silent over the past 12 months.

GameSpot and MLG bring eSports to E3 [PC] Posted on 5/29/2012
Starcraft 2, Call of Duty: Black Ops, and Mortal Kombat pros to fight it out in exhibition matches at the …

MCM Expo May 2012 Cosplay Battle [All] Posted on 5/29/2012
Which costume is best? You decide.

The OzSpot 29/05/12 [PC] Posted on 5/28/2012
We argue! About games!

This Week On Kickstarter: Tex Murphy, Micromon, From Bedrooms To Billions [PC] Posted on 5/28/2012
This week’s nostalgia trip comes courtesy of Tex Murphy and From Bedrooms To Billions, while Micromon brings “gotta catch ‘em …

This Week On The App Store: Air Mail, Total War Battles, Sing Something [iPhone/iPod] Posted on 5/28/2012
We get airborne with Air Mail, send our troops into battle with Total War Battles: Shogun, and wonder what the …

Secret Code - Enviro-Bear 2000, Vessel, Free Games! [Macintosh] Posted on 5/28/2012
On this week’s show we help a bear drive a station wagon to survive winter, make artificial life out of …

League Updates: Darius Patch [PC] Posted on 5/27/2012
Darren Seah discusses Darius, the Hand of Noxus, and other changes in the latest League of Legends patch.

This Week in Games: May 26, 2012 [All] Posted on 5/26/2012
Otherwise known as the one before the one before E3 2012. This week: 38 Studios collapses, the West, Zampella, Activision …

Live from MCM [Xbox 360] Posted on 5/25/2012
Watch our live stream to get the latest from the MCM Expo.

MCM Expo May 2012 Photos [All] Posted on 5/25/2012
Check out the latest photos of the cosplayers, the GSUK stage, and all the back-stage shenanigans.

Next-Gen Console War: 10 Steps to Dominance for the PS4 [PlayStation 3] Posted on 5/25/2012
This week, Hilary Goldstein takes a look at what Sony has to do to make its next system a smash. …

Amalur Developer Shuts Down, Industry Sounds Off [Xbox 360] Posted on 5/25/2012
The closure of Curt Schilling’s game company dominated the headlines this week and had people talking; GameSpot rounds up some …

The Uncertain Future of Street Fighter X Tekken [PlayStation 3] Posted on 5/25/2012
Three months since release, and Street Fighter X Tekken is off to a rocky start. How did it come to …

Street Fighter Fans Get What Capcom Wants, Not What They Deserve [Xbox 360] Posted on 5/24/2012
Capcom’s attempt to honor Street Fighter’s anniversary is a repackaged mess that fails to celebrate the series’ greatest moments, leaving …

ThorZaIN on signing with Evil Geniuses [All] Posted on 5/23/2012
Swedish champ Marcus Eklöf explains why he left Mousesports, talks about training with SlayerS, and why he doesn’t think he’s …

Portal 2 Tests of the Week - Kate Nash, Escorts, and Quantum Entanglement [Macintosh] Posted on 5/23/2012
Johnny and Danny take a look at three Portal 2 community test maps and manage to keep the mouse steady …

Are game-based comics worth reading? [All] Posted on 5/22/2012
It’s a GameSpot-Comic Vine team-up as we get gamers and comic fans to assess titles based on Mass Effect, Gears …

GameSpot Asia Beat Ep. 2: Diablo III Hellstravaganza [PC] Posted on 5/21/2012
This week’s show is about a particular hellish action RPG that made headlines on May 15; stay awhile and listen …

OzSpot 22/05/12 [PC] Posted on 5/21/2012
Next-generation hardware, grey importing in Aussie stores, and a new GameSpotter!

Inside E3 2012: Behind the Scenes [All] Posted on 5/21/2012
Go beyond the booths with a special look at how E3 comes together.

Discussing Fighting Games with the King of Iron Fist [Xbox 360] Posted on 5/21/2012
DLC, e-sports, and the next generation of consoles: Tekken series producer Katsuhiro Harada discusses the big issues facing fighting games …

Tekken Tag 2 a model of how to handle DLC [Xbox 360] Posted on 5/21/2012
Free post-launch characters for Namco Bandai’s fighting game respects customers even as they discourage second-hand game sales.

Secret Code - Conception: Please Give Birth to My Child, Awesomenauts [Xbox 360] Posted on 5/21/2012
On this weeks show we shoot a bunch of dinosaurs, have sex with a Japanese teenager, find life on Mars …

Top Five Skyrim Mods of the Week - May 19 [PC] Posted on 5/19/2012
Tower defense, man purses, and the mother of all easter egg hunts are the name of the game on this …

This Week in Games: May 19, 2012 [All] Posted on 5/19/2012
Diablo III launch problems, the benefits of office fumigation, and Epic’s insistence on more powerful next generation consoles. All this, …

Ten Tweetable Tips for Diablo III [Macintosh] Posted on 5/18/2012
We return from the depths of Hell long enough to bestow some Diablo III wisdom in 140 characters or less. …

Incoming: Ghost Recon: Future Soldier vs. Dragon’s Dogma [PlayStation 3] Posted on 5/18/2012
Future-set shooter and fantasy action role-playing at retail next week, but which one is more interesting to GameSpot readers, and …

Starcraft II Live Stream at MLG Spring Arena 2 [PC] Posted on 5/18/2012
32 of the World’s Best StarCraft II competing at the MLG Spring Arena this weekend for more than $26,000 in …

Next-Gen Console War: 10 Steps to Dominance for the Next Xbox [Xbox 360] Posted on 5/18/2012
This week, Hilary Goldstein examines what the next Xbox must do to beat the PlayStation 4 and Wii U.

This Week On Kickstarter: Carmageddon, Drifter, Spate [PC] Posted on 5/18/2012
We take a look at the week’s best Kickstarter projects, including a reboot of Carmageddon, space trading game Drifter, and …

Sound Byte Radio Episode 5: Diablo III, Max Payne 2, No More Heroes 2 [PC] Posted on 5/17/2012
Brace your ears for epicness, as our pseudo-online mixtape consists of covers aplenty, a chiptune-rock hybrid, and a few other …

Diablo III: Industry Buzz [PC] Posted on 5/17/2012
Blizzard’s just-launched dungeon-crawler has people talking; GameSpot rounds up some of the most interesting comments, from Bungie to Conan O’Brien. …

Boost Your Score in Hitman: Sniper Challenge [Xbox 360] Posted on 5/17/2012
Unlocking permanent point modifiers by completing challenges is key to maximising your score in Sniper Challenge. Here’s how to do …

Portal 2 Tests of the Week - Puzzles! Time Travel! [Macintosh] Posted on 5/16/2012
There’s a Stargate-looking time portal in this week’s selection of player-made puzzles.

This Week in eSports: May 16, 2012 [PC] Posted on 5/16/2012
The MLG teams up with KeSPA, players retire and then un-retire, Raymond “Rambo” Lussier dishes on what Black Ops …

MLG CEO on Korean crossover deal [PC] Posted on 5/16/2012
Q&A: Sundance DiGiovanni talks about Major League Gaming’s big deal with the Korean eSports Association and what it means for …

The Final Hours of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty [PlayStation 2] Posted on 5/16/2012
Geoff Keighley takes you behind the scenes in this exclusive feature about the last days of the development of 2001’s …

Diablo III NASL Live Stream Marathon [Macintosh] Posted on 5/15/2012
How will Starcraft II pro gamers fare in the hellish pits of the underworld? Join the folks from NASL for …

The OzSpot 15/05/12 [PlayStation Vita] Posted on 5/14/2012
Vita, mobile gaming, innovation and a special guest!

Max Payne Original Comic: After The Fall [Xbox 360] Posted on 5/14/2012
New three-part Max Payne comic book series from Marvel tackles events from the Max’ past through flashbacks. Check out the …

Max Payne 3 MLG Pro Exhibition Stream [PlayStation 3] Posted on 5/14/2012
Join 16 of MLG’s best pro gamers as they compete for $30k in the Max Payne 3 MLG Pro Exhibition …

Take-Two Plays the Waiting Game [Xbox 360] Posted on 5/14/2012
A look back at games published by Take-Two since 2009 reveal the firm is terrible at shipping marquee, non-sports titles …

If You’re Not Playing Diablo III Hardcore, You’re Doing it Wrong [PC] Posted on 5/14/2012
Nothing is beautiful and everything hurts; why you should embrace death in the Diablo universe.

Secret CODE - JFK Reloaded, Lone Survivor, The Splatters [PC] Posted on 5/14/2012
Danny takes aim at the best and worst games you’ve probably never heard of in GameSpot’s latest show, Secret Code. …

Pro Gamers on Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown [Arcade Games] Posted on 5/13/2012
Sparks, circus animals and lasers? Professional fighting competitors offer their thoughts on the latest game in the Virtua Fighter series …

Top 5 Trials Evolution Tracks of the Week [Xbox 360] Posted on 5/12/2012
Dracula’s castle, the planet of Pandora, and a Nokia mobile phone are some of the stops on our tour of …

This Week in Games: May 12, 2012 [All] Posted on 5/12/2012
Diablo III imminence, Blizzard’s All-Stars, Jenova Chen’s assertions that the PlayStation audience digs art more, Microsoft’s subscription plan for hardware, …

Tell Us Your Favorite Skyrim Mods! [PC] Posted on 5/11/2012
Top 5 Skyrim Mods will be back next week, so in the meantime let’s share our favorite mods that haven’t …

Portal 2 Tests of the Week - Aerial Fun and Vengeful Turrets [PC] Posted on 5/11/2012
We take a look at three community test maps from the Perpetual Testing Initiative, featuring crazy aerial fun-times, vengeful turrets, …

Incoming: Which New Releases Do You Care About Most? [PC] Posted on 5/11/2012
Diablo III is far and away the most anticipated of next week’s releases for GameSpot readers; Max Payne 3 for …

A Pro Gamer’s Hopes for Black Ops II [PlayStation 3] Posted on 5/11/2012
Four-time MLG tournament winner Raymond Lussier lets us know what the pro gaming community wants to see from the next …

GameSpot Asia Beat Ep. 1: Max Payne 3 multiplayer, Ghost Recon beta, "Comp Gacha" - May 10, 2012 [PC] Posted on 5/10/2012
On GameSpot Asia’s pilot podcast episode, we talk about multiplayer action galore and some mobile gaming kerfuffle going on in …

Sound Byte: Gravity Rush Music Showcase [PlayStation Vita] Posted on 5/10/2012
We dole out a musical preview of Sony’s gravity-shifting adventure opus, which is exclusive for the PS Vita.

The First 90 Days of Civilization V: Gods and Kings [Macintosh] Posted on 5/10/2012
We talk you through our first 90 days as the mighty Celtic empire in the upcoming expansion to Civilization V, …

Torchlight II Beta Live Stream [PC] Posted on 5/10/2012
Shaun is streaming some hack-and-slash action in the Torchlight II beta. Watch an engineer named Steve and a bulldog named …

Diablo III: The Order - Excerpt From the Novel [PC] Posted on 5/9/2012
Can’t get enough Diablo right now? Check out this excerpt from the forthcoming novel by Nate Kenyon.

New GameSpot Mobile Site [All] Posted on 5/9/2012
Today we launched the shiny new mobile version of GameSpot. It’s optimized for your smartphone, as well it should be, …

GameSpotters, Mount Up! [PC] Posted on 5/9/2012
Rockstar opens up crew registration for Max Payne 3 multiplayer.

Twitter Quotes Are News, Despite What Devs May Say [PC] Posted on 5/9/2012
Recent tweets from Minecraft creator and EA manager highlight top-level misunderstanding of a staggeringly powerful social network.

Halo Remix - Exclusive First Look [PC] Posted on 5/8/2012
Take an exclusive first look at Halo Remix, a music video made using nothing but the sounds of Halo 3 …

This Week in eSports: May 9, 2012 [All] Posted on 5/8/2012
Our new, weekly wrap-up of the past week in e-sports news from events around the world.

Getting Ready for Diablo III on the Cheap [Macintosh] Posted on 5/8/2012
We show you how easy it can be to get Diablo III up and running on rather modest means, including …

Diablo 3 Walkthrough [PC] Posted on 5/8/2012
Click your way to Azmodan. Our Diablo 3 walkthrough will teach you the secrets of the classes, acts, and new …

Hybrid Beta Giveaway [Xbox 360] Posted on 4/25/2012
No gravity? No problem. Get your Hybrid beta key today and jump into the fray once the beta begins later …

Prototype 2 Walkthrough [PlayStation 3] Posted on 4/25/2012
Let’s go out to the city and have ourselves a snack. Our Prototype 2 Walkthrough includes videos for finding collectibles, …

Prototype 2 Live Stream [PlayStation 3] Posted on 4/25/2012
Tom Mc Shea glides above the streets of New York for your delight and amusement.

Pirate101 Mixes Swashbuckling and Shining Force [PC] Posted on 4/25/2012
The pirate-themed follow-up to the immensely popular free-to-play MMO game Wizard101 draws inspiration from classic pirate stories, Star Wars, goofy …

Extreme Game of the Year Makeovers [PlayStation 3] Posted on 4/24/2012
Publishers double-dip on their biggest hits all the time, but it’s rare for Game of the Year Editions to get …

GameSpot UK Podcast 24 April 2012 [All] Posted on 4/24/2012
Who’s good in a debate? Should Call Of Duty just die already? Answers to this and more in this week’s …

Our Final Battle: Awesomenauts [Xbox 360] Posted on 4/24/2012
The rivalry between Maxwell and Giancarlo has reached its boiling point, and now they must prepare for their final battle …

The OzSpot 24/04/12 [All] Posted on 4/23/2012
New God of War title AND a new Call of Duty game to be announced on May 1. Boring or …

Why Porn and Games Don’t Mix [PlayStation 3] Posted on 4/23/2012
Should professional gaming tournaments accept offers of sponsorship from pornography sites?

Escape from Mount Stupid: Max Payne [Android] Posted on 4/23/2012
This week we hit the cold streets of New York to look at what Max Payne did for third person …

Notch, 0×10c, and How to Build a New Type of Hype for a Game [PC] Posted on 4/23/2012
Without even releasing a single game build, Minecraft creator Markus “Notch” Persson has managed to build a vibrant community around …

Prototype 2 Gameplay Gallery [PlayStation 3] Posted on 4/22/2012
Take a look at our gameplay gallery for Prototype 2 to see new protagonist, James Heller, in action.

Top Five Skyrim Mods of the Week - April 21 [PC] Posted on 4/21/2012
Have you ever wanted to roll up a Katamari ball full of Skyrim’s scariest creatures? Of course you have! That …

This Week in Games: April 21, 2012 [All] Posted on 4/20/2012
Apple isn’t actually working with Valve on a Steam Box, God of War is getting another prequel, Halo 4 is …

Gears of War 3, Starcraft II, Modern Warfare 3 LIVE from ACL Sydney [Xbox 360] Posted on 4/20/2012
Watch some of Australia’s top players compete in Gears of War 3, Starcraft II, Halo Reach, FIFA 12, and Modern …

Tera Open Beta Live Stream [PC] Posted on 4/20/2012
The Tera open beta period has begun, and Kevin VanOrd has invited you to join him in his first look …

Starcraft II Live Stream at MLG Spring Arena 1 [PC] Posted on 4/20/2012
MLG Spring Season 2012 kicks off with eight of the top Starcraft II players battling it out in NYC! Join …

Prototype 2 Live Performance Premiering This Sunday! [PC] Posted on 4/20/2012
GameSpot UK will be streaming the 18-only live-action performance as it happens in London’s Covent Garden.

League of Lessons: The AP Carry (Part Three) [PC] Posted on 4/19/2012
On this final part of this AP carry-focused feature, we suggest a few heroes who serve the role well and …

The Secrets of Fez [Xbox 360] Posted on 4/19/2012
Without ruining the joy of solving Fez’s puzzles on your own, our mini-guide will show you the way. “Brawny gods …

The True Secrets of Fez [All] Posted on 4/19/2012
Without ruining the joy of solving Fez’s puzzles on your own, our mini-guide will show you the way. “Brawny gods …

League of Lessons: The AP Carry (Part Two) [PC] Posted on 4/18/2012
In the second part of our guide to one of the most important roles in LoL (AP Carry), we find …

Sound Byte Radio Episode 3: Dark Void, Ketsui, Lost Odyssey [3DS] Posted on 4/18/2012
Synthesizers and guitar riffs clash on this week’s episode as we check out arrangements from Lost Odyssey, Valkyria Chronicles, and …

The Evolution of Halo 4’s Multiplayer [Xbox 360] Posted on 4/18/2012
343 clarifies some details and sheds more light on Halo 4’s multiplayer features.

War Inc. Battle Zone: Exclusive Trailer and Launch Rundown [PC] Posted on 4/18/2012
Online shooter War Inc. Battle Zone has arrived, with a brand-new trailer and a slew of customization options.

UEFA Euro 12 Gameplay Gallery [Xbox 360] Posted on 4/18/2012
Take a look at our gameplay gallery for FIFA 12’s UEFA Euro 2012 DLC to see what the Tournament and …

The OzSpot 17/04/12 [Xbox 360] Posted on 4/17/2012
This week, we learn about the Japanese gaming industry!

League of Lessons: The AP Carry (Part One) [PC] Posted on 4/17/2012
In this first part of GameSpot’s all-new League of Legends-focused training features, we check out one of the five important …

DOTA 2 Through the Eyes of a League of Legends Player [PC] Posted on 4/17/2012
A League of Legends player tries DOTA 2 for the first time and gives his initial impressions on the differences …

Trials Evolution Live Stream [Xbox 360] Posted on 4/17/2012
Editor Tom Mc Shea jumps into Trials Evolution to see just how foolish he can look while you watch.

GameSpot UK Podcast 17 April [All] Posted on 4/17/2012
We flip-reverse it as Mark becomes quiz master and Sarah hears the team’s insane game pitches, but just who will …

Live Stream: The OzSpot April 16, 2012 [All] Posted on 4/16/2012
Join the GameSpot AU crew as they talk to special guest Hideaki Itsuno (director of Dragon’s Dogma and several Devil …

Video Games Have Sexually Matured [Xbox 360] Posted on 4/16/2012
Interpersonal relationships in the Mass Effect games and The Witcher 2 reveal that sex doesn’t have to be a juvenile …

Escape From Mount Stupid: World of Warcraft [PC] Posted on 4/16/2012
Danny journeys to Azeroth to see what has kept gamers coming back to World of Warcraft.

Top Five Skyrim Mods of the Week - April 14 [PC] Posted on 4/14/2012
This week we gather a conga line full of followers, turn every fight into the Matrix, and finish off by …

This Week in Games: April 14, 2012 [All] Posted on 4/13/2012
More Steam Box buzz, Epic’s Cliff Bleszinski talks next gen, Mass Effect sells lots, rumors of a Grand Theft Auto …

It Came From Xbox Live [Xbox 360] Posted on 4/13/2012
Join Maxwell McBargains and the rest of the GameSpot crew every Friday as they dive into the endless abyss that …

Tribes: Ascend Live Stream [PC] Posted on 4/13/2012
Chris Watters skis through the various maps and modes of Tribes: Ascend.

Trials Evolution Walkthrough [Xbox 360] Posted on 4/13/2012
Discover life outside the warehouse. Our Trials Evolution Walkthrough will show you how to gain gold medals, unlock new courses, …

Razer’s SWTOR Keyboard Would Be Better If It Weren’t a Keyboard At All [PC] Posted on 4/13/2012
Razer’s Star Wars: The Old Republic keyboard includes some amazing features, but low-quality parts and performance issues ultimately get in …

Where Old-School Adventure Games Are the New AAA [iPhone/iPod] Posted on 4/13/2012
A look at the slow start for Republique and how Kickstarter has evolved into the game industry’s teeny tiny, topsy-turvy, …

The Witcher 2’s Xbox 360 Makeover [Xbox 360] Posted on 4/13/2012
Take a look at our gameplay gallery for The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings - Enhanced Edition to see how …

The OzSpot 10/04/12 [All] Posted on 4/12/2012
Looks like those Mass Effect 3 protest cupcakes paid off…or did they?

Sound Byte: Meet the Composer - Austin Wintory [PlayStation 3] Posted on 4/12/2012
We speak to the creator of Journey’s music about the soundtrack and what the future holds.

The Uncertain Future of World of Warcraft [PC] Posted on 4/12/2012
With Blizzard’s MMORPG shedding subscribers, competition heating up, and data showing historically low levels of interest in Mists of Pandaria, …

Screen Tear: Episode 10 - The Boobtastic Season Finale [All] Posted on 4/11/2012
Carlos Rodela explores the fascinating history of digital video game boobs. Appreciate the bounce in our season finale!

StarCraft II: NASL Season 3 [PC] Posted on 4/11/2012
Watch LIVE as Season 3 of the North American Star League gets underway.

Autumn Dynasty, a PC-Worthy Real-Time Strategy Game for the iPad. [PC] Posted on 4/11/2012
Looking for a satisfying multi-touch real-time strategy game for the iPad? Well, we found that game for you. Meet Autumn …

My Journey: The Power of Strangers [PlayStation 3] Posted on 4/10/2012
Virtual worlds and real emotions collide in this personal tale of discovery.

From M.C. Escher to Drunken Robot Pornography: The Best Indie Games of PAX East [Xbox 360] Posted on 4/10/2012
Couldn’t make it to PAX East? Here’s our video roundup of the best (and occasionally strangest) indie games from this …

Live Stream: The OzSpot - 10/04/2012 [All] Posted on 4/9/2012
This week on The OzSpot we look at the latest Mass Effect 3 news, talk about THQ’s future, and ask …

Escape From Mount Stupid: Religion [Genesis] Posted on 4/9/2012
Danny details the times religion has been used in games, and wonders whether the industry’s portrayal of Islam is enforcing …

Why Always-Online Isn’t Consumer-Friendly [All] Posted on 4/9/2012
Asking players for a constant Internet connection to access games and services is yet another example of a publisher-dominated player …

Top Five Skyrim Mods of the Week: PAX East Mini-Episode [PC] Posted on 4/7/2012
The “five” in the title may be a lie, but we make a huge mess of Whiterun to make up …

This Week in Games: April 7, 2012 [All] Posted on 4/6/2012
Unnamed sources say that the Wii U kinda sucks, the Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4 are basically identical, and people …

GameSpot @ PAX East 2012 [All] Posted on 4/6/2012
Penny Arcade Expo returns to Boston, MA! Join us for our coverage of this year’s show, from panel coverage to …

Xenoblade Chronicles Walkthrough [Wii] Posted on 4/6/2012
Our Xenoblade Chronicles guide features a comprehensive walkthrough and additional info on the endless amount of optional content in the …

The Lies We Tell Ourselves [PC] Posted on 4/6/2012
EA is the worst company in America, Ken Levine is one of the most influential people in the world, and …

LIVE Panels from PAX East 2012 [All] Posted on 4/5/2012
From game development to the gaming community, watch PAX East 2012 panels all weekend long live from Boston, MA!

Druids and Driders: D&D Online Heads to the Forgotten Realms [PC] Posted on 4/5/2012
Menace of the Underdark takes Dungeons & Dragons Online players–literally–to a new world.

Sound Byte Radio Episode 2: Hitman: Blood Money, FF XIII, Mass Effect [Xbox 360] Posted on 4/4/2012
On GameSpot’s next music podcast episode, we check out the music of Hitman, FF XIII, and even a little bit …

TERA Closed Beta Code Giveaway [PC] Posted on 4/4/2012
TERA’s release date is now less than a month away, but there’s still time for you to get into the …

Screen Tear: Episode 9 - Mario Edition [All] Posted on 4/4/2012
All Mario Bros., all the time this week. It’s going to get a little bit weird in here…

The Alienware X51 and Nvidia GTX 680: A Match Made In Heaven? [All] Posted on 4/4/2012
Can Nvidia’s new power-efficient GTX 680 find a home in the tiny Alienware X51? We grabbed a screwdriver, some scissors, …

Patented Game Mechanics That Might Surprise You [PSP] Posted on 4/3/2012
A look at the protected inventions behind Mass Effect, Tekken, Final Fantasy, Katamari Damacy, and… Pikmin DS?

Kinect Star Wars: Destroying Your Memories One Dance Routine At a Time [Xbox 360] Posted on 4/2/2012
There’s more to Kinect Star Wars than swinging lightsabers, such as this collection of our favourite horrifying dance routines.

Live Stream: The OzSpot - 03/04/2012 [All] Posted on 4/2/2012
Tune into The OzSpot live to hear the GS AU crew talk about next-gen console rumours, April Fools’ Day jokes, …

Escape From Mount Stupid: Counter-Strike [Macintosh] Posted on 4/2/2012
With Counter-Strike: Global Offensive coming out later this year, we decided to take a detailed look at one of the …

Mass Effect Science - Aliens! [PC] Posted on 4/2/2012
The Mass Effect universe is packed full of Aliens, but where are all of our real-life extraterrestrial buddies at? We …

Top Five Skyrim Mods of the Week - March 31 [PC] Posted on 3/31/2012
We check out a floating airship, some maniacal barbarian armor, and a College of Winterhold expansion…then set off our biggest …

This Week in Games: March 31, 2012 [All] Posted on 3/30/2012
This week saw word of a cheaper, crappier Xbox, an Assassin’s Creed sausage-fest, the PlayStation 4 getting a different name …

Aussie Street Fighter IV, MvC3 tournament - Live stream from Couch Warriors [PlayStation 3] Posted on 3/30/2012
Tune into the Fighters Festival live stream direct from Melbourne to see the nation’s best compete in SSFIV AE, UMvC3, …

Friday: Take a Ride on an AirMech [PC] Posted on 3/30/2012
It’s Friday, and we’re celebrating with our final free-to-play selection: AirMech, a MOBA from developer Carbon Games. Now with 100 …

Screen Tear: Episode 8 - Minecraft Hunger Games [All] Posted on 3/29/2012
The Hunger Games in Minecraft, Hitomi’s boobs, Francis reacts to the Mass Effect 3 ending, plus a bonus Zelda moment. …

Fixing Fighting Games [PlayStation 3] Posted on 3/29/2012
Fighting games have appeared on home consoles for more than 20 years, yet they struggle to advance beyond basic game …

Thursday: Hosting a Tactical Intervention [PC] Posted on 3/29/2012
Thursday is upon us; the end is in sight. Our number four free-to-play slot goes to the FPS Tactical Intervention. …

Trials Evolution’s New Skill Games [Xbox 360] Posted on 3/29/2012
Skiing, balancing, and desperately flapping plank wings all feature in the new collection of skill games in Trials Evolution, the …

Trials Meets Inception, Limbo, Saving Private Ryan [Xbox 360] Posted on 3/29/2012
Trials Evolution breaks out of the Trials HD warehouse and into a brave new world of hills, roller coasters, and …

Used Games Aren’t the Problem [All] Posted on 3/28/2012
Rumors for the next-gen PlayStation and Xbox point to secondhand circumvention systems, but companies would be better served by bringing …

Wednesday: The Deadly Sins of a Dark Age [PC] Posted on 3/28/2012
We’re rounding the halfway point of our free-to-play feature with Sins of a Dark Age, a MOBA from developer Ironclad …

Temple Run: The Rough Road to a Runaway Success Story [iPhone/iPod] Posted on 3/27/2012
After 40 million downloads on iOS, Temple Run is now available for Android. Ryan Rigney speaks with the husband-and-wife team …

Tuesday: Getting Even in Blacklight: Retribution [PC] Posted on 3/27/2012
Day two of our free-to-play extravaganza features a futuristic first-person shooter from developer Zombie Studios, Blacklight: Retribution. Now with extra …

Shepard’s Final Hurrah? Mass Effect 3 Extra-Special Spoilercast [All] Posted on 3/27/2012
Kevin, Tom, Chris, and Kurtis get into the nitty-gritty of Mass Effect 3.

Escape from Mount Stupid: Wrestling Games [Game Boy Color] Posted on 3/26/2012
This week we enter the world of pro wrestling games, and attempt to filter the slobber knockers from the low-blows. …

Monday: Surviving the End of Nations [PC] Posted on 3/26/2012
We kick off our free-to-play week with developer Trion Worlds’ real-time strategy game End of Nations. Now with bacon-flavored tanks! …

Five Free-to-Play Games You Should Care About [PC] Posted on 3/26/2012
Free-to-play is moving beyond the cutesy, Korean-based MMORPGs into all sorts of genres and styles. We highlight five of our …

Top Five Skyrim Mods of the Week - March 24 [PC] Posted on 3/24/2012
On this week’s show we rain down cheese from the heavens, travel to the Khajiit home world, and show off …

This Week in Games: March 24, 2012 [All] Posted on 3/23/2012
Congressmen suggested silly things, Ken Levine weighed in on the Mass Effect drama, Notch said he wants to remake Elite …

MK, SCV and KOFXIII Live Stream at MLG Winter Championship [Xbox 360] Posted on 3/23/2012
Watch the best Mortal Kombat, SoulCalibur V and King of Fighters XIII players compete LIVE and go behind-the-scenes with player …

Halo: Reach Live Stream at MLG Winter Championship [Xbox 360] Posted on 3/23/2012
Watch the best Halo: Reach players compete LIVE and go behind-the-scenes with player interviews and more at the MLG Winter …

Starcraft II Live Stream at MLG Winter Championship [PC] Posted on 3/23/2012
Watch the best Starcraft II players compete LIVE and go behind-the-scenes with player interviews and more at the MLG Winter …

Which publishers have the most customer complaints? [All] Posted on 3/23/2012
A breakdown of the Better Business Bureau figures shows Nintendo and Blizzard taking care of their users while companies like …

Why Max Payne 3 Will Kick Ass On PC [PC] Posted on 3/23/2012
With full DirectX 11 support and tessellation aplenty, Max Payne 3 is looking seriously sexy.

Fighting Girls Strike Back [Arcade Games] Posted on 3/22/2012
Five female players defend the fighting game community against claims of sexism.

The Troubling Predicament of BioShock: Infinite [PC] Posted on 3/22/2012
One of the most anticipated games of 2012 faces one of gaming’s oldest dilemmas.

Nvidia’s Kepler GTX 680: Powering the Next Gen [PC] Posted on 3/22/2012
Quicker, quieter, and more power efficient, the GTX 680 is new “world’s fastest” GPU.

The Death of the Desktop: How Kepler Is Killing Off the Gaming PC [All] Posted on 3/22/2012
Nvidia’s Kepler architecture favours power efficiency over raw performance, but what does that mean for the humble gaming PC?

Screen Tear: Episode 7 - Mass Effect 3 and Skyrim [PC] Posted on 3/21/2012
Strong feelings about Tali, girl-on-girl, and the Mass Effect 3 ending PLUS little kids acting out scenes from Skyrim in …

Who wins when Mass Effect 3’s ending changes? [PC] Posted on 3/21/2012
BioWare is revisiting its sci-fi series climax in response to fan outrage. See how the reactions of GameSpot and Giant …

Far Cry 3’s Biggest Questions [Xbox 360] Posted on 3/21/2012
Far Cry 3 looks terrific. But it’s not a sure bet.

Sound Byte Radio: Episode One [Wii] Posted on 3/20/2012
On GameSpot’s first ever music podcast, we tune in to the sweet sounds of a Street Fighter II cover, take …

Religion, friendship, and emotion: A Journey post-mortem [PlayStation 3] Posted on 3/20/2012
GameSpot Asia talks to the director of this evocative title about the game’s engine, inspirations, and the ups and downs …

Us And The Game Industry: A New Indie Game Film [iPhone/iPod] Posted on 3/20/2012
We chat to Stephanie Beth, the filmmaker behind Us and The Game Industry, a new feature-length documentary profiling indie talent. …

Permanently Unplugged [PC] Posted on 3/20/2012
Tom explores the ramifications of Electronic Arts’ removal of online support for certain games.

Mainstream media gets its act together [Xbox 360] Posted on 3/20/2012
The latest example of tabloid sensationalism only underscores the progress made in the way games are portrayed in the media. …

LIVE STREAM: The OzSpot - 20/03/2012 [All] Posted on 3/19/2012
This week on The OzSpot we look at the Mass Effect 3 ending debacle, think up some taboo topics for …

Escape From Mount Stupid: Half-Life [Macintosh] Posted on 3/19/2012
Danny returns to Black Mesa and City 17 to remind us how Gordon Freeman saved first-person shooters forever.

An indie game with a conscience [PC] Posted on 3/18/2012
We chat to Greater Good Games about Break Blocks, a game whose proceeds go towards humanitarian aid.

Top Five Skyrim Mods of the Week - March 17 [PC] Posted on 3/17/2012
This week we fire a Portal gun, ride a giant spider, and desperately flee from a pack of lions. Also: …

This Week in Games: March 17, 2012 [All] Posted on 3/16/2012
No Xbox 720 at E3, Baldur’s Gate news, Diablo III gets a date, an Elder Scrolls MMO, some Mass Effect …

How Journey Changes Everything and Nothing [PlayStation 3] Posted on 3/16/2012
UC Berkeley linguistics students explore the limitations and the potential of Journey’s multiplayer communication system.

The New iPad: A Gamer’s Guide [iPhone/iPod] Posted on 3/16/2012
Have you picked up a new iPad? Want to download the best in mobile gaming? We’ve got you covered.

GameSpot Asia X Cross Counter Asia Video Archives [PlayStation 3] Posted on 3/15/2012
Check out all of GameSpot Asia’s collaboration with local fighting game video channel Cross Counter Asia in one handy-dandy feature. …

On-Disc DLC Outrage Is Off the Mark [PC] Posted on 3/15/2012
Anger over post-release content locked away on the retail disc should be directed at nickel-and-diming business models, not focused on …

That Girl is Poison [Xbox 360] Posted on 3/14/2012
GameSpot’s Carolyn Petit reflects on the portrayal of gaming’s most prominent transgender figure.

Street Fighter X Tekken Endings Extravaganza [Xbox 360] Posted on 3/14/2012
Too lazy to play through each team’s storyline? Check out our collection of team endings for the recent 2D fighting …

The Preorder System Is Broken [PlayStation 3] Posted on 3/14/2012
Assassin’s Creed III was the 8th-best-selling game on Best Buy’s website last week, underscoring a troubling trend of how little …

Why BioWare Shouldn’t Change Mass Effect 3’s Ending [PC] Posted on 3/13/2012
The following article contains no spoilers.

The Trials and Tribulations of Localization [PlayStation] Posted on 3/13/2012
As the world becomes more global, so do the games we play. It’s still very much a learning process, but …

Who the hell is James Vega? [PC] Posted on 3/13/2012
Mass Effect 3 opens in a hamfisted, blundering way, mostly because EA insists upon delivering crucial plot points outside the …

Dirt Showdown: A New Breed of Carnage [PlayStation 3] Posted on 3/13/2012
Come with us as we hurl our car into oncoming traffic in this exclusive gameplay from Codemasters’ forthcoming Dirt Showdown. …

Sound Byte: Meet the Composer - Jeff Broadbent [Xbox 360] Posted on 3/12/2012
We talk to the composer who recently scored the new survival action title I Am Alive.

Free for All: Why Both a Success and a Failure Went Free [PC] Posted on 3/12/2012
How can Team Fortress 2 and APB have anything in common? A story about a hat-based business.

The Problem With Game Trailers [PlayStation 3] Posted on 3/12/2012
Ever thought a trailer was better than the game itself? You’re not alone.

Top 5 Skyrim Mods of the Week - March 10 [PC] Posted on 3/10/2012
This week we do our best Star Wars impersonation, take a trip into Oblivion, and play with toy soldiers.

This Week in Games: March 10, 2012 [All] Posted on 3/9/2012
Phil Fish insults Japanese games, Peter Molyneux quits, the Assassin’s Creed guy calls AAA games a “cancerous growth,” and Jonathan …

The Sims Social pulls a bait-and-switch on players [PC] Posted on 3/9/2012
Should it count as fraud when in-game items obtainable through virtual currency don’t perform as advertised?

A Game of You and Me: Reflections on Love and Friendship in Game Design [PlayStation 3] Posted on 3/9/2012
The designers of Journey and other games discuss creating experiences that foster meaningful connections and encourage players to reflect on …

Screen Tear: Episode 6 - Mario Portal, Commercials, and Epic Fails [All] Posted on 3/9/2012
Mario Portal, some epic physical fails, the Crabulator, a brief Fallout 4 clip (or is it?) and a dystopian future. …

Why Do You Hate Mass Effect 3? [PC] Posted on 3/9/2012
Kevin examines how Mass Effect 3 has become the latest game to shoulder the burden of fan discontent.

Graceful Journey: PlayStation 3 Live Stream [All] Posted on 3/9/2012
Join Kevin in this special two-hour live stream of Tales of Graces f and Journey.

My Big-Screen Debut [PC] Posted on 3/8/2012
Tom explores what it was like to see his review for Super Meat Boy in Indie Game: The Movie.

How Amnesia Fortnight Saved Double Fine [Xbox 360] Posted on 3/8/2012
With Brutal Legend 2 cancelled, the studio’s future was unknown; but Tim Schafer had a creative idea that rescued the …

Crash Course in Games Writing [Xbox 360] Posted on 3/8/2012
There’s more to the Game Developers Conference than technology demos and postmortems. We signed up for the conference’s tutorial track …

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 Exclusive Gameplay [Xbox 360] Posted on 3/7/2012
Tiger is back! With Kinect support!

GDC Awards deserve a nod of their own [All] Posted on 3/7/2012
Gaming still doesn’t have its own answer to the Oscars, but things are headed in the right direction.

Suda-51 Is Not Actually Punk [PlayStation 3] Posted on 3/7/2012
The Lollipop Chainsaw and Shadows of the Damned developer is a lot of things, but “punk” isn’t one of them. …

The Misery and the Triumph of Indie Developers [PlayStation 3] Posted on 3/7/2012
A GDC screening of Indie Game: The Movie highlights the struggle of those in attendance.

Roccat Power-Grid First Look [All] Posted on 3/5/2012
Is the future of PC gaming a smartphone app? Mark finds out with a first look at Roccat’s upcoming Power-Grid …

GameSpot @ GDC 2012 [All] Posted on 3/5/2012
See what goes on behind the biggest games of the year as game developers converge once again at GDC 2012. …

What’s Next for the Xbox 360? [Xbox 360] Posted on 3/5/2012
Microsoft holds its annual showcase of upcoming games, but which ones stole the show? Find out!

Top Five Skyrim Mods of the Week - March 3 [PC] Posted on 3/3/2012
Make combat more intense, give your followers their own horses, and fling throwing knives every which way in this week’s …

This Week in Games: March 3, 2012 [All] Posted on 3/2/2012
A Steam-powered console, Mass Effect 3, misogyny, layoffs at Blizzard, assassins in Colonial garb, and a new Baldur’s Gate.

Screen Tear: Ep 5 - Chuck Norris, Mashups, and a Mortal Kombat Sitcom [All] Posted on 3/2/2012
Chuck Norris versus both Mario and the Angry Birds, the Limbo kid gets a flashlight, Mega64 riffs on DLC, a …

GDC Award nominees swarm The HotSpot [iPhone/iPod] Posted on 3/2/2012
GameSpot cobbles together its own “Best of” panels, featuring the minds behind Portal 2, Bastion, Dead Space 2, Uncharted 3, …

Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough [PlayStation 3] Posted on 3/2/2012
This is my favorite guide on the Citadel. Our Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough covers the entire spectrum of the single …

A Mass Affect on Homosexuality in Games [Xbox 360] Posted on 3/1/2012
Why homosexuality in Mass Effect 3 is important for the future of interactive storytelling.

Street Fighter X Tekken Guide [Xbox 360] Posted on 3/1/2012
Check out our Street Fighter X Tekken guide to find complete move lists, info on gems, and strategies for every …

By the Book: Jacked: The Outlaw Story of Grand Theft Auto [PC] Posted on 3/1/2012
Read a chapter from David Kushner’s new book about Rockstar Games’ industry-changing franchise and find out where the series got …

Is PS Vita Discouraging Downloadable Games? [PlayStation Vita] Posted on 2/29/2012
Sony’s pricey proprietary memory cards could be considered a gouging of gamers, a retail partner pacifier, and a calculated business …

The Darkness II Postmortem [All] Posted on 2/28/2012
Seth Olshfski talks about making The Darkness II in this postmortem interview.

Binary Domain: Robots, Humans, and Robot-Like Humans [Xbox 360] Posted on 2/27/2012
Do you like robots in your humans? Well then, Binary Domain might just be the game for you.

How Video Games Can Make You Forget Pain [All] Posted on 2/27/2012
We speak to cognitive psychologist Hunter Hoffman about the link between video games and physical pain, and why virtual reality …

Send Us Your Max Payne 3 Questions! [PlayStation 3] Posted on 2/27/2012
The next episode of Ask GameSpot is all about Max Payne 3. Leave your questions for a chance to see …

Top Five Skyrim Mods of the Week - February 25 [PC] Posted on 2/25/2012
Turn into a dragon, make chickens explode, and attack innocent bystanders with a weaponized broom in this week’s top Skyrim …

This Week in Games: February 25, 2012 [All] Posted on 2/24/2012
PlayStation 4 news, the Vita launch, Killzone 3 goes free-to-play, and Nintendo learns its lesson about bringing awesome Japanese RPGs …

StarCraft II Pros Converge at MLG Winter Arena 2012 [PC] Posted on 2/24/2012
We team up with pro gaming caster Rod Breslau, aka Slasher, and join 32 top StarCraft II players for three …

Screen Tear: The Video Game Clip Show - Episode 4 [All] Posted on 2/24/2012
Angry Birds and GoldenEye in real life, people punching each other in the face, cowardly Call of Duty soldiers, and …

The State of eSports: 2012 [All] Posted on 2/24/2012
Rod “Slasher” Breslau explains how this year will see more superstars, more money, and more interest in the fast-growing world …

Sound Byte: Meet the Composers - Mass Effect 3 [PlayStation 3] Posted on 2/23/2012
We talk to Sam Hulick, Cris Velasco, and Sascha Dikiciyan about their contribution to the latest entry in the Mass …

Tribes: Ascend Soldier Utility Pack Giveaway [All] Posted on 2/23/2012
Want in on the Tribes: Ascend closed beta? We’ve got your ticket right here with our beta key giveaway!

Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D Walkthrough [3DS] Posted on 2/23/2012
ALERT! Our revamped walkthrough for Snake Eater will prove most useful on your mission to destroy the Shagohod, once and …

Twisted Metal Walkthrough [PlayStation 3] Posted on 2/21/2012
Your wish is granted. Our Twisted Metal Walkthrough provides tips for the 18 chapter storyline, tactics for online play, and …

The Dangers of Gamer Entitlement [PC] Posted on 2/21/2012
Why BioWare’s Jennifer Hepler suffered a vicious verbal attack at the hands of gamers this week.

The Right Way to Lie to Gamers [PC] Posted on 2/21/2012
Publishers habitually pull the wool over customers’ eyes in marketing their games, but they can only do it with our …

Oz Hadou Nationals X [All] Posted on 2/20/2012
Take a look at some of the pictures from Oz Hadou’s Aussie fighting games tournament over the weekend.

Illuminating the Musical Journey of Lumines [PlayStation Vita] Posted on 2/20/2012
Q Entertainment takes us behind the music selection for Lumines Electronic Symphony with insight from producers and artists, including Amon …

PS Vita Vitals: Your Guide To The Southeast Asian Launch [PlayStation Vita] Posted on 2/19/2012
We tell you all you need to know about Sony’s upcoming portable console launching in Singapore and the rest of …

PS Vita Vitals: Your Guide to the Aussie Launch [PlayStation Vita] Posted on 2/19/2012
We tell you all you need to know about Sony’s upcoming portable console launching in Australia this Thursday.

This Week in Games: February 18, 2012 [All] Posted on 2/17/2012
Next generation console news, a spat between Blizzard and Valve over DOTA, more on Double Fine’s Kickstarter adventure, and an …

Screen Tear: The Video Game Clip Show - Ep 3 [All] Posted on 2/17/2012
Skyrim mods, a Dovahkiin wedding dance, voluptuous ladies, and Minecraft finds its way into both Left 4 Dead and Grand …

The pro-gaming school that’s teaching players to LoL [PC] Posted on 2/16/2012
We speak to Bosco Tan from the Gamer Institute, a new educational platform that matches up professional e-sports players with …

What a Difference a Screen Makes [3DS] Posted on 2/16/2012
Tom questions why the 3DS’s screens look so shabby compared to the Vita’s.

Failures in Training, Round 2 [PlayStation 3] Posted on 2/15/2012
Fighting game training modes leave players ill-equipped for competitive play. How can they become better tools for new players and …

Vita Vitals: Everything You Need to Know [All PlayStation Vita] Posted on 2/15/2012
Here is your headquarters for GameSpot’s coverage of the PlayStation Vita, including news, reviews, video, and more!

Is Handheld Gaming Doomed? [PlayStation Vita] Posted on 2/15/2012
With only 12 percent of survey takers saying they’ll buy the PS Vita, GameSpot’s news team debates whether dedicated gaming …

Mass Effect 3 Demo Live Stream [PlayStation 3] Posted on 2/14/2012
Chris Watters jumped into the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer demo to give you a taste of the cooperative action!

Exclusive FIFA Street Tricks Showcase [PlayStation 3] Posted on 2/14/2012
We cornered Mr FIFA, aka creative director Gary Paterson, plus tricks maestro Marius Hjerpseth, to bring you this exclusive FIFA …

Video Games vs. Valentine’s Day [All] Posted on 2/13/2012
A selection of game-themed Valentine’s Day cards for your sweetie.

Engineering the Future - D.I.C.E. 2012 [All] Posted on 2/13/2012
Dr. Delores M. Etter discusses the importance of innovation and of getting young people involved.

The Transmedia Experience - D.I.C.E. 2012 [PlayStation 3] Posted on 2/13/2012
A new type of advertising brings virtual worlds to life in unique and interactive ways according to 42 Entertainment’s Alex …

Episodic Content: The Future of Storytelling in Games? [Xbox 360] Posted on 2/13/2012
Electronic Arts’ TJ Galda suggests that developers should aspire to make games that feel like TV rather than movies at …

The challenges of tracking Aussie digital game sales [All] Posted on 2/13/2012
We look at the importance of measuring rising digital game sales in the Australian video game market.

Vita Vitals: Everything You Need to Know [PlayStation Vita] Posted on 2/13/2012
Here is your headquarters for GameSpot’s coverage of the PlayStation Vita, including news, reviews, video, and more!

Blizzard, Epic, Insomniac - D.I.C.E. 2012 [Xbox 360] Posted on 2/12/2012
Blizzard Entertainment’s Frank Pearce, Epic Games’ Mike Capps, and Insomniac Games’ Ted Price get together at DICE 2012 to discuss …

This Week in Games: February 11, 2012 [All] Posted on 2/10/2012
Tim Schafer raised $1 million, David Jaffe quit his job, Diablo III was delayed, Sony changed the name of PSN, …

Next-gen fact and fiction [PlayStation 3] Posted on 2/10/2012
GameSpot rounds up everything we know–and everything we think we know–about the Wii U, the PlayStation 4, and the Next …

Screen Tear: The Video Game Clip Show - Episode 2 [All] Posted on 2/10/2012
An insane Minecraft Portal mashup, a nude Saints Row rampage, Mario on an awful date, plus a creepy Japanese trailer …

It’s About Failing - D.I.C.E. 2012 [All] Posted on 2/10/2012
Former Navy SEAL Isaac Gilmore discusses the importance of team culture and learning from your mistakes at D.I.C.E. 2012.

Why You Buy What You Buy - D.I.C.E. 2012 [All] Posted on 2/10/2012
NPD analyst Anita Frazier discusses game and hardware purchasing trends across the globe. Also, charts and diagrams aplenty.

Mad Catz MLG Pro Circuit Controller Hands-On [PlayStation 3] Posted on 2/10/2012
Mad Catz teamed up with MLG to create a highly configurable controller intended to stand up to the demanding requirements …

How Bruce Willis Saved Tomonobu Itagaki - D.I.C.E. 2012 [PlayStation 2] Posted on 2/10/2012
How Dead or Alive 2 drove Itagaki to drink, and how Aerosmith and Armageddon saved his life.

The New Arcade - D.I.C.E. 2012 [Arcade Games] Posted on 2/10/2012
Developers of classic arcade games draw parallels between their ’70s and ’80s offerings and the mobile and social games of …

Great Players Make Games Matter - D.I.C.E. 2012 [PlayStation 3] Posted on 2/10/2012
EA chief creative officer Richard Hilleman likens developers to cheerleaders as he asks D.I.C.E. 2012 attendees where they’d be without …

Tim Sweeney’s Crystal Ball - D.I.C.E. 2012 [Xbox 360] Posted on 2/10/2012
Epic Games’ founder and CEO discusses the next 20 years in tech during D.I.C.E. 2012.

Peace, Love, and Video Games - D.I.C.E. 2012 [All] Posted on 2/10/2012
Glen Ballard, President of Augrey, advises you to check your ego and open your heart.

The Secret to Double Fine’s $1 Million Success [Xbox 360] Posted on 2/10/2012
Did the creators of Psychonauts and Brutal Legend just Kickstart a new way to make games?

Is David Jaffe Crazy? - D.I.C.E. 2012 [PlayStation 3] Posted on 2/9/2012
Twisted Metal creator David Jaffe gives a presentation on why games shouldn’t tell stories.

Escaping the Asylum - D.I.C.E. 2012 [PC] Posted on 2/9/2012
Rocksteady Studios’ Sefton Hill offers some insight into how Batman: Arkham City was developed at D.I.C.E 2012.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Street Fighter X Tekken [PlayStation 3] Posted on 2/9/2012
Nothing says “I love you” like a boost combo launcher into a supercharged fireball! Yeah, you heard me.

Hot Topics Session - D.I.C.E. 2012 [iPhone/iPod] Posted on 2/9/2012
Panelists at D.I.C.E. 2012 discuss game journalism, publishing models, and the ongoing battle between mobile and console games.

One Month With the PlayStation Vita: What Went Wrong? [PlayStation Vita] Posted on 2/8/2012
Mark’s been spending some quality time with the PlayStation Vita, only to find himself bashing his head against a brick …

When Physical Violence and Classical Music Collide [Macintosh] Posted on 2/8/2012
GameSpot editors stalk, lunge, flail, and bludgeon their way to victory in the Move-enabled indie game Johann Sebastian Joust.

Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Gameplay [PlayStation Vita] Posted on 2/8/2012
Snakes Alive! Snake…is alive, and now in high definition. Look out terrorists.

Five Great Skyrim Creation Kit Mods [Xbox 360] Posted on 2/8/2012
In the mood for some Skyrim modding? In celebration of the spiffy new Skyrim Creation Kit, here are five of …

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Live Stream [All PC] Posted on 2/7/2012
Senior editor Kevin VanOrd shares some live gameplay of Kingdoms of Amalur for the PC.

What’s New in The Darkness II? [PC] Posted on 2/6/2012
The Darkness II is nearly upon us, but what has changed from the original demon-arm-swinging gore fest?

Sound Byte: Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs Attack OST Preview [PlayStation Vita] Posted on 2/6/2012
We let you audiophiles in on a musical sample of the upcoming PlayStation Vita game.

Your Visual Guide to This Year’s Zombie Games [PC] Posted on 2/6/2012
Using the power of Venn diagrams, we offer an occasionally informative look at the year’s most exciting zombie games.

Is THQ on the verge of collapse? [PlayStation 3] Posted on 2/6/2012
THQ took uDraw to task for its recent travails, but the ill-fated peripheral is just the latest example of the …

What Operation Raccoon City Can Teach Us About Resident Evil 6 [Xbox 360] Posted on 2/6/2012
The Future of Resident Evil is right before your eyes. But is it really Raccoon City all over again?

D.I.C.E. Summit 2012 [All] Posted on 2/6/2012
GameSpot has teamed up with the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences to get you into all of the panels …

Win a Steel Series Siberia Headset and SRW-S1 Racing Wheel! [All] Posted on 2/6/2012
Sick of lame lap times? Tired of missing those sneaky knife kills? We’ve got the competition for you!

Screen Tear: The Video Game Clip Show - First Episode [All] Posted on 2/3/2012
Carlos Rodela hosts our new video game clip show in which Mario meets Tim from Braid, Nintendo executives get beaten …

Five New Kick-Ass Weapons in Tribes: Ascend [PC] Posted on 2/3/2012
Tribes: Ascend enters a new stage in its closed beta–and introduces new weapons in the process.

Ask GameSpot: Alan Wake’s American Nightmare [All] Posted on 2/3/2012
We answer your burning questions about the forthcoming downloadable spin-off in the saga of Alan Wake.

Stick Them With the Pointy End - Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Gameplay [Xbox 360] Posted on 2/3/2012
We sat down with Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning to bring you this new gameplay footage.

Character Profile: Final Fantasy XIII-2 [Xbox 360] Posted on 2/2/2012
Does every snot-nosed, spiky-haired hero look the same to you? Fear not: We’re here to tell you who’s who in …

Gamers’ Rights Are Already Gone [Xbox 360] Posted on 2/2/2012
As much as we might rail against the idea of the Next Xbox blocking used games from being played, the …

Diablo III Will Scare the Hell out of You [Macintosh] Posted on 2/2/2012
And not for the reasons you might expect.

Shoot All the Things! - Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Gameplay (Xbox 360) [PC] Posted on 2/2/2012
Feast your eyes on this new footage from Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City.

Starhawk Beta Code Giveaway [All] Posted on 2/2/2012
Here’s your chance to get in on the Starhawk private beta before everyone else! Grab a free code and get …

In Defense of the 6.0 [Xbox 360] Posted on 2/1/2012
Tom explains why you shouldn’t ignore games in the middle of the rating spectrum.

B******’s Guide to Final Fantasy [All] Posted on 2/1/2012
Part one of Danny and Mark’s journey through the history of the Final Fantasy series.

Soulcalibur 5 Walkthrough [PlayStation 3] Posted on 1/31/2012
Welcome back to the stage of history. Our Soulcaibur 5 Walkthrough gets you started for combat with new tactics, unlockables, …

Sound Byte: Meet the Composer - Grant Kirkhope [PlayStation 3] Posted on 1/31/2012
We talk to the former Rare composer who’s now making fantasy music for the upcoming title Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. …

Creating the World of Amalur: An Interview With R.A. Salvatore [PC] Posted on 1/30/2012
We speak to the best-selling fantasy author about the inspiration behind the lore of the upcoming action role-playing game Kingdoms …

Attack of the Clones [NES] Posted on 1/27/2012
When game developers have always stood on the shoulders of giants. Or peeked over the shoulders of giants to copy …

Maps in My Head [Game Boy Color] Posted on 1/27/2012
Caro goes back to the days when games often required you to chart some truly uncharted territories.

Witness Resident Evil: Revelations’ Greatness for Yourself [3DS] Posted on 1/27/2012
Feast your eyes on some great gameplay moments from Resident Evil: Revelations.

Liberation and Piazza Maps - Modern Warfare 3 Gameplay [Xbox 360] Posted on 1/27/2012
Check out some gameplay from the two brand-new maps available for Call of Duty: Elite subscribers.

Who Will You Roll As in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning? [PC] Posted on 1/27/2012
Check out some awesome gameplay of three midgame characters with very different combat styles.

Waiting for the game industry’s Birth of a Nation [PC] Posted on 1/26/2012
Racism aside, D. W. Griffith elevated film to an art form. Chris Hecker and The HotSpot also shelve racism, but …

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Walkthrough [Xbox 360] Posted on 1/26/2012
Cocoon has fallen! Kweh! Our game guide for Final Fantasy XIII-2 features an in-depth walkthrough covering equipment, monsters, abilities, and …

Ghost Recon’s War of the Not-So-Distant Future [Xbox 360] Posted on 1/26/2012
Heat-seeking bullets, transforming drones, and other fancy toys abound in the latest Ghost Recon game.

LOTRO: Riders of Rohan - Where Now the Horse and the Rider? [PC] Posted on 1/25/2012
Introducing The Lord of the Rings Online: Riders of Rohan. Let horse be bridled, horn be sounded.

15 Games You Should Have On Your Android Phone [Android] Posted on 1/25/2012
If you’re a hardcore gamer and you have an Android phone, there are more choices than ever that will satisfy …

Lessons From Silent Hill [PlayStation 3] Posted on 1/25/2012
With Silent Hill: Downpour on the horizon, here are a few lessons we hope developer Vatra Games learned from the …

Sound Byte: Meet the Composer - Ari Pulkinnen [Xbox 360] Posted on 1/24/2012
We talk extensively with the Finnish composer on the music of Angry Birds, Outland, and Trine 2.

Metal Gear Solid: Food Eater 3D [3DS] Posted on 1/24/2012
Metal Gear creator’s frequent food pictures become models for Snake Eater 3D’s photo camo feature.

Ten Ways to Improve Skyrim [Xbox 360] Posted on 1/23/2012
Some not entirely serious solutions to some of Skyrim’s not entirely serious problems.

Diving Into the Deep End of PC Gaming in 2012 [PC] Posted on 1/23/2012
A former console-only gamer looks forward to the PC games he’ll be playing on his new machine this year.

Gaming preservation a growing concern [All] Posted on 1/20/2012
The death of a Facebook game raises questions about what’s left once the servers shut down, and why the industry …

You Will Never Be This Good at SSX [Xbox 360] Posted on 1/20/2012
Take a look at these exclusive SSX gameplay videos, featuring the game’s producer showing you exactly how to get properly …

Abobo: Bringing People Together Since 1987 [Flash] Posted on 1/19/2012
Caro kicks it old-school with some help from her friends and Double Dragon’s most memorable baddie, and reflects on how …

DDO: Menace of the Underdark and Turbine’s Incredible Staying Power [PC] Posted on 1/19/2012
Dungeons & Dragons Online will get its first full expansion–six years after its original release.

Indie Game: The Movie [PC] Posted on 1/18/2012
We find out the story behind Indie Game: The Movie, a documentary film that follows Fez-creator Phil Fish, Super Meat …

SoulCalibur V Character Creation Challenge [Xbox 360] Posted on 1/18/2012
Johnny and Danny take on the SoulCalibur V Character Creation Challenge to re-create your gaming heroes. What could possibly go …

What a 2K Hockey Game Could Learn From Its NBA 2K Brethren [PlayStation 3] Posted on 1/16/2012
2K should take a cue from its own basketball game if it plans to get back onto the ice with …

PlayStation, Xbox, Wii U - Which Will Survive? [Wii U] Posted on 1/13/2012
There’s a growing sentiment that Microsoft, Nintendo, or Sony may not stay in the console business much longer. Which company …

Corsair K60 and K90 Keyboard Review [All] Posted on 1/12/2012
Memory maker Corsair branches out into gaming peripherals with the excellent K60 and K90 keyboards.

Asia’s Biggest MMOG: FIFA Online 2 [PC] Posted on 1/12/2012
In this next part of our ongoing feature, we check out what makes this type of online sports game tick …

How video games are improving the FBI [All] Posted on 1/12/2012
We spoke to Randy Pargman from the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia about how video games help agents better understand …

Flashpoints and Fixes: The Old Republic - Rise of the Rakghouls [PC] Posted on 1/12/2012
Star Wars: The Old Republic game director James Ohlen brings us up to light speed on the massively multiplayer online …

Tribes: Ascend Beta Key Giveaway [PC] Posted on 1/11/2012
Want in on the Tribes: Ascend closed beta? We’ve got your ticket right here with our beta key giveaway!

Microsoft, Fix Your Security Problems [Xbox 360] Posted on 1/10/2012
While not a security breach in name, Xbox Live’s recent spat of security woes makes it hard to tell the …

GameSpot at CES 2012 [All] Posted on 1/10/2012
Games and technology collide once again in the first convention of 2012! Join us January 10-13 as we bring you …

Next Xbox, PS4 already have a leg up on Wii U [Wii U] Posted on 1/9/2012
GameSpot survey reveals level of interest in upcoming systems as well as what features are most important.

SoulCalibur V Character Creator Sneak Peek [All] Posted on 1/9/2012
The GameSpot team takes a sneak peek at the new SoulCalibur V character creator.

What’s going to happen in 2012? [PlayStation Vita] Posted on 1/6/2012
It’s going to be a crazy year for games in lots of ways. Join us as we gaze into the …

An Assassin’s Revelation [Xbox 360] Posted on 1/6/2012
How the latest game in the Assassin’s Creed series has affected one fan’s hopes for its future.

Failures in Training [Xbox 360] Posted on 1/6/2012
The resurgence of the fighting game genre is turning heads, but how accommodating are these games for newer players and …

Editors’ Most Anticipated Games of 2012 [PlayStation Vita] Posted on 1/4/2012
Find out what games our editors are looking forward to the most in 2012!

SW:TOR Holiday Special Live Stream [All] Posted on 12/29/2011
GameSpot Senior Editor Kevin VanOrd invites you to join him throughout the holiday season as he plays Star Wars: The …

Walkthroughs for SW:TOR, Skyrim, and more! [All] Posted on 12/27/2011
Get all the latest hints and strategies for Star Wars: The Old Republic, Gears of War 3, Skyrim, Dark Souls, …

Full Metal Gear Rising Conference Q&A [Xbox 360] Posted on 12/26/2011
Metal Gear Solid’s creator talks about the upcoming action game in development at Platinum Games.

Personal Perspectives: The Top Ten of 2011 [All] Posted on 12/26/2011
The GameSpot editors reveal their top ten lists for 2011.

Get Your Walkthroughs On! [Xbox 360] Posted on 12/23/2011
Get all the latest hints and strategies for Star Wars: The Old Republic, Gears of War 3, Skyrim, Dark Souls, …

PlayStation Vita unboxing [PlayStation Vita] Posted on 12/21/2011
Join us as we unbox our Japanese PlayStation Vita, and see how it stacks up against the competition.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Walkthrough [PC] Posted on 12/21/2011
Follow our guide to Star Wars: The Old Republic, for class breakdowns and hints for navigating the conflict between the …

The Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary - A Look Back [NES] Posted on 12/21/2011
GameSpot editors celebrate The Legend of Zelda’s 25th anniversary by taking a look back at some of their favorite games …

Win a FREE trip to E3 2012! [All] Posted on 12/20/2011
Grab a video camera and enter for a chance to win a trip to E3 2012 for you and a …

The Vita Launch from the Eyes of a Japanese Developer [PlayStation Vita] Posted on 12/20/2011
Q Entertainment’s James Mielke talks about the state of mobile gaming, the Vita launch, and the promise of Sony’s new …

Star Wars Galaxies Final Thoughts: The End of an Era [PC] Posted on 12/20/2011
Star Wars Galaxies executive producer Tony Tyson looks back fondly on the now-defunct massively multiplayer online game.

Japanese Third-Party Games Staying Home for the Holidays [PlayStation 3] Posted on 12/19/2011
Publishers like Capcom, Konami, and Namco Bandai are increasingly keeping their biggest and best offerings out of a fourth quarter …

Gotham City Impostors Beta Code Giveaway [All] Posted on 12/16/2011
Whether you want to save the city or destroy it, there are going to be a lot of explosions! Join …

Get to Know the Vita Launch Lineup [PlayStation Vita] Posted on 12/16/2011
Here’s your guide to part of the launch lineup for Sony’s new handheld.

Our favorite trailers of 2011 [All] Posted on 12/16/2011
The GameSpot UK crew runs through their most memorable trailers of the year.

Best of 2011 Nominees Reveal [PC] Posted on 12/15/2011
The end of the year is upon us once again, and it’s time to decide the best games of 2011! …

PC favorite VVVVVV highlights upcoming e-shop releases [All] Posted on 12/15/2011
Here is a brief rundown of a few of the games 3DS owners can play in early 2012.

Gotham City Impostors Exclusive Beta Code Giveaway [Xbox 360] Posted on 12/15/2011
Whether you want to save the city or destroy it, there are going to be a lot of explosions! Join …

EA on the Rebound [Xbox 360] Posted on 12/14/2011
How EA can improve its next basketball sim by looking at its own franchises and the world of basketball.

The GameSpot Star Wars: The Old Republic Holiday Special [PC] Posted on 12/13/2011
GameSpot Senior Editor Kevin VanOrd invites you to join him throughout the holiday season as he plays Star Wars: The …

Resident Evil: Revelations Recap [3DS] Posted on 12/13/2011
Not sure what’s going on in the latest Resident Evil? GameSpot’s Maxwell McGee takes you on a tour of …

Turning the Page - Uncharted: Drake’s Journal [PlayStation 3] Posted on 12/13/2011
Carolyn Petit browses Nolan North’s book, Uncharted: Drake’s Journal, to discover if there’s buried treasure within.

Aussie Arcades: Playing Into the Future [PC] Posted on 12/13/2011
In this feature, GameSpot Australia investigates the state of our nation’s once-favored social hangouts.

Starhawk Private Beta Giveaway [PlayStation 3] Posted on 12/13/2011
Here’s your chance to get in on the Starhawk Private Beta before everyone else! Grab a free code and get …

How Half-Life Influenced BioShock Infinite [PC] Posted on 12/12/2011
We speak with Irrational’s creative director Ken Levine about the latest trailer revealed at the VGAs.

Sneak Preview: Assassin’s Creed: Revelations Novel [PlayStation 3] Posted on 12/12/2011
We’ve got an exclusive extract from Oliver Bowden’s Assassin’s Creed: Revelations novel right here.

Sound Byte: Meet the Composer - Takeharu Ishimoto [PSP] Posted on 12/11/2011
We go behind the scenes with the Final Fantasy Type-0 composer.

New Mass Effect 3, The Last of Us, Metal Gear Rising Trailers [PlayStation 3] Posted on 12/10/2011
Check out all of the latest announcements and new trailers from the VGAs.

Free OnLive PlayPack Bundle Offer [All] Posted on 12/9/2011
Get a free one-month subscription for the OnLive PlayPack Bundle, a $9.99 value.

GameSpot’s My First E3 Contest [All] Posted on 12/8/2011
Grab a video camera and enter for a chance to win a trip to E3 2012 for you and a …

2011: The Year in Review [All] Posted on 12/8/2011
It’s been a busy year, but we’ll help bring you up to speed with recaps of five of the biggest …

Ümloud! 2011 Live Stream [Wii] Posted on 12/8/2011
Ümloud! 2011 is a night for gamers to get together, rock out and raise money for Child’s Play Charity. But …

A Matter of Conscience for Military Shooters [PlayStation 3] Posted on 12/8/2011
As games like Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 increase in popularity, are we forgetting the real-world cost of war? …

It’s Time to Take OnLive Seriously [PC] Posted on 12/7/2011
Is the lure of playing games like Arkham City or LA Noire on just about any tablet or smartphone enough …

Why don’t we care about censorship? [Xbox 360] Posted on 12/5/2011
The banning of Battlefield 3 in Iran barely registered on the industry’s radar because censorship in games is more common …

GameSpot’s Loot Drop Giveaway 2011 [All] Posted on 12/2/2011
The holidays are almost here and GameSpot is celebrating with 30 days of gaming loot drops! Come back every day …

Sound Byte: Meet the Composer - Christophe Heral [Xbox 360] Posted on 12/1/2011
We chat with the Ubisoft in-house composer about the esoteric Rayman Origins soundtrack.

The HotSpot - Infinity Blade II Video Podcast [All] Posted on 12/1/2011
Chair Entertainment creative director Donald Mustard stops by The HotSpot to talk iPhone 4S poster child Infinity Blade II; claims …

Ezio’s Turkish Assassin Armor DLC Giveaway [All] Posted on 11/28/2011
White robes not really your thing? Give Ezio a new look to climb around and murder in with our free …

Holiday Wishlist 2011 [All] Posted on 11/23/2011
Create and share your most wanted games for this holiday season now!

SOPA: The Bill That Wants to Break Your Internet [PC] Posted on 11/23/2011
Your Modern Warfare 3 YouTube videos could soon be outlawed; your Skyrim Daedric weapons montage too. Here’s why.

Nintendo on Reinventing Mario and the Ever-Present Legacy of Shigeru Miyamoto [3DS] Posted on 11/22/2011
The developers behind Super Mario 3D Land open up about what made it into the game, what didn’t, and where …

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Walkthrough [Wii] Posted on 11/21/2011
Hey! Listen! Our guide for Skyward Sword will help you master the skies on your quest to save Zelda and …

GameSpot Guide to Modding Skyrim [PC] Posted on 11/21/2011
We take a look at 10 of the best mods currently available for PC Skyrim players.

Minecon Image Gallery [PC] Posted on 11/19/2011
Here are some images taken from the Mandalay Bay Convention Center, the site of Minecon.

Be a Part of the Video Review for Minecraft [All] Posted on 11/18/2011
GameSpot readers, we need your help! If you’re an avid Minecraft player and want to help capture footage for our …

Ace Combat: Assault Horizon F-16C Patriot Giveaway [PlayStation 3] Posted on 11/18/2011
Take to the sky with a fresh coat of paint in our Ace Combat: Assault Horizon F-16C Patriot Giveaway! Grab …

The Ins and Outs of Skyrim [PC] Posted on 11/18/2011
Want entrance into the Dark Brotherhood? Curious about werewolves? Want to see adults play Skyrim for countless hours? Check out …

GameSpot @ MLG Providence 2011 [Xbox 360] Posted on 11/18/2011
Join us in Providence, Rhode Island, as MLG’s best Starcraft II, Halo: Reach, and Call of Duty: Black Ops players …

Jurassic Park User Reviews Abused [PlayStation 3] Posted on 11/17/2011
Telltale Games employees found feeding perfect 10 reviews to Metacritic without disclosing their work on the game.

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3: The Final Breakdown [Xbox 360] Posted on 11/17/2011
For our final entry in the series, we take a look at some wild DLC costumes and reveal release date …

Asia’s Biggest Massively Multiplayer Online Games: MapleStory [PC] Posted on 11/15/2011
In the first of a new series focusing on Asia’s biggest free-to-play (or F2P) titles, we take a look at …

Halo: From A to Z [Xbox 360] Posted on 11/15/2011
343’s Frank O’Connor recalls 10 years of important places, characters, and events of the Halo series and gives hints of …

Star Wars: The Old Republic Beta Code Giveaway [PC] Posted on 11/15/2011
Jump into a galaxy at war with our Star Wars: The Old Republic Beta Code Giveaway! Hurry and grab a …

Review in Progress: Zelda: Skyward Sword [All] Posted on 11/11/2011
We go questing with Link in advance of our full review.

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Walkthrough [PC] Posted on 11/11/2011
Stop right there criminal scum. Our The Elders Scrolls V Skyrim Walkthrough provides strategies for the main quest, crafting tips, …

Battlefield 3 vs. Modern Warfare 3: In Your Own Words [Xbox 360] Posted on 11/11/2011
What are people saying about two of the biggest first-person shooters of the year?

Super Start/Select - Skyrim! Skyrim! Skyrim! [All] Posted on 11/11/2011
In this week’s Skyrim-flavoured edition, discover how to become a member of the Dark Brotherhood in Elder Scrolls V, prepare …

Ask GameSpot - Saints Row: The Third [All] Posted on 11/10/2011
Shaun and Maxwell go another round, answering your questions about Saints Row: The Third.

King of Saints Character Battle Gallery [Xbox 360] Posted on 11/10/2011
The people have spoken, and the King of Saints has been crowned! Here are all of the participants in the …

Rockstar on Bringing Max Payne Into the Era of Cover Shooters and Regenerating Health [PlayStation 3] Posted on 11/10/2011
Max Payne 3 developer explains why it has adopted certain shooter trends and shunned others, and whether an open-world setting …

The Return of Arcades [PC] Posted on 11/9/2011
They may be gone in the physical sense, but their cutthroat business model lives on.

We Play: King of Fighters XIII MCM Tournament [PlayStation 3] Posted on 11/8/2011
We had the best of the best compete onstage in our King of Fighters XIII tournament at London MCM Expo. …

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Costume Breakdown, Week 11 [PlayStation 3] Posted on 11/8/2011
What does a raccoon named Rocket have in common with a photographer named Frank? The truth may shock and surprise …

GameSpot UK Podcast [All] Posted on 11/8/2011
It’s a full house on the podcast this week as we run down the latest news and discuss the future …

Aussie Modern Warfare 3 midnight launch photo gallery [All] Posted on 11/7/2011
Check out all the action from the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 midnight launch at EB Games in Witherill …

We Play: Oil Platform Simulator [PC] Posted on 11/6/2011
We take a break from waging wars in first-person shooters and do some real work; we drill for black gold …

Super Start/Select - New Alan Wake and Rainbow 6 Incoming [All] Posted on 11/4/2011
We present announcements (or announcements of announcements) for new Alan Wake, BioWare, and Rainbow Six games, and play a spot …

King of Saints - Saints Row The Third: Character Battle [PC] Posted on 11/4/2011
100 of your wildest creations from the Initiation Station demo go head to head in our King of Saints Character …

Grand Theft Auto Memories [All PlayStation 3] Posted on 11/4/2011
The rare adult game franchise that actually treats its audience like adults.

We Play: SoulCalibur V MCM Tournament [Xbox 360] Posted on 11/4/2011
We sorted the weak from the strong in our explosive SoulCalibur V tournament at London’s Comic Con, with a guest …

Is Cloud Gaming the Future? [PC] Posted on 11/2/2011
In this feature, we look at what some of the industry’s top development minds have to say about the rise …

Dick Figures: Modern Flame War 3 - New Episode [PlayStation 3] Posted on 11/2/2011
Jump into the (flame) war in this exclusive episode of Dick Figures!

We Play: Street Fighter X Tekken MCM Tournament [All] Posted on 11/2/2011
At London MCM Expo, we had the best fighters in the audience duke it out in Street Fighter X Tekken. …

Grand Theft Auto V Trailer Premiere [Xbox 360] Posted on 11/1/2011
Join your fellow carjackers in our countdown to the debut trailer for GTAV!

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Costume Breakdown, Week 10 [Xbox 360] Posted on 11/1/2011
This week’s update, featuring Marvel’s Sentinel and Capcom’s Ryu, may or may not be totally Pringles.

Uncharted 3 Drake’s Deception Walkthrough [PlayStation 3] Posted on 11/1/2011
Glob trotting kleptomaniac Nathan Drake returns. Our Uncharted 3 Drake’s Deception Walkthrough provides a guide to the story, hidden secrets, …

We Play: Batman Arkham City Nightwing DLC MCM Demo [Xbox 360] Posted on 11/1/2011
We take on some fiendish challenge rooms in the first downloadable content release for Arkham City.

We Play: Trials Evolution MCM Expo Demo [Xbox 360] Posted on 11/1/2011
We burnt some rubber with a four-player Cup race in developer RedLynx’s Trials Evolution.

We Play: Saints Row: The Third MCM Expo Demo [Xbox 360] Posted on 11/1/2011
Developer Volition shows off some explosive gameplay from Saints Row: The Third at MCM Expo.

Super Start/Select - Battlefield 3 Co-op Show [All] Posted on 10/28/2011
To celebrate the long-awaited release of Battlefield 3 Guy, Seb and Jane get stuck into some 3 co-op action in …

MCM Expo Cosplay Gallery [All] Posted on 10/28/2011
Check out the latest photos from the October 2011 MCM expo, featuring games, cosplayers, and GameSpot’s stage show.

Building a Battlefield 3 PC: A Console Gamer’s Story [Xbox 360] Posted on 10/27/2011
Join Mark on his quest for eye candy as he delves into the world of PC building.

Gran Turismo 5: What’s New in Update 2.0? [PlayStation 3] Posted on 10/27/2011
New NASCAR autos and more steering wheel views are featured in the free Gran Turismo 5 2.0 update.

Taking Bets on Grand Theft Auto V [PlayStation 3] Posted on 10/26/2011
GameSpot editors place their bets on GTAV’s setting and characters in anticipation of next week’s trailer.

It’s Time to Stop Ignoring Angry Birds [iPhone/iPod] Posted on 10/26/2011
Or how I learned to stop worrying and love the birds.

Saints Row: The Third - Initiation Station Giveaway [PC] Posted on 10/25/2011
Get your exclusive key to access the Saints Row: The Third Initiation Station to create your ultimate character for the …

Battlefield 3 Walkthrough [Xbox 360] Posted on 10/25/2011
Americans and Russians collide. Our Battlefield 3 Walkthrough gets you ready for the fight with info about online multiplayer, kits …

By the Book: Battlefield 3: The Russian [Xbox 360] Posted on 10/25/2011
Check out another chapter from the new Andy McNab novel based on the DICE-developed military shooter Battlefield 3. Warning: Contains …

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Costume Breakdown, Week 9 [Xbox 360] Posted on 10/25/2011
Marvel’s Captain America and Capcom’s Chris Redfield enter the fight. Who would win a boulder-punching contest?

GameSpot at BlizzCon 2011 [All] Posted on 10/24/2011
Blizzard returns to Los Angeles and we’ll be there to show you the latest on Diablo III, Starcraft II: Heart …

GTA III 10th Anniversary Celebration [PC] Posted on 10/21/2011
Rockstar’s Dan Houser and members of the GameSpot staff recall memories of one of the most influential games of all …

BlizzCon 2011 Photo Gallery [All] Posted on 10/21/2011
BlizzCon 2011 is here, and GameSpot is on the scene to bring you photos from the event.

GTA is America "viewed only through movies and advertising" [Macintosh] Posted on 10/21/2011
Rockstar’s Dan Houser on media, celebrity, and overcoming indifference

Dan Houser Opens Up About Grand Theft Auto III [PlayStation 2] Posted on 10/21/2011
Longtime series writer discusses GTA III’s ongoing legacy, why he’s not concerned with public outcries, and how “no one gave …

The HotSpot [All] Posted on 10/20/2011
Welcome to The HotSpot, GameSpot’s weekly audio/video podcast in which we recap the hottest news and trends in the gaming …

GameSpot’s New Battlefield 3 Reality Show [All] Posted on 10/19/2011
The Controller is a competition reality show where the best pro-gamers from around the country battle in a high-stakes competition …

Batman Arkham City Walkthrough [PC] Posted on 10/19/2011
Holy toledo, Batman! Our Batman Arkham City Walkthrough will provide info about gadgets, a storyline guide, and locations of secrets. …

UMvC3: Costume Breakdown, Week 8 [All] Posted on 10/18/2011
You won’t have any objections to these descriptions of costume alternates for Marvel’s Nova and Capcom’s Phoenix Wright.

WW3: Battlefield 3 vs. Modern Warfare 3 [All] Posted on 10/18/2011
Which side are you on? Show your allegiance and vote now!

GameSpot UK Podcast [Xbox 360] Posted on 10/18/2011
We talk Gear of War, iPhone 4S, and how to be a GameSpot intern on this week’s GameSpot UK podcast. …

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Costume Breakdown, Week 8 [PlayStation 3] Posted on 10/18/2011
You won’t have any objections to these descriptions of costume alternates for Marvel’s Nova and Capcom’s Phoenix Wright.

The Controller: Battlefield 3 [Xbox 360] Posted on 10/17/2011
The Controller is a competition reality show where the best pro-gamers from around the country battle in a high-stakes competition …

EB Games Expo 2011 Cosplay [All] Posted on 10/14/2011
Check out the cosplay from the EB Games Expo show floor!

MLG Orlando Live! [Android] Posted on 10/14/2011
Check out Major League Gaming tournaments for Starcraft 2, Call of Duty: Black Ops, and Halo: Reach.

Arkham City Gameplay Gallery [PC] Posted on 10/14/2011
To mark the arrival of Arkham City to the GameSpot offices, we pick some of our favorite things in Batman’s …

EB Games Expo 2011 [All] Posted on 10/14/2011
Check out the photos from the EB Games Expo 2011 on the Gold Coast.

Fear the Creeper! [Android] Posted on 10/13/2011
Want to see what the Minecraft hype is all about? Find out about the GameSpot Minecraft server, how to get …

Battlefield 3 Beta - Where’s the Ugly Setting? [PC] Posted on 10/12/2011
The Battlefield 3 beta looks spectacular regardless of visual quality settings.

The End of the HotSpot As We Now Know It [All] Posted on 10/12/2011
Yeah, you read that title right: The HotSpot is transitioning to a video format next week. But the show As …

GameSpot AU @ EB Expo 2011 [All] Posted on 10/12/2011
GameSpot AU is heading up to the sunny Gold Coast to check out all the game action from the inaugural …

BioShock: Infinite - The Making of the E3 Demo [PC] Posted on 10/12/2011
Irrational Games creative director Ken Levine and his team give insight into the making of the BioShock: Infinite debut demo.

UMVC3 Costume Breakdown Week 7 [All] Posted on 10/11/2011
This week’s Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 update takes on Deadpool, the merc with a mouth, and everyone’s favorite succubus, …

GameSpot UK Podcast - Mass Effect 3, Call of Duty Woes [PlayStation 3] Posted on 10/11/2011
We talk Skyrim, Minecraft, and Mass Effect 3. Plus, we find out if you’re getting tired of the COD formula. …

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Costume Breakdown, Week 7 [Xbox 360] Posted on 10/11/2011
In the latest alternates update, we get a closer look at Marvel’s Deadpool and Capcom’s Morrigan.

We Play: A Game of Thrones: Genesis [PC] Posted on 10/11/2011
The medieval fantasy world of A Game of Thrones comes to life as real-time strategy game A Game of Thrones: …

DA12: Tracking the changing attitudes to gaming in Australia [All] Posted on 10/10/2011
In this feature, we look at some of the more comprehensive findings in the Bond University Digital Australia 2012 report. …

Sneak Preview: Battlefield 3: The Russian [PC] Posted on 10/10/2011
Get a special early look at the first two chapters of the novel based on Battlefield 3. Warning: Contains strong …

We Play: Portal 2 Peer Review DLC [Macintosh] Posted on 10/10/2011
We think with portals in Art Therapy, the co-op section of the free Portal 2 Peer Review DLC.

Forza 4 Free Reward Cars Price Guide [Xbox 360] Posted on 10/7/2011
Not sure which reward car to choose when leveling up in Forza 4? Check out our price list to see …

Plays Like… Dark Souls and Rage [All] Posted on 10/7/2011
Wish you could get your Rage and Dark Souls fix while you’re away from home? You’re in luck! Randolph Ramsay …

Sound Byte: Meet the Composer of Heavy Rain [PlayStation 3] Posted on 10/7/2011
We talk to composer Normand Corbeil about his background, his work, and how he got into the video game industry. …

Dark Souls Starter Tips: Undead Burg [PlayStation 3] Posted on 10/7/2011
Getting Dark Souls? Prepare to survive with our essential tips for your baby steps in the Undead Burg.

UFC Punches Its Way Onto Xbox Live [All] Posted on 10/7/2011
Watch UFC fights on Xbox Live this holiday season.

Having Faith in Your Games [PlayStation 3] Posted on 10/7/2011
Are games a sophisticated enough form of artistic expression to spark a serious and mature discussion around a topic as …

AAA or Bust! [Xbox 360] Posted on 10/6/2011
Publishers are putting more eggs in fewer baskets then ever before, but what does it mean for the industry at …

Steve Jobs: Accidental Video Games Visionary [iPhone/iPod] Posted on 10/6/2011
Apple’s co-founder exerted a huge influence over video games, and he wasn’t even trying.

Rumor Control: Halo film coming next year? [All] Posted on 10/6/2011
French press release for latest Halo novel mentions Halo film coming in 2012 from Steven Spielberg and Dreamworks.

Sound Byte: Meet the Composer - Hitoshi Sakimoto [PSP] Posted on 10/5/2011
Learn more about the composer behind Final Fantasy Tactics and win a copy of the Tactics Ogre soundtrack!

Rage Walkthrough [PC] Posted on 10/4/2011
You might have stayed safe, but the world isn’t! Our Rage Walkthrough shows you how to win races, craft from …

Is it too late for Sony and Nintendo? [iPhone/iPod] Posted on 10/4/2011
More people are playing games on iPhones and tablets than ever before. Can traditional handhelds still compete?

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Costume Breakdown, Week 6 [PlayStation 3] Posted on 10/4/2011
It’s cool-suit-of-armor Tuesday as Marvel’s Doom and Capcom’s Zero step into the spotlight.

GameSpot UK Podcast [Wii] Posted on 10/4/2011
Mark struggles in this week’s news quiz as Jane cranks up the difficulty with questions on Rage, Resident Evil, and …

Dark Souls Walkthrough [Xbox 360] Posted on 10/3/2011
Praise the sun. Our Dark Souls Walkthrough provides tips for surviving the adventure, a guide to the entire world, and …

Diablo III Beta: How Low Can It Go? [Macintosh] Posted on 10/3/2011
The Diablo III beta runs on just about anything!

Sound Byte: Meet the Composer of Dark Souls [PlayStation 3] Posted on 10/3/2011
Veteran Japanese role-playing game composer Motoi Sakuraba tackles the musical challenge that is Dark Souls.

Remedy Talks Max Payne 1 and Max Payne 2 [PlayStation 2] Posted on 10/3/2011
We take a look back at the first two Max Payne titles with Sam Lake, the writer of both games, …

Top iPhone/iPad Games - September 30, 2011 [iPhone/iPod] Posted on 9/30/2011
Gears of War-like shooters, accessible shoot-’em-ups, football action, and rolling balls of sticky goodness all converge in this week’s top …

Forza 4 Community and Multiplayer Q&A [Xbox 360] Posted on 9/29/2011
We chat with Turn 10 about the social features in the upcoming Xbox racer.

Lunch With Diablo: Week 2 [All] Posted on 9/29/2011
Join Jim on his lunchtime adventures through the Diablo III beta!

Sound Byte: Meet the Composer - Tommy Tallarico [PC] Posted on 9/29/2011
Meet the man behind Video Games Live and win a VGL soundtrack or Blu-ray!

GameSpot UK Podcast [PlayStation 2] Posted on 9/29/2011
Mark regales the team with tales from his Angry Birds trip, Jane hosts another new quiz, and we find out …

A Week With The Windows 8 Preview [All] Posted on 9/28/2011
We spend a week with the Windows 8 Preview.

Afraid of the Dark Souls Podcast [All] Posted on 9/28/2011
On this week’s podcast, GameSpot editors prove that they don’t hate PC games, talk about that wormlike thing that is …

The HotSpot - 09/28/11 - Afraid of the Dark Souls [PC] Posted on 9/28/2011
On this week’s podcast, GameSpot editors prove that they don’t hate PC games, talk about that wormlike thing that is …

Battlefield 3 Early Deployment Tournament Photo Gallery [Xbox 360] Posted on 9/27/2011
Check out GameSpot’s Battlefield 3 Early Deployment Tournament!

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Costume Breakdown, Week 5 [PlayStation 3] Posted on 9/27/2011
She-Hulk and Trish are on deck for this week’s look at costume alternates.

Are Alternate Reality Games The Future? [All] Posted on 9/26/2011
In this feature we look at the rise of alternate reality games and measure their potential in video game advertising …

Sound Byte: Anamanaguchi [3DS] Posted on 9/26/2011
Anamanaguchi drummer Luke Silas shares his thoughts on his music and what it was like to work on Scott Pilgrim …

Gears of War 3 100% Club [All] Posted on 9/26/2011
Unlock Gears of War 3 achievements for a chance to win the ultimate Gears of War 3 prize.

Lunch With Diablo [All] Posted on 9/23/2011
Join Jim on his lunchtime adventures through the Diablo III beta! This week’s episode: Barbarian Burritos.

Top iPhone Games September 23, 2011 [iPhone/iPod] Posted on 9/23/2011
Gun-slinging cowboys, underground helicopters, a PC classic, some bone-crunching tackles, and a whole lot of weird monsters converge in this …

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Gets Gun Game-Style Mode [PC] Posted on 9/23/2011
Valve’s Chet Faliszek talks up CS:GO’s new Arsenal modes.

SW:TOR - All About Companions [All] Posted on 9/22/2011
Star Wars: The Old Republic will let you adventure with computer-controlled companion characters. Game director James Ohlen shares new details. …

Sound Byte: The Ico & Shadow of the Colossus Collection [PlayStation 3] Posted on 9/22/2011
Game designer Fumito Ueda shares his thoughts on the music in the upcoming HD collection.

PlayStation Home Update [PlayStation 3] Posted on 9/22/2011
PlayStation Home will get a revamp and a ton of new games later this fall.

Exclusive Max Payne 3 Story Q&A [PlayStation 3] Posted on 9/22/2011
Rockstar sheds some light on what Max has been up to these past few years and why he’s found himself …

OnLive Game Demos Come to GameSpot UK [PC] Posted on 9/22/2011
You can now play demos of popular games instantly through GameSpot UK’s new partnership with cloud gaming service OnLive.

Gears Got Soul Podcast [All] Posted on 9/21/2011
Some said it was a fight that could not be won, a useless and feeble toil that would end only …

The HotSpot - Gears Got Soul Podcast [PC] Posted on 9/21/2011
Some said it was a fight that could not be won, a useless and feeble toil that would end only …

Diablo III Beta Gameplay Video Blowout [Macintosh] Posted on 9/20/2011
We just got our ticket into the closed Diablo III beta and hit the record button. All you have to …

The GameSpot UK Podcast 20/09/11 [Xbox 360] Posted on 9/20/2011
Jane hosts this week’s podcast, with new starter Sarah Lynch making her debut and Guy chairing the news quiz.

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Costume Breakdown - Week 4 [PlayStation 3] Posted on 9/20/2011
Marvel’s Iron Fist and Capcom’s Vergil are on deck for this week’s look at costume alternates in Ultimate Marvel vs. …

Gears of War 3 Walkthrough Game Guide [Xbox 360] Posted on 9/19/2011
Rev up that old Lancer, COG! Our Gears of War 3 Walkthrough Game Guide gets you ready with info about …

Nyko Zoom Hands-On [All] Posted on 9/16/2011
Stop bumping into your coffee table and check out Nyko’s Zoom for Kinect.

Tokyo Game Show 2011 Photo Gallery [All] Posted on 9/15/2011
See the Tokyo Game Show in all its glory!

Nintendo 3DS Expansion Slide Pad [All] Posted on 9/14/2011
Nintendo shows off the Expansion Slide Pad for the 3DS at TGS 2011.

Jonathan Blow, Can I Get a Witness? Podcast [Xbox 360] Posted on 9/14/2011
The HotSpot asks Braid and The Witness creator Jonathan Blow to stop by the studio. In turn, he, erm, veritably …

UMvC3 - Costume Breakdown, Week 3 [All] Posted on 9/13/2011
This week’s Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 update features a duo of deities with Marvel’s Thor and Capcom’s Amaterasu.

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Costume Breakdown - Week 3 [Xbox 360] Posted on 9/13/2011
This week’s Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 update features a duo of deities with Marvel’s Thor and Capcom’s Amaterasu.

GameSpot @ Tokyo Game Show 2011 [All] Posted on 9/13/2011
Join us as we head to Japan once again to explore TGS 2011 to see latest games from Capcom, Nintendo, …

The GameSpot UK Podcast [Xbox 360] Posted on 9/13/2011
Jane’s news quiz goes all TGS, with questions on Nintendo’s wacky 3DS analogue pad accessory, a new Pokemon, and Monster …

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Video Blowout [PC] Posted on 9/12/2011
Who wants to watch some awesome new Skyrim videos?

We Play: Xenoblade Chronicles [All Wii] Posted on 9/9/2011
GameSpot’s Kevin VanOrd continues his playthrough of this epic role-playing game for the Nintendo Wii.

The State of PC Gaming [PC] Posted on 9/9/2011
PC publishing and development luminaries share their thoughts on the current state of the PC gaming platform and where it’s …

Xbox Live Fall Update 2011 Preview [Xbox 360] Posted on 9/9/2011
Microsoft’s got a new “new experience” for Xbox Live.

Sound Byte: Meet the Composers Behind Warhammer 40K: Space Marine [PC] Posted on 9/9/2011
Here’s your chance to listen to Captain Titus’ theme in the latest Sound Byte.

Nintendo trading in the blue ocean for a white flag? [3DS] Posted on 9/8/2011
Reports of a 3DS analog add-on suggest the once-confident company is neck-deep in knee-jerk reactions.

GameFly Digital Client Preview [All] Posted on 9/8/2011
GameFly shows off its new digital client.

Resistance 3 Walkthrough Primer Guide [PlayStation 3] Posted on 9/7/2011
The Chimera continue to invade Earth! Our Resistance 3 Walkthrough Primer gets you started for on-line multiplayer with info about …

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Costume Breakdown - Week 2 [PlayStation 3] Posted on 9/6/2011
This week’s Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 update features Marvel’s Ghost Rider and Capcom’s Strider Hiryu.

UMVC3 Costume Breakdown Week 2 [All] Posted on 9/6/2011
This week’s Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 update features Marvel’s Ghost Rider and Capcom’s Strider Hiryu.

GameSpot UK Podcast [PlayStation 3] Posted on 9/6/2011
Cameron makes his debut appearance on the podcast; he finds out what superpowers Jane and Mark want, what the mystery …

Sound Byte: Meet the Composer of Resistance 3 [PlayStation 3] Posted on 9/6/2011
Boris Salchow talks to us about the musical transition from Resistance 2 to Resistance 3.

Game Demos Come to GameSpot [All] Posted on 9/3/2011
Get a quick rundown of how you can play demos of popular games instantly through GameSpot’s new partnership with the …

Call of Duty XP Photo Gallery [All] Posted on 9/2/2011
Take in the sights of Call of Duty XP!

Top iPhone/iPad Games - September 2, 2011 [iPhone/iPod] Posted on 9/2/2011
Steampunk pirates, machine-gun-propelled vehicles, role-playing goodness, and a gaming icon’s big return are all part of this week’s top iPhone/iPad …

Top Android Games - September 2, 2011 [All] Posted on 9/2/2011
Laser-toting tilt-controlled robots, the latest Madden installment, and a game with plenty of balls make it onto this week’s list …

Behind the Sidekick [All] Posted on 9/2/2011
GameSpot’s All-Time Greatest Game Sidekick gives you the chance to determine which character will go from mere sidekick to legend. …

GameSpot @ Call of Duty XP 2011 [PC] Posted on 9/1/2011
Check out our full coverage of Call of Duty XP for the latest on Modern Warfare 3, our live stage …

OnLive Game Demos Come to GameSpot [Xbox 360] Posted on 9/1/2011
Get a quick rundown of how you can play demos of popular games instantly through GameSpot’s new partnership with the …

Sony HMZ-T1 Personal 3D & HD Viewer Preview [All] Posted on 9/1/2011
Eat your heart out Geordi La Forge. Sony’s giving us 3D HDTVs stuffed into a set of glasses.

Sound Byte: Meet the Composer - Bear McCreary [PlayStation 3] Posted on 8/30/2011
The composer of SOCOM 4 goes in depth about his work, his background, and the future of the video game …

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Graphics Comparison [All] Posted on 8/30/2011
See how Deus Ex looks across the consoles and the PC.

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Costume Breakdown [PlayStation 3] Posted on 8/30/2011
Week 1 features Hawkeye, Doctor Strange, and Dormammu from Marvel, as well as Firebrand, Nemesis, and Tron Bonne from Capcom. …

The State of the Aussie Game Development Industry in 2012 [All] Posted on 8/29/2011
In the wake of THQ’s studio closures in Brisbane and Melbourne, GameSpot AU investigates the path forward for the Australian …

Madden NFL 12 Walkthrough Primer [PlayStation 3] Posted on 8/29/2011
If you’re trying to break into the football craze, or searching for brand new strategies, our Primer Guide will show …

Halo Fest 2011 Photo Gallery [All] Posted on 8/27/2011
Get your fill of Halo goodies!

The HotSpot Podcast - Halo Fest! [Xbox 360] Posted on 8/26/2011
Nigh on unusable audio be damned, we got a podcast to do! Halo franchise director Frank O’Connor and 343 Industries …

PAX 2011 Photo Gallery [All] Posted on 8/26/2011
See what PAX 2011 has to offer in our photo gallery.

Top Android Games - August 26, 2011 [Android] Posted on 8/26/2011
Beer-guzzling pigs, scarecrow-hating birds, and high-speed action take pole position in this week’s top Android games list.

Top iPhone Games - August 26, 2011 [iPhone/iPod] Posted on 8/26/2011
Mice-level espionage, evocative platformers, and retro role-playing games are on the list for this week’s top game picks for the …

Razer Blade Preview [All] Posted on 8/26/2011
Razer unveils the Blade gaming laptop at PAX 2011.

Keeping the PlayStation 2 Alive in India [iPhone/iPod] Posted on 8/25/2011
In this special GameSpot Asia feature, we analyze why the PlayStation 2 is still dominant in India and whether gamers …

Oz Industry Insights: Future of Retail [All] Posted on 8/25/2011
We look at the changing retail trends and analyse the effects of e-commerce on Australian video game brick-and-mortar stores.

All-Time Greatest Game Sidekick [All All] Posted on 8/25/2011
GameSpot’s All-Time Greatest Game Sidekick is your chance to determine which character will go from mere Sidekick to Legend. Vote …

GameSpot @ PAX 2011 [All] Posted on 8/25/2011
We head to Seattle, Washington, to check out what this year’s Penny Arcade Expo has in store for us!

Sound Byte: Meet the Composer behind The 3rd Birthday [PSP] Posted on 8/25/2011
We get in touch with one of the composers of The 3rd Birthday about his influences and how he got …

GameStop cuts coupon, ethical corners [PC] Posted on 8/24/2011
Retailer’s actions in Deus Ex debacle will ultimately do nothing but help increase awareness of, affection for competitor’s streaming service. …

Game Developers’ Quality of Life: Why Should Gamers Care? [Xbox 360] Posted on 8/23/2011
In this feature, we ask if quality of life at development studios should affect how gamers think about the industry. …

GameSpot UK Podcast [PlayStation 3] Posted on 8/23/2011
Guy, Jane, and new video producer Danny O’Dwyer bring you the first post-Gamescom podcast, with a new news quiz, the …

Deus Ex Human Revolution Walkthrough Game Guide [PC] Posted on 8/22/2011
Take the helm as Adam Jensen and uncover the conspiracy. Our Deus Ex Human Revolution Walkthrough Game Guide provides a …

All Time Greatest Game Sidekick [All] Posted on 8/22/2011
Take 64 sidekicks. Make one a legend. Vote for your favorite characters now to decide who makes it into GameSpot’s …

Sound Byte: Meet the Composer of Deus Ex: Human Revolution [PC] Posted on 8/22/2011
Like what you heard from our last Deus Ex Sound Byte? Learn more about the man behind the music, Michael …

CoinOpEd: Who cares about pro gaming? [Xbox 360] Posted on 8/19/2011
Major League Gaming’s Sundance DiGiovanni clues me in on why it’s worth tuning into e-sports or competitive gaming, or whatever …

Top iPhone Games August 19, 2011 [iPhone/iPod] Posted on 8/19/2011
Mokis, zombies, and hack-and-slash adventures lead the charge in our pick of top iOS releases this week.

Top Android games August 19, 2011 [Android] Posted on 8/19/2011
Newfangled brick-breaking antics, hack-and-slash adventuring, and getting some sweet ink are all on the agenda in this week’s top Android …

The GameSpot UK Podcast Gamescom Special [All] Posted on 8/19/2011
Guy, Jane, and honorary brit Shaun McInnis bring you the news straight from Gamescom, including the PS3 price drop, Wii …

Gamescom 2011 Photo Gallery [All] Posted on 8/18/2011
See Gamescom 2011 in all its glory!

Start/Select - Gamescom Tour and Sony Roundup [All] Posted on 8/17/2011
Guy takes stock of the best announcements from Sony’s press conference, while Johnny takes to Gamescom’s hall 6 for a …

HotSpot Podcast - Guten Tag aus Deutschland! [All] Posted on 8/17/2011
Der HotSpot crue kann von San Francisco werden Rundfunk, aber Gamescom hat Deutschland in unseren Kopfen. Kettensagen mit Gears 3! …

Razer Mamba Hands-On [All] Posted on 8/17/2011
We take the new Razer Mamba wireless gaming mouse out for a spin.

DOTA 2 Tournament Live! [PC] Posted on 8/17/2011
The Gamescom DOTA 2 tournament is under way! Check out all of the latest action.

GameSpot @ Gamescom 2011 [All] Posted on 8/15/2011
Europe’s biggest gaming convention returns. Join us as we travel to Cologne, Germany for this year’s show!

Sound Byte: Meet the Composer Behind Divinity II [PC] Posted on 8/15/2011
We speak with composer Kirill Pokrovsky about his background and work on the recent Divinity II: The Dragon Knight Saga. …

Start/Select - GDC Kicks Off [All] Posted on 8/15/2011
Jane and Guy round up GDC day one, while Johnny a look at some new details emerging about the Wii …

Top Android Games - August 12, 2011 [iPhone/iPod] Posted on 8/12/2011
Lasers go pew pew in our latest roundup of the top Android games.

Top iPhone/iPad Games - August 12, 2011 [iPhone/iPod] Posted on 8/12/2011
Tower offense, the man who used to play Blade, and a baby monkey riding backward on a pig are all …

Appetite for Distraction - Episode 3 [All] Posted on 8/10/2011
This week Johnny and Mark bring you three of the best new apps and pay a visit to Us Two, …

QuakeCon 2011 Aftermath [PC] Posted on 8/10/2011
GameSpot’s QuakeCon attendees chat about the show itself and one of its biggest games, Skyrim.

High Time for a Digital Divorce [PlayStation 3] Posted on 8/9/2011
Has the marriage of inconvenience between retailers and publishers reached a turning point?

Sound Byte: Meet the Composer of Mass Effect [PC] Posted on 8/8/2011
We talk to Sam Hulick, one of the composers behind Mass Effect, about his background and his work on the …

QuakeCon 2011 Photo Gallery [All] Posted on 8/6/2011
Check out the sights at QuakeCon 2011!

Brink - Agents of Change DLC Impressions [All] Posted on 8/5/2011
New maps and new abilities don’t add much to the busy battlefields of Brink, but at least the price is …

Cyborg amBX Gaming Lights Hands-On [All] Posted on 8/5/2011
Add a little color to your gaming setup with the Cyborg amBX Gaming Lights.

QuakeCon 2011 Live! [Xbox 360] Posted on 8/5/2011
First-person shooter fanatics flock from across the country and around the globe to Dallas, Texas, for this year’s QuakeCon, and …

Top Android Games - August 2, 2011 [All] Posted on 8/5/2011
Deadly asteroids, Colosseum-style bloodletting, and getting your fingers burnt dominate this week’s top Android game picks.

Top iPhone/iPad Games - August 5, 2011 [iPhone/iPod] Posted on 8/5/2011
Candy-obsessed aliens, side-scrolling beat-’em-ups, a sick pig, and a console classic join our top iPhone/iPad list this week.

Diary of a Minecraft Blockhead [PC] Posted on 8/5/2011
An intrepid GameSpot editor and friends play Minecraft for the first time. This is their story.

GameSpot @ Quakecon 2011 [All] Posted on 8/4/2011
Join us a we check out Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Rage, Prey 2, and much more at Quakecon 2011!

When $60 Isn’t Enough [PlayStation 3] Posted on 8/4/2011
As publishers find more ways to squeeze gamers for incremental revenue, the $60 boxed retail product is buying a smaller …

The GameSpot UK Podcast [Xbox 360] Posted on 8/2/2011
We’re joined by Martin Edmondson, the creative director of the Driver series, to talk about Driver: San Francisco and all …

Comic-Con Costume Battle Image Gallery [All] Posted on 7/29/2011
We found them. You voted for them. Now check out the results!

The HotSpot - Terraria Spoilercast [PC] Posted on 7/29/2011
The gang gets together for a bonus podcast this week to discuss the depths of Re-Logic’s open-ended 2D exploration, crafting, …

Top Android Games 29 July 2011 [Android] Posted on 7/29/2011
We scour the Android Marketplace to bring your our picks for this week’s top games.

Top iPhone/iPad Games 29 July 2011 [iPhone/iPod] Posted on 7/29/2011
Got an iPhone and iPad and an itch to play games? We help you sort though the best releases on …

Comic-Con Wrap-Up [PC] Posted on 7/29/2011
What big news and events did you miss at the annual celebration of pop culture?

Sound Byte: Journey [PlayStation 3] Posted on 7/29/2011
Composer Austin Wintory shares a live performance of “Woven Variations” from Thatgamecompany’s Journey.

Evo 2011 Live! [PlayStation 3] Posted on 7/29/2011
The best fighting games and the best players converge on Las Vegas for three days of tournaments and events. Get …

GameMarket Deals [All] Posted on 7/26/2011
Browse through GameMarket for the best deals available, with games listed between 30 and 80 percent off.

Sound Byte: Meet the Audio Director of Deus Ex [PlayStation 3] Posted on 7/26/2011
We talk to Steve Szczepkowski in detail about his role on the highly anticipated Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

Comic-Con 2011 Uncut: Watch Entire Panels from the Show [Macintosh] Posted on 7/23/2011
View the Street Fighter X Tekken, Old Republic, and other panels in their entirety.

Comic-Con 2011 Photo Gallery [All] Posted on 7/22/2011
Check out all the sights of Comic-Con 2011 in our photo gallery!

The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D Walkthrough Game Guide [3DS] Posted on 7/21/2011
Steer through Link’s exploits in Hyrule. Our The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D Walkthrough Game Guide provides item …

Comic-Con 2011 Costume Battle [All] Posted on 7/21/2011
Take a look at the costumes of Comic-Con 2011 and vote for your favorites!

GameSpot UK Podcast [PC] Posted on 7/18/2011
Robert Bowling, Infinity Ward’s creative strategist, joins us on this week’s podcast to answer your questions on Call of Duty: …

Game Development In Singapore: A Primer [Wii U] Posted on 7/18/2011
In this special GameSpot Asia feature, we look at the game companies that call Singapore home, as well as find …

Sound Byte: Meet the Composers Behind Infamous 2 [PlayStation 3] Posted on 7/17/2011
We talk to a couple of musicians responsible for crafting the soundtrack to Cole MacGrath’s journey.

Comic-Con Preview [All] Posted on 7/15/2011
Get a brief overview of the notable gaming-related events at this year’s show.

Comic-Con 2011 Preview [PlayStation 3] Posted on 7/15/2011
Get a brief overview of the notable gaming-related events at this year’s show.

The Science of Playtesting [Xbox 360] Posted on 7/15/2011
We go behind the scenes at Valve, Bungie, and Epic Games to see how user feedback helps shape the game …

3DS Battery Life Surprises While Using Netflix [3DS] Posted on 7/14/2011
We test the new 3DS Netflix app and see how long you can watch movies for on a single charge. …

Razer Chimaera 5.1 vs. Plantronics X95 Wireless Headset Shoot-Out [All] Posted on 7/13/2011
We pit Razer’s Chimaera 5.1 against Plantronics’ X95 in this wireless headset battle royal.

Sound Byte: Meet the Composer of Captain America - Bill Brown [DS] Posted on 7/11/2011
Come listen to some music from Super Soldier and read what composer Bill Brown has to say about video game …

Sports Beat: The Sports Blog Is Under New Management [All] Posted on 7/11/2011
With a new sports guy at the helm, what can be done to ensure the genre gets the attention it …

Comic-Con 2011 is coming! [All] Posted on 7/8/2011
Comic-Con is back and we’ll be there to bring you the latest previews, live game demos, cosplay photos, and much …

Introducing GameSpot’s Sound Byte Radio [All] Posted on 7/8/2011
Here’s your chance to listen to video game music all day, every day, courtesy of Sound Byte Radio.

GameSpot @ EA Studio Showcase 2011 [All] Posted on 7/7/2011
Get the latest headlines on Dragon Age II: Legacy, Burnout Crash, and more in our coverage of EA’s Studio Showcase …

Sound Byte: Meet the Audio Director of Darkspore [PC] Posted on 7/6/2011
Ever wonder what it takes to design the audio for the world of Darkspore? Find out more from Kent Jolly. …

Sound Byte: Meet the Composer - Chris Huelsbeck [PC] Posted on 7/3/2011
With more than 25 years in the video game industry, Chris Huelsbeck shares his experience beginning with the C64.

The Battle for Budget Graphics - AMD Lynx vs. Intel Sandy Bridge [All] Posted on 7/1/2011
Intel and AMD duke it out at the bottom to see who’s the king of onboard graphics.

E3 2011 Breakdown [All] Posted on 7/1/2011
Wondering how many games Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony brought to E3 2011?

E3 2012: A Look Ahead [All] Posted on 6/30/2011
What will E3 2012 have in store for the video game industry? The GameSpot editorial team peers into the future …

Journey Beta Key Giveaway [PlayStation 3] Posted on 6/29/2011
Update: We’re all out of codes, thanks everyone! What secrets lie beneath the surface of sun and sand? Find out …

Reality Check: Is Cole Phelps a Psychopath? [Xbox 360] Posted on 6/29/2011
Now it’s our turn to interrogate the protagonist of L.A. Noire.

GameSpot UK Podcast [PlayStation 3] Posted on 6/28/2011
We’re joined by Square Enix’s Roxana Etemad to discuss her newfound E3 fame, the latest news, and your feedback.

Sound Byte: Dissidia 012: Duodecim Final Fantasy [PSP] Posted on 6/26/2011
We talk to composer Ishimoto-san and the band Kidneythieves about its work on the newest Dissidia.

E3 2011: The Aftermath [Xbox 360] Posted on 6/22/2011
GameSpot’s first in a series of short videos takes a look at the battle between Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare …

Sony PlayStation Vita Wrap Up [All] Posted on 6/21/2011
If you missed the details at E3 2011, get the full rundown on Sony’s PlayStation Vita here.

Dungeon Siege 3 Walkthrough Game Guide [Xbox 360] Posted on 6/21/2011
Only four heroes remain to protect Ehb. Our Dungeon Siege 3 Walkthrough Game Guide provides you with details about how …

The GameSpot UK Podcast [PC] Posted on 6/21/2011
We catch up on the latest in gaming with Wired UK’s Nate Lanxon and give away copies of Super Street …

Wii U: Unanswered Questions [All] Posted on 6/20/2011
Many questions still remain for Nintendo’s successor to the Wii.

Wii U: Unanswered Questions [Wii U] Posted on 6/20/2011
Many questions still remain for Nintendo’s successor to the Wii.

Madden NFL 12 Q&A [All] Posted on 6/20/2011
We talk to EA about trades, legendary players, and more in this look at Madden’s card-collecting mode.

L.A. Noire: Final Thoughts [Xbox 360] Posted on 6/20/2011
The game is finally out, and we take a peek behind the development curtain in our two-part look at this …

Sound Byte: Back to the Future - Voice Actor AJ Locascio [Macintosh] Posted on 6/20/2011
It’s not Michael J. Fox. but it sure sounds like him! Meet the voice of Marty in Telltale’s Back to …

It Gets Better Project [All] Posted on 6/20/2011
Check out this promotional video for the It Gets Better Project from CBS.

GameSpot’s Best of E3 2011 Awards [All] Posted on 6/17/2011
Who’s taking home the title of GameSpot’s Best of E3 2011? Read on to find out our picks and also …

Most Popular Photos of E3 2011 [All] Posted on 6/17/2011
We’ve distilled our E3 2011 photo gallery down to its finest components.

Wii U: How Nintendo’s Future Draws on its Past [All] Posted on 6/17/2011
We look at Nintendo’s past controllers to see how they might have influenced the Wii U.

Reality Check: BioShock Infinite and the Uncanny [All] Posted on 6/17/2011
Would you kindly ignore the man behind the curtain?

Coin-OpEd - E3, or Electronic Entertainment Exasperation [All] Posted on 6/17/2011
The 2011 Electronic Entertainment Expo has come and gone, and I can’t help but feel that none of the big …

Reality Check - BioShock Infinite and the Uncanny Demo [PlayStation 3] Posted on 6/17/2011
Would you kindly ignore the man behind the curtain?

Coin-OpEd: E3, or Electronic Entertainment Exasperation [Wii U] Posted on 6/17/2011
The 2011 Electronic Entertainment Expo has come and gone, and I can’t help but feel that none of the big …

Reality Check: The Dangers of Gimmick Gaming [All Wii U] Posted on 6/17/2011
Is Nintendo’s way the right way?

Reality Check: The Dangers of Gimmick Gaming [Wii U] Posted on 6/16/2011
Is Nintendo’s way the right way?

Sound Byte: Child of Eden - Mizuguchi and Ichiki Interview [PlayStation 3] Posted on 6/14/2011
We speak to Tetsuya Mizuguchi and sound designer Yuki Ichiki about the audio from Child of Eden.

E3 2011: Missing in Action [All PC] Posted on 6/9/2011
Have you seen us? Find out which games were conspicuously absent from this year’s show.

E3 2011: Reality Check - Where Is Rare? [All Xbox 360] Posted on 6/9/2011
What was once a highly regarded third-party studio has all but completely disappeared from public view.

E3 2011 Photo Gallery [Wii] Posted on 6/8/2011
From the crowds and booth babes to that one Minecraft guy, get a look at what the show floor is …

The HotSpot - E3 2011 Conference Rundown Podcast Part 2 [All] Posted on 6/8/2011
The whirlwind of E3 madness continues in our discussion of Sony’s and Nintendo’s press conferences, Nintendo’s new Wii U, and …

E3 2011: Wii U: Changing the Way You Play [All Wii U] Posted on 6/8/2011
How will the Wii U’s new controller affect your favorite Nintendo franchises? GameSpot’s editorial team considers the possibilities.

E3 2011 Gaming Hardware & Accessories [All] Posted on 6/8/2011
Get a rundown of all the new gaming hardware and accessories that were unveiled at E3 2011.

The HotSpot - E3 2011 Conference Rundown Podcast [All] Posted on 6/7/2011
The GameSpot gang tries to recap all the major E3 conferences and fails miserably! We got through Microsoft, Electronic Arts, …

E3 2011: Nintendo Press Conference Report Card [All Wii U] Posted on 6/7/2011
Did Nintendo’s new system make a big splash? Find out in our report card.

E3 2011 Nintendo Wii U Controller Hands-On [All] Posted on 6/7/2011
Get our thoughts on Nintendo’s Wii U controller, and see it from every angle.

E3 2011: PlayStation Vita: Inside and Out [All] Posted on 6/7/2011
Get all the details behind Vita, Sony’s upcoming handheld console.

E3 2011: Nintendo Wii U: Inside and Out [All Wii U] Posted on 6/7/2011
Nintendo shows us its vision for the future - Wii U. Is it another revolution?

PlayStation Vita: First Hands-On Video [PlayStation Vita] Posted on 6/7/2011
We get a look at Sony’s newly named PlayStation Vita in action in our first-ever video hands-on with the system! …

E3 2011: Sony Press Conference Report Card [All PlayStation 3] Posted on 6/6/2011
How did Sony do at its pre-E3 press conference? Find out in our Sony Report Card.

E3 2011: Sony Press Conference Report Card [PlayStation 3] Posted on 6/6/2011
How did Sony do at its pre-E3 press conference? Find out in our Sony Report Card.

E3 2011: Sony PlayStation Vita: Inside and Out [PlayStation Vita] Posted on 6/6/2011
Get all the details behind the PlayStation Vita, Sony’s upcoming handheld console.

Microsoft Press E3 2011 Conference Report Card [All] Posted on 6/6/2011
Any surprises? Any mistakes? Find out how Microsoft fared at its pre-E3 2011 press conference.

E3 2011: Microsoft Press Conference Report Card [Xbox 360] Posted on 6/6/2011
Any surprises? Any mistakes? Find out how Microsoft fared at its pre-E3 2011 press conference.

E3 2011: Microsoft Xbox 360 New Experience and Kinect Fun Labs [All] Posted on 6/6/2011
At E3 2011 Microsoft announced that the Xbox 360 will get a revamped user interface and a slew of new …

E3 2011 - What We Expect [All] Posted on 6/3/2011
What’s at risk? Who has the most to lose? Find out in our E3 preview.

E3 2011: What We Expect [PlayStation 3] Posted on 6/3/2011
What’s at risk? Who has the most to lose? Find out in our E3 preview.

Coin-OpEd: Putting the 3 in E3 [Xbox 360] Posted on 6/3/2011
Between Battlefield 3, Modern Warfare 3, Max Payne 3, Gears of War 3, Mass Effect 3, BioShock 3, Uncharted 3, …

GameSpot @ E3 2011 [All] Posted on 6/2/2011
The biggest gaming event of the year is back. Find out how you can get comprehensive coverage of E3 right …

The Witcher 2: A Brief Travelogue [All] Posted on 6/2/2011
The world of The Witcher 2 is a varied and dangerous place. Check out editor Kevin VanOrd’s notes on some …

The 3DS eShop: What You Need to Know [3DS] Posted on 6/2/2011
Nintendo dishes out details on its online store for the 3DS handheld and gives us an early look.

The Road to E3: Industry Insights [PC] Posted on 6/1/2011
We count down to the 2011 Electronic Entertainment Expo with a series of features about the issues affecting the future …

Reality Check: Video Games’ Fear of Sex [PlayStation 3] Posted on 6/1/2011
The ESA thinks there’s no such thing as going “too far” with violence, but that’s not the case with sex. …

Sound Byte: Play for Japan: The Album [PlayStation 3] Posted on 5/29/2011
Help raise money for the Japanese Red Cross by buying some awesome music from composers across the video game industry. …

The GameSpot UK Podcast [PlayStation 3] Posted on 5/27/2011
Check out the latest edition of the GameSpot UK podcast, recorded in front of a live audience at London’s MCM …

The Witcher 2: Then and Now [PC] Posted on 5/27/2011
The Witcher 2 is fantastically easy on the eyes. See how far the graphics have come since the original.

Coin-OpEd: Modern Warfare 3 trailer feels the BRRRN! [PlayStation 3] Posted on 5/27/2011
The first trailer for Infinity Ward’s new shooter is light on suspense and heavy on foghorn. Did the studio’s verve …

Sound Byte: The Father of Computer Music - Max Mathews [Atari 2600] Posted on 5/27/2011
We take a moment to honor and look back at the legacy that Max Mathew has left with the video …

How to E3 2011 [All] Posted on 5/26/2011
Find out all about our E3 2011 coverage, this year’s site achievements, our new live streaming video player, and more! …

MCM Expo Photo Gallery [All] Posted on 5/26/2011
Check out the cosplayers, GameSpot’s guests, and all the action direct from the show floor!

Keep Up With GameSpot @ MCM Expo on Facebook [All] Posted on 5/24/2011
Check out the GameSpot UK Facebook page to keep up with all the latest backstage details, photos, and more straight …

Sound Byte: LOTR: War in the North Performed Live at E3 [All] Posted on 5/23/2011
We talk to composer Inon Zur and find out more about the live concert at E3.

Coin-OpEd: Used games are not the same as used underwear [All] Posted on 5/20/2011
Why, exactly, are gamers being punished for buying their wares on the second-hand market?

Games’ Day in Court: Science, Violence, and the Law [PlayStation 2] Posted on 5/20/2011
A look at the debate behind the debate and what the Supreme Court’s decision could mean for the future of …

Games of the Apocalypse [All] Posted on 5/20/2011
This week for Video Game History Month we’re taking you on a journey through some older and not-so-old games that …

Brink Graphics Comparison [Xbox 360] Posted on 5/18/2011
We compare how Brink looks across the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

The Portal 2 Effect [Xbox 360] Posted on 5/18/2011
Just how much Portal 2 have you been playing?

Reality Check: PSN Welcome Back Program - Thanks, But No Thanks [PlayStation 3] Posted on 5/18/2011
Are a few games really worth a potential lifetime of trouble?

LA Noire Walkthrough Game Guide [Xbox 360] Posted on 5/17/2011
Crime doesn’t pay. Our LA Noire Walkthrough Game Guide will show you how to solve crimes, catch liars, and provide …

The Witcher 2 Walkthrough Game Guide [PC] Posted on 5/17/2011
Fight as Geralt the Witcher. Our Witcher 2 Walkthrough Game Guide will help you through the adventure with a full …

Sound Byte: Little Big Planet 2 [Game Boy Advance] Posted on 5/16/2011
We speak to composer Winifred Phillips who has worked on Little Big Planet 2, God of War, and The Maw. …

An Interview With Aaron Staton of L.A. Noire [PlayStation 3] Posted on 5/13/2011
We talk to the star of Rockstar and Team Bondi’s crime thriller about going from TV to games, the challenges …

War Inc. Battlezone Beta Key Giveaway [All] Posted on 5/12/2011
Check out our beta key giveaway for War Inc. Battlezone and get a head start in this new free-to-play online …

Sound Byte: Meet the Composer - Alice: Madness Returns [Xbox 360] Posted on 5/12/2011
We have an exclusive track from the soundtrack and an interview with the composer, Jason Tai.

GameSpot UK @ MCM Expo [All] Posted on 5/11/2011
Check out all the latest info on what GameSpot UK is bringing as the official gaming partner of the UK’s …

The Road to E3: Mobile Gaming [iPhone/iPod] Posted on 5/11/2011
We count down to the 2011 Electronic Entertainment Expo with a series of features about the issues affecting the future …

The Influences of L.A. Noire [Xbox 360] Posted on 5/11/2011
Learn about the classic movies, TV shows, music, and locations that influenced Rockstar’s L.A. Noire.

Reality Check: Reviewing Games Right Is Hard [PC] Posted on 5/11/2011
Why timeliness and quality don’t always go hand-in-hand.

The Most Anticipated Games of E3 [All] Posted on 5/11/2011
The GameSpot editors select the games they’re most looking forward to at this year’s E3.

Crysis 2: Final Thoughts [PC] Posted on 5/10/2011
Crysis 2’s development director speaks out on multi-platform development, the change of scenery, and building a better story for Crysis. …

Brink Primer Guide [Xbox 360] Posted on 5/10/2011
Save or escape the Ark. Our Brink Primer Guide gets you ready for the fight with details about matches, weapons, …

Sound Byte: Meet the Audio Director of Brink [PC] Posted on 5/9/2011
Chris Sweetman shares his experience working on the audio in the upcoming sci-fi action game, Brink.

Sound Byte: L.A. Noire Soundtrack [Xbox 360] Posted on 5/6/2011
We have an exclusive track to share from the upcoming adventure game from Team Bondi and Rockstar Games.

Coin-OpEd: The great PSN PR debacle [All] Posted on 5/6/2011
Sony’s security breach has been an unmitigated disaster for all involved. Why, then, is the publisher working so hard to …

Video Game History Month 2011 [All] Posted on 5/5/2011
Join us for a month-long celebration of all things gaming as we take a look back at the hardware, people, …

What’s New on GameSpot [All] Posted on 5/4/2011
For the first time since August 2008, we’ve redesigned our home page and site navigation. Find out all the details …

Sound Byte: Meet the Composer Behind BioShock - Garry Schyman [PC] Posted on 5/2/2011
Find out where you can hear Garry Schyman’s works performed live and how he got into the video game music …

Coin-OpEd: Pity the hitmakers [All] Posted on 4/29/2011
Corporate game makers report higher wages but increasing “frustration.” Can great games come from unhappy developers?

From Rumor to Reality [Wii] Posted on 4/27/2011
Think the Nintendo Project Cafe rumors are crazy? We take a look back at pre-Wii release chatter to find that …

Reality Check: Atari Did It First [Wii] Posted on 4/27/2011
Present-day console makers could learn a thing or two from the past.

GameSpot, The Webbys, and You [All] Posted on 4/25/2011
GameSpot has once again been nominated for a Webby Award. Find out how you can help us win!

Portal 2 Graphics Comparison [All] Posted on 4/25/2011
Our Portal 2 Graphics Comparison takes you on a visual tour of the different versions of the game.

Sound Byte: The Sounds Behind Pac-Man [Xbox 360] Posted on 4/25/2011
Hiroshi Okubo from the sound team at Namco Bandai shares his thoughts on creating the right sounds for the iconic …

Nintendo’s Secret Weapon [Wii] Posted on 4/22/2011
What Nintendo’s past reveals about its future console.

Coin-OpEd: Make it sexy, please [All] Posted on 4/22/2011
Can Microsoft, Nintendo, or Sony get our blood pumping with their new consoles when early signs indicate little more than …

Why It Matters: Music [PC] Posted on 4/21/2011
Games are alive with the sound of music.

Reality Check: No Country for Mortal Kombat [Xbox] Posted on 4/20/2011
Censorship is everywhere, not just in Australia.

The Road to E3: Multiplayer [Wii] Posted on 4/20/2011
We count down to the 2011 Electronic Entertainment Expo with a series of features about the issues affecting the future …

GameSpot Sync [All] Posted on 4/19/2011
Get your quick daily download of gaming news, headlines, and more with Jody Robinson!

Mortal Kombat Fight Sticks [Xbox 360] Posted on 4/19/2011
You’ve got two ways to get an authentic Mortal Kombat experience.

Portal 2 Walkthrough [PC] Posted on 4/19/2011
Return to Aperture for further testing. Our Portal 2 Game Guide provides a walkthrough for story mode, tips for co-op, …

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Get over here for a new Outworld tournament. Our Mortal Kombat Primer Guide gets you ready for battle with move …

Sound Byte: Mortal Kombat - Songs Inspired by The Warriors [PlayStation 3] Posted on 4/18/2011
The ultraviolent fighting series makes a triumphant return and inspires JFK of MSTRKRFT in this compilation.

Coin-OpEd: A snowball’s chance in Hell [Macintosh] Posted on 4/15/2011
BlizzCon 2011 costs $175 this year. Think that’s pricey? Don’t worry, you won’t get a ticket. This should not distress …

Why It Matters: Storytelling [PC] Posted on 4/14/2011
A good story can go a long way.

Catch Up on Portal 2 [PC] Posted on 4/13/2011
Get all of the latest details on the follow-up to the popular first-person puzzler.

Reality Check: Duke Nukem Forever Isn’t Sexist [Xbox 360] Posted on 4/13/2011
Why context is important when defining gender roles in games.

GameSpot @ Capcom Captivate 2011 [All] Posted on 4/12/2011
We join Capcom in Miami to check out Street Fighter X Tekken, Resident Evil: Racoon City, and a lot more. …

Women in Games [All] Posted on 4/11/2011
We take a look at the changing role of women in video game development and the rise of female gaming …

Sound Byte: Meet the Audio Director of Battlefield 3 [PlayStation 3] Posted on 4/11/2011
We talk to Stefan Strandberg about what it takes to create the perfect battlefield sounds.

Crysis 2 Graphics Comparison [PC] Posted on 4/8/2011
Check out some of the graphical differences between Crysis 2, Crysis, and Crysis Warhead.

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Get ready for a bloody good time by checking out our Mortal Kombat Launch center for the latest previews, news, …

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The rift is open and you can get in on the action free of charge for this weekend only! Grab …

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Don’t travel alone! Grab a Demono Bat pet for your adventures in the free-to-play massively multiplayer online game Forsaken World …

Why It Matters: The Art of Villainy [PlayStation] Posted on 4/6/2011
Where have all the good bad guys gone?

Shogun 2: Total War Final Thoughts [PC] Posted on 4/5/2011
Creative Assembly’s creative director gives his thoughts on smaller-scale battles, nailing the art style, and more.

Sound Byte: Meet the Composer Behind Call of Duty: Black Ops [PC] Posted on 4/5/2011
Learn more about Sean Murray, the composer behind one of the best-selling games of all time.

Batman:Arkham City Comic Book First Look [PC] Posted on 4/4/2011
We bring you an exclusive look at the first five pages of the upcoming DC Comics series that sets the …

WonderCon 2011 Photo Gallery [PC] Posted on 4/4/2011
See what happened at WonderCon 2011!

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WWE Legends from the past arise to confront the current day Superstars. Our WWE All Stars Primer Guide gets you …

Coin-OpEd: What’s in a launch lineup? [3DS] Posted on 4/1/2011
The 3DS launched this week, and I haven’t the foggiest why you people bought it. Seriously, what’s in this launch …

Reality Check: 3DS vs. iOS [iPhone/iPod] Posted on 3/31/2011
The battle no one really cares about.

Super Street Fighter IV Primer Guide [Xbox 360] Posted on 3/30/2011
Our Street Fighter IV guide will whip you into shape. Find out what’s new, check out the moves for each …

Building a Better Gears of War [Xbox 360] Posted on 3/30/2011
We speak to key members of the development team about the changes in Gears of War 3 and get a …

Nintendo 3DS: 3D Impressions [3DS] Posted on 3/25/2011
The GameSpot editorial teams weighs in on the quality of the 3D effects for some of the Nintendo 3DS launch …

Crysis 2 Game Guide [Xbox 360] Posted on 3/25/2011
Stop the Ceph rampage in New York. Our Crysis 2 Game Guide gets you ready for multiplayer with weapons and …

Coin-OpEd: Leave GeoHot alone! [Apple II] Posted on 3/25/2011
PS3 jailbreaker George Hotz takes a vacation, and Sony flips out. What has the world come to when a hacker …

Dragon Age II - Final Thoughts [PC] Posted on 3/24/2011
The lead designer of BioWare’s epic fantasy role-playing game shares his thoughts on the development of Dragon Age II and …

Green Gaming: PlayStation 3 [All] Posted on 3/21/2011
The PlayStation 3 Slim saves you money and power.

Green Gaming: Xbox 360 [All] Posted on 3/21/2011
Save power and money by gaming on the newer Xbox 360.

Dragon Age II Image Comparison [All] Posted on 3/18/2011
See what all the image quality settings do, and check out the game with the high resolution texture pack.

Oz Industry Insights: Industry Retrospective [PC] Posted on 3/17/2011
We take a look at a history of Australia’s game development industry through the eyes of local industry veterans.

Inside the Killzone [PSP] Posted on 3/17/2011
Guerrilla’s cofounder and managing director speaks out on Killzone 3, the importance of fan feedback, and the current state of …

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The battle between the KPA and the USA rages on. Our Homefront Primer Guide gets your ready with tips for …

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Check out what’s happening at PAX East!

Apple iPad 2 Review [All] Posted on 3/11/2011
Apple’s popular tablet gets a few upgrades.

GameSpot @ PAX East 2011 [All] Posted on 3/11/2011
Join us as we brave the frigid cold of Boston to check out the biggest games, the craziest cosplayers, and …

Lego Star Wars III - New Vehicles [PC] Posted on 3/10/2011
Find out what kind of sweet ride you’ll be hopping into in the upcoming Lego Star Wars game!

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The Ear Force PX5 makes other headsets look like trinkets with speakers attached to them.

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It’s time to catch them all again. Our Pokemon Black and White Primer Guide gets you started with info about …

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Apple iPad 2 Unveiled [All] Posted on 3/2/2011
Apple shows off the iPad 2. Competitors find buckets to cry in.

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A new year and a whole new set of games to look forward to. See our picks for 2011!

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Sony Ericcson’s Xperia Play brings buttons back to the phone.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - The Breakdown [PC] Posted on 2/24/2011
We pick apart the brand new gameplay trailer for Bethesda’s next big RPG.

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Dead Echo is out for revenge. Our Bulletstorm Game Guide provides a full walkthrough, strategies for collecting skillpoints, and locations …

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We join Microsoft and check out the latest offerings for Gears of War 3, Halo: Reach, and more!

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Take the final charge against the Helghast. Our Killzone 3 guide provides information about multiplayer classes, a full walkthrough, and …

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In August, 2008 GameSpot AU asked why Aussies pay more for games. Three years on, local gamers are still asking …

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Help save the universe from genetically mutated aliens in this closed beta key giveaway for Darkspore!

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Worlds collide in this fighting mega mix. Our Marvel vs Capcom 3 Primer Guide gets you ready for the action …

Valentine’s Day: The Video Game Way [Xbox 360] Posted on 2/14/2011
What do video games teach us about love on this precious day? It turns out, not much.

The Rise of the Indie Developer [PC] Posted on 2/13/2011
The rise of the indie developer: Will the golden age last?

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Check out the latest industry news and videos from D.I.C.E. Summit 2011 in Las Vegas!

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Check out our Killzone 3 Launch Center for the full review, as well as the latest news, videos, and more! …

Razer Onza Tournament Edition Hands-On [All] Posted on 2/7/2011
An Xbox 360 controller with adjustable-tension analog sticks and mouse-click style buttons? Sign us up!

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Isaac Clarke must survive a Necromorph outbreak aboard the Sprawl space station. Our Dead Space 2 Game Guide provides a …

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Sony’s new NGP has a lot going for it, but the competition is about to get fierce.

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The Nintendo 3DS and Historical Handheld Pricing [All] Posted on 1/14/2011
How does the new price point for the Nintendo 3DS stack up against those from yesteryear?

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We get an early peek at the Computer History Museum’s new exhibit that also features a brief history of videogames. …

Dead Space 2 - It’s lonely out in space [Xbox 360] Posted on 1/11/2011
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CES 2011 Gaming Products and Accessories [All] Posted on 1/9/2011
Razer, Mad Catz and many other companies announced new products at CES 2011.

CES 2011 Products and Prototypes [All] Posted on 1/8/2011
Check out a few of the amazing products we found at CES 2011.

CES 2011 Photo Gallery [All] Posted on 1/7/2011
TVs? Yeah we’ve got pictures of those too.

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Take a sip of some nog and then cozy up to the fire to find out how you can get …

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The Shattering has destroyed Azeroth and Deathwing has returned to rain havoc. Our World of Warcraft Cataclysm Primer gets you …

Activision going after EA in West-Zampella suit [All] Posted on 12/21/2010
Publisher believes rival company induced Infinity Ward co-founders to break contracts during development of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, …

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We detail what you need to purchase in order to get your 3D gaming on with the PC and console. …

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Find out everything you need to know about iOS, Android, and Windows Phone 7 in our in-depth guide to smartphone …

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CES 2011 is almost here, so stay tuned to GameSpot between Jan 6th - 9th to get the latest on …

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Resistance 3 - The Breakdown [PlayStation 3] Posted on 12/13/2010
Insomniac shows off more gameplay for the third entry in its first-person shooter series.

Batman: Arkham City - The Breakdown [PC] Posted on 12/13/2010
The Bat returns in an all-new game that takes him outside the confines of the asylum.

Astro Gaming Product Roundup [All] Posted on 12/13/2010
We tear through Astro Gaming’s audio products.

Mass Effect 3 - The Breakdown [PlayStation 3] Posted on 12/13/2010
BioWare and EA release a new trailer revealing the setting for Mass Effect 3.

Mortal Kombat - The Breakdown [Xbox 360] Posted on 12/13/2010
A familiar face is revealed in the latest trailer.

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception - The Breakdown [PlayStation 3] Posted on 12/13/2010
We pick apart the trailer for Nathan Drake’s latest adventure.

Forza Motorsport 4 - The Breakdown [Xbox 360] Posted on 12/13/2010
We dissect the announcement trailer for Turn 10’s latest entry in its racing series.

SSX: Deadly Descents - The Breakdown [Xbox 360] Posted on 12/13/2010
EA takes the wraps off of a new game in its popular snowboarding series.

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm London Launch [All] Posted on 12/8/2010
Check out these photos from the London launch of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm.

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Get ready to burn up the track from sports cars to go karts, muscle cars, and vans. Our Gran Turismo …

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The Azeroth you once knew is gone forever. Take a look at some of the drastic changes made in preparation …

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Windows Phone 7 brings a ton of games and Xbox Live to the mobile gaming scene.

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Our biggest awards event of the year has almost arrived, so get the lowdown on what to expect in the …

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Epic Mickey isn’t the mouse’s first foray into gaming. Join us as we take a look back at some notable, …

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Desmond Miles must relive the memories of his ancestor and discover the secrets of the Assassins. Our Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood …

Silent Majority [Xbox] Posted on 11/22/2010
The Australia Federal Government says its heard enough from gamers about an adult rating for games in Australia. Now we …

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We take a look at the added costs of console ownership and recommend bundles based on your budget.

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It’s almost that time of the year! Check out our Holiday Gift Guide, create a wishlist of your most-wanted games, …

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OnLive releases its MicroConsole.

Call of Duty: Then and Now [All] Posted on 11/15/2010
We take a visual tour through four of the most recent Call of Duty games.

Call of Duty Black Ops Game Guide [PC] Posted on 11/15/2010
Black Ops agent Alex Mason relives memories of the Cold War. Our Call of Duty Black Ops Game Guide provides …

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Industry figures share their thoughts on pushing the boundaries of NPC behaviour.

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We plug in Microsoft’s newest gaming peripheral.

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King Logan reigns terror over Albion and revolution nears. Our Fable III Game Guide provides a full walkthrough, side quests, …

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This motion-controlled sports collection doesn’t do much for solo players, but it’s fun to play with friends both locally and …

Kinectimals Review [All] Posted on 11/4/2010
The minigames are shallow and repetitive, but Kinectimals is too lovable to stay mad at for long.

Gut Reactions: Kinect [Xbox 360] Posted on 11/3/2010
Find out what the GameSpot editors think about Microsoft’s foray into motion-control gaming.

Fable III: Then and Now [All] Posted on 11/2/2010
Two years and a whole lot of work made Fable III considerably better looking than its predecessor.

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The NCR, Mr. House, and Caesar’s Legion are battling it out for control of New Vegas. Our Fallout New Vegas …

Medal of Honor Game Guide [PC] Posted on 10/25/2010
Join Tier One and the US Army Rangers during Operation Enduring Freedom. Our Medal of Honor Game Guide will provide …

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Check out what’s happening at Blizzcon!

BlizzCon 2010 [All] Posted on 10/22/2010
BlizzCon 2010 has arrived, and we’re on the floor bringing you the biggest news on Diablo III, WOW: Cataclysm, and …

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Developer Blue Castle joins the HotSpot crew to discuss the secret of Chuck’s coffee, what was too offensive and gory …

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Creative director Marcus Lehto takes us inside the development process behind Bungie’s final Halo game.

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Will you lead the people of Albion to prosperity or become a tyrant? Make an informed decision by checking out …

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Be among the first to battle your way through hordes of foes in ancient China with our giveaway for the …

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New to the Civilization series or looking to bolster your empire? Our Civilization V Primer will provide you with polices …

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Unlike Genghis Khan, you can run an empire on a dollar-store budget.

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We check out the latest iPod Touch and see how Game Center fares against the competition.

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We take a look at how 3D gaming works and which platforms support it.

Tumble Review [PlayStation 3] Posted on 9/22/2010
This clever puzzle game has plenty of variety and makes great use of the PlayStation Move.

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Check out these images for The Sims 3 Mobile!

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Bungie did a lot to improve the look of Halo: Reach. Check out some of the changes.

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Imprecise motion controls ruin all five of the sports featured in this disappointing collection.

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As the newest member of Noble Team, you’ll experience first hand the fall of Reach and learn the secrets that …

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Blizzard’s Dustin Browder gives us behind-the-scenes details on the making of the first game in the Starcraft II trilogy and …

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Check out all the action from the show floor!

Tokyo Game Show 2010 [All] Posted on 9/14/2010
Check out the latest news, previews, and videos straight from Japan’s biggest gaming convention!

Parental Controls [PlayStation 3] Posted on 9/10/2010
Part one of GameSpot’s guide for setting up restrictions for your home consoles.

EyePet: Move Edition Review [PlayStation 3] Posted on 9/9/2010
Sony’s EyePet is a creative and fun game with plenty of content but it suffers from a lack of proper …

World of Tanks Beta Key Giveaway [All] Posted on 9/8/2010
Throw yourself into the epic tank battles of WWII with other steel cowboys all over the world in this free …

Mirror’s Edge iPad screens [All] Posted on 9/8/2010
See the latest screens for Mirror’s Edge on the iPad.

Metroid: Other M Game Guide [Wii] Posted on 9/7/2010
Join Samus Aran on an exciting interquel concluding her exploits against Mother Brain. Our Metroid: Other M Game Guide will …

The Future of Gaming: Social Games [Xbox 360] Posted on 9/6/2010
We take a look at the future of gaming in three parts: 3D, Social Gaming, and DLC.

PAX 2010 Photo Gallery [All] Posted on 9/5/2010
PAX 2010 is kicking, check out all the sights!

TGS 2010 is coming! [All] Posted on 9/3/2010
We’re ready for this year’s Tokyo Game Show. Are you?

PlayStation Move: Inside and Out [All] Posted on 9/3/2010
We go over everything you need to know about Sony’s new motion controllers.

Penny Arcade Expo 2010 [All] Posted on 9/3/2010
We’re in Seattle, Washington, bringing you the latest gaming news from PAX 2010!

Halo: Reach Launch Center [All] Posted on 9/2/2010
Find out if you have what it takes to join the ranks of Noble Team by getting the full details …

The Dos and Don’ts of Video Game Villainy [NES] Posted on 8/31/2010
We reveal how dastardly plans come together and often fall apart.

The Future of Gaming: DLC [Xbox 360] Posted on 8/30/2010
We take a look at the future of gaming in three parts: 3D, Social Gaming, and DLC.

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Is the mob shaking you down? Check out our Mafia II Hardware Performance Guide to see what you need to …

Mafia 2 Game Guide [PlayStation 3] Posted on 8/25/2010
It’s a tough world out there on the mean streets of Empire Bay. Our Mafia 2 Game Guide will show …

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Find out everything you need to know on the Move, plus get new updates, a full list of games, and …

GameSpot Presents: Back to School Gift Guide 2010 [PC] Posted on 8/24/2010
Go back to school in style with the best picks for party, portable, and laptop computer games for those late-night …

Madden NFL 11 GameSpot Primer [PlayStation 3] Posted on 8/24/2010
If you’re trying to break into the football craze, or searching for brand new strategies, our Primer Guide will show …

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Check out the Gamescom 2010 Photo Gallery!

The Future of Gaming: 3D [PlayStation 3] Posted on 8/23/2010
We take a look at the future of gaming in three parts: 3D, Social Gaming, and DLC.

Metroid: Other M Launch Center [Wii] Posted on 8/18/2010
Suit up, grab some extra super missiles, and check out our Metroid: Other M launch center for everything you need …

Gamescom 2010 [All] Posted on 8/16/2010
GameSpot is in Germany covering the biggest European gaming event of the year. See the latest headlines!

BioShock Infinite - The Breakdown [PC] Posted on 8/12/2010
We dig into the new BioShock Infinite trailer.

Quakecon 2010 [All] Posted on 8/12/2010
4 days of peace, love, and rockets. See the biggest news, previews, and videos straight from the show!

Mafia II Launch Center [All] Posted on 8/11/2010
Head on over to our Mafia II launch center and get the lowdown on the biggest mob story of the …

The Lord of the Rings Online Beta Giveaway [PC] Posted on 8/9/2010
The Lord of the Rings Online is going free-to-play, and we’ve got some beta keys for you to grab before …

StarCraft 2 Wings of Liberty Game Guide [PC] Posted on 8/6/2010
Raynor’s Raiders are blasting across the galaxy to stop the forces of The Dominion, Tal’darim fanatics, and Kerrigan’s deadly Zerg. …

All Time Greatest Game Villain [All] Posted on 8/5/2010
GameSpot’s All-Time Greatest Game Villain is your chance to immortalize the greatest villains in the history of video games. Start …

I Game and I Vote [All] Posted on 8/4/2010
Before Aussies vote in the federal election for 2010, GameSpot AU guides you through four election-worthy topics for gamers.

Starcraft II: On the Cheap [All] Posted on 8/4/2010
We’ll tell you how to get Starcraft II running well without stealing all your pennies.

Comic-Con 2010: Photo Gallery Favorites [All] Posted on 7/30/2010
We snapped more than 500 pictures at the 2010 Comic-Con. Here are some of the GameSpot staff’s favorites.

Madden NFL 11 Launch Center [PlayStation 2] Posted on 7/26/2010
Check out our Madden NFL 11 Launch Center for the latest news so that you don’t fumble the ball on …

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We’re at EA studios bringing you the latest news, previews, and trailers for Rock Band 3, The Sims 3, Medal …

Crackdown 2 Game Guide [Xbox 360] Posted on 7/20/2010
A new threat has arrived in the form of the Cell terrorists and their Freak virus. Our Game Guide will …

Comic-Con 2010 Uncut [All] Posted on 7/19/2010
Can’t make it to Comic-Con 2010? No problem. Check out full-length panels along with exclusive special features content in Comic-Con …

Comic-Con 2010 Photo Gallery [All] Posted on 7/19/2010
Experience the sights, sounds, and crazy cool costumes of Comic-Con 2010 with our photo gallery!

Comic-Con: The Video Game Way [PlayStation 3] Posted on 7/16/2010
How video games teach us to tackle pop culture’s biggest convention.

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Don’t get Zerg rushed! Check out our Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty launch center to find the latest news, previews, …

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Naked Snake is on a mission through Costa Rica, recruiting soldiers and building a military force. Our Metal Gear Solid …

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Laser tag, one-to-one sword fighting, and giant gun-toting robots. Join us as our editor’s take a look back at the …

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Whether they’re fending off an invasion or just sporting the old red, white, and blue, here are some of gaming’s …

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For the 41st year in a row, Comic-Con celebrates all things nerdy and geeky and cool! Join us as we …

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See what games received our coveted Best of E3 award and vote for your favorites in the Readers’ Choice category! …

GameSpot’s World Cup feature [Wii] Posted on 6/25/2010
GameSpot’s World Cup feature

Super Mario Galaxy 2 Game Guide [Wii] Posted on 6/25/2010
Mario is back for another space traveling journey. Lost in a tricky puzzle, or stuck on a tough boss? Our …

Kinect and Move - What Motion Controls Really Look Like [All] Posted on 6/17/2010
Both motion controllers force you onto your feet and that’s really where the fun begins.

Sega E3 2010 Photo Booth Gallery [All] Posted on 6/17/2010
Check out Sega’s E3 2010 photo booth gallery.

THQ E3 2010 Photo Booth Gallery [All] Posted on 6/17/2010
Check out THQ’s E3 2010 photo booth gallery.

Microsoft E3 2010 Photo Booth Gallery [All] Posted on 6/17/2010
Check out Microsoft’s E3 2010 photo booth gallery.

Konami E3 2010 Photo Booth Gallery [All] Posted on 6/17/2010
Check out Konami’s E3 2010 photo booth gallery.

Sony E3 2010 Photo Booth Gallery [All] Posted on 6/17/2010
Check out Sony’s E3 2010 photo booth gallery.

Square Enix E3 2010 Photo Booth Gallery [All] Posted on 6/17/2010
Check out Square Enix’s E3 2010 booth.

OnLive: What You Need to Know [All] Posted on 6/16/2010
OnLive just went live! It’s got triple AAA titles, and a price that’s impossible to say no to.

Microsoft Xbox 360 250GB Hands-On Preview [All] Posted on 6/14/2010
Microsoft releases its new and revamped Xbox 360 250GB.

Red Dead Redemption Game Guide [Xbox 360] Posted on 6/11/2010
Learn every strategy as you grand theft stagecoach across Red Dead Redemption.

Mortal Kombat - The Breakdown [PlayStation 3] Posted on 6/10/2010
We take a closer look at the reveal trailer for the new Mortal Kombat.

GameSpot Presents: Dads and Grads Gift Guide 2010 [Xbox 360] Posted on 6/10/2010
Find the best gaming gifts for the dads and grads on your shopping list with our latest gift guide.

How to E3 2010 [All] Posted on 6/8/2010
New to E3? No problem! Find out all about the biggest gaming event of the year and learn how to …

GameSpot’s E3 2010 Photo Gallery [All] Posted on 6/8/2010
See the biggest gaming event of the year like never before in our E3 2010 photo gallery. All the booths, …

Apple iPhone 4 Unveiled [All] Posted on 6/7/2010
Apple’s got a swanky new phone.

Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Screens [PSP] Posted on 6/3/2010
Come meet the new characters and learn about some gameplay mechanics in the latest entry of the Kingdom Hearts franchise. …

Grudgematch: Triple Nvidia SLI vs Triple ATI Crossfire [All] Posted on 5/28/2010
Six video cards, 1,000 watts, and two fried eggs later!

Video Game History Month: Collector’s Editions [All] Posted on 5/28/2010
From cloth maps to night-vision goggles, we take a look back on some of the best and most outlandish collector’s …

Social Ties [All] Posted on 5/27/2010
Are online social games the future of interactive entertainment?

Maker Faire Bay Area 2010 [All] Posted on 5/25/2010
Check out how the DIY crowd does it at Maker Faire Bay Area 2010.

Aussie Gaming’s New Breed [iPhone/iPod] Posted on 5/23/2010
How indie and mobile developers are shaping the future of the Australian game development scene.

Video Game History Month: Movies [All] Posted on 5/21/2010
Why do they get such a bad rap? Join us in our look back at video game film adaptations that …

Editors’ Choice Most Anticipated Games of E3 [All] Posted on 5/21/2010
Which games are at the top of GameSpot editors’ hit list for E3 2010? Read on to find out.

Video Game History Month: Forgotten Mascots [TurboGrafx-16] Posted on 5/14/2010
Sometimes they were cool. Sometimes they were downright awful. Join us as we take a look at some of the …

Splinter Cell: Conviction Hardware Performance Guide [All] Posted on 5/11/2010
Staying stealthy with low frame rates is hard. See what you need to upgrade in order to run Splinter Cell: …

UK Red Dead Redemption Preorder Bonuses [All] Posted on 5/10/2010
Preorder Red Dead Redemption from any of these retailers in the UK and receive an exclusive bonus!

Video Game History Month: Controllers [All] Posted on 5/7/2010
Take a trip down memory lane with us to the land of controllers.

E3 2010 [All] Posted on 5/7/2010
The biggest gaming event of the year is back. Find out how you can get comprehensive coverage of E3 right …

Video Game History Month [GameCube] Posted on 5/6/2010
Celebrate Video Game History Month with a sampling of the people, hardware, and events that made the industry what it …

Readers’ Choice Most Anticipated Games of E3 [Xbox 360] Posted on 5/6/2010
What game are you most looking forward to at this year’s E3? Tell the world and vote for it!

ModNation Racers Air Raid DLC Giveaway [PlayStation 3] Posted on 5/6/2010
Meet Air Raid: Ace Pilot and ModNation Racer. On May 10 make sure to grab your voucher code for this …

Splinter Cell: Conviction Game Guide [PC] Posted on 5/4/2010
Conquer Sam Fisher’s toughest mission yet with GameSpot’s game guide for Splinter Cell: Conviction.

Call of Duty: Black Ops - The Breakdown [PC] Posted on 5/3/2010
We take a closer look at the debut trailer for the next Call of Duty.

Red Dead Redemption Launch Center [Xbox 360] Posted on 4/30/2010
Form a posse, strap on your spurs, and learn firsthand how the West was won. Check out our Red Dead …

3D Dot Game Heroes Retro Loading Screens [PlayStation 3] Posted on 4/30/2010
Can you tell which classic games are represented in these screenshots?

Splinter Cell Conviction 3rd Echelon DLC - PC [PC] Posted on 4/27/2010
This new map can be played in all co-op game modes within Deniable Ops. On May 13, prepare to experience …

GameSpot @ Captivate 2010 [PlayStation 3] Posted on 4/20/2010
Capcom hosted its annual preview event in sunny Hawaii, and we were there to get the latest scoops on Marvel …

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 - The Breakdown [Xbox 360] Posted on 4/20/2010
It’s time to go for another ride and take a closer look at the debut trailer for Marvel vs. Capcom …

Splinter Cell Conviction 3rd Echelon DLC [Xbox 360] Posted on 4/19/2010
This new map can be played in all coop game modes within Deniable Ops. On May 13th, prepare to experience …

Super Street Fighter IV Launch Center [Xbox 360] Posted on 4/15/2010
10 new warriors have entered the ring! Check our Super Street Fighter IV launch center for all the latest news, …

GameSpot Fuse FAQ [All] Posted on 4/14/2010
With GameSpot Fuse, you can track, share, and compare your GameSpot, Xbox 360, and PC achievements. Find out more!

Gears of War 3 - The Breakdown [Xbox 360] Posted on 4/13/2010
We take a closer look at the debut trailer for the third game in the popular series.

Konami Gamers’ Day [Xbox 360] Posted on 4/9/2010
Check out brand-new coverage of Konami’s upcoming games, including Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, Lucha Libre AAA, and more!

Apple iPad Hands-On [All] Posted on 4/9/2010
We take Apple’s newest handheld out for a spin.

God of War III Game Guide [PlayStation 3] Posted on 4/8/2010
In God of War III, Kratos takes on his most exciting and challenging quest yet. Prevail against all odds with …

Monster Hunter Tri Launch Center [Wii] Posted on 4/7/2010
The Monster Hunter franchise heads to the Nintendo Wii! Check our Monster Hunter Tri launch center for all the latest …

Nintendo DSi XL Launch Center Gallery [All] Posted on 4/6/2010
Nintendo DSi XL Launch Center Gallery

ATI Radeon HD 5870 Eyefinity 6 Edition Hands-On Preview [All] Posted on 3/31/2010
Why play on one monitor when six are so much better?

Modern Warfare 2 DLC [Xbox 360] Posted on 3/30/2010
Download the Modern Warfare 2 - Stimulus Package downloadable content.

Nintendo DSi XL Hands-On Preview [All] Posted on 3/29/2010
Nintendo’s large handheld console finally hits the American shores.

Gut Reactions: Nintendo 3DS [DS] Posted on 3/23/2010
The GameSpot editors share their thoughts on Nintendo’s announcement of new handheld hardware.

NCAA Tournament: First-Round Predictions [Xbox 360] Posted on 3/18/2010
We take a look at the matchups for the first round of the tournament and predict winners.

Controller Hacks for Disabled Gamers [All] Posted on 3/12/2010
Disabled gamers improvise in a variety of ways to play their favorite games.

Sony PlayStation Move Controller at GDC 2010 [All] Posted on 3/12/2010
Check out the PlayStation Move controller from every angle, and learn how it ticks.

Gut Reactions: PlayStation Move [PlayStation 3] Posted on 3/11/2010
The GameSpot editors share their thoughts on Sony’s new motion controller.

MotoGP 09/10 Demo [Xbox 360] Posted on 3/11/2010
Get the new MotoGP 09/10 demo now and test ride the 125cc, 250cc and GP class bikes AND experience the …

God of War III Launch Center [PlayStation 3] Posted on 3/11/2010
The Ghost of Sparta has returned to Olympus with a thirst for vengeance that only divine blood can quench. Check …

Splinter Cell: Conviction Hands-On Preview [PC] Posted on 3/11/2010
We take a closer look at the characters and gameplay of the latest game in the stealth-action series.

Franchise Player: God of War III [PlayStation 2] Posted on 3/5/2010
We take a look at important characters and some of the most memorable events from God of War I and …

Final Fantasy XIII Launch Center [Xbox 360] Posted on 3/3/2010
More than 22 years after it all began, Final Fantasy returns for its 13th main series entry. Check out our …

Blur Xbox Live Multiplayer Beta [Xbox 360] Posted on 3/2/2010
We’re giving away more than 50,000 keys to the Blur Multiplayer Beta on the Xbox 360, so be sure to …

GameSpot @ GDC 2010 [All] Posted on 3/1/2010
Check out all the latest news, hear about all the big game announcements, see all the show video, and more …

Mass Effect 2 Game Guide [Xbox 360] Posted on 3/1/2010
Save the universe as a Paragon or a Renegade with the help of GameSpot’s Mass Effect 2 game guide.

GameSpot @ Nintendo World Summit [Wii] Posted on 2/25/2010
Metroid, Mario, and more! Check out our coverage of the Nintendo World Summit.

GameSpot’s Most Anticipated of 2010 [Xbox 360] Posted on 2/25/2010
Join us as we take a look at our most eagerly anticipated games and hardware on the way in 2010. …

Starcraft 2 Beta Performance and Image Preview [PC] Posted on 2/24/2010
The Starcraft II beta has arrived! Read on to see how aspect ratio affects the game, as well as for …

BioShock 2 Hardware Performance Guide [PC] Posted on 2/17/2010
BioShock 2 doesn’t require much of a computer to run, but if you’ve got an aging rig it’ll help to …

GameSpot @ X10 [Xbox 360] Posted on 2/11/2010
Microsoft’s in San Francisco to show off their latest games, and we’re bringing all the info straight to you!

Bioshock 2 Game Guide [PlayStation 3] Posted on 2/9/2010
Would you kindly check our full walkthrough to Bioshock 2, including Achievement and Trophy lists?

The Australian Game Development Industry in 2010 [PC] Posted on 2/4/2010
Will the Australian games industry will have a positive 2010? Or will local studios see more job losses and closures …

This Week On PC [All] Posted on 2/1/2010
This week we have Interstellar Marines Bullseye, This is how Bee’s work, and your weekly patches.

BioShock 2 Launch Center [PlayStation 3] Posted on 1/28/2010
Would you kindly check our BioShock 2 launch center for the latest news, previews, movies, and more?

Apple iPad Unveiled [All] Posted on 1/27/2010
Apple shows off its newest handheld, the iPad.

Army of Two: 40th Day Game Guide [PSP] Posted on 1/15/2010
Chest-bump your way through Army of Two: 40th Day with our complete walkthrough, including hidden radio locations.

Mass Effect 2 Launch Center [Xbox 360] Posted on 1/13/2010
In space, no one can…hear you smash a geth into the wall with biotics? Check our Mass Effect 2 launch …

GameSpot’s Live Photo Stream: CES 2010 [All] Posted on 1/8/2010
CES 2010 - it’s filled with TVs, computers, gadgets, more TVs! See what’s happening on the show floor.

GameSpot @ CES 2010 [All] Posted on 1/5/2010
We start off the new year right with the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas!

GameSpot’s New Year’s Bash @ Sega [All] Posted on 12/27/2009
We check out Yakuza 3, Valkyria Chronicles 2, Infinite Space, Super Monkey Ball: Step and Roll, and more at Sega’s …

The Most Popular Photos of 2009 [All] Posted on 12/27/2009
Awesome shots, awesome events! What’s not to like?

GameSpot Presents: The Day After Christmas 2009 [All] Posted on 12/26/2009
Christmas is over. Your presents are open. Now get the most out of your consoles and new games with everything …

Xbox 360 vs PS3 Graphics Comparison Round 5 [PlayStation 3] Posted on 12/23/2009
Six more games in the eternal battle between the consoles!

James Cameron’s Avatar: The Game Sponsored Game Guide [Xbox 360] Posted on 12/16/2009
Get tips on how to be successful in both the RDA and Na’vi singleplayer campaigns, the Conquest meta-game, and the …

ModNation Racers Online Beta Key Giveaway [PlayStation 3] Posted on 12/16/2009
Grab a key now to get access to the online beta for ModNation Racers for the PS3. Supplies are limited! …

The Breakdown - Halo: Reach [Xbox 360] Posted on 12/15/2009
We analyze parts of the Halo: Reach trailer for any possible hints of what to expect from Bungie’s next game. …

Aussie Games Classification FAQ [All] Posted on 12/14/2009
Everything you need to know about video game classification in Australia.

Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks Game Guide [DS] Posted on 12/11/2009
Get back on track with our walkthrough for the Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks.

Nintendo DSi LL Hands-On Preview [All] Posted on 12/10/2009
We get our mitts on the Nintendo DSi LL.

Assassin’s Creed II Game Guide [Xbox 360] Posted on 12/10/2009
Become a master assassin with our walkthrough for Assassin’s Creed II.

Getting Started With Wii [All] Posted on 12/3/2009
The Nintendo Wii is a unique video game console with sleek, iPod-like hardware that was built for family-friendly group fun. …

Getting Started With PS3 [All] Posted on 12/3/2009
The Sony PS3 is a great home entertainment system, since it not only plays games, but it also doubles as …

Getting Started With Gaming [All] Posted on 12/3/2009
Whether you’ve just grabbed your first console, or you’re still thinking of picking one up, use GameSpot’s Getting Started guides …

GameSpot’s Best of 2009 Awards [All] Posted on 12/1/2009
We’re gearing up for our annual feature of the best games of 2009. Find out more!

Lost Planet 2 Update: Boss Profiles [Xbox 360] Posted on 11/25/2009
We get some information on, and photos of, the bosses that will be kicking you in the teeth in Capcom’s …

PlayStation 3 Solid State Drive Upgrade Report – Updated! [All] Posted on 11/25/2009
Load times getting you down? See what an SSD does for them.

GameSpot Gives Thanks [All] Posted on 11/25/2009
The GameSpot staff takes a minute to recognize some of the good–and not so good–gaming moments of 2009.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Hardware Performance Guide [All] Posted on 11/20/2009
Modern Warfare 2 got you bogged down? Find out what you need to upgrade to make it run right.

Bayonetta Xbox 360 Demo Early Access [Xbox 360] Posted on 11/19/2009
The Xbox 360 demo for Bayonetta arrives December 3rd, but Sega’s given us thousands of activation codes to hand out …

Left 4 Dead 2 Primer Guide [Xbox 360] Posted on 11/19/2009
Make the undead dead again with our Primer Guide for Left 4 Dead 2.

God of War Collection Game Guide [PlayStation 3] Posted on 11/17/2009
Become a gaming god with our full walkthrough for God of War Collection.

GameSpot’s 2009 Holiday Gift Guide [Wii] Posted on 11/16/2009
It’s almost that time of the year! Check out our Holiday Gift Guide, create a wishlist of your most-wanted games, …

Black or White: Making Moral Choices in Video Games [PC] Posted on 11/16/2009
Why are moral choices in games so black and white?

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 PS3 Beta Test [Xbox 360] Posted on 11/16/2009
We’ve got loads of keys to give away to any GameSpot member interested in participating in the PlayStation 3 beta! …

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Graphics Comparison [All] Posted on 11/13/2009
It’s on them all, you might as well see how Modern Warfare 2 measures up on the PlayStation 3, Xbox …

LittleBigPlanet PSP Launch Center [PSP] Posted on 11/13/2009
When the world is your playground, what will you do? The possibilities are endless! Keep an eye on our launch …

New Super Mario Bros. Wii Game Guide [Wii] Posted on 11/13/2009
Discover every one of the Mushroom Kingdom’s Star Coins with our guide to New Super Mario Bros. Wii!

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Game Guide [Xbox 360] Posted on 11/10/2009
Stay frosty with our step-by-step walkthrough for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

Command & Conquer 4 Beta Test [PC] Posted on 11/10/2009
We’re giving our Total Access subscribers a chance to participate in the Command & Conquer 4 Beta Test!

Dragon Age Image Comparison [PC] Posted on 11/10/2009
See how Dragon Age looks across the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and the PC.

This Week On Wii - R-Type [All] Posted on 11/6/2009
Today On the Spot: Fighting Street and R-Type lead the new wares available This Week on the Wii Shop Channel. …

This Week On PSN - Uncharted 2 [All] Posted on 11/6/2009
Dragon Age: Origins, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, and NBA 2K10 are among the DLC available This Week on PlayStation Network. …

This Week On Xbox Live - Modern Warfare 2 [All] Posted on 11/6/2009
Left 4 Dead 2, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, The Saboteur, and Wallace & Gromit lead off the Xbox …

Assassin’s Creed II Launch Center [PlayStation 3] Posted on 11/3/2009
Ahh, Italy. The land of romance and…assassins? Visit our Assassin’s Creed II launch center for the latest news, previews, and …

Mad Catz Instrument Roundup [All] Posted on 11/2/2009
We stomp and strum our way through a pile of Rock Band instruments from Mad Catz.

GameSpot Halloween Costume Party 2009 [PC] Posted on 10/30/2009
Going trick-or-treating? Why not kit yourself out as one of 2009’s most distinctive-looking characters for Halloween?

RennSport Wheel Stand Preview [All] Posted on 10/28/2009
The RennSport Wheel Stand lets you kick away the coffee table and play a racing game the way it’s meant …

Forza 3 Primer Guide [Xbox 360] Posted on 10/28/2009
Get up to speed with our Forza 3 Primer. Check it out for racing tips, how to tune your ride, …

Window 7 — It’s Here [All] Posted on 10/23/2009
Windows 7 launched and we put it through the paces with what matters most - the games.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Launch Center [Xbox 360] Posted on 10/21/2009
Would you like to travel the world to meet new and exciting terrorists and kill them? Check out our Call …

KozPlay [All] Posted on 10/15/2009
Join GameSpot AU’s James Kozanecki as he travels around Tokyo, checks out the tech and gaming scene, and goes to …

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Game Guide [PlayStation 3] Posted on 10/15/2009
Chart your way through Uncharted 2: Among Thieves with our full walkthrough, including hidden treasure locations.

Dragon Age: Origins Launch Center [PC] Posted on 10/9/2009
Welcome, traveler, to the land of Ferelden, a world of grand adventure and powerful magic. Check out our Dragon Age: …

Playing By The Rules: Classifying Online Video Games in Australia [All] Posted on 10/8/2009
In this GameSpot AU feature we look at the laws behind online-only game classification in Australia.

Mario and Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story Game Guide [DS] Posted on 10/8/2009
Get the inside scoop on Mario and Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story with our full walkthrough.

Getting Started Gaming With Windows Mobile [All] Posted on 10/5/2009
If your handset uses Windows Mobile but you’d like to get set up for gaming, find out how right here. …

Getting Started Gaming With Palm WebOS [All] Posted on 10/5/2009
The Palm WebOS can be used to play games on your Palm Pre. Get started gaming on WebOS, and get …

Getting Started Gaming With the iPhone [All] Posted on 10/5/2009
Have an iPhone and looking to get started gaming? Get set up for games on iPhone OS with our starter …

Getting Started Gaming With BlackBerry [All] Posted on 10/5/2009
Addicted to using your BlackBerry? Looking to figure out how to play games on it? Get set up with BlackBerry …

Getting Started Gaming With Google Android [All] Posted on 10/5/2009
Does your handset use Google’s Android operating system? Find out how to get set up for gaming right here.

GameSpot Presents: Fall 2009 Gift Guide [PlayStation 3] Posted on 9/30/2009
School’s in, and so are some of the best gaming gifts for the students, teachers, and classmates on your shopping …

Sony PSP Go Hands-On [All] Posted on 9/28/2009
Sony has got a new handheld in town, and we got our mitts on it.

Flashpoint Vehicle Renders Gallery [All] Posted on 9/28/2009
Flashpoint Vehicle Renders Gallery

Flashpoint Vehicle Screenshot Gallery [All] Posted on 9/28/2009
Flashpoint Vehicle Screenshot Gallery

Flashpoint Weapon Rack Gallery [All] Posted on 9/28/2009
Flashpoint Weapon Rack Gallery

TGS: Dell Alienware Booth Gallery [All] Posted on 9/25/2009
TGS: Dell Alienware Booth Gallery

Tropico 3 Hands-On [PC] Posted on 9/25/2009
We try out the third game in this tropical island management simulation.

GameSpot’s Live Photo Stream: Tokyo Game Show 2009 [All] Posted on 9/23/2009
The crew is in Tokyo! For the Game Show that’s in Tokyo!

Tokyo Game Show 2009 [All] Posted on 9/23/2009
We’re headed to Japan to bring you the very best coverage of the 2009 Tokyo Game Show.

TGS: Dell Alienware Product Gallery [All] Posted on 9/23/2009
TGS: Dell Alienware Product Gallery

Behind The Games: Meet the Composers - Martin O’Donnell [Xbox] Posted on 9/22/2009
Our Meet the Composers interview series of the video game industry’s top musicians continues with Halo 3: ODST composer Martin …

Halo 3: ODST Game Guide [Xbox 360] Posted on 9/22/2009
Get the drop on the Covenant with our Heroic campaign walkthrough for Halo 3: ODST.

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Launch Center [DS] Posted on 9/21/2009
Without memories to guide you, who can you trust? Check out our Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days launch center for the …

League of Legends Beta Key Giveaway [PC] Posted on 9/18/2009
League of Legends: Clash of Fates is the ultimate RPG battle arena that features dozens of champions, level progression across …

Smackdown at the Spot [All] Posted on 9/16/2009
Get a behind-the-scenes look at the live roster reveal for WWE Smackdown vs. RAW 2010.

Tales of Monkey Island Episode 3: Lair of the Leviathan Impressions [PC] Posted on 9/16/2009
We take a look at the third episode in Guybrush Threepwood’s new adventure series.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 Primer Guide [Wii] Posted on 9/15/2009
Become the marvel of your friends with our combat tips for Ultimate Alliance 2.

The Beatles: Rock Band Primer Guide [PlayStation 3] Posted on 9/10/2009
Become an honorary Beatle with our tips for The Beatles: Rock Band, including achievement and trophy details.

GameSpot Presents: Dreamcast’s 10th Anniversary: The Rise and Fall of Sega’s Last Great System [Dreamcast] Posted on 9/9/2009
Take a trip back in time as we look at the highs and lows of Sega’s last console.

Dungeon Fighter Online Beta Key Giveaway [PC] Posted on 9/8/2009
We’re giving away a bunch of keys for the Dungeon Fighter Online Early Access Beta. The best part is that …

GameSpot’s Live Photo Stream: PAX 2009 [All] Posted on 9/5/2009
The Penny Arcade Expo is in full swing and we’ve got our cameras trained on it.

GameSpot @ Penny Arcade Expo 2009 [PlayStation 3] Posted on 9/4/2009
We head to Seattle, WA to bring you complete coverage of the games, videos, and panels of the Penny Arcade …

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Ultimate Sith Edition Impressions - On the PC [PC] Posted on 9/4/2009
We get a gander at the PC version of the Ultimate Sith Edition version of The Force Unleashed.

Halo 3: ODST Launch Center [Xbox 360] Posted on 9/3/2009
You think you have what it takes to infiltrate enemy territory from an orbital drop? To wear the uniform of …

Heroes of Newerth Hands-On - First Look at Gameplay [PC] Posted on 9/2/2009
This online strategy game will attempt to re-create the magic of the Defense of the Ancients modification. We just played …

Red Faction: Guerilla Impressions - PC Version [PC] Posted on 9/1/2009
We zoom in on the upcoming PC version of this physics-heavy action game.

Batman: Arkham Asylum Impressions - PC graphics and physics [PC] Posted on 9/1/2009
The caped crusader is coming to the PC with enhanced graphical effects that make the game look even better than …

Screenshots With Captions: August 31, 2009 [PC] Posted on 8/31/2009
Pictures with words! Come and get ‘em!

Batman: Arkham Asylum Game Guide [PC] Posted on 8/26/2009
Nothing can defeat Batman…as long as he’s prepared. Arm yourself with our guide for a complete walkthrough of Batman: Arkham …

Screenshots With Captions: August 24th, 2009 [PlayStation 3] Posted on 8/24/2009
We’ve got some choice screenshots and hopefully even better captions!

Elemental: War of Magic Updated Impressions - Early Technology and Gameplay [PC] Posted on 8/24/2009
We get an update on Stardock’s software developments and on Elemental: War of Magic.

GameSpot’s Live Photo Stream: BlizzCon 2009 [PC] Posted on 8/21/2009
BlizzCon is getting started, and it’s looking to be downright insane.

The Beatles: Rock Band Launch Center [PlayStation 3] Posted on 8/21/2009
The lads from Liverpool are invading your home again! Check out our The Beatles: Rock Band Launch Center for the …

Metroid Prime Trilogy Game Guide [Wii] Posted on 8/21/2009
Master the Metroid Prime trilogy with our complete walkthrough for all three, including where to find every hidden weapon and …

GameSpot UK Podcast - GamesCom Special [All] Posted on 8/20/2009
This week Guy, Luke, and Shaun McInnis to bring you a GamesCom special straight from Cologne, Germany!

Today On the Spot [All] Posted on 8/19/2009
Join us every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 4 p.m. PT for the latest news, demos of the hottest upcoming …

Madden NFL 10 Graphics Comparison [PlayStation 3] Posted on 8/19/2009
See how Madden NFL 10 stacks up on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and check out how it looks …

GameSpot’s Live Photo Stream: GamesCom 2009 [All] Posted on 8/19/2009
GamesCom begins and our cameras start flashing. Check out the Stream to see what the show looks like.

GamesCom 2009 [PC] Posted on 8/17/2009
GamesCom is Europe’s biggest gaming event of the year, and we’re live in Cologne, Germany to bring you complete coverage …

Screenshots with Captions: August 17th, 2009 [Xbox 360] Posted on 8/17/2009
Zany screenshots and silly captions. Do you need more?

Madden 10 Primer Guide [PlayStation 3] Posted on 8/14/2009
Step up your game with our Madden 10 Primer Guide. Check inside for expert strategies, stats for all 32 NFL …

Batman: Arkham Asylum Launch Center [PC] Posted on 8/13/2009
When the clown prince of crime takes over Arkham Asylum, only Batman can save the day. Strap on your batsuit …

All-Time Greatest Game Hero [PC] Posted on 8/13/2009
Who is the all-time greatest game hero? We need help picking the last 10 entrants for our full 64-hero bracket! …

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Primer Guide [PlayStation 2] Posted on 8/11/2009
Take on Marvel and Capcom’s best fighters with our Primer Guide. Check inside for every character’s move list and achievement/trophy …

Screenshots with Captions [Xbox 360] Posted on 8/10/2009
We’ve got screenshots. And they have captions.

Dissidia: Final Fantasy Launch Center [PSP] Posted on 8/7/2009
When the balance between Cosmos and Chaos shifts, the characters of Final Fantasy will step forward to face their destiny. …

Once Upon A Time: Narrative in Video Games [All] Posted on 8/6/2009
In this GameSpot AU feature we look at narrative development in video games and the growing question among video game …

Franchise Player: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles [Arcade Games] Posted on 8/5/2009
We take a look back at the characters and events that have made Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles one of the …

Behind The Games: Meet the Composers - Nobuo Uematsu [PC] Posted on 7/31/2009
GameSpot’s series of behind-the-scenes interviews with some of the video game industry’s top musicians begins with Final Fantasy composer Nobuo …

Wipepout HD Fury Reviews Blog [PlayStation 3] Posted on 7/31/2009
We check Wipeout HD’s first add-on pack, which is jam-packed with new game modes, music and circuits.

The HotSpot - Comic-Con 2009, Assassin’s Creed 2, Splinter Cell: Conviction [PlayStation 3] Posted on 7/28/2009
This week we discuss all the madness and news of Comic-Con, including Assassin’s Creed 2, Splinter Cell: Conviction, and video …

Madden NFL 10 Launch Center [Wii] Posted on 7/27/2009
The 21st season of Madden NFL is about to begin, and it includes a ton of new features including online …

Battlefield 1943 Primer Guide [PC] Posted on 7/27/2009
Turn the tide of war with our Primer Guide to Battlefield 1943. Check inside for class tips, vehicle strategies, and …

On MovieTome: James Cameron reveals ‘Avatar’ footage [Wii] Posted on 7/25/2009
Fans at James Cameron’s ‘Avatar’ panel definitely got what they came for–the world premiere of several sizeable scenes from the …

On MovieTome: ‘Iron Man 2′ panel rocks…no, blows away…Comic-Con [PSP] Posted on 7/25/2009
Jon Favreau, Robert Downey Jr, Scarlett Johansonn, Sam Rockwell, Don Cheadle, and others are on hand to deliver fresh footage …

On MovieTome: Cameron, Jackson share visions of the future [Xbox 360] Posted on 7/25/2009
Technology and tradition are the keys to tomorrow’s films, say two of the industry’s heavyweights.Cameron, Jackson share visions of the …

On MovieTome: Coraline Panel [Wii] Posted on 7/25/2009
Blu-Ray hints and production stories at the ‘Coraline’ Panel.

Darksiders Virtual Booth Gallery [All] Posted on 7/23/2009
Darksiders Virtual Booth Gallery

Comic-Con 2009: GameSpot’s Live Photo Stream [All] Posted on 7/23/2009
Comic-Con 2009 is in full swing and we’re here to make sure you see all of it.

Wii Sports Resort Game Guide [Wii] Posted on 7/22/2009
Become a champ of Wii Sports Resort with our complete guide, including tips on how to earn every single stamp. …

Resident Evil 5 PC Hands-On [PC] Posted on 7/16/2009
Resident Evil 5 is coming to PC, and it’s going to be a much, much better experience than the PC …

GameSpot @ Comic-Con 2009 [All] Posted on 7/15/2009
It’s the 40th anniversary of Comic-Con, and GameSpot will be there to bring all the biggest news to you. Find …

The GameSpot Ashes [All] Posted on 7/10/2009
It’s England vs Australia in the 2009 GameSpot Ashes!

Revisited: Age of Conan [PC] Posted on 7/10/2009
Age of Conan has undergone significant changes since its problematic initial launch. We explore the revised world and get insight …

GameSpot Presents: State of the Union [All] Posted on 7/10/2009
What’s wrong with the game industry today? What’s right with it? Major game companies like Microsoft, Sony, and EA weigh …

Command & Conquer: A Retrospective [PlayStation 3] Posted on 7/7/2009
The Command & Conquer series of games can be traced back to the very beginnings of real-time strategy. What better …

MovieTome Bruno Launch Showcase [All] Posted on 7/6/2009
Borat was so 2006. Check out the Bruno Launch Showcase on MovieTome for the trailer, exclusive features, and more!

Aussie Sports Games [All] Posted on 7/2/2009
The past, present, and future on video games based on the biggest sports down under.

GameSpot Presents: Dads & Grads Summer 2009 Gift Guide [PC] Posted on 6/30/2009
When you’re not having fun in the summer sun, this is one of the best times of year to stay …

1C Previews - Many PC and Console Games from Russia [PC] Posted on 6/29/2009
At a recent press event held by Russia-based publisher 1C, we had a chance to see and try out a …

Most Memorable Moments of E3 [All] Posted on 6/18/2009
E3 2009 left us with a ton of great memories. Read about some of the more notable ones.

Ghostbusters Game Guide [PSP] Posted on 6/18/2009
Bust some ghosts with our complete walkthrough to Ghostbusters, including hidden artifact locations.

GameSpot Presents: E3 2009 Editors’ Choice Awards [Wii] Posted on 6/13/2009
What were the most impressive games at E3? Get the answers with this year’s awards.

GameSpot TRAX E3 2009 Buzz List [All] Posted on 6/8/2009
You’ve heard from the editors and from the vocal gamers, now the GameSpot Trax E3 Buzz List let’s you hear …

Ubisoft Virtual Booth Gallery [All] Posted on 6/4/2009
Ubisoft Virtual Booth Gallery

Overlord II Virtual Booth Gallery [All] Posted on 6/3/2009
Overlord II Virtual Booth Gallery

Batman Arkham Asylum Virtual Booth Gallery [All] Posted on 6/3/2009
Batman Arkham Asylum Virtual Booth Gallery

Brutal Legend Virtual Booth Gallery [All] Posted on 6/3/2009
Brutal Legend Virtual Booth Gallery

Red Faction Guerrilla Virtual Booth Gallery [All] Posted on 6/3/2009
Red Faction Guerrilla Virtual Booth Gallery

Prototype Virtual Booth Gallery [All] Posted on 6/2/2009
Prototype Virtual Booth Gallery

Sims 3 Primer Guide [PC] Posted on 6/2/2009
Playing God isn’t easy. Get the scoop on how to manage your virtual family in The Sims 3!

E3: Past, Present, and Future [All] Posted on 5/29/2009
We take a look back at the highs and lows of gaming’s biggest event.

GameSpot’s Live Photo Stream: E3 2009 [All] Posted on 5/29/2009
See E3 covered from every angle imaginable–the booths, the games, and the thousands of people who love them.

Electronic Arts E3 2009 Press Conference [All] Posted on 5/29/2009
Electronic Arts will be unveiling its E3 2009 lineup in style with its own press conference this year, which is …

Ubisoft E3 2009 Press Conference [All] Posted on 5/28/2009
Ubisoft’s rolling strong at E3 2009 with a press conference to show off their games, and it’s expected to begin …

InFamous Game Guide [PlayStation 3] Posted on 5/27/2009
Whether you’re good or evil, energize your game with our guide.

The HotSpot - Infamous, Punch-Out!!, Tony Hawk Ride [Wii] Posted on 5/26/2009
We bask in the electric glow of Infamous, take a few swings at Punch-Out!!, and scratch our heads over leaked …

Sony E3 2009 Press Conference [All] Posted on 5/26/2009
Sony’s closing us out on press conferences at E3 2009 with a bang! Take a look at their show, which …

Nintendo E3 2009 Press Conference [All] Posted on 5/26/2009
Nintendo’s starting us off on day two of E3 2009 with their press conference, which is expected to begin at …

Microsoft E3 2009 Press Conference [All] Posted on 5/26/2009
Microsoft’s kicking off the show with their E3 2009 Media Briefing, which is expected to begin at 10:30 am PT …

E3 2008: Wii MotionPlus Hands-On [All] Posted on 5/26/2009
We got to try out the final version of the Wii MotionPlus on a few new EA sports titles.

The HotSpot - Bionic Commando, Terminator Salvation, Tony Hawk Ride [PlayStation 3] Posted on 5/19/2009
We talk about what you need to know about E3 and discuss the latest Tony Hawk game, Bionic Commando, and …

GameSpot Presents: The Most Anticipated Games of E3 2009 [PlayStation 3] Posted on 5/18/2009
The Electronic Entertainment Expo is coming back in a big way this year. GameSpot’s editors discuss the games they most …

Punch-Out Game Guide [Wii] Posted on 5/18/2009
Become the king of the ring with our complete Punch-Out walkthrough!

The DRM Dilemma [All] Posted on 5/14/2009
What is DRM, and how does it work? Are publishers going too far and restricting gamers’ rights? Or should we …

GameSpot UK Podcast - Modern Warfare 2, Metal Gear Solid 4 [PlayStation 3] Posted on 5/14/2009
This week we discuss Microsoft’s rumoured E3 line-up, Metal Gear Solid 4 possibly coming to 360, and get more details …

Crosshairs - BioShock 2, inFamous, Ashes Cricket 2009 [Xbox 360] Posted on 5/14/2009
We chat to Ricky Ponting about Ashes 2009, look at BioShock 2, play some inFamous, and rock to Guitar Hero …

Start/Select Fallout 3: Broken Steel, Marvel vs. Capcom 2, Fight Night Round 4 [Xbox 360] Posted on 5/8/2009
We talk to CNET UK’s Nate Lanxon about Fallout 3: Broken Steel, goes hands-on with Marvel vs. Capcom 2, and …

Crosshairs - The Saboteur, Rock Band Unplugged, Plants vs. Zombies [Xbox 360] Posted on 5/7/2009
We disrupt Nazi supply chains in The Saboteur, find out who wins in a fight between plants and zombies, and …

inFamous Launch Center [PlayStation 3] Posted on 5/6/2009
It’s just an average day for Cole McGrath. Average, that is, until he delivers a package that blows up the …

Start/Select - Brutal Legend, Rock Band Unplugged, Fat Princess [PlayStation 3] Posted on 5/6/2009
We talk to Tim Schafer about Brutal Legend, Alex Navarro on Rock Band Unplugged, and we give you our impressions …

The HotSpot - X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Wallace & Gromit [PlayStation 2] Posted on 5/5/2009
We welcome Telltale Games cofounder Kevin Bruner into the studio to talk Wallace & Gromit, Wolverine, the rumored disc-less redesign …

Fuel Launch Center [PlayStation 3] Posted on 5/4/2009
When the weather gets extreme, what’s there to do besides race through the wasteland? Check out our Fuel Launch Center …

GameSpot’s UFC 2009 Tournament [All] Posted on 4/29/2009
GameSpot editors face each other in UFC 2009 with the finals airing live on On the Spot. Check out the …

PixelJunk Monsters (PSP) [PSP] Posted on 4/29/2009
The quirky PixelJunk Monsters game dances to the PlayStation Portable.

GameSpot @ Sony Preview Day 2009 [PlayStation 3] Posted on 4/29/2009
We got our hands on MAG, inFamous, White Knight Chronicles, MotorStorm Arctic Edge, and more at Sony’s Gamers’ Day event! …

The HotSpot - UFC 2009 Undisputed, BioShock 2, E3 2009, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves [PlayStation 3] Posted on 4/28/2009
We interview the ESA’s Rich Taylor about the Video Game Voters Network and E3, and talk about UFC, Uncharted 2, …

GameSpot @ Capcom Captivate 2009 [DS] Posted on 4/28/2009
We check out Lost Planet 2, Dead Rising 2, Bionic Commando, and more at Capcom’s Captivate event!

Star Trek: D-A-C Hands-On [Xbox 360] Posted on 4/27/2009
We try out this downloadable arcade-style shooter.

Battlefield Heroes Beta Key Giveaway [PC] Posted on 4/27/2009
Battlefield Heroes is the first Play 4 Free game from EA, and we’ve got 100k keys to giveaway! Create, customize …

Madden NFL 10: Two Cover Stars and Top Ten Position Ratings [PlayStation 3] Posted on 4/24/2009
We’re on hand in New York City to check out the Madden NFL 10 cover and find out the top …

E3 2009 [All] Posted on 4/21/2009
It’s time to get psyched up for E3 2009, where your gaming future will be revealed. Find out all about …

The HotSpot - Fallout: New Vegas, GTA: Chinatown Wars, Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust [DS] Posted on 4/21/2009
This week, we talk about Fallout: New Vegas, M-rated games for the Wii and DS, and interview Leisure Suit Larry …

iPhone Gaming [iPhone/iPod] Posted on 4/20/2009
With over 8000 games on the iPhone, we decided to see what gems we could find.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine Launch Center [PlayStation 3] Posted on 4/20/2009
He’s the best there is at what he does, and what he does isn’t very nice. Check out our X-Men …

Wallace & Gromit Episode 2: The Last Resort Impressions - Exclusive First Look [PC] Posted on 4/17/2009
We take an exclusive first look at the second episode of Telltale Games’ adventure series starring Aardman Studios’ Wallace & …

Battlefield Heroes Updated Hands-On - Beta Updates, Commando Gameplay [PC] Posted on 4/16/2009
We give this free-to-play shooter from the creator of Battlefield 1942 another try.

Crosshairs - Fat Princess, EA Sports Active, Punch-Out!! [Wii] Posted on 4/16/2009
This week, we play Punch-Out!! for the Wii, interview Titan Studios about Fat Princess, and get physical with EA Sports …

GameSpot @ Konami 2009 [All] Posted on 4/13/2009
We visit Konami Gamers Night for a look at Six Days in Fallujah, Saw, Yu-Gi-Oh, Vandal Hearts, and more!

The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena Game Guide [PC] Posted on 4/10/2009
Let us guide you through the darkness with our complete walkthrough to The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena. …

The GameSpot UK Podcast [All] Posted on 4/9/2009
Welcome to the GameSpot UK Podcast, our weekly show in which we recap the biggest gaming news and talk to …

Crosshairs - Battlestations: Pacific, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, DSi [PlayStation 3] Posted on 4/9/2009
This week we take a look at Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2, Battlestations Pacific, the DSi, and the merits of superhero …

The OzSpot Podcast [All] Posted on 4/7/2009
Our regular Australian audio show in which we recap the biggest news and trends in the gaming industry and talk …

Nintendo DSi Hands-On [All] Posted on 4/3/2009
We spend some hands-on time with Nintendo’s new DSi. Find out about the system’s new features and see how the …

Game Addiction: The Real Story [All] Posted on 4/2/2009
What is video game addiction? What are its boundaries, its symptoms, its treatments? How wide is its scope? In this …

GameSpot Community Game Night [All] Posted on 4/2/2009
Our weekly gaming event in which GameSpot users take on the editors in the ultimate struggle. Not only could you …

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars Game Guide [DS] Posted on 4/2/2009
Avoid life in the slammer with our guide to Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars.

Street Fighter IV: Then and Now [Arcade Games] Posted on 4/1/2009
We put the latest version in the ring against its Xbox 360 predecessors to see if it really is the …

OnLive’s CEO Answers a Few Questions [All] Posted on 3/31/2009
OnLive’s CEO Steve Pearlman answers a few questions about bandwidth concerns, energy usage, the achievements system, and more in this …

GDC 2009: Vlogging the show floor [All] Posted on 3/29/2009
CryEngine 3, WarioWare: Snapped, DSi, the N-Gage (!), and lots of people in a hurry filled San Francisco’s Moscone Center …

GDC 2009: Dungeon Fighter Online, A First Look [PC] Posted on 3/28/2009
Dungeon Fighter Online combine the hacking and slashing of a free-to-play game with the arcade brawling of Final Fight and …

GDC 2009: Perfect World International and Ether Saga Online Progress Reports [PC] Posted on 3/27/2009
Get caught up with two bright and colorful free-to-play online games from Perfect World.

GDC 2009: EVE Online Progress Report [PC] Posted on 3/27/2009
This sci-fi massively multiplayer game continues to truck along with a recently-added content expansion and more updates planned for the …

GDC 2009: Dreamlords: The Rewakening Progress Report [PC] Posted on 3/27/2009
We take a look at the ongoing progress of this free-to-play massively multiplayer real-time strategy game at GDC 2009.

Art and Games: Baiyon on PixelJunk Eden [PlayStation 3] Posted on 3/27/2009
We talk to the Kyoto multimedia artist and Art and Sound Director of Pixeljunk Eden, Baiyon, about his inspirations and …

Crytek demoes CryENGINE 3 for PC, Xbox 360, and PS3 [All] Posted on 3/27/2009
Check out this demo of Crytek’s CryENGINE 3 game engine on the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC!

GDC 2009: Fallen Earth Impressions - First Look [PC] Posted on 3/27/2009
You’ll struggle with mutants, monsters, and your own mysterious past in this free-to-play online shooter. Get the details here.

PDP unveils the motion sensing Gametrak Freedom controller for the Xbox 360 [All] Posted on 3/27/2009
Motion-based control is coming to the Xbox 360. PDP unveils the motion sensing Gametrak Freedom Xbox 360 controller and the …

GDC 2009: JumpGate Evolution Updated Hands-On - Flying, Combat, and Flightsticks [PC] Posted on 3/26/2009
Got a hankering for some space dogfighting? You might want to try out JumpGate: Evolution. Got a USB flightstick controller? …

GDC 2009: Fat Princess, PixelJunk Eden Encore, and Rag Doll Kung Fu hands-on [PlayStation 3] Posted on 3/26/2009
We check out three PSN titles at the Sony Bloggers Lounge at GDC 2009.

GDC 2009: Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures Preview - What’s Next [PC] Posted on 3/26/2009
Big changes are coming for this combat-heavy massively multiplayer game. We get the details from game director Craig Morrison.

GDC 2009: Aion: Tower of Eternity Updated Hands-On - Updated Features [PC] Posted on 3/26/2009
We snuck in another hands-on play session with this upcoming exotic fantasy online game at GDC 2009. Here’s what happened. …

GDC 2009: Huxley: The Dystopia Updated Impressions - Shooting and Special Powers [PC] Posted on 3/26/2009
This long-in-development free-to-play online shooter is on hand at GDC 2009. Read on for our impressions.

Streaming Games - OnLive, GaiKai, OTOY. Anyone else? [All] Posted on 3/26/2009
OnLive isn’t alone! Just as the company finished its debut, we heard about GaiKai and OTOY.

GDC 2009: OnLive: Inside and Out [All] Posted on 3/26/2009
OnLive unveils their new console and aims to overthrow the existing gaming status quo.

Hideo Kojima on forging Metal Gear [All] Posted on 3/26/2009
Konami’s star developer recaps two decades of development on signature stealth franchise in keynote address.

GDC 2009: Free Realms Updated Impressions - Characters, Combat, and Minigames [PC] Posted on 3/25/2009
Get those Bubblegum Boot Cut Pointy Pants ready. We have updated impressions of this kid-friendly free-to-play online role-playing game from …

GDC 2009: GoGoRacer Impressions - First Look [PC] Posted on 3/25/2009
We take a quick look at this free-to-play online kart racing game.

Nintendo DSi Launch Center [DS] Posted on 3/25/2009
The Nintendo DSi is finally coming to America on April 5 and we’ve got all the information you need here …

2009 Game Developers Choice Awards–LIVE! [PlayStation 3] Posted on 3/25/2009
LittleBigPlanet, Fallout 3, Fable II, Left 4 Dead and Grand Theft Auto IV vie for the year’s top honor at …

GDC 2009: Parabellum Updated Impressions - Customization and Game Modes [PC] Posted on 3/25/2009
This upcoming free-to-play multiplayer shooter will come with editing tools, multiple play modes, and the ability to put Hello Kitty …

GDC 2009: America’s Army 3 Hands-On - New Details and New Features [PC] Posted on 3/24/2009
We try out the next edition of America’s Army at the 2009 Game Developers Conference.

OnLive: Inside and Out [All] Posted on 3/24/2009
OnLive unveils their new console and aims to overthrow the existing gaming status quo.

Pokemon Platinum Game Guide [DS] Posted on 3/23/2009
Get up to speed on Pokemon Platinum with our Primer Guide! Battle tips, item advice, and more within.

GDC 2009: Special LIVE Press Conference [All] Posted on 3/23/2009
Be sure to check out our exclusive coverage of a special GDC press conference Tuesday, March 24 at 7 p.m. …

GameSpot @ GDC 2009 [All] Posted on 3/19/2009
Can’t make it to San Francisco to see the Game Developers Conference? No problem! Virtually attend GDC 2009 at GameSpot. …

GameSpot’s March Madness 2009 Predictions [Xbox 360] Posted on 3/18/2009
Who will be national champion? We put the question to a handful of the best basketball game developers, a couple …

Cities XL Updated Impressions - Online Multiplayer [All] Posted on 3/17/2009
We take an updated look at this persistent-universe online city-building game.

GameSpot Presents: Spring 2009 Gift Guide [PC] Posted on 3/17/2009
Spring has sprung, 2009 is here, and we have the best games and gadgets you could ever find at the …

Stormrise Hands-On - Multiplayer, Factions, Gameplay [PlayStation 3] Posted on 3/13/2009
We try out this futuristic strategy game built for consoles by the developer of Rome: Total War.

Netbook Gaming [All] Posted on 3/13/2009
Netbooks aren’t just for browsing the Web. We tested a bunch of games to find out what these little computers …

Resident Evil 5 Game Guide [Xbox 360] Posted on 3/13/2009
Keep evil in check with our complete walkthrough of Resident Evil 5. Check it out for boss battles, cooperative tips, …

Demigod Hands-On - Skirmish, Multiplayer, and Chris Taylor Talks Future [PC] Posted on 3/6/2009
We get our hands on this online multiplayer strategy game inspired by Defense of the Ancients, and grill Gas Powered …

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars Launch Center [DS] Posted on 3/6/2009
Grand Theft Auto returns with an all-new look on the Nintendo DS. Check out our launch center for the latest …

League of Legends: Clash of Fates Hands-On - Multiplayer, Heroes, and Character Advancement [PC] Posted on 3/5/2009
We get our hands on this mod-inspired multiplayer strategy game.

World in Conflict: Soviet Assault Hands-On - Early Single-Player [PC] Posted on 3/5/2009
World In Conflict is finally back in a new all-in-one expansion and we had a chance to briefly jump into …

Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor Updated Hands-On - The Other Two Campaigns [PC] Posted on 3/3/2009
Like World War II? Like Relic’s outstanding 2006 real-time strategy game Company of Heroes? Like blowing stuff up? If you …

Resistance Retribution Launch Center [PSP] Posted on 2/27/2009
Fight the Chimera on the go on your PSP! Check out our Resistance: Retribution launch center for the latest news, …

Halo Wars Marathon [Xbox 360] Posted on 2/26/2009
Be sure to check out our live gameplay marathon of Halo Wars this Friday, February 27, at 4 p.m. PT …

Killzone 2 Game Guide [PlayStation 3] Posted on 2/25/2009
Show the Helghast what you’ve got with our Killzone 2 game guide. Check it out for our complete walkthrough, boss …

Tomb Raider Underworld: Beneath The Ashes [Xbox 360] Posted on 2/24/2009
We take a look at the new Beneath the Ashes DLC available for Tomb Raider Underworld.

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Killzone 2 on your mind? Ours too, so we did a quick rundown of all eight multiplayer maps.

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My Mother in Law is a Scorpion Posted on 12/16/2016
One fine day I answered the phone, It was my girlfriend inviting me to her home

Awesome Tips To Life: Ep 1 Posted on 12/16/2016
Kassandra shows viewers how to catch a bus.

Voyage Posted on 12/16/2016
Point and Click Adventure

Trueshot Posted on 12/15/2016
My first game ever. Hope you guys like it.

Sky Chasers Posted on 12/15/2016
In Sky Chasers players explore a magical world in a cardboard box, starring Max.

Mission Escape: Library Posted on 12/15/2016
You are stuck in a library that has many secrets, can you escape?

Fear Society Posted on 12/15/2016
Four different horror stories involving traps, puzzles, murder, ghosts, and urban legends.

Code Red Posted on 12/15/2016
An insane action platformer about finding a room. Made for LD37 jam.

Christmas Night Posted on 12/15/2016
Christmas Match-3

STREET MAGIC! Posted on 12/14/2016
A magician shows what’s up his sleeve

Crack in my system Posted on 12/13/2016
Weird for weirdness

Push It 4000 Posted on 12/13/2016

Pie Gai Posted on 12/13/2016
Lovin a pie

The Real Fuller House Posted on 12/13/2016
Everyone’s favorite family is back in action

Cancelled Refuge Posted on 12/13/2016
Made for LDjam37 “One Room”

ROMP.FLA Posted on 12/13/2016
An exciting journey through someone else’s time and and space.

Super Mario Doesn’t Want To Run Posted on 12/12/2016
a phone app forces mario to run an endless marathon, but is he really okay with that?

Sonic: Out of Juice Posted on 12/12/2016
Out of juice what do you do?

PUNCH OUT: TomFulp Posted on 12/12/2016
Tom had this coming…

TD-The Punishment Posted on 12/11/2016
When an outsider looks in…

Chronicles of Terra: Makon the Overlord 1.5 Posted on 12/11/2016
A text base choose your own adventure RPG hybrid

Crypt Shyfter 11: Spider Queen Posted on 12/11/2016
Grandor and Telbir attempt to rescue their fallen friends from the Spider Queen

The Astronaut Posted on 12/11/2016
An animation I made for the first time

Wookies Are Better Than People (FROZEN & STAR WARS PARODY/MASHUP) Posted on 12/10/2016
Star Wars parody of Reindeers areBetter Than People from Frozen.

Game Grumps Animated: Kinky Devil Posted on 12/10/2016
Lucifer likes to be choked.

Christmas Penguin Jump Posted on 12/10/2016
Christmas Penguin Jump: X-Mas Penguin is back in this great Adventur Christmas Penguin Ju

Stay Warm Posted on 12/10/2016
First animation Ive done in a while

The Adventures of EdgeLord66 | Overwatch Animation Posted on 12/10/2016
Reaper is a dick

Life in Slow Motion Posted on 12/10/2016
Slice of life

Barney Meets His Maker Posted on 12/9/2016
A stuffed barney gets pistoled.

Sai Amp Mitch Posted on 12/9/2016
A sidescroller adventure reminiscent of retro games of a struggle of Two Girls and One Boy

Just A Smal Key (ZELDA ANIMATION) Posted on 12/9/2016
Why can you only use a key once?

Timeline Ancient Greece Posted on 12/9/2016
Learn the history of ancient Greece.

The Hunt Posted on 12/8/2016
Short Lithuanian claymation with English subtitles.

The 3 Little Bastards Posted on 12/8/2016
The little bastards are back and in color

An Arduous Journey Posted on 12/8/2016
Round up your party and fight the evil!

King of the Ocean Posted on 12/8/2016
Buy boats, catch fish, sell it. A simple game for relaxation.

Kung Fu Pickles - Pickle Dipper Posted on 12/8/2016
That escalated quickly….

ANDRE SHREVES // College Morning Routine Posted on 12/7/2016
Getting up in the morning as a college student is no small task, i’ll tell you that much.

Thrift Video Episode 3 - "Dan’s Quinceanera" Posted on 12/7/2016
Taking place at a thrift video store in an alternate dimension, this wacky and weird anima

Hey, are you up? Posted on 12/7/2016
My back hurts.

Stocked and Locked Posted on 12/7/2016
Somebody cut this man some slack

Chaos Eclipse III Posted on 12/7/2016
The Armageddon Children fly over the city. Your next actions will change the entire world.

Twig’s World Pilot Posted on 12/6/2016
Twig a wizard boy and he’s Frankfurter companion Larry the hot dog

Thrift Video Episode 1 - "Welcome Aboard!" Posted on 12/6/2016
Taking place at a thrift video store in an alternate dimension, this wacky and weird anima

Happy Birthday Supardanil! Posted on 12/6/2016
It’s that time again!

Epic Nintendo smash Rap Battle Posted on 12/5/2016
have you ever wanted to see mario and luigi take on bowser?

The Cerulean Hour - Alagard Posted on 12/5/2016
Alagard is a simple puzzle-based RPG dungeon crawl!

Kylo Ren is a doofus Posted on 12/5/2016
Hopefully Rogue One has a better villain.

SHIFT5 Posted on 12/5/2016
We find our Hero Ciel fighting for her life in an unfamiliar place. How and Why?

Mini Crossword Genius Posted on 12/5/2016
Unscramble pairs of words in this casual, fun puzzle

Jumpy Ape Joe Posted on 12/5/2016
Jump around with ape Joe and collect all the bananas.

Mad Nords: Probably an Epic Quest Demo Posted on 12/5/2016
Old-school parody RPG with an epic plot.

Dear Missus Bin Posted on 12/5/2016
Dear Missus Bin, what have you done to your friends?

Dustrider Posted on 12/5/2016
Action platformer with roguelike elements. In space.

MLH Tic-Hac-Noe Posted on 12/4/2016
A project I did in MLH’s Local Hack Day (Hack Lassonde) at York University

GUTTER PUNKS: Lost Beerings Posted on 12/4/2016
Gutter Punks mission for beer

Chronicles of Terra: Makon the Overlord Posted on 12/4/2016
A text based choose your own adventure game

When Your Mom Tells You To Stop What Your’re Doing and Come Home Posted on 12/3/2016
Don’t you hate when your mom does this!

Unexpected Item Posted on 12/3/2016

ASSASSIN Posted on 12/3/2016

pkmn generations Posted on 12/3/2016
pokemon is old

2/6 Donny Brexits Posted on 12/3/2016
There’s trouble in town and Greg and his team need to find a solution.

Hellsforge Posted on 12/3/2016
You are prisoner in the max security prison of the world. Now its time to escape

Tree Posted on 12/3/2016
Man find tree

The Suicide Cult Posted on 12/2/2016
Find the surviving position in this mini gory puzzle game

Super Mario Bros - The Parody Posted on 12/2/2016
Mario has to save the princess, but will he be ever to survive the world of LOL?

How to Cook a Spicy Meme Posted on 12/2/2016
Stop eating dry, crusty packaged memes for lunch.

Sublo & Tangy Mustard #4 - Katy’s Birthday Posted on 12/2/2016
Two restaurant mascots crash their co-worker’s house party.

Andromeda Prelude Posted on 12/2/2016
Fan visual novel, inspired by Mass Effect: Andromeda

SOMNIUM Posted on 12/2/2016
He stands against his worst enemy, himself.

Love Games Posted on 12/1/2016
Answering that age-old question ’should I ditch my other half for an arcade machine?’

Guild Breakers - Pilot Kinda Posted on 12/1/2016
4 college burnouts fighting monsters… Trying to make money.

Sonic Monocle - E4: ‘Don’t Turn Out the Light’ Posted on 11/30/2016
We all have monsters under the bed and skeletons in the closet…

Escape Inc Posted on 11/30/2016
It’s Gideon and Reed’s first escape room and it’s gonna be a blast!

Jump Freak Posted on 11/30/2016
A guy who loves to jump.

War of Glory Posted on 11/30/2016
Battle! Level up! Be Glorious!

Life in river Posted on 11/30/2016
Life in river

Garfielf TRIGGRS Jon’s POWER ( My version of Garfielf breaks jon) Posted on 11/30/2016
A reanimation of garfielf breaks jon

Doctor Taco Posted on 11/29/2016
The Doctor is in?

Turkey Farm Escape Posted on 11/29/2016
You are locked inside the turkey farm!

BackDoor- Door 2 Posted on 11/29/2016
You find yourself in a strange city with a job you’re trying to complete.

Cube Clicks Posted on 11/29/2016
Shatter glassy 3d shapes with clicks!

Existence on Earth 3 - Missy Posted on 11/28/2016

Cerebral Game Stew Posted on 11/28/2016
How will the game look, play, or taste?

A Good Deal: No Evil 022 Posted on 11/28/2016
Round up

Turn Me On Posted on 11/27/2016
Find a way to get the red button in the box.

frog thing Posted on 11/27/2016

Ruby Robbers Posted on 11/27/2016
Protect the Ruby. Get the Highest Score!!

furball Posted on 11/27/2016
having a cat is a child’s dream come true

Saucy Devil Gordon 2 Posted on 11/27/2016
Gordon is on his way to another treasure hunt, but he’s not alone. Think you could help?

Vinesauce Joel Animated- John Cena Midi Posted on 11/27/2016
Vinesauce animated

Park Bench Posted on 11/27/2016
A short film about a park bench

Ferret Territory - Beans (Official Music Video) Posted on 11/26/2016
A boy enters a video game world full of fantasy and temptation.

MAKE IT as an Artist Posted on 11/26/2016
Super happy fun time artist simulator!!!

Segregare Posted on 11/25/2016
Puzzle 3D Tetris-style game.

Viking Run Posted on 11/25/2016
Action runner game!

-Little Face- EPISODE 1 Posted on 11/25/2016
Little Face episode 1! The story of a brave man with a little face

Sweet Retreat Posted on 11/25/2016
A hot date takes an unexpected turn.

Sonic Monocle - E3: ‘L U V’ Posted on 11/25/2016
Squint your ears and take a peek through the Sonic Monocle!

Pokemon GO Stickman! Posted on 11/25/2016
Stickmen playing pokemon GO

Green Suicide Posted on 11/25/2016
Green Suicide x__x

Infestival Posted on 11/25/2016
The only thing worse than an angry colony of bees is an angry colony of hornets.

I Don’t Know - Sloth Girl Posted on 11/24/2016
Tired of pesky questions? Sloth Girl is here for you!

jokenpo. Posted on 11/24/2016
A guy plays jokenpo.

G-Switch 3 Posted on 11/24/2016
Run and flip gravity at insane speeds and compete in 8-player mayhem!

Stuffed Posted on 11/24/2016
Fill up on Thanksgiving!

Sam Frederich’s Demo Reel 2016 Posted on 11/24/2016
My 2016 Animation Demo Reel!

X-MEN by Kieeeeern Posted on 11/23/2016
Can Wolverine and Cyclops learn to get along?

Jelly Pop Posted on 11/23/2016
Combine the jellys and make the ultimate jelly!

Frog Fable Posted on 11/23/2016
Explore a whimsical world filled with evil frogs, magic and mystery.

Sneak Peek Summoner’s quest 9.6 Posted on 11/23/2016
Sneak peek for the next installment of Summoners Quest

Chaos Eclipse II Posted on 11/23/2016
After escaping an evil organisation, you and Ami arrive at a mysterious, dark temple…

Super Mario Bros Xenoverse Intro Posted on 11/22/2016
Season 1 - Intro

Chicken Butt Posted on 11/22/2016
Silly animation practice

El Matador Azul Posted on 11/22/2016
How to tame a bull ?

Project AL Posted on 11/22/2016
A game about a square. Can it be less innovative?

Tomb Explorer Arcade Posted on 11/21/2016
Classic 8bit Arcade Action

M-Candy: Coffee Rush Posted on 11/21/2016
Too jittery waiting for cartoons?

Stay Positive Posted on 11/21/2016
First-Year Animation Film (2014)

Big Tower Tiny Square Posted on 11/21/2016
Climb the Big Tower of deathtraps and Rescue your Pineapple!

RABBIT SEASON Posted on 11/21/2016
48 hour film thing

The 5 stages of Work Loss Posted on 11/20/2016
When you lose all your progress!

Overcursed Posted on 11/20/2016
Funny horror point & click game made in 2 days with big twist

PAC-MAN EATS MARIO OMG Posted on 11/20/2016
Pac-man enters Mario world and yeah

Skeletons Playing Poker (Scene/Camera Test) Posted on 11/20/2016
Scene and Camera test for The Life Of Jester

Super Pong Bros 65 Posted on 11/20/2016
the 65th installment of the everlasting game of pong

Set Board Posted on 11/20/2016
Challenge your brain to find all the Sets on the board.

Turkey Roast Posted on 11/19/2016
Stuff your turkey as fast as you can for the biggest roast for Thanksgiving!

Robot Heart Posted on 11/19/2016
A little robot tries to live outside his mundane life

Avengers in the Friend Zone Posted on 11/19/2016
The Avengers attempt to hangout and stuff, you know outside of work

Don’t Forget the Bard! Posted on 11/19/2016
Interactive fiction (an RPG gamebook) about a bard and his adventures.

Jewels of Salome - Original animation and song Posted on 11/18/2016
The love song of Salome and Herod. Can the head of John the Baptist finally bring these tw

Aztec Stones Posted on 11/18/2016
Aztec match-3 game.

Dreamcage Escape DEMO Posted on 11/18/2016
Can you escape the Dreamcage? Are you ready to solve puzzles and crack codes.

Raw Latex 4 Posted on 11/18/2016
Latex forehead strap-ons. You’re intrigued now!

Sweet Willie |The Kaepernick Effect | Chappello Studios Posted on 11/18/2016
Sweet Willie

NBK.io Posted on 11/18/2016
A free to play web browser based game where users play as a cell and eat others.

OIR Shorts - "Goldfish" Posted on 11/17/2016
OIR Shorts: “Goldfish”

Super Shorts - #Mexit Posted on 11/17/2016
T-Trump Won?!

One Punch Man vs H2oDelirious Posted on 11/17/2016
Youtuber H2oDelirious faces the One Punch Man. Will he defeat him?

Tattle & Tale Posted on 11/17/2016
Winner of the Weirder Stuff Click Jam 2016

White Washed Posted on 11/16/2016
Short offensive racist joke cartoon.

FILM QUEST - Episode 1 Posted on 11/16/2016
A girl tries to make a movie in the post-apocalypse. Pilot episode.

Yet Darker - Undertale Animation (Glitchtale #2) Posted on 11/16/2016
Hi Everyone I’m Camila Cuevas and i presents. . . Glitchtale episode 2

FF2084-Love-Hurts Posted on 11/16/2016
Fresh Force 2084

Pathfinder (With Friends) Posted on 11/16/2016
An under-a-minute glimpse into a usual session of Pathfinder

Bloodporne 2 Posted on 11/16/2016
Two Hunters go into Yarnum looking… sounds like the start of a joke

Bar Rushmore: Booth Ache Posted on 11/15/2016
The presidents of Mount Rushmore run bar together

Tower Defense: Alien Invasion Posted on 11/15/2016
3D Tower Defense Game with online pvp and custom level builder

Return To Skyrim Posted on 11/15/2016
Rapper Dan Bull and Harry team up to return to Skyrim!

Carlos and the Dark Order Mystery Posted on 11/15/2016
Help Carlos find the cult’s headquarters in time and put a stop to their evil rituals.

Viewpoint - A Game of Perspective Posted on 11/15/2016
A Non-Euclidean Puzzle Game of Perspective

Let There Be Light Posted on 11/14/2016
Megaman has destroyed many robots to stop the evil Dr. Wily, where do all those scraps go?

Basement Busk Posted on 11/14/2016
A musical tale on the art of donation. (7 months work)

Despairman Posted on 11/14/2016
In despair? He’s your man.

Caught Posted on 11/13/2016
My first short

Console-Tan Short: Why Vita has no Game. Posted on 11/13/2016
Poor Playstion Vita, Her sister can’t share, like WiiU and 3DS can.

Knuckles Dun Goofed!! Posted on 11/13/2016
A short scene from the comic “Sonic MegaDrive”

The Meatwad Collab Posted on 11/13/2016

Square Savior Posted on 11/12/2016
Short simplistic platformer with a deep story

Fix Form (Forma Fija) Posted on 11/12/2016
Fix Form (Forma Fija) - Very Short Film

My Scary Story! Posted on 11/12/2016
An animated short based off of a real story of mine!

Aap Showreel 2016 Posted on 11/12/2016
My animation showreel

Meet Soldier: 76 (Overwatch Animation) Posted on 11/12/2016
Overwatch Parody

Echel Chapter 1: Can’t Let You Do This Posted on 11/12/2016
The story begins here!

Swamp Skeet Shooting Posted on 11/12/2016
Fun and addicting skeet shooting game for everyone

Finite Moves: Levels Pack Posted on 11/12/2016
Once again, it is time to put your brain to the test!

She Thor vs Zombie Hulk (marvel fan film) Posted on 11/12/2016
She Thor faces off against Zombie Hulk

Sprigs and Parsley in: Coffee Table Posted on 11/11/2016
Two girls, one cat………..And a coffee table!

Da Yomanville Gang - Chapter 1 (Motion-Comic) Posted on 11/11/2016
Motion-Comic of Da Yomanville Gang Chapter 1

Sormpsons: Wake Up Bart! Posted on 11/11/2016
bart is nice :)

How Flowey Helps Frisk in School Posted on 11/10/2016
Frisk’s getting bullied in school, how will Flowey help?

Reuel Shorts - "Art" Posted on 11/10/2016
What is this? is it abstract art?

Halloween: The Blackest Eyes Part 2 Posted on 11/10/2016
Myer’s is back to continue his killing spree on Halloween night!

Nintendo Switch Anime Opening Posted on 11/10/2016
Switchformers! Consoles in Disguise!

Bad Beverage Posted on 11/10/2016
My first ever claymation attempt about a bad choice of beverage.

Attack on Ogre 2: Shrek Gets Rekt Posted on 11/10/2016
Shrek v.s. Titanmons. SPOILER: He gets bodied.

ANDRE SHREVES // Downpour Hangover - FULL Episode Posted on 11/9/2016
Andre Shreves’ : Downpour Hangover

Toon Escape: Factory Posted on 11/9/2016
It’s quitting time and you are stuck in the factory! Can you figure out how to escape?

BSE VISUAL - PROJECT K. Posted on 11/9/2016

Sleepycast Animated - The Marsquatch Posted on 11/8/2016

Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton Posted on 11/8/2016
Donald Trump raps against Hillary clinton

Episode 3 - When I grow up Posted on 11/8/2016
Kids with no perspective of the future, a grumpy boss and a creepy coming… Great :)

Pomg Posted on 11/8/2016
Pong remake - but you play the ball

My Childhood Nightmare Posted on 11/8/2016
A stop motion movie version of my childhood’s nightmare

TRUMP BUILDS A WALL Posted on 11/8/2016

Trump Hillary 2016 Posted on 11/7/2016
Both these candidates are just too cool.

Drunkman Vs Captain Career Posted on 11/7/2016
The city is in trouble, but Drunkman and Shandy will save us. Once they finish their drink

RoboBall Posted on 11/7/2016
Hard puzzles and mazes only clicking a button

Save the Clock Tower Posted on 11/7/2016
Help the clock tower lady raise money to pay the Copy Shop for her flyers.

Western girl Posted on 11/6/2016
A girl in the west?

Devil Train Posted on 11/6/2016
An old animation from 2015 of demons on a train.

Coming Soon - Samurai Shin Short Animation Film Posted on 11/6/2016
Short Animation Film Coming soon

TD-Lectures Posted on 11/6/2016
Lecture classes are art, apparently.

The Bully King - episode 2 Posted on 11/6/2016
Roy goes to a new school

Spirit Fist Episode 2 Posted on 11/6/2016
The second episode of Spirit Fist

Life/Time Posted on 11/6/2016
Things will go just fine after you’re gone.

Tricker Treats Posted on 11/5/2016
Oh is November 5th not Halloween WHOOPS

The Best Support Posted on 11/5/2016
League of Legend Parody

Goku in Super Mario World Posted on 11/5/2016
Goku travels to another dimension after strong drugs.

The Adventure Satchel - Part 4 Posted on 11/5/2016
Magenta is on the case

Asgard Skill Master Posted on 11/5/2016
Welcome to the Asgard Half Idle Game. Create unstoppable troops and combine your skills!

POKEEMAWN Posted on 11/4/2016

Café Catastrophe!?!? - Animated Me Posted on 11/4/2016
Animated comedy sketch based on the weirdest Cafe encounter I’ve ever had!

Face Melter Posted on 11/4/2016
Liquefied faces morphing to a groovy flow.

FIST OF AWESOME Posted on 11/4/2016
Have you ever wanted to punch a bear IN THE MOUTH?

Vintage Game Shop Posted on 11/4/2016
Trade retro video games to complete your game collection!

Jo and Momo: Forest Rush Posted on 11/4/2016
2d-story about journey of hero and his faithful friend through mysterious worlds

Plight of the Salad Dog Posted on 11/3/2016
The story of a thing whose head floats!

Larry and Benson ep 01 Posted on 11/3/2016
Larry the hot dog and Benson the human , i think something is wrong

BFDI: Paper Towel Posted on 11/3/2016
Another micheal probuction

Love at First Sight Posted on 11/3/2016
Sir Wiggins and His crew of barbarians are on a quest for the love of Wiggins’ life.

ReZer: my little zombie Posted on 11/2/2016
game about monster who have found love

Alan & Davey - Pasta Posted on 11/2/2016
Davey arrives home from work to find his son, Alan has prepared him a meal

Code Pack Mini Posted on 11/1/2016
Match all the codes

Posse Posted on 11/1/2016
Barking irons and diamonds

Two Bugs Posted on 11/1/2016
Mark runs across a bug in need.

Craving Posted on 11/1/2016
My very first try in animation

Honker for President Posted on 11/1/2016
Richard Honker’s official campaign video

IRÔH !: Halloween Special Posted on 11/1/2016
The Satanus wish to celebrate Halloween together. However, things don’t go as planned…

Sorelle and The Bellowstone::Arrival (P1) Posted on 11/1/2016
Sorelle and The Bellowstone: P1- Arrival

Switch a Broom Posted on 11/1/2016
What is it that all the witches want when halloween comes around?

My Scissors Will Eat You! Posted on 10/31/2016
Careful where you buy your costumes from…

Supermuzhik 2 Posted on 10/31/2016
Sequel to the game about crazy “superhero”

Potty Pals Posted on 10/31/2016
Sometimes ya gotta go. Sometimes ya just cant.

PokéShots: The Eevee Posted on 10/31/2016
Eevee’s new Z move, Extreme evoboost gone wrong!

Horror Paintings Parodies 3 Posted on 10/30/2016
Fun quiz with some of the scariest paintings in art history

BFDIA 5c: No More Snow! (2013) Posted on 10/30/2016
There used to be snow, but now there isn’t.

The Fairy and The Dragon Posted on 10/30/2016
When the fairy is rudely woken up by the dragon, can she reason with it?

Smash Kingdom Mayhem Posted on 10/30/2016
Half Super Smash Bros., half Mushroom Kingdom, all Mayhem!

Soybean Posted on 10/30/2016
My 1st Animation Demo Reel

House Posted on 10/30/2016
A Girl. Alone. In a House.

STUFF ABOUT STUFF - STUFF Posted on 10/29/2016

BFDIA 4: Zeeky Boogy Doog (2012) Posted on 10/29/2016

Hexennacht ~P~ Posted on 10/29/2016
Halloween 2016 Dance Party!

BFDIA 3: Insectophobe’s Nightmare 3 (2012) Posted on 10/29/2016
Even more bugs, more mortifying than ever!

New Wave Halloween Collab Posted on 10/29/2016
Hey, we’re just in time for Christmas!

Broken Melody Posted on 10/28/2016
Ghost girl in a house

BFDIA 2: Get Digging (2012) Posted on 10/28/2016

House of Tards Posted on 10/28/2016
The most hilariously awesome 2016 presidential election simulator

Fast Food Chain Posted on 10/28/2016
What would you do when you discover that you are part of the food chain ?

BFDIA 1: Yeah, Who? I Wanna Know (2012) Posted on 10/28/2016

Natural Born Suckers: Blue Fangs Posted on 10/28/2016
‘Have fun, suck her dry!’

Woke Up This Mornin’ "Kids These Days…" Posted on 10/27/2016
2 old bluesmen trying to make sense of the modern world

Battle for Dream Island - Episode 25: "Return of the Hang Glider" (2012) Posted on 10/27/2016
Epically begin to watch from the epic beginning to the epic end of this epic end!

Quest for Éclair Posted on 10/27/2016
Help Manuel get some eggs so he’ll be able to have an eclair!

The Sketch Collab 2016 Posted on 10/26/2016
The Sketch Collab comes back for its 10th installment!

Animated Graphic Novel Posted on 10/26/2016
my “beneath”-animation remastered

Overwatch Parody - How To Kill Mei ! Posted on 10/26/2016
Here is my Overwatch parody that I made for TheJamCave 48 hours Event.

Mega64 Animation: Farting on Babies Posted on 10/26/2016
Stories about farts

Animation Reel 2016 Posted on 10/26/2016
Made a new cartoon every month for a year… So here ya go!

Another Zombie Thang (Halloween) Posted on 10/26/2016
Rick and Ben deal with a zombie situation

Spring Chicken Posted on 10/26/2016
A spring chicken sees a worm.

Akumi the Bounty Hunter Posted on 10/25/2016
Akumi the Bounty Hunter finds her mark and moves in to take him down!

Sitting Colin Kaepernick Posted on 10/25/2016
Things get weird in the 49ers locker room after a win

Halloween Blocky Challenge Posted on 10/24/2016
This game is based on block collapse game. Beat 50 challenges to win this game.

White Besuited Samurai - SFM Madness (WIP) Posted on 10/24/2016
Here’s the first few seconds of my 3D madness animation in SFM

Publicly Funded - Emotions Posted on 10/24/2016
lil uzi boisvert

Blind Kill Posted on 10/24/2016
An assassin takes on a job to save a loved one.

We Become What We Behold Posted on 10/24/2016
News cycles. Vicious cycles. Infinite cycles.

I Love Candy Posted on 10/24/2016
A Halloween Treat!

The Ascent of Alfred Posted on 10/24/2016
Make Alfred Great Again

Bite Sized Horror Vol. 3 Posted on 10/23/2016
More two sentence horror stories for Halloween!

Snowy the Frostman Posted on 10/23/2016
A talking snowman who just wants friendship. What could go wrong?

Pumpkin Archer Posted on 10/22/2016
Use your archery skills and throwing stars to smash pumpkins!

Nintendo Switchurry Posted on 10/22/2016
Nintendo Switch Parody

Regular Show + Dragon Ball Z Crossover Posted on 10/22/2016
Benson. Is. PISSED.

LEGO Anchorman: Civil War Posted on 10/22/2016
Anchorman+Civil War=THIS THING

OuterHeart Trailer #1 Posted on 10/22/2016
First trailer for upcoming short film, “OuterHeart”

ICE DREAM SANDWICH Posted on 10/22/2016
A dream I had a few months back. It wasn’t the weirdest dream, but it’s fun to tell!

College Cleanup Posted on 10/22/2016
Three adolescents straight outta high school room together. What could go wrong?

Battle for Dream Island - Episode 15: "Vomitaco" (2011) Posted on 10/22/2016
That doesn’t sound very appetizing. But who needs palatability when you have Dream Island.

DUNGEON DYNAMITE Posted on 10/22/2016
An asinine adventure through the world of high fantasy.

Happy Birthday Cheru! Posted on 10/22/2016
Colonel Cheru has some cake!

"Newspapers" by Zach Paulus Posted on 10/21/2016
“Newspapers” Harmontown Fan Animation!

Head Hunters Posted on 10/21/2016
A hunter adventures into a forsaken land, where a deadly gang set it’s Fort …

Battle for Dream Island - Episode 13: "Don’t Lose Your Marbles" (2011) Posted on 10/21/2016
This episode will contestants get the marble balls until time ends.

Battle for Dream Island - Episode 12: "A Leg Up in the Race" (2010) Posted on 10/21/2016
In this episode, the teams are broken up, and a point mechanic is introduced into the game

PPAP Pen Pineapple Apple Pen ANIMATED! Posted on 10/21/2016
animated meme

vegetable cancer Posted on 10/20/2016
vegeter getsa the cancer o no

Midnight Cinema Posted on 10/20/2016
Help Vova get a ticket to Slash, a new slasher based on a series of true murders.

Nothing To Fear Posted on 10/20/2016
Super villainy at its worst …

Battle for Dream Island - Episode 11: "Lofty" (2010) Posted on 10/20/2016
Ooh, an aerial contest. Involving balloons and darts!

Rearmed Trials Posted on 10/19/2016
Take up your sword, bathe your enemies in thunder, steel and mist!

Grimoire Official Trailer #1 - Vera Posted on 10/19/2016
The first full trailer for the Grimoire animated series, introducing Vera

Gamerz - Short Film (2014) Posted on 10/19/2016
A misunderstanding separates a boy and his new friend.

Battle for Dream Island - Episode 10: "Crybaby!" (2010) Posted on 10/19/2016
This episode introduces the Triple Contest mechanic.

Creepy Room Escape Posted on 10/19/2016
Locked in a creepy room so close to Halloween! Can you escape??

Battle for Dream Island - Episode 9: "Insectophobe’s Nightmare" (2010) Posted on 10/19/2016
The Squashy Grapes have split into two teams called “Squashy Grapes” and “Another Name”.

The Difference Between 2d and 3d Posted on 10/18/2016
Enjoy Monkey Wrench Episode 3

Superslide Posted on 10/18/2016
Skirts and Pants: Superslide

Becoming a 3D Animator!!! Posted on 10/18/2016
Want to become a 3D animator? Watch this and learn everything you need to know!

order up Posted on 10/18/2016
i think we all know someone like this

Traffic Collision 2 Posted on 10/18/2016
3D action driving game

NWAR: Voice Over Posted on 10/17/2016
Detective Nwar is one day away from retirement.

BREAKING NEWS: Astroid Watch Posted on 10/17/2016

Dragon Ball VS Naruto CR: Vegeta Posted on 10/17/2016
What will happen if Z warriors in Dragon Ball meet the ninjas in Naruto?

Allergies Posted on 10/17/2016
There’s something in my nose!

The Bearicade Posted on 10/17/2016
A fun school project

Pool party Lee Posted on 10/16/2016
pool party lee

Hellami Animated Series Episode 5 "The Past" Posted on 10/16/2016
Hellami Animated Series Episode 5 “The Past”

Beautiful Nightmare Posted on 10/16/2016
Made for the 2016 #StencylGameJam

Outside Clay Posted on 10/16/2016
These crazy clay guys just entered the real world oh boy oh geez.

Spin It Posted on 10/15/2016
Spin It is a simple and challenging game designed to test your timing and reactions.

Steam Train Animated - Ross Moaning Posted on 10/15/2016
now with more boobs in the thumbnail

Space Base Defender Posted on 10/15/2016
HELP! The base is being attacked by Rocket Ships! Our man holding our Controller for our D

Teve Posted on 10/14/2016
The weirdest thing I’ve ever made

Torbjorn’s Troubles Posted on 10/14/2016
What crawled up Torbjorn’s butt?

Hero Agency Posted on 10/14/2016
Manage and train heroes to build up a world-renowned adventure agency!

The Story of a mother - PreAlpha Posted on 10/14/2016
play as a young man, desperately trying to find a cure for his deadly desease

Squares TinRune Posted on 10/14/2016
Squares TinRune is an easy to pickup and play puzzle game!

Liege Posted on 10/14/2016
Decide your kingdom’s fate in a choose-your-own-adventure narrative.

Zim’s Day Off | Animation Posted on 10/13/2016
“Zim’s day off | Animation”

Dusk’s letter Posted on 10/13/2016
To think ducks were like humans.

Living with Lolly EP2 Posted on 10/13/2016
Living with Lolly - Episode 2

A Walk with Wilhemina… Posted on 10/13/2016
Wilhemina goes for an afternoon walk.

Pixel Quest Posted on 10/13/2016
Pixel Quest is a fun, addicting MMORPG for everyone!

Papa’s Cookies Posted on 10/12/2016
tasty crunch of yummy cookie crumble

Candy Saga 3xb Posted on 10/12/2016

Mettaton March Posted on 10/12/2016
A short Undertale music video

Brave Heads Posted on 10/12/2016
Defend your kingdom from the dreaded Evil Heads!

Samurai Shin Issue #1 Comic Book Release Trailer 2 Posted on 10/12/2016
Samurai Shin Issue #1 is Available RIGHT NOW

Layin’ Pipe Posted on 10/12/2016
Will you be the plumber you’ve always dreamed to be?

Sticker-Mation Posted on 10/11/2016
My Sticker-Animation Project

Undertale - The Twin Souls [Part 1] Posted on 10/11/2016
You think you are above consequences.

The Perfect Design - In the woods Posted on 10/11/2016
Music video - The Perfect Design - In the woods

Drawing Notes - Second Chapter Posted on 10/10/2016
A girl helps her new friend with his Chemistry, in more ways than one!

Qumi-Qumi "The Portals" Posted on 10/10/2016
Three short qumi-stories about portals…

Brax n’ Brent: Flying is Bad Posted on 10/10/2016
The airport is a magical place.

Denzel Curry - Sick and Tired Posted on 10/10/2016
Denzel Curry Animated Tour Projector Visuals

Asteroids Hunter Posted on 10/10/2016
cross the galaxy and hunt all the asterdoids to protect our world.

Green Arrow and the Green Cursor Posted on 10/10/2016
Arrow shooter + Super Heroes Parodies

Energy Bay Posted on 10/10/2016
Find the quickest way to charge electronic devices with energy.

Lora’s Christmas Letter Posted on 10/10/2016
Lora’s friends really want to know what she’s writing about.

Pointing At Spiders Posted on 10/9/2016
The Arcade Classic

Aura Arms - Episode 26 Posted on 10/9/2016
Embrace The Future

AU Reviews 03: SimAnt Posted on 10/9/2016
Art continues to torture his poor frog creations. He also reviews SimAnt I guess.

Top Ship Posted on 10/9/2016
Made in a day with GMS!

Wickebine Kigyouden Posted on 10/8/2016
a fully fledged Metroidvania.

Flatwoods Posted on 10/8/2016
Something mysterious has landed in Flatwoods.

Martian by Mistake (Opening) HQ Posted on 10/8/2016
The opening theme for Paul Fusco’s Show from 2016

PokéShots: The Mosquito Posted on 10/8/2016
A new reveal from pokemon Sun & Moon shows a terrifying creature call the “Ultra-beast”…

TD-The Conceptual Process Posted on 10/8/2016
Get taught how to flesh out ideas! (Not be me, of course.)

PPAP Stifte des Grauens (Pen Pineapple Apple Pen Parodie) - Jester Cartoons Posted on 10/8/2016
Pen Pineapple Apple Pen Parody

Judge Morty Posted on 10/7/2016
Judge mortys life changes forever when he meets an inmate like no other.

Machina Mortem Posted on 10/7/2016
A march through the horrors of World War One.

Gwain Rhythm - Fool In One Posted on 10/7/2016
Rhythm Heaven Fever Parody

Circus.Free! Posted on 10/6/2016
Earn money for your perfomance!

That Ain’t Me Posted on 10/6/2016
A space-time exploration of the end of a relationship.

Stranger Things The Video Game: Character Customization Screen Posted on 10/6/2016
A character customization screen for Joyce Byers if Stranger Things was a video game.

I Hate Mondays Posted on 10/6/2016
Some reasons why we hate Mondays!

See it Tap it Posted on 10/6/2016
Do you have the fastest reflexes in the world?

Final Form Posted on 10/6/2016
Anime made me the man I am today…

Businessman Simulator 2 Posted on 10/6/2016
The sequel to the much loved Businessman Simulator.

Edwin Episode 1 - Sherry Posted on 10/5/2016
Edwin convinces his local pub landlord to hold another sherry night.

Sonic Contingency - Jimmy Dental Posted on 10/5/2016
It’s about a guy named JimmyWhetzel I MEAN “Jimmy Dental” I don’t think I’ll appreciate it

Yu Yu Hakusho Opening - Collab Remake BRAZIL Posted on 10/5/2016
Collab BRAZIL Remake - Yu Yu Hakusho Opening

G7- Rescue The Pet Posted on 10/5/2016
Mouse Game

Trump’s Got No Tact Posted on 10/5/2016
A lifeless puppet and creepy dummy compete in a talent show. No one wins.

Whirly Piggy Posted on 10/4/2016
A pig goes on a journey and you must help him to pass the little adventure

SD Robo Combat Arena Posted on 10/4/2016
The robot wars in the arena, continues with brand new five strong robot and different maps

KARMA IS A BEACH Posted on 10/4/2016
Racism and bad parenting. No wonder so many children end up on the street.

Halloween Chunks Posted on 10/3/2016
Halloween Chunks is a Halloween themed classic block collapse puzzle game.

Color Shapes Posted on 10/3/2016
Control two cubes at the same time through 20+ levels.

Monotonous Boredom Part III Posted on 10/3/2016
Stan and Josh discover what gluten-free horrors lie within the possessed doughnut box.

Sanguine 2 Posted on 10/3/2016
Jump, slash and suck your way through this action/stealth hybrid platformer.

Finding Dory REDBAND Trailer (Finding Dory Parody) Posted on 10/3/2016
Parody TRAILER for Finding Dory

Suspect: No Evil 021 Posted on 10/3/2016
Everyone suspects everyone

Polar Pals 2 Posted on 10/2/2016
Two maritime animals have a merry time introducing each other.

Ghost Squad Posted on 10/2/2016
Watch out here come the Ghost Squad!

Mimiru! : Episode 1 - Isosceles Fiction - Team Mimiru Posted on 10/2/2016
“Mimiru!”, is a visual novel styled series about the summer exploits of Kentaro t

Calm HTF Posted on 10/2/2016
Make the HTF characters happy and earn a trip to Starry World!

Scary What Ifs Posted on 10/1/2016
True life scary realities that put goblins, vampires, and zombies to shame.

Game Grumps - Gotta Have that Dong! Posted on 10/1/2016
Only a connoisseur of quivering dong would understand…

Swing of Time Posted on 10/1/2016
The fear of growing old.

Silly walk Animation: Bird Swag Posted on 10/1/2016
My entry for Jazza’s Silly Walk challenge!

Team Teen: Convergence at Gravity Falls! Part 3 Posted on 10/1/2016
The story concludes with more heroes lending a hand.

Pepe Trump MAGA Dance Posted on 10/1/2016
Wow, look at this frog dance! :D

Save Da Hyrule! Posted on 9/30/2016

Do Toads Lay Eggs? Posted on 9/30/2016
X-Nauts have a lot of free time on the FRIGGIN’ MOON!

Sacred Treasure Posted on 9/30/2016
Join the team of adventurers in their hunt for treasures.

See No, Hear No, Speak No Madness Posted on 9/30/2016
Madness Animation

Ninja Sex Party TEST Animation Posted on 9/29/2016
Test footage for a Ninja Sex Party animation

LAURA - GameGrumps Animated Posted on 9/29/2016
A game grumps animated based on a very popular episode

Gravity Simulator Posted on 9/29/2016
Fling planets and change physics in this gravity sandbox

Soccer Surgery 3 Posted on 9/29/2016
Simulator of the most difficult profession in the world

Pollestation Posted on 9/29/2016
The jovial tale of a flower and his newfound friend.

If Mr Crocker was in Pokemon Posted on 9/29/2016
Ever wondered what it would be like if Mr Crocker caught a fairy type pokemon?

Psychicpebbles’s Patreon Posted on 9/28/2016
Psychicpebbles’s Patreon Animated

Easy Joe 3 Posted on 9/28/2016
Joe is back in another crazy adventure. Fun is assured!

Facebooking Posted on 9/28/2016
An accurate depiction of Facebook!

Kirbys Cake Posted on 9/28/2016
Kirby’s Cake

B.F.F.F. Posted on 9/27/2016
Animated short about a boy and his farts

Saitama biggest enemy Posted on 9/27/2016
saitama’s strongest enemy

Selling Candy Posted on 9/27/2016
A cartoon by Marc M.

Pop Nebula Dreamer Level 5 Posted on 9/27/2016
Pop nebula dreamer is a pixel animated comedy adventure.

Blackstorm II Posted on 9/26/2016
Pilot an alien ship and defeat the invading horde

My Interactive Portfolio Posted on 9/26/2016
My portfolio of my 3d art for geting work

Power The Grid 2 Posted on 9/26/2016
Energy Management Tycoon

True History- Gilgamesh Posted on 9/26/2016
Learn about the first Human myth!

Moon Madness Posted on 9/26/2016
A Madness short starring Moon Man!

Volkor X - This Means War ACT I (Official Video) Posted on 9/26/2016
Fantastic Pixel Art animation on a synthwave soundtrack by Volkor X (Official Music Video)

All Shapes and Sizes Posted on 9/25/2016
Damnit, Ted.

Le Madness Posted on 9/25/2016
He will Hunt the Unknown before he gonna be Haunted

Abe & Barney: Pickles Posted on 9/25/2016
Can he open the pickle jar?

Ulandos | Minecraft, AVP Season 3 | Intro Final Posted on 9/25/2016
Intro for Ulandos | Predator kills Minecraft player

Shadows 2 - Into light Posted on 9/25/2016
A sequel to shadows with color-swap mechanics.

Dead Detention 2 After Story Posted on 9/24/2016
Some loose ends tie up, as the 2nd season of Dead Detention comes to a close.

Maze Clicker WEB VERSION Posted on 9/24/2016
Maze Clicker - 2D Mouse only clicking Maze game!

Cuppa Joe Posted on 9/24/2016
A puppet’s quest for coffee turns into a mediocre mystery.

Madness Unleashed Posted on 9/24/2016
Some OP cartoon characters killing lots of people

Samurai Shin Issue #1 Comic Book Release Trailer Posted on 9/23/2016
Samurai Shin Comic Book Has Offically Released

Give Me The Business! Posted on 9/23/2016
Serious fucking business, ya dig?

Through the Dark Willows Posted on 9/23/2016
A short film about mental illness.

Lines FRVR Posted on 9/23/2016
Free Dots and Lines Puzzle Game

Assassinate:Madness Posted on 9/23/2016
See what can these madness assassins do

Dangerous Adventure 2 Posted on 9/23/2016
Puzzle with a huge number of characters, skill and adventures!

Madness Throne (Demo) Posted on 9/22/2016
Shoot up some Madness grunts in the Madness/ Nuclear Throne mashup fan game!

REALM: Fraternization Posted on 9/22/2016
REALM: Episode 3

When Goats Join Cults Posted on 9/22/2016
Are you a goat wondering how to join a goat-eating cult? Play this platformer.

Madness Infiltration Posted on 9/22/2016
Jack Wernicke infiltrates a base of Mercs on his rise to power

Madness: Maxification Posted on 9/22/2016
Celebrate MD16 with the deaths of everybody’s favorite OC’s!

Madness Gladius Posted on 9/21/2016

Top 5 Posted on 9/21/2016
We makin’ a list of the top 5 hottest chicks we ever banged!

Play of the Game - Ass Mercy Posted on 9/21/2016
THE JAM CAVE ► Overwatch Parody

Madness E Collab: 5 Posted on 9/21/2016
Madness Day 2016 Official Collab

Hermine’s Ghost Town Adventure Posted on 9/21/2016
Can you help Hermine find gas for her car and get out of the forsaken place she’s at?

Simgirls Lovemore released! Posted on 9/21/2016
Lovemore is the first-ever RS-RPG made by the creator of Simgirls.

FIRST LOOK at Tempus Trip- The Series Posted on 9/21/2016
FIRST LOOK at Tempus Trip: The Series - Frame Freak Studio - Pilot

super ☆ business ☆ dancing ☆ night Posted on 9/19/2016

Batman v Superman Animated Parody Posted on 9/19/2016
Superheros Parody

Broken : Savlonic Neon Posted on 9/19/2016
Music video for Savlonic’s Broken single from their new album.

Dunkers Posted on 9/19/2016
Physics Basketball mayhem

I Keep Losing Ideas… Posted on 9/19/2016
Oh well, the ideas come back eventually. ;)

Marko Sharko: Missing Dog Posted on 9/19/2016
You are Marko Sharko the first shark detective, today you have a new case!

PUBERTY! Posted on 9/19/2016
My first animation :’3

Garfielf Lunga Posted on 9/19/2016
a Garfielf lasaga Animation but made by me

Kitty Posted on 9/19/2016
A love song from a Tick to a cat.

The Splitting: Chapter 2 Posted on 9/18/2016
A game about people and their reflections

All The Strange Things Posted on 9/18/2016
All the… strange things… true care… truth brings…

Love at first bite Posted on 9/17/2016
Short visual novel about a mysterious girl hiding a dark secret

The Luny & Milky Show - Ep.13 - "Lifeguarding the Flame" Posted on 9/17/2016
Luny & Milky go to the Olympic Games to find out what’s dad’s unnusual work

The Trouble with 10-K Eggs!!! Pokemon GO! FULLY ANIMATED SHORT (parody) Posted on 9/17/2016
Here it is!!!!!! If you play Pokemon GO, you’ve probably experienced this headache!!!

Holy Censorship, Batman! Posted on 9/17/2016
Robin’s got a foul mouth.

Sayonara Shimmer Sensei Parody Animation Posted on 9/17/2016

The Dazzlings TACOCAT - Animation Posted on 9/17/2016
Animation mlp

Go Carefully Posted on 9/16/2016
A Pokemon Go animation i made…

Escape Dark Manor Posted on 9/16/2016
After a long day at work, you were headed home. A horse ran in front of your car.

Houseful of Kids Posted on 9/16/2016
Joey tries to tailor his jokes for a black audience.

Hellami Animated Series Episode 4 "Followers" Posted on 9/16/2016
Hellami Animated Series Episode 4 “Followers”

frieza’s 5th form (latino) dragon ball super parody Posted on 9/16/2016
my vission on how should have been instead of the golden form

Ninja Sex Puppets: Shredded Metal Posted on 9/15/2016
Dan and Ninja Brian have creative differences

The Miracle of Flight Posted on 9/15/2016
Check out The Gentleman’s Armchair Animation By. EssenceCartoon!

Hade Posted on 9/15/2016
Pure minimalist puzzle game about solving spatial issues

Boomerang Chang 2 Posted on 9/15/2016
Somewhere in the far east is one last man standing : Boomerang Chang is back.

Bridge Posted on 9/15/2016
Thing i did for school. Guy and a robot try to cross a bridge

Pokemon Daycare (Parody) Posted on 9/15/2016
Shenanigans at Pokemon Daycare

NWAR: Medias Res Posted on 9/15/2016
Detective Nwar engages in modern nwarfare.

Grade A Under A - ANIMATED Posted on 9/14/2016
Everyone’s favorite big chinned, internet ranter got an animated upgrade!

Motion Portrait: Orient Posted on 9/14/2016
It’s a picture that moves.

Mega64 Animation: Aaahnold Prankenegger Posted on 9/14/2016
Mega64 talk about Arnold Schwartzenegger’s antics in the documentary ‘Pumping Iron’

Damo and Darren 5 Posted on 9/14/2016
Servo Run

SAS: Mc Radiohead Posted on 9/14/2016
i talk about radio head

Pyrocynical Animated Posted on 9/13/2016
Pyrocynical & Friends

Peck Goes to School Posted on 9/13/2016
Summer’s over and it’s back to school for peck! But did he do his summer reading????

Physics Popcorn Everyday 0.3.7 Posted on 9/13/2016
Physics, popcorn, game a nice set to play that up mouthwatering.

invader zim Posted on 9/13/2016
my view of popular animation series “invader zim”

10 2 Sentence Horror Stories Posted on 9/13/2016
an animated interpretation for 2 sentence horror stories

Tales From Termina PREVIEW Posted on 9/13/2016
What ever happened to the Deku Butler’s son?

‘Well of Noise’ Posted on 9/12/2016
Take a look.

Poison TV Posted on 9/12/2016
What are you really watching on TV?

Delete File Posted on 9/12/2016
While working on the last animation jam, I gave up and tried to delete the file.

Phony Phantom Posted on 9/12/2016
Don’t pick up the phone…

CalcaMunguias - 5 Differents Posted on 9/12/2016
Find the 5 differences and have fun with some cartoons

The Magical Sword Ramming Posted on 9/11/2016
Zelda Parody

One Piece Fighting CR: Sanji Posted on 9/11/2016
Which one is the strongest priate in the anime One Piece?

The King’s Birthday Posted on 9/11/2016
What do you get for the King that has everything?

And now, Jonathan Posted on 9/11/2016
Jonathan is just a normal kid expressing himself.

Blind Typer Posted on 9/11/2016
Test your skills typing without see

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Parody Posted on 9/10/2016
Ganondorf is the King of Evil and the king of being a douche!

Pokemon Go Bankrupt Posted on 9/10/2016

Minecraft is for everyone starbomb parody Posted on 9/10/2016

Cave Johnson Rock Turns to combustible Lemons Posted on 9/9/2016
Cave Johnson demands to burn life’s house down!

One Punchmin Posted on 9/9/2016
A new species of Pikmin approaches

Tell Me A Story… Posted on 9/9/2016
Short story of a girl trapped In a dangerous wood

Cube Posted on 9/9/2016
It’s an animation…

To Trap a Rat Posted on 9/9/2016
Who created the booby trap ?

Toys for Lonely Men Posted on 9/9/2016
A horrifically dysfunctional relationship between two odd characters.

On Fire Posted on 9/8/2016
LD36 - Bring fire to your family and friends! Burn yourself to death while doing it!

Make Me Laugh! Posted on 9/8/2016
Help Richard make the queen laugh, or else!

Chillax Life Posted on 9/8/2016
I am back, with a new trend for the 2nd episode that you need to witness and see…

Galactic Kids Next Door Fan Animation Posted on 9/8/2016
This animations is a fanmade of Galactic Kids Next Door

Overwatch Parody: TRACERS BRITISH! Posted on 9/7/2016
Everyone’s favorite character with dat hot booty!

Frumplequest the Conquistador: EMBARRASSMENT (part 2) Posted on 9/7/2016
Frumplequest is forced to remember what was so embarrassing.

Zelda OOT the fallen of King Posted on 9/7/2016
Ocarina of time Fan aNIMATION

Zombilla Team Posted on 9/7/2016
Tap on the screen and smash zombies one by one!

The Woods - Awoken Posted on 9/7/2016
The Woods, a boy who wakes up confused in the woods. Is he dead?

Fanboy Posted on 9/6/2016
You’re a boy with a fan.

Pokemon Go Make Friends Posted on 9/6/2016
The heartwarming tale of a budding new friendship

Radium Lite Posted on 9/6/2016
Radium is a minimalist and physics-based skill game, featuring unique game controls.

Chaos Eclipse Posted on 9/6/2016
A short, dark visual novel about conspiracy, death and the end of the world…? 4 endings!

Calloused Hands Posted on 9/6/2016
I can’t find where to buy lotion for my calloused hands…

Cat in Japan Posted on 9/6/2016
The Bonte cat has arrived in Japan and can’t stop dreaming about sushi…

Driving Force 3 Posted on 9/6/2016
3D Action Driving Game

Vending Machine Posted on 9/6/2016
Seems like a regular old vending machine

Pokemon Go is for PUSSIES!!! Posted on 9/5/2016
wow what a controversial title

Rick and Morty vs The Forces of Evil Posted on 9/5/2016
Mash up of Rick and Morty and Star vs the Forces of Evil

Steel Ball Run fan-trailer Animation Posted on 9/5/2016
A trailer for JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 7: Steel Ball Run

Log Matrix Posted on 9/5/2016
Survive riding the log

ThepivotsXXD makes a joke Posted on 9/4/2016
How hilarous !

Perverted Toads Posted on 9/4/2016
Right behind the princess..

A Sweet Typing Thrill Posted on 9/3/2016
The sequel to “Playing With Letters”- A text-based puzzle game.

If No Man’s Sky Was Multiplayer Posted on 9/3/2016
Short No Man’s Sky parody cartoon about meeting another player.

You Best Memories Posted on 9/3/2016
video about undertale

Adrenaline Shots - Animated Trailer / Channel Intro for Horror Series Posted on 9/3/2016
Trailer for Adrenaline Shots Series starring Danny Richard & Mistress Morphine! All conten

Ancient Orb Posted on 9/2/2016
You are in a Ancient Temple. Collect orbs to fuel the ancient apparatuses.

Toon Escape: Mall Posted on 9/2/2016
OMG! You are like totally stuck in a mall! Can you escape? Sure you can!!

Welcoming the noobie! Posted on 9/2/2016
Funny story about roommates, one of them is dead. :[

Epic Pokemon Go Adventure - Kamlot and Pri Posted on 9/2/2016
Pokemon Go addiction

Tips for Retail Employees! Posted on 9/2/2016
ever been in retail? ME TOO! here's some tips I found helpful!

The Storm Before the Calm (Sonic fan animation) Posted on 9/2/2016
Sonic takes a look back on an old fight

RubberOnionBattle August 2016 Posted on 9/2/2016
Animation Battle Compilation for August 2016

youtube logic Posted on 9/2/2016
how youtube treats its workers

The First Revelation Posted on 9/2/2016
This is a true story that happened to me when I was seven years old.

Rick And Morty: Soylent LeafGreen Posted on 9/1/2016
In an alternate dimension of Rick and Morty, Pokemon Go has become a reality!

Thrift Store Clothes : Foamy The Squirrel Posted on 9/1/2016
Germaine notices something strange in a local thrift store...

A Poetic Meal Posted on 9/1/2016
Germaine places an order in a creative way

thISIS a robbery Posted on 9/1/2016
Guy trys to rob bank... it doesn't go well

Bottles Posted on 8/31/2016
The truth depends on your point of view.

Van Helsing vs Skeletons 2 Posted on 8/31/2016
The skeletons are back, but you have brought some new weapons!

105.2 Posted on 8/31/2016
A little game about a radio and a gas station.

The Tale Teller Posted on 8/30/2016
An old storyteller enters a city with nothing but the stories he wishes to pass on...

Responsible Dad! Posted on 8/30/2016
He is responsible!

The Tornado Posted on 8/30/2016
A tornado tries to find a way to fit in, but ends up making some friends along the way.

Talkin' Sh!t Posted on 8/30/2016
It's pretty much all in the title.

Colossal Cave (Unfinished) Posted on 8/30/2016
Explore ancient ruins.

Every Man's Refund Posted on 8/30/2016
Trade, craft, fight, survive, and explore an INFINITE universe! Your universe is waiting!

Pokemon Omeger Rubyer Part 2 Posted on 8/30/2016
More speedrunning through Hoenn.

Shanghai: The Ultraviolent Posted on 8/30/2016
Animated music videos and other material from Shanghai's concept album 'The Ultraviolent'

The Mask: The Musical: The Game Posted on 8/30/2016
Platform shooter

Steam Heart Posted on 8/30/2016
LD36 72 Jam: Ancient Technology

Resident Evil Ebola Posted on 8/29/2016
S.T.A.R.S Echo Team investigates a conspiracy related to the International disease Ebola.

League of Legends Ahri Trailer Posted on 8/29/2016
Fan made trailer of Ahri from League of Legends

Crossing Posted on 8/28/2016
My final production animation for a 6 month course

Don't play with Sona Posted on 8/28/2016
Don't play wiith Sona

Topple Trump Posted on 8/28/2016
Topple Trump | It's The Game You'll Love To Hate

Spell Sorter Posted on 8/28/2016
A game about being a wizard, whose job is to choose spells to publish.

Character Aniamtions Reel Posted on 8/27/2016
Demo reel showing how well I animate characters

Asylum Murder House Posted on 8/27/2016
You are trapped alone, solve the mystery with the objects and escape from there.

Gregory Goat: Angry M.D. #1 Posted on 8/27/2016
A doctor who has no patience for his patients.

Brain Drama Posted on 8/27/2016
My brain hates me and I hate my brain.

UNDERTALE: Last fight Posted on 8/27/2016
Frisk x Sans

The Drunk and Disorderly Posted on 8/26/2016
A humorous story about my friend’s dad after one too many!

Akita - Rude Awakening Posted on 8/26/2016
Hot Dog Buns

Gwain Saga - Chapter 02 Posted on 8/26/2016
GwainSaga - (Original Serie)

Woodland Way Posted on 8/26/2016
Hop your way across the platforms.

Dig Dug Who Posted on 8/26/2016
What is the quickest way to dig for the treasure ? Stanley will show you how

Tower of Beauty Posted on 8/25/2016
Build high tower using eyed beauties as bricks

Animated Ambition Posted on 8/25/2016
TheMind - Animated Ambition ft. Mick Jenkins, Noname & Jesse Boykins III

Runes of the Ancient Forest Posted on 8/25/2016
Old school match 3 game

Ojello Posted on 8/25/2016
Cut up the jello

Luna Animated Posted on 8/25/2016

The Luny & MIlky Show - Ep.09 - "Auntie Florence" (spells and witches ;) Posted on 8/25/2016
Milky messes up with a witch… abrakadabra!

Skitzo-Fisherman Follies Posted on 8/25/2016
A lost Skitzo cartoon from 1921!

Reaper’s Blossom Posted on 8/24/2016
Reaper uses his ultimate as it should be.

Robot Boy Show - 8/24/16 Posted on 8/24/2016
the second to last episode of my show

Pound the Puss Posted on 8/24/2016
A naughty Point & Click Adventure game about a cat named Pound!

Next! Posted on 8/24/2016
11 second club animamtion

Sphere of DOOM (Super Monkey Ball Parody) Posted on 8/23/2016
AiAi thinks it’s safe to roll down hill in a giant glass ball. We’ll see about that.

Toon Escape: Amazon Posted on 8/23/2016
You are stuck in the amazon, can you escape?

Ron Inose Posted on 8/23/2016
Some sexy and some action. An entry for the NG mascot animation jam 2016

Color Tease Posted on 8/23/2016
can u do two things at the same time?

1 Minute Personality Test Posted on 8/23/2016
What kind of person are you?

‘Cereal Weirdness’ Posted on 8/22/2016
My favourite part of the Super Market!

Baxter Posted on 8/22/2016
Baxter doesn’t agree with the rules of the game and is having a tantrum.

SAJ2016: Building Rage Posted on 8/22/2016
Nice weather we’re having.

Doggy Business Posted on 8/22/2016
A big head dog auditions to be the mascot of some commercials.

Speedpaint (Photoshop) Star Butterfly Posted on 8/22/2016
Star Butterfly

Simgirls Rosebery Teaser II Posted on 8/22/2016
Simgirls Rosebery is coming soon

NWAR: Flash Back Posted on 8/21/2016
Detective Nwar flashes back to his days as a police officer.

Boba Fett Vs Alien Posted on 8/21/2016
Boba Fett fighting Aliens to killer punk rock music!

What No Man’s Sky should have looked like.

Ghostbusters the Musical Posted on 8/20/2016
Sexist or not sexist, ghosts exist.

Chronicle Bulletin #6 Posted on 8/20/2016
The finale of Chronicle Bulletin. A quest for answers, leads to a dark, bloody Halloween.

POKÉMON GO GET A LIFE (Pokémon Go Song) Posted on 8/20/2016

Yeelon Madness 2 Posted on 8/20/2016
Agent 324, Sokar, Madness

MarsQuest Posted on 8/20/2016
Break rocks, Collect minerals, Explore places, Defeat martians

Inspired Posted on 8/19/2016
Inspired by a true story

How to Pokémon GO Posted on 8/19/2016
Learn the ins-and-outs of the world’s most popular broken game!

Today I’m gonna cross the road ! Posted on 8/19/2016
Being a frog is not as easy as it seems.

Awesome Boss - Slash Posted on 8/19/2016
Game animations for an awesome boss competition

Ninja Scroll Posted on 8/18/2016
Head ninja Sub-Zero clan has been slaughter by a unknown task causing him to call in lead

Hit the Hay Posted on 8/18/2016
Hit the Hay

Game Grumps cartoon: Pet My Ass! Posted on 8/18/2016
Egoraptor has a weird cat

Suntria and Sprout - Episode 1 Posted on 8/18/2016
What’s up with Suntria?

SleepyCast Animated- "Steven’s Popcorn Necklace" Posted on 8/18/2016
Audio from SleepyCast S2:E21- [Happy Family Partridge Guy]

CYBERBULLIED! | Root & Digby 23 Posted on 8/18/2016
Root gets a mean video made about her

SHAPE GUYS - Drug Deal Posted on 8/18/2016
Two broke friends take on a drug deal to make cash. The friends are also shapes.

Shattered Heaven Ep. 6 Posted on 8/17/2016
The mecha entrance exam takes a turn for the worst.

Pepper Steak - 14 - Magic Wand Posted on 8/17/2016
Today, Pepper Steak is shopping for a Magic Wand

THE MUSCLE HELICOPTER Posted on 8/16/2016
Featuring Epic Voice Guy

The Luny & Milky Show - Ep.12 - Pukecide Squademon (Pokemon x Suicide Squad parody) Posted on 8/16/2016
Luny & Milky play Pokemon Go and end up fighting each other, Suicide Squad style.

Fractured 4 Posted on 8/16/2016
A bonus chapter in the Fractured saga.

Pokemon Go! Team Rocket Posted on 8/16/2016
Dont travel alone while playing Pokemon

LOST: My Mind Posted on 8/16/2016
‘When your mind wanders, where does it go?’

Hellami Animated Series Episode 3 "Bloodied" Posted on 8/16/2016
Hellami Animated Series Episode 3 “Bloodied”

BB10’s Friendship Adventure Posted on 8/16/2016
Clocks, porno groove, guns, bad writing. The perfect storm.

Cool Thoughts part something Posted on 8/16/2016
i not ded

BB10 Saves the World! Posted on 8/16/2016
BB10 saves the world!

ClockDay 2016: Official Music Video Posted on 8/15/2016
The Official Music Video of Clock Day 2016!

Ricks Pokemon Go Tales Posted on 8/15/2016
Pokemon Go in a nutshell

The Bird’s Dental Dam Posted on 8/15/2016

[CLOCKDAY] Return of the King Posted on 8/15/2016
Clockday film Return of the King

Stuck on a Roller Coaster Posted on 8/15/2016
I was so scared, I almost pooed my Lee Dungarees

Clock Crew At It Again Posted on 8/15/2016
Those rascals just don’t know when to quit!

OTB - Deep Six Posted on 8/15/2016
RadioTube finds his fortune deep underwater in a wrecked submarine.

A Man and a Clock Posted on 8/14/2016
What? What clock? I don’t see one in the thumbnail.

TD-I’m A Second Year Posted on 8/14/2016
It’s great when older students show you the ropes.

Madness Short: Armi’s Factory Posted on 8/13/2016
Madness Short: Armi’s Factory

Adios Amigo Posted on 8/13/2016
Music-based sci-fi adventure of love and loss.

Popcorn Please! Posted on 8/13/2016
Why won’t this old man leave me alone?

Shadow Adventure Posted on 8/13/2016
Collect carrots and avoid your own shadow spawn

The Wolf’s Heart - Episode 1 / Stop Motion Animation Posted on 8/13/2016
Fantasy Stop Motion Animation

That Pokeyman Thing Your Grandkids Are Into Posted on 8/13/2016
All the joys of the mobile monster-hunting craze! From the perspective of an 80 year old.

Chronicle Bulletin #5 Posted on 8/12/2016
Anime-inspired interactive story! The club starts to unravel a mystery plaguing New Heart!

Mission Escape: Desert Posted on 8/12/2016
Your mission went wrong and now you are stuck in the desert! Can you escape?

The Nicktoons Movie Posted on 8/12/2016
What if they made a Nicktoons crossover movie?

Recycle!!!! Posted on 8/12/2016
Remember to recycle

Reach the Toilet 2 Posted on 8/11/2016
Reach the Toilet or poop trying!

Valbe - Paraíso Tras la Primavera - Time Lapse 01 (Animation Process) Posted on 8/11/2016
Valbe - Paraíso Tras la Primavera - Time Lapse 01 (Animation Process) 2016

Exeggutor | NOPE! Posted on 8/11/2016
I wonder how the Alolan Exeggutor got that way?

Robbers Target 1.0.0 Posted on 8/11/2016
Protect your personal home from dangerous insane looters!


Combat Adventure Posted on 8/11/2016
An Atari-based short

Drake and Future: Flight Attendants Posted on 8/10/2016
If Drake and Future were flight attendants

UnTown: Henry’s mission [Reanimated] Posted on 8/10/2016
Blah Blah Blah Klytex [Reanimated]

Nites - Under the wind Posted on 8/10/2016
Episode 4 of the Nites series

So I was playing pokemon go the other day

Treasure Traps Posted on 8/10/2016
Killer Plants and Nasty Bird Poops, Stoneboy has to overcome them to find the treasure

Powerpuff Z-Warriors Posted on 8/10/2016
Goku, Vegeta, & Piccolo have dedicated their lives to fighting crime & the forces of evil

Baby’s Day Out Posted on 8/9/2016
sometimes you must venture outside

Marko Sharko: Stolen Necklace Posted on 8/9/2016
Join Marko Sharko on his second investigation!

The Cronikles: Alone Posted on 8/9/2016
Dilan gets put in charge of the house.

Comics + Games = ? Posted on 8/8/2016
Trying to combine comics and games.

Complaining Deadshot - Suicide Squad - Animated Short Posted on 8/8/2016
Deadshot complaining about the movie.

klocki Posted on 8/8/2016
“klocki” is a minimal puzzle game.

BLUE SKIN - MUSIC VIDEO Posted on 8/8/2016

The Start - Geometry Dash Animation Posted on 8/7/2016
Our friend here discovers the world of Geometry Dash.

DIMENSION4L episode 1 Posted on 8/7/2016
A story of murder, love and weird, magical nonsense.

Viral Video Superstar Posted on 8/7/2016
Follow Abo as he sets out on a quest to create the biggest viral video ever

Fury of Metal Posted on 8/7/2016
Activate the robot and clear your way into the city.

Cinema Madness Posted on 8/7/2016
Help Crazy Dad make everyone quiet and enjoy a relaxing evening at the movie theater.

Pokemon GO in SPACE (Animation / Cartoon) Posted on 8/7/2016
Imagine what Pokemon GO would be like in SPACE!

Pokemon Go-Go Posted on 8/7/2016
Wake me up for Pokemon GO GO!

Cockroach Man S01E04 Posted on 8/7/2016
Rick gets help from Cockroach Man to catch Ivan!

Far From The Reef Posted on 8/7/2016
A fish has trouble dealing with the dangers of love and drugs.

[Undertale] Doggo’s Stop & Go Posted on 8/7/2016
The Undertale gang play a game with a visually-impaired doggo

MDE: CREAMY ITALIAN Posted on 8/6/2016
Nice hot cream, splash in face and rub 4-6 hours

Cool Whip - Mario Animation Posted on 8/6/2016
A remake of a clip from Family Guy. Funny!

Squid Sisters: FEMM POW! Posted on 8/5/2016
The Squid Sisters perform POW! by FEMM_

Hitting Stuff at a Building Posted on 8/5/2016
A delightful shower of masonry.

Wretched Teacher Kinkle - Episode 1 Posted on 8/5/2016
Sady’s father complains to Teacher Kinkle about the school.

Battle for the Galaxy Official Posted on 8/5/2016
Prepare for a technological war for resources!

Toons These Days: Ep 67 Posted on 8/5/2016
Doggy talks about Wander Over Yonder

Metro and Every Other Shooter Posted on 8/4/2016
Metro is a fun game

Miranda Lawson Mass Effect Fanart - Speed Painting Posted on 8/4/2016
Process of digital painting

Click Bait Posted on 8/4/2016
Be careful what you click, you never know where it might lead.

Why Does Flies Buzz? Posted on 8/4/2016
A different idea on why do flies buzz…

Freak Show Posted on 8/3/2016
Come one, come all! Welcome to the Freak Show!

Project Drakkhen - Game Grumps Animated Collaboration Posted on 8/3/2016
A HUGE Game Grumps animation collaboration!

Ones and Zeros-An Original Minecraft Song Posted on 8/3/2016
Ones and Zeros-An Original Minecraft Song

The Ascent of Alfred: Trailer Posted on 8/3/2016
Coming This Election

CRTrouble Posted on 8/3/2016

Underpunch. Posted on 8/2/2016
One punch man and Undertale parody

‘Dog Box Collosseum’ Posted on 8/1/2016
A battle of absurdity,

Black Story, Second episode Posted on 8/1/2016
Black Story, Second episode

Zone-tan meets Devil-Lynn Posted on 8/1/2016
Zone-tan and Devil-Lynn have a conversation

Sign here Posted on 8/1/2016
A bird collects signatures and it leads him to a certain deal.

Meincrampft: The Blockening Posted on 7/31/2016
Rob can’t take another damn Minecraft video!

Teyeler Ep0: The Orb Posted on 7/31/2016
Teyeler makes a stop to witness a historical event.

You Knew What I Was When You Picked Me Up: No Evil 020 Posted on 7/31/2016
Made it to Hollow

Tech-Savvy Tektiti Posted on 7/31/2016
What could go wrong in a junkyard full of forgotten trinkets?

Family Guy WTF News Posted on 7/30/2016
We took a real life News broadcast and gave it a twist

Bar Chicks Posted on 7/30/2016
This is why you don’t meet women at the bar.

CJ, Ben, And Sean - Episode 1 - 2 Minutes?! Posted on 7/30/2016
Sean has 2 minutes to get ready for work.

What If Undertale Was A Sitcom??? Posted on 7/30/2016
Aren’t you just DYING to know???

Dr. Doe’s Chemical Kitchen Posted on 7/29/2016
Dr. Doe: Quantum baker, pastry topologist, deer.

The Donald 4 Prez Posted on 7/29/2016
Donald Trump will be the classiest, most luxurious president you’ve ever seen, believe me.

Marvel Posted on 7/29/2016
A space drifter has an encounter with an extra terrestrial being

SSSG: Haunted Castle Posted on 7/29/2016
Join Sneaky in his search for the family treasure!

Sum Tracks 2 Posted on 7/29/2016
Add, subtract, multiply and divide! Time to give your brain a workout!

Crash Zoom: Sky Scam Posted on 7/29/2016
Fasten your seatbelts and prepare for rip-off!

Who Wants to WIN Some CASH? Posted on 7/29/2016
Check out America’s Favorite Game Show!

Yuki-chan 9 (Kaorimonogatari) Posted on 7/29/2016
short parody of Monogatari series

POKÉMON GO ANIMATION (Plague of Zubats) Posted on 7/28/2016
So Many Zubats

SCA: The Cometh (S1E9) Posted on 7/28/2016
An animated podcast, brought to you by Rodeo brand paper towels

She. Posted on 7/28/2016
“I was wrong. She has found us. Please don’t co— *inaudible*.”

D.Vangelion Posted on 7/28/2016
Funny Evangelion meme

Sonic X-plane Posted on 7/28/2016
Explain your actions.

ChiruChiru Posted on 7/27/2016
“Let’s remain the same”

Batman vs. Godzilla Posted on 7/27/2016
Batman takes on his hardest challenge yet!

Awesome Nesscar - Money (Flipnote Studio 3D) MV Posted on 7/27/2016
A Flipnote Studio 3D MV

Horrific Forest Posted on 7/27/2016
A horrifying tale of friendship and adventure….

Click Farm Posted on 7/26/2016
Click your way to the top of the farm world!

Project Beta Posted on 7/26/2016
Project Beta

Killa | Fight Animation Posted on 7/26/2016
A short animation about a bunny violently getting revenge on a pack of canines.

Awesome run 2 Posted on 7/26/2016
Amazing sport runner without any rules!

The Heist Posted on 7/26/2016
3 thugs plan a heist at the local 7 El Evan… Will they succeed?

Brutally Honest With Teddy - The Birds and the Bees (Ep 2) Posted on 7/26/2016
Brutally Honest With Teddy - The Birds and the Bees (Ep 2)

Hail The Next President! Donald Trump Posted on 7/25/2016
The leader we all deserve.

Gerblyville Stories - Prologue Posted on 7/25/2016

Toon Escape: Graveyard Posted on 7/25/2016
You woke up in a graveyard, all alone. Well, not really! Can you escape?

Castle of Glass Posted on 7/25/2016
Toss stones by a lake, as a girl and her grandmother cope with loss.

Crazy Substitute Teachers Posted on 7/24/2016
Enjoy, NG

Pokemon GO is LIFE - The Struggle Posted on 7/24/2016
If you play Pokemon GO - you understand the struggle

Vacuum Salesman Posted on 7/24/2016
This dude and his Megazord vacuum cleaner

Better nerf Irelia Posted on 7/24/2016
better nerf irelia

Baby Boy Posted on 7/24/2016
Frank’s scary dream

Finger’s Crisis Posted on 7/23/2016
An epic story about nose-picking.

Mission Escape: Cave Posted on 7/23/2016
Your mission was blown and you are stuck in a cave! Can you escape?

ANUSBOY THE MOVIE PREVIEW 2016 Posted on 7/23/2016
The Anusboy: The Movie preview that was shown on Picoday 2016

Hellami Animated Series Special "Duo" Posted on 7/23/2016
Hellami Animated Series Special “Duo”

Super Hero Clock Episode 2 short preview Posted on 7/23/2016
Short preview of Super Hero Clock Episode 2 part 1.

Shoot-out in the West Posted on 7/22/2016
The team of brave space explorers gets involved in crazy shot-out in the west.

Shadowless Posted on 7/22/2016
Only a shadowless hero can defeat the Queen of Shadows.

Frantic Planes 2 Posted on 7/22/2016
The monkey island is under a super hard battle.

Markiplier Animated | Until Dawn | NO Posted on 7/22/2016
Markiplier discovers the consequences of his actions….

Dave Chappelle as Bugs Bunny Posted on 7/21/2016
Bugs Bunny animated to Dave Chappelle audio

Chronicle Bulletin #4 Posted on 7/21/2016
Anime-inspired interactive story! The club has been wrapped up in a vampire mystery!

IronSaga Posted on 7/21/2016
Raid the castle of the wrongful king! A medieval action packed adventure.

Rullo Posted on 7/21/2016
An addictive and challenging simple math puzzle game

Starla the Stoner Posted on 7/20/2016
Starla is a stoner who loves to party

It’s a Shore Thing Posted on 7/20/2016
Help Eddie get his watermelon so he can finally spend a nice and relaxing day at the beach

Orbiteer: Guerrilla Posted on 7/20/2016
Death & Rebirth. Abstract arena SHMUP

Numb Posted on 7/20/2016
An animated music video for Roomie’s song Numb

Pokemon Gone Wrong Posted on 7/20/2016
A short about Pokemon GO

Adventure High Clean 0.25 Posted on 7/20/2016
Use your power of Control magic to become a hero… or villain!

Idle Game Dev Posted on 7/19/2016
Make games, hire programmers, get rich!

Dreams and Reality Posted on 7/19/2016
And so it dreamt.

The Epic Gang Posted on 7/19/2016
Hack ‘n’ Slash Action RPG.

Overwatch In a Nutshell Posted on 7/19/2016

A Really Cool Girl Posted on 7/19/2016
Girl Dies.

Baby Hands Posted on 7/19/2016
Baby Hands

A Super Mario Bros. Joke. Posted on 7/18/2016
Mario gives Luigi some useful advice.

The Parable of the Holy Man Posted on 7/18/2016
A man from the village goes to visit the wise holy man on the mountain!

Goodbye Zubat :’c - Pokemon GO Parody Posted on 7/18/2016
Ever wondered what happens when you transfer your Pokemon in Pokémon GO!?

Shword Posted on 7/18/2016
Shoot swords, teleport and don’t mess with the turtles

Drake and the adventure of explosion Posted on 7/18/2016
its about a boy named drake who will show u all how explosion works

Rocket Board Posted on 7/18/2016
Jump through a bustling cat city collecting fish for points.

Markiplier Animated | Mark Of The Survey Corps Posted on 7/18/2016
This took far too long to make…

That One Blind Posted on 7/17/2016
There’s always that one blind…

Heavenly Hell Posted on 7/17/2016
Help to escape the little soul from the prison of hell

Cafouillage Posted on 7/17/2016
Football helmets are insanely uncomfortable.

Flash Library: Sleep Posted on 7/17/2016
Artistunknown, MistyEntertainment and Natty23 make movies about sleep!

Archfoe Change Prologue Posted on 7/16/2016
Superheroine now neededs to care for her amnesiac archfoe.

Grids Posted on 7/16/2016
Help a little knight to escape from a collapsing dungeon!

Hellami Animated Series Episode 2 "Intersection" Posted on 7/16/2016
Hellami Animated Series Episode 2 “Intersection”

The Child of Eden: Animated Trailer Posted on 7/16/2016
Animated promo for The Child of Eden comic

Game Grumps Animated - Scientific "D"iscussion (Roche Limit) Posted on 7/15/2016
Game Grumps - Heated “D”iscussion 2: The “D”efinitive Edition!

CloudJam Posted on 7/15/2016
A fisherman attempts for a bigger catch, a giant bird.

Snorlax Sux Posted on 7/15/2016
Snorlax sux he really does…

Makros Superpos Posted on 7/15/2016
A game. Not a game. Maybe both!

Armed Burgerly Posted on 7/15/2016

Hungry Hedg Posted on 7/15/2016
Feed the Hedgehog!

Toon Escape: Mini Golf Posted on 7/14/2016
You are stuck in a mini golf course, can you escape?

Kamlot and Pri - Super Chicken USA Posted on 7/14/2016
Kamlot is hungry!

MOANCORE Posted on 7/14/2016
Fernando’s side project interferes with Gooseman’s plans for the business.

Daydreaming - Bittersweet Candy Bowl Posted on 7/14/2016
What’s Mike so distracted by?

Ketchup King Posted on 7/14/2016
Undertale Parody Animation - Sans the Ketchup King

We Hope To See You Again Posted on 7/13/2016
A Pokémon Parody

My Nightmare for a Horse Posted on 7/13/2016
What be await thee in thy wood?

Tribal Hoop Posted on 7/13/2016
Ever wonder how cavemen play basketball ?

Pokemon NO Posted on 7/13/2016
Pokemon GO is dangerous.

Damien & Dezz Ep. 3 Posted on 7/12/2016
Levi finds that he has hidden feelings for Dezzy.

Shark Cops Posted on 7/12/2016
Apex Predators of the Sea; On the street on the beat and ready to take a bite out of Crime …

Kaitlyn and the Diving Helmet Posted on 7/12/2016
Help Kaitlyn return an old artifact which was stolen from her grandmother

The Squishables Season 7 Episodes #1 and #2: The Recyishables Posted on 7/12/2016
The Squishables start recycling in their classroom!

Stereotype: Irish Posted on 7/12/2016
Go to Ireland. Start a riot. Potatoes.

BAD BRAIN FACTORY Posted on 7/11/2016
what we can do

Intern Robot Doctor Posted on 7/11/2016
There’s a new doctor in town… and he’s a ROBOT doctor!

The Parable of the Smuggler Posted on 7/11/2016
They thought he was smuggling something, but always come up empty handed

Robot Jobs Posted on 7/11/2016
A movie about robot cats

S.A.H.U. vs Funkotron Posted on 7/11/2016
S.A.H.U the robot meets a new threat!

SAJ2016: Teacher’s Pet Posted on 7/11/2016
Made for the 2nd round of Summer Animation Jam 2016 (and Robot Day!)

Robot Hotline Posted on 7/10/2016
Sponsored by Misses Muffers Meat Masher Sausages

RoboChef Posted on 7/10/2016
A waitress shows a robot how it’s done

TRANSformers Posted on 7/10/2016
What happens when Megatron discovers he’s really a woman?

Robotizer 2036 Posted on 7/10/2016
Robots take people’s jobs

Sneak Bot 199X Posted on 7/10/2016
In the year 199X robots are being entirely miss-used

Frumplequest the Conquistador: EMBARRASSMENT (part 1) Posted on 7/10/2016
Frumplequest is on a new quest! And it’s SO EMBARRASSING!!

Speedpaint: Anya Borzakovskaya (4th of July Special) Posted on 7/10/2016
A speedpaint video of my Anya Borzakovskaya Pinup I did for Independence Day

Avengers: Independence Day! Posted on 7/9/2016
Patriotism, starring your favorite cocktoon pals.

Douche Bag Guitar Man Posted on 7/8/2016
We all know, or at least have seen, that one douche bag with a guitar

Danny’s Freestyle Rap! GG ANIMATED Posted on 7/8/2016
Danny does a little freestylin in this one broh

If Rappers Had Ordinary Jobs Posted on 7/8/2016
What if rappers had reguar jobs

Li’l Buddies 7 Posted on 7/8/2016
Ok, so you know how like, we’re all gonna die? Like we’ll all be dead people?

from TotSI: Robot Posted on 7/8/2016
I have been hornswaggled!

Game Grumps - Pancakes Posted on 7/7/2016
Arin and Danny go out on a hot date together!

Dreadfully simple: Kievan Rus Posted on 7/7/2016
The origins of Russia, made dreadfully simple

Anicon - Animal Complex Demo Posted on 7/7/2016
A romance, comedy, fantasy Otome Game featuring animal boys.

Yoshi’s Island Anime Opening Posted on 7/7/2016
It’s over 20 years since the release of Yoshi’s Island for the Super Nintendo Entertainmen

Phobia Posted on 7/7/2016
The story is about a little boy with a great imagination and an even greater secret

Monster Book Posted on 7/6/2016
A collection of drawings from 8 year old me.

Mission Escape: Roof Posted on 7/6/2016
Your mission failed but hey, you are alive! Now can you make it off the roof??

Squidwards Madness Posted on 7/6/2016
squidwards life

Ikimono High 2: Monster girls dating sim Posted on 7/6/2016
Monster girls dating simulation game

Famous Paintings Parodies 8 Posted on 7/5/2016
This game teaches and entertains about famous paintings, play it!

Ambers Day Out Posted on 7/4/2016
you ever had someone try to blue ball your fun?

The Parable of the Sacred Turtle Posted on 7/4/2016
Once upon a time there was a very sacred turtle…

Hydroid Posted on 7/4/2016
Robot that would kill for water.

Dungeon Screener Posted on 7/4/2016
Fast paced Dungeon Crawler with RPG and Roguelike elements.

Horrortale Teaser Posted on 7/4/2016
Guide the human through a hellish Snowdin (Undertale Fan Game)

Towers Of Collision: Opening Posted on 7/4/2016
The Towers have been awaken from many centuries of it’s extinction.

Oscar´s Tale Posted on 7/4/2016
Virtual Book about the most travelled Dog in world - Real Story

Hello Posted on 7/3/2016
Hello is about a boy who desperately wants a girl’s attention.

OneyPlays ANIMATED : GTA 5 with Mods Posted on 7/3/2016
A OneyPlays gameplay animated

STUPID GAME JOKES Posted on 7/3/2016
It’s exactly what you think

TD-Appearances Posted on 7/3/2016
I look weird. So do you.

How To Use Adobe Animate 101 Posted on 7/3/2016
Learn how to animate, dawg!

Exlex Asylum Posted on 7/2/2016
Stuck deep inside the dark and dank asylum, can you muster up enough nerve to escape????

Night Of The Werewolves Posted on 7/2/2016
A bloody tale of werewolf horror!

RubberOnionBattle June 2016 Posted on 7/1/2016
Animation Battle Compilation for June 2016

Toon Escape: Park Posted on 7/1/2016
The park is full of mystery and puzzles, can you escape?

Stop Your Hiding Posted on 7/1/2016
A visual representation on internal struggles with depression and creativity.

Somewhere Other: Hum Posted on 7/1/2016
Arc 5 Begins!

BPTV PILOT Posted on 7/1/2016

Hell is Full Posted on 7/1/2016
All mankind were lost in a new war. Billions of souls goes to the hell.

BOF Says Don’t Litter - Handshake Fail Posted on 7/1/2016
A PSA style for the Rubber Onion Battle of June- Handshake Fail

Shaggy-Doo! (Scooby-Doo Parody) (2015) Posted on 7/1/2016
Originally Uploaded: Nov. 2015 on YouTube

Star Wars: The Forced Ending (Force Awakens Parody) Posted on 7/1/2016
Originally Uploaded: January 2016 on YouTube.

Damo and Darren 4 Posted on 6/30/2016
No Smoking

Forgotten Hill: Puppeteer Posted on 6/30/2016
Face the mysteries of the Puppet Theatre and escape its horrors!

I am the ninja Posted on 6/30/2016
The sensei its very angry you are the last hope

Terra Monsters 3 Opening Posted on 6/30/2016
Simple lives of terra monsters

Leave Vegeta Alone! (DBZ Parody) (2015) Posted on 6/30/2016
Originally Uploaded: August 2015 on Youtube.

Lonely Escape: Chateau Posted on 6/29/2016
Lost, and alone. At least you found refuge in this abandoned chateau, but can you escape?

Adored Posted on 6/28/2016
Only through adversity can we truly love ourselves

The Creamery Warlock Posted on 6/28/2016
We follow the day of Waste T. Rubbish. Some dairy-super-powered, dibshit.

A Wizard’s Journey Day 4 Posted on 6/28/2016
The wizard is getting close to completing his journey, why not join him?

Empty Space 3 - Love Blurts Posted on 6/28/2016
Blobert schmoozes with the rest of the crew.

Dead End St Posted on 6/28/2016
Keep the undead at bay!

All My People Posted on 6/28/2016
A soap opera by Marc M.

The Pussy Slayer Posted on 6/28/2016
someone challenges the PUSSY SLAYER

Top 10 Ways To Go Bald AF Posted on 6/27/2016
Here’s another faux top 10 list for you - let’s figure this s*** out together.

‘Worm Herb’ Posted on 6/27/2016
A crab is looking for seasoning.

Fine Dining Posted on 6/27/2016
(Loopjam) A fine dining experience with a dinosaur!

Archery practice Posted on 6/27/2016
Kid tries to impress his father with his archery skills

House Insurance | Root & Digby 22 Posted on 6/27/2016
Root and Digby get their house insurance money! Time to rebuild!

Spinstravaganza Posted on 6/27/2016
Rej displays his twirling talents

Samurai Cat Posted on 6/27/2016
Who keeps interrupting samurai cat’s dinner?

The Epic Saxicorn’s Dance Party! Posted on 6/27/2016
Warning: Excessive Flashing Lights and Colors

Memory Loss Posted on 6/27/2016
The cereal killer strikes again

Love Chase Posted on 6/26/2016
Help Chase find new love

Pop Culture Clash - Mario Coin VS Sonic Ring Posted on 6/26/2016
Two of gaming’s biggest ‘icons’ square off!

SAJ2016 - Mary’s Paradise Posted on 6/26/2016
My contribution for round 1 of the 2016 Summer Animation Jam.

Pokemon is Demonic Apparently Posted on 6/26/2016
I had no idea…

Ahri pentakill + speedpaint Posted on 6/26/2016

Antisocial Interactions Posted on 6/25/2016
The mind of a socially awkward mess

The Socks/Pants Debacle - NIK’S MUNDANE LIFE Posted on 6/25/2016
QUICK, socks first or pants first??

A Doodles Revenge Posted on 6/24/2016
(LOOPJAM) A doodle escapes a notebook and plans for world domination!

Mr.Timan Posted on 6/24/2016
Physics platformer with time-portals. One place - two times and different level geometry.

Samba de Pepe Posted on 6/24/2016
A musical party at the beach! with a funny background story

CaptainCarbonara Loop Posted on 6/24/2016
Animation Jam Round 1: LOOP submission

Cloud Wars Sunny Day 2 Posted on 6/23/2016
Such a beautiful day.. for warfare! Conquer and reclaim your throne as the Cloud King.

Zombies Super Race Posted on 6/23/2016
Zombies Super Race : Its Zombie Time.Choose one of 3 Zombies and Race against your zombie

The Rock Posted on 6/23/2016
A guy picks up a rock and and something unexpected happens!!1!

Fatsack: BWDS ep 1 Posted on 6/23/2016
The first instalment in a new Wildlife Documentary Series

Army Vs Alien 3 Posted on 6/23/2016
You play as army troops through city landscapes, battle against crazy alien invasion!

Adventures of Jhin Jungle! Posted on 6/23/2016

New Pokemon! It’s a Dog!! Posted on 6/23/2016
It’s a new Pokemon from the Alola region!!

Spoilers Ahead: Star Wars The Force A’Money Posted on 6/22/2016
Spoilers Ahead takes on a movie where you have to force yourself awake

I’m too Awkward for My Own Good. Posted on 6/22/2016
Reuploaded for your viewing pleasure

Apollina´s Spell - Greek antique parody Posted on 6/22/2016
Mythologically fun, Porfeo wants to break the Apollina´s Spell

LOUIS CK Animated | Consumerism Posted on 6/22/2016
Clip taken from a Louis CK appearance on The Opie & Anthony Show.

2 Ants 1 President - Episode 1 Posted on 6/22/2016
First episode of 2 ants 1 president

Musashi — Mountain Devils Posted on 6/22/2016
A story of a gang of robbers, defenseless village and one strange ronin.

catasasdsda Posted on 6/22/2016

Mighty No. NEVER AGAIN Posted on 6/21/2016
The massive Kickstarter hit is finally out.. WHAT HAPPENED?!

Medieval Cop - The Death of A Lawyer Posted on 6/21/2016
Solve the murder of a lawyer in this hilarious game.

WHATS A GEM LICKER? Posted on 6/20/2016
Coe’s Quest - Season 1, Episode 3

Clicker Troops Posted on 6/20/2016
Clicking game on which you will help your troops to survive

The Parable of the Archer Posted on 6/20/2016
A Cocky Archer gets Schooled by a Master

Katknip - Meowed Manx Posted on 6/20/2016
Meowed Manx and the Furry Road

Dead Detention #2-9 Posted on 6/20/2016

Detective Sir Biscuit Posted on 6/20/2016
Can you find out who sabotaged Mr. Green’s restaurant’s neon sign?

Who Needs ‘Em - DudeGuy & Dr. Jib Episode 2 PART 1 Posted on 6/20/2016
Our favorite crime stopping, bomb diffusing heroes split up!

OVERWATCH PARODY | Best ultimate of your bae Posted on 6/20/2016
Tumblr is the answer

A Joint 2 Posted on 6/19/2016
3 animators working together on a random stick fight!

15 Seconds Posted on 6/18/2016

Puppet Rigging Tutorial Posted on 6/18/2016
learn how to make a puppet rig for flash animation

Mission Escape: Underground Posted on 6/18/2016
Your mission failed and now you are stuck underground, can you escape?

Whack The Terrorist Posted on 6/18/2016
Find 12 ways to stop the terrorist.

WHATUP YOUTUUUUUUUBE Posted on 6/18/2016
The story of a lonely stoner and his only friend.

Island Trip Posted on 6/18/2016
Green or Red, move ahead!

Pokemon Omeger Rubyer Part 1 Posted on 6/18/2016
More Speedrunnin’ & Easter Egg Huntin’ …In Hoenn.

Cellular Distraction Posted on 6/18/2016
A boy in a jam attempts to seek his distracted sister’s help

Game grumps: LADY MARIAA Posted on 6/17/2016

Kirby: Nightmare in Dark Souls Posted on 6/17/2016
Is the dark souls universe too difficult for kirby?

"The Woods" Darlingside Music Video Posted on 6/17/2016
Animated music video for “The Woods” by Darlingside

Magical Dream Bed Posted on 6/17/2016
A magical, musical adventure for the whole family!

HellSpawn Posted on 6/17/2016
Short Spawn Animation

Brandyn Burnette - Lost Posted on 6/16/2016
sail aweyyyy

Ancient Mask Posted on 6/16/2016
Kevin finds an ancient mask and wants to scare old man Rimmer.

Oblivion Elegy Trailer Posted on 6/16/2016
Full length trailer for my upcoming comic book.

GEORGE CARLIN Animated | ‘We’re Gonna Go To Mars’ Posted on 6/16/2016
Clip taken from George Carlin’s live show, ‘Complaints & Grievances’.

Hellami Animated Series Episode 1 "Hellami" Posted on 6/16/2016
Hellami Animated Series Episode 1 “Hellami”

Mettaton Vs Frisk Posted on 6/16/2016
Mettaton makes his grand entrence.

NWAR: Ex Machina Posted on 6/16/2016
Detective Nwar troubleshoots a hyper-intelligent evil AI.

Dont get lost in the wood Posted on 6/15/2016
Will you become a Salfo?

The Finding Dory Collab Posted on 6/15/2016
Dory is back in an all-new adventure!

Enjoy your Meal ! Posted on 6/14/2016
I love these videos where it shows you how to cook easily !

Toon Escape: School Posted on 6/14/2016
Oh no! Not stuck in a school! Hurry and escape before you are forced to learn something!

Literally Hell - Falling into Hell Posted on 6/14/2016
Falling into Hell

Fallout 4- Another settlement Posted on 6/14/2016
Another. Settlement.

Fatal Fighters story mode Posted on 6/14/2016
Fighting Puzzle! Defeat the enemy using your brain!

Fountain of Youth Posted on 6/13/2016
This old wrinkly lady has found the fountain of youth.

Silly Snippets — "Anteater" Posted on 6/13/2016
Silly Snippets — “Anteater”

Birthday 25 Posted on 6/12/2016
Yotam celebrates his 25th birthday WITH A FUCKING SONG AGAIN

The Ultimate Slushie Posted on 6/12/2016
Do you have what it takes to drink the coldest slushie ever?

Face The Dilemma Posted on 6/12/2016
Do you face it?

Shotfirer 2 Posted on 6/12/2016
Shotfirer is coming back. There’re more blasts, treasures and action.

about-face Posted on 6/12/2016
Leave home. Go on an adventure. Make a new friend. Lose control.

Shop Empire Underground Posted on 6/12/2016
Watch out for those villains! They can ruin everything!

Christina Grimmie [1994-2016] Posted on 6/12/2016
Christina Grimmie Time Lapse portrait

[Persona 4] Animated Comic Dub (part 1) Posted on 6/11/2016

Sparks Posted on 6/11/2016
When Spark is more than a feeling

Sticky Situation Posted on 6/11/2016
This is how McMuphin’s parents died

Spilled Milk Posted on 6/10/2016
You saved my life

sonics morning Posted on 6/10/2016
just a sonic day.

Pharah Animated Overwatch Highlight Intro Posted on 6/10/2016
Short Animated Lip Sync featuring Overwatch’s Pharah!

SleepyCast Animated - Unreleased Family Guy Episode Posted on 6/10/2016
Can’t wait for Fox to submit a false copyright claim

Shadow Arts Posted on 6/10/2016
Revenge is swift and sweet. Play as Talia, a female warrior out for vengeance!

Bleeding Walls Posted on 6/10/2016
There’s a hidden magic behind the walls awaiting for someone to discover.

Spyro’s Big Adventure (Spyro the Dragon Parody) Posted on 6/10/2016
Spyro goes on a fun adventure across the land and meets plenty of new friends

Playground Posted on 6/10/2016
the kid was asking for it

Yandere Miku Posted on 6/10/2016
An animation my voice was set to, by Miyuki on YT

Toon Escape: Maze Posted on 6/9/2016
You are stuck in a maze, can you figure out how to escape?

Night of the Living Bread Posted on 6/8/2016
An evil slice of bread has taken over the bread factory and wants to kill everybody.

Mind Reader Posted on 6/8/2016
Two friends discover that they have mind reading abilities.

The Little Whittler that Could Posted on 6/8/2016
he sure could whittle

Fox - Knives Posted on 6/8/2016
A psychedelic animation for the song “Knives” by Fox.

Ikimono High: Monster girls dating sim Posted on 6/8/2016
Monster girls dating simulation game

Cover Up Dat Booty! Posted on 6/7/2016
Extremists tend to make petty arguments over “conventionally attractive” female characters

Allure Escape: Beach House Posted on 6/7/2016
A volcano is about to blow!! Hurry up and escape the island!

Thug Life Buzz Lightyear Posted on 6/7/2016
He’s a REAL space ranger and he does what he wants!

The Legend Of Lucky Pie Episode 1 "Who Makes That Voice?" (With English Subtitles) Posted on 6/7/2016
This is the first episode of our animation series

Literally Hell - Cold Posted on 6/7/2016
a sad/heartwarming short

Crystals Constellations Posted on 6/7/2016
Draw lines through crystals and make constellations!

The Legend Of Lucky Pie Episode 2 "The Zodiac Maze" (With English Subtitles) Posted on 6/7/2016
Talking about the star sign, most people only know very little;

Black & White Escape: House Posted on 6/6/2016
Stuck in this huge black and white house. Can you figure out how to escape? Good luck!

Define Intervention Posted on 6/6/2016
A sci fi adventure, starring Jesus.

Chara Vs Mettaton NEO Posted on 6/6/2016
In an alternate universe, NEO blocks chara’s path….ready to terminate…or can he?

Dead Detention #2-8 Posted on 6/6/2016

Man-Go Theme Song Posted on 6/6/2016
The theme song of my brand new animation series

School is DOOM’d Posted on 6/5/2016
What if hell opened up a portal in school?

Bloodrun 2 Posted on 6/5/2016
Bloodrun is a top down arcade action eat ‘em up.

Fruit Zombie Defense 3 Posted on 6/5/2016
The zombies are coming! Defend your village from the zombie invasions in 100 days.

For Mom Posted on 6/4/2016
While moving out for college, an unappreciative son comes to a long overdue realization.

Soupcats’ DemoReel Posted on 6/4/2016
I made this for my portfolio

Batman v Superman Posted on 6/4/2016
Batman and Superman face off in the greatest fight of all time…right after calling each

Payday 2 YEEEE Posted on 6/4/2016
My Payday 2 Parody Just Reuploaded YEEE

Muhammad Ali - Tribute - Tempus Trip Posted on 6/4/2016
A Small Tribute to The Greatest, Muhammad Ali

Champion 7 Chapter 18 Posted on 6/4/2016
What better way to conclude volume 3 of Champion 7, then to introduce Champion 8 and her g

Shadow Sync Posted on 6/3/2016
Get to the end of the level… But there are two of you?

Color Move Posted on 6/3/2016
Fill all of the target spots with tiles that match the required colors.

Temple of Boom! Posted on 6/3/2016
A 2D Platformer Shooter.

RubberOnionBattle May 2016 Posted on 6/3/2016
Animation Battle Compilation for May 2016

Hexallin Posted on 6/3/2016
A brain-teasing puzzle game with minimalist style.

"Semi-Respectable" Show - Episode 4 "The Handicap" Posted on 6/2/2016
Episiode 4 qorked out some new techniques. Hope you like.

An odd dish Posted on 6/2/2016
Chef bob is hunting his own food

Akita - Blown Out of Proportion 2 Posted on 6/2/2016
The Thrilling Conclusion to Something Nobody Cares About

Safetyman: Train Safety Posted on 6/2/2016
Safetyman gives us all a little knowledge on train safety.

Brain 2 Posted on 6/1/2016
Na na na na….

Mission Escape: Pyramid Posted on 6/1/2016
Stuck inside of the pyramid, it’s quite and creepy, you might want to hurry and escape!

Great: The Show - episode 10 Posted on 6/1/2016
Made ya Think!

Dungeon Clicker: saga of the lost princess Posted on 6/1/2016
Hire heroes, use magic, destroy enemies, upgrade your abilities.

GPStudios 10K Subscriber Milestone Collab Posted on 6/1/2016
10.000 subscriber milestone!

Punch a Mexican Posted on 6/1/2016
A story of one man’s love for The Donald

X-Ray Detective Posted on 6/1/2016
Shooter game about a detective named Ray.

Stealth at School Posted on 6/1/2016
Nothing worse than a boring day at school when you could be playing at park

Bad Red Balloon Posted on 5/31/2016
Never trust balloons, red especially

Taco-Man Plays King’s Quest (MS-DOS 1987) Posted on 5/31/2016
Don’t just do it, IBM PS/2 it!

Worry People: No Evil 19 Posted on 5/31/2016
Much ado about doing nothing

Toon Escape Spook House Posted on 5/30/2016
Stuck in a toon world spook house, watch out for ghosts!

Dab Gently Around Wound Posted on 5/30/2016
Not even Med School could prepare them.

Publicly Funded - Public Freestyle Posted on 5/30/2016
bearded fellow spitting bars

Awe Fishing. Off the Hook! Posted on 5/30/2016
Start your fantasy fishing adventure now!

Vortex Point 7 Posted on 5/30/2016
Help Kevin explore Vortex Point’s mysterious Waddington Swamp

Why isn’t Martin Lawrence in movies anymore? Posted on 5/30/2016
To find the answer we travel all the way back to 2001.

Garf.ELD (Jon’s Lasagna) Posted on 5/30/2016
Jon loses his dish of lasagna and has an existential crisis .

Not Super Mario’s Special Attack Posted on 5/29/2016
You won’t like me when I’m hungry…

TD-Kids and Money Posted on 5/29/2016
Kids are broke. Get off their backs.

Apocashop Posted on 5/29/2016
Make a profit and save your village. Inspired by “Papers, Please” and “Lemonade Stand”.

Taco Trump Down Posted on 5/28/2016
Destroy Trump’s buildings with Tacos! Make Mexico great again!

George 27: Bob Hitherton’s New Product For Men Posted on 5/28/2016
A Product For Your Manhood!

Knight Posted on 5/28/2016
The Knight’s journey

Mario Set to Wumbo + More Posted on 5/28/2016
Mario’s hat is too tight so a doctor gives him a suggestion. Plus some bonus cartoons!

HELLEVATOR Posted on 5/27/2016
A group of cosmic “mistakes” rides an elevator across dimensions.

SOMETHING Posted on 5/27/2016
“A film about something.”

Street Shark.exe Posted on 5/27/2016
I can never tell these Disney shows apart….

Jump Out! The Pinball Posted on 5/27/2016
Help the cute critters escape certain doom as they leap and scurry into little crevices

100 Fans?? Posted on 5/27/2016
Wow!! 100 Fans??

Spandies vs Maskerals (scene 1 of 12) Posted on 5/26/2016
Welcome to Revelation Falls…

Spirit Chaser Posted on 5/26/2016
A chip-rock musical type thing

Newgrounds is Down Posted on 5/26/2016
I think I found out why Newgrounds servers went down.

Ori And Stitch CROSSOVER _ Dancing on Tetris theme Posted on 5/26/2016
Cute creature doing cute things

The Looper Posted on 5/26/2016
Teleporter + Runner game.

Rayman Whorigins Posted on 5/26/2016
The alternate, kinkier version of Rayman Origins.

Mega Quest Teaser 1 Posted on 5/26/2016
Mega Quest follows a group of heroes as they battle their way through a myriad of trope fi

new phone Posted on 5/26/2016
time goes by fast… so you better update your phone while you can

Prison Architect Break Posted on 5/25/2016
You can’t escape…

Robots & Barbearians Chapter 4 Posted on 5/25/2016
Chapter 4 !!!!

Return to Riddle School Posted on 5/25/2016
Escape from school in this remake of the classic web game, Riddle School

Riddle Transfer 2 Posted on 5/25/2016
The too-long-anticipated conclusion to the story of Riddle Transfer.

Crust Posted on 5/24/2016
Oops! I fell down a well!

Just Once Posted on 5/24/2016
Just Once

Kings of Nowhere Posted on 5/24/2016
My thesis film for Sheridan College 2016!

Top Ten Extremophiles Posted on 5/24/2016
If you enjoy fake top tens based on all things arbitrary, then this video’s for you. WTF?

‘Dinomelt’ - Animated Trailer Posted on 5/24/2016
A Melting Clay Meteor Approaches

Solace Posted on 5/23/2016
Rise, Ascend, Stand

What’s inside the box? Posted on 5/23/2016
What’s inside this box? A lot of puzzles! Can you solve all 30?

Moving Out | Root & Digby 21 Posted on 5/23/2016
Root finds a new place to live.

Surprise! Posted on 5/23/2016
A sweet surprise.

The Adventures of Goku and Saitama Posted on 5/22/2016
Some weird shit

LIGHT and RYUK use the DEATH NOTE to find the most special treasure of all… FRIENDSHIP!

Robots Continue Work Sequence Posted on 5/22/2016
Use the mouse to navigate menus and to queue and cancel robot actions.

Sir Ender Posted on 5/22/2016
A tale of incompetence.

POOPER DELUXE Posted on 5/22/2016
Join Pooper once again! this time with more special items and Multiplayer!

When you want senpai to notice you so bad_MASS EFFECT ANIMATION Posted on 5/22/2016
I will do it

Challenge: Ghoul and Jester Monkey Posted on 5/22/2016

The Buttermilk Bandits EP. 3 When A Forest Burns Down Pt.1 Posted on 5/21/2016
The Buttermilk Bandits Ep. 3

ABC Animal Posted on 5/21/2016
Learn the ABC with animals

Vampire Pixel in the Neon City Posted on 5/20/2016
A sinister deal is underway in the underbelly of Neon City

Yu-Gi-No Posted on 5/20/2016
Yugi and Kaiba have a duel to the death!

Put That Coffee Down Posted on 5/20/2016
You can’t close shit? This cartoon’s shit

League of Problems Posted on 5/20/2016
League of Problems “Teemo’s Boundaries”

Space James Posted on 5/20/2016
Space James is humanity’s greatest hero

Rozes and The Chainsmokers Portrait Posted on 5/20/2016
The Chainsmokers feat. Rozes Portrait

Toons These Days: Ep 66 Posted on 5/20/2016
Doggy rants about Breadwinners

Hotline Miami Third Person Shooter gameplay animation_THE MAN WITH A JACKET Posted on 5/19/2016
Violent content

A College Student Posted on 5/19/2016
A 6 minute wordless animation about a student who faces inner troubles in his studies.

HAPPY SOULS Posted on 5/18/2016
Bring a buddy.

IS THIS PEPSI?! - Eddsworld FANimation Posted on 5/18/2016
Wait this isn’t Cola!

Dialogue with Depression Posted on 5/18/2016
A dialogue between a woman and her depression

Mission Escape: Dojo Posted on 5/17/2016
You are on a secret mission and things went wrong! Now you mus escape!

The Murder Express Posted on 5/17/2016
Find out whodunit before you’re done in yourself!

4chan RAID argonians TV bombarded with prank calls Posted on 5/17/2016

My Mom’s Mental Illness Posted on 5/17/2016
A personal story of my mom’s schizophrenia.

Malia’s Poem Posted on 5/17/2016
Malia Obama gives her dad a piece of her mind.

John Cena Prank Call (Animated) Posted on 5/17/2016
Everybody’s Favorite Prank Call.. ANIMATED!

DOJO DICE 3 Posted on 5/16/2016
My submission for the Hyun’s Dojo D.I.C.E. 3!

Magic Cat Posted on 5/16/2016
A wizard and his cat come across an oddly placed staff.

Balloon King Posted on 5/16/2016
Help Timmy become the Balloon King and pop all the balloons!

We Remember Them Posted on 5/16/2016
A Poem About Lost Loved Ones

Getting Ripped Posted on 5/16/2016
A buff trainer helps a nerd get RIPPED!

Daily Comics Animated Posted on 5/16/2016
A collection of animations based on my daily comics

Desert Car Posted on 5/16/2016
Wouldn’t it be funny if…

Lost Ethereal Posted on 5/15/2016
Save your dead family from the spirit world

Artiface Three Posted on 5/15/2016
The third chapter of the Wizards journey

Fox - Knives Posted on 5/14/2016
Abstract Animation set to the song “Knives” by Fox.

Trash Paradox Posted on 5/14/2016
Why won’t the bottle go in?

007 Cry Of Fear First Encounter Revisited Posted on 5/14/2016
I’ve always felt alone… my whole life

Alula Falling #5 Posted on 5/14/2016
Students play a dark game amongst the shadows. The final episode of Alula Falling.

Gunmetal Black Ep 24 Posted on 5/14/2016
Anime stuffs

Box of Matches Posted on 5/14/2016
Replace some matches to make the equation correct

The Problem with Working in Public Posted on 5/14/2016
George encounters some issues while trying to get work done in public.

NWAR: Cold Open Posted on 5/13/2016
Detective Nwar has the guts to hunt down an organ thief.

Purbalds Posted on 5/13/2016
Meet the Purbalds!

What Chu Got? Ep 1 Posted on 5/13/2016
What will Conroy and Doggy do with a Super Mario “?” Block?

HunniePap / Underpop Posted on 5/12/2016
Frisk goes on a date with Papyrus

Piracy Is Not A Victimless Crime Posted on 5/12/2016
A PSA of sorts. Or maybe a cry for help.

Monster Masher Posted on 5/12/2016
Slay the monsters to stop them from scaring the children.

Rough ‘n Tumble Posted on 5/12/2016
I just hate to see two smash brothers fight!

Lorenzo Delgado, Investigador Privado (CAP 7) Posted on 5/12/2016
Capitulo 7

It´s Just a Prank, Bro! Posted on 5/11/2016
Beating the shit out of people and stealing their money Prank!!! Gone Sexual!!

Drums and Fur Posted on 5/11/2016
Unique circus trick !

The Hunger Bubble Posted on 5/11/2016
People keep messing with Kirby

Dark Souls 3 1996 version Posted on 5/11/2016
Dark Souls 3 remade on PS1/N64

Suck Me From Behind Posted on 5/11/2016
A cool ass song and video by Marc M.

The Guy Show Posted on 5/11/2016
A show about a guy named Guy who has his own show called The Guy Show

Shoebear Rides the Bus Posted on 5/11/2016
He might be a shoe, but he’s also a bear.

Draw Muscle Tutorial (Cob Secret) Posted on 5/10/2016
Learn how to draw muscles (Real Secret from DBZ ANIMATORS)

Lonely Escape Posted on 5/10/2016
Lost and alone, your best bet is to look for a way to escape!

Little Doorman Posted on 5/10/2016
Little Doorman faces a fiery crisis.

Pyromane Posted on 5/10/2016
A pyromaniac is being a pyromanic.

Deterministic Dungeon Posted on 5/9/2016
Handing over the reins of the Random Number Generator to you!

Burg Out Posted on 5/9/2016
Meat That Sweeps You Off Your Feet

One punch Finn FULL Posted on 5/9/2016
Finn as Saitama in Adventure time!

Mission Escape: Jungle Posted on 5/9/2016
Your mission went bad and now you are stuck in the jungle! Can you Escape?

Demo Reel Circa 2009-2012 Posted on 5/8/2016
collection of older animations

Maplewood Junior High 2 Posted on 5/8/2016
Help Erikka fix the broken coffee machine so she can start her day as a teacher.

RubberOnionBattle April 2016 Posted on 5/8/2016
Animation Battle Compilation for April 2016

Office Adventures S1: Ep 03 - Group Chat Posted on 5/8/2016
Wait… What did you say about my mother?! Oh sorry… I misheard you.

Pico & Hominid Movie Trailer (definitely not fake) Posted on 5/8/2016
The movie that will never came out

Daydreams Posted on 5/8/2016
A boy falls asleep in class and slips into the dream world!

Hulalaoo’s Return Posted on 5/8/2016
Its a Pico Day Miracle

Super Newgrounds Hyper Fighter II Posted on 5/7/2016
If only.

Picoday 2XXX trailer Posted on 5/7/2016
Trailer. This is a Post Tankmen world.

Codename: Chameleon 2 Posted on 5/7/2016
The Chameleon is captured by a man obsessed with secrets.

The Guardian Posted on 5/6/2016
If a sword possessed a dude, and there’s nobody around to here it… does he

Spoilers Ahead: Lucely… Written Posted on 5/6/2016
Spoilers Ahead spoils Lucy

Chiefs Demon Posted on 5/6/2016
Chiefs Demon Anime

Pico Joins the Army Posted on 5/6/2016
Pico joins the army! But what he sees will change his life forever..

Madness Beaconfication 2 Posted on 5/6/2016
1 year afther, it come the 2nd part of this series!

Lorenzo Delgado, Investigador Privado (CAP 6) Posted on 5/6/2016
Capitulo 6

The Many Pieces of Mr Coo (trailer) Posted on 5/6/2016
trailer for a point & click game, starring Mr Coo

Filthy Frank Anime Opening Posted on 5/5/2016
The opening for the worst show on the internet.

Brad n Dan: Amiibutt Unboxing Posted on 5/5/2016
Two pathetic nerds duke it out over a toy like complete idiots

Triptych Posted on 5/5/2016
Violence, violence, more violence.

Sleepy Cabin PSA Posted on 5/5/2016
A friendly public service announcement

Yonder Ho! - New Intro Draft Posted on 5/5/2016
An sorta hokey animation test

Awesome Happy Heroes Posted on 5/5/2016
Happy City needs you!

Cute Cat Animation - Vigilance Posted on 5/4/2016
A vigilant cat protects his tiny territory from nasty invadors!

The Loud House! Posted on 5/4/2016
Wacky fun at the local library!

Authentic Octopus Game (Demo) Posted on 5/4/2016
You are a tiny Octopus that nobody likes :(

Hero Simulator:Idle Adventures Posted on 5/4/2016
Psst, hero! Want to get some glory?

Mega Quest PV Posted on 5/4/2016
Preview Video for Web-Series Mega Quest!

2 minutes to midnight Posted on 5/3/2016
2 guys need to get tickets to the big show!

Robots & Barbearians Chapter 3 Posted on 5/3/2016
Barbearians captured by Robots !

What is Pico Day? Posted on 5/3/2016
Pico Day is hard to explain, but watch us try anyway.

DudeGuy & Dr. Jib SHORT- Planted Posted on 5/2/2016
DudeGuy is…. a plant??

Fountain of Youth Posted on 5/2/2016
Things used to be so much better :///

Mission Escape: Lab Posted on 5/2/2016
You were on a secret mission when you got stuck in the lab, can you escape?

Taco-Man Theatre Posted on 5/2/2016
Taco-Man Theatre - TMNT Invasion of the Punk Frogs

Hell’s Uber Driver - Mr. Rogers Posted on 5/2/2016
Won’t you be my neighbor… in Hell?

Squatch Posted on 5/2/2016
Now with parallax scrolling.

Tricks of The Trade - THE ADVENTURERS Posted on 5/2/2016
The Adventurers #4

Tales of Zale - Episode 2 Posted on 5/1/2016
Zale and Elva’s adventure continues, face to face with the cats of a ruined city.

Dead Detention #2-7 Posted on 4/30/2016

‘Hyper Jump Tomato’ Posted on 4/30/2016
Win rediscovers an oldschool handheld game

BLUEBARRY – TwinTrash Short Film Posted on 4/30/2016
Two blueberries go on an epic journey BUT THEN THEY D… [spoilers]

The Gender of Zuldor Posted on 4/30/2016
Link contemplates the greatest choice of all.

Deadpool - Super Hero Landing (Short Animation) Posted on 4/30/2016
Captain America “Civil War” Parody

Nausea: A Parody for Pigs Posted on 4/30/2016
Remember this game? Amnesia joke. Oink, etcetera!

"Reconnection" Posted on 4/30/2016
Hiya! I’m new here

Black & White Escape: Office Posted on 4/29/2016
You are stuck in a black and white world. Can you escape?

GGA - DON’T TOUCH Posted on 4/29/2016
Game Grumps animated I made back in October.

Ultralight Beam Posted on 4/29/2016

Exit The Asylum Posted on 4/29/2016
Germaine… six months later….

Form Letter Posted on 4/29/2016
Germaine responds to a form letter

Boy-Hole Posted on 4/29/2016
Don’t wait, call the number on your screen now!

Super 4×4 Rally Posted on 4/28/2016
Take to the dirt tracks in this 3D race across countr

YABBY HUNTERZ Posted on 4/28/2016

To the Mountains Posted on 4/28/2016
Vampire Perry’s gone and so is Bill’s face.

Champion 7 Chapter 14 Posted on 4/27/2016
Things heat up further as lord Zarr starts demanding answers.

Lorenzo Delgado, Investigador Privado (CAP 5) Posted on 4/27/2016
Capitulo 5

Work To Do Today Posted on 4/27/2016
We Did All Our Work!

Chips Posted on 4/27/2016
The guy likes chips, what can I say?

Gray Day Posted on 4/26/2016
bad days are not so bad

Bobby Gets Friendzoned Posted on 4/26/2016
Bobby thinks he about to get some ass… smh

Gravity falls Tribute to Stan twins Posted on 4/25/2016
this animations is a fanmade of gravity falls.

1985 Posted on 4/25/2016
The legend of the video game industry was born back in 1985. It’s the short tribute.

METHGUY Posted on 4/25/2016
Walter White just can’t seem to catch a break.

Anita’s Camp Posted on 4/25/2016
Help Anita deal with one of the campers at Camp Lakota

The magic of water Posted on 4/25/2016
The water

Cube Escape: Theatre Posted on 4/25/2016
Welcome to the theatre of your mind, Dale

S.T.A.N.D. Posted on 4/25/2016
Use your special ability to slow time and kill the enemies

The Great Biohazard Escape Posted on 4/24/2016
Poit’n'Click Adventure escape game about a scientist infected by a deadly alien virus

Class Trip Posted on 4/24/2016
Existence can be a waking nightmare.

TD-Disengage Posted on 4/24/2016
How do I tell you how I feel?

Tales of Zale - Minisode 3 Posted on 4/24/2016
A black cat and a white rabbit have a game of chess as they talk about what’s to come.

Uncontrollable Posted on 4/23/2016
What happens when you can’t control the character ?

The Shovel Posted on 4/23/2016
A man goes for a walk during a cold, Autumn night.

One Punch Man - Remake Latino Posted on 4/23/2016
One punch man Opening remake by latin animators.

Foxy Gets Hooked Posted on 4/23/2016
Foxy the Pirate wasn’t a pirate by choice. Here’s how!

The Tale of the Town on the River Posted on 4/23/2016
Sometimes curses can be the greatest blessings…

Mr. Freeman, part 64 Posted on 4/23/2016
Joyful and pleasant pastime, a piece of a pocket-size happiness for anyone…

Sinmara Saga Posted on 4/23/2016
A loveletter to SNES JRPGS

Kerslash Episode 2 Posted on 4/23/2016
Ninja Girl vs Sky Pirate

Old Man Dante - Dante’s Inferno Posted on 4/22/2016
Old Man Dante reads his favourite book, the very hungry Grub

Toy War Robot Mexico Rex Posted on 4/22/2016
Make you robot dino Mexico Rex join toy war!

Champion 7 Chapter 13 Posted on 4/22/2016
Kenny’s journey continues in this epic chapter of Champion 7. Join us as we learn the hist

Jynx Posted on 4/21/2016
It’s not what you think

Lorenzo Delgado, Investigador Privado (CAP 4) Posted on 4/21/2016
Capitulo 4

Dead Detention #2-6 Posted on 4/21/2016

A Wizard’s Journey Day 2 Posted on 4/21/2016
Join the wizard on his journey! Who knows what magical creatures you will find!

Hell’s Uber Driver - Jared Fogle Posted on 4/21/2016
Jared Fogle takes a ride through hell.

Starfox Zero TV-Series Opening Posted on 4/21/2016
Starfox Zero TV-Series Opening!

Codename Lunchbox: Season Juan HD Posted on 4/21/2016
Something to snack on.

The Cheese and The Insane Mouse Posted on 4/20/2016
“The Cheese and The Insane Mouse”

Thomas & Friend Posted on 4/20/2016
A true epic of scandalous proportions.

MazeEye Posted on 4/20/2016
Use your mouse to find a way to the exit. Grab the key first!

Age of Steel Posted on 4/20/2016
Age of steel, it is a challenging game of defense strategy.

The Price of Living Posted on 4/20/2016
A world not so different from ours…

Got Milk? - Third Wheeling Posted on 4/19/2016
Our first full animation episode!

Gandalf, a wizard of hope Posted on 4/19/2016
Caught in the battle of Minas Tirith, Gandalf lends his everlasting wisdom to Pippin.

Smash Bros Anime: Falcomaster Posted on 4/19/2016
This is about a lone Smasher who saved us all from a terrible metagaming future.

Deadpool 60’s Cartoon Theme Posted on 4/19/2016
Parody of Spider-Man 60’s cartoon theme, with Deadpool!

Abducted Posted on 4/18/2016
You were in the wrong place at the wrong time, now you must escape!

SHΔPE Posted on 4/18/2016
Dive into this hypnotic experience

METH ORCS Posted on 4/18/2016
Who stole Treshtog’s meth? WHO?!

Lora Vicious Halloween Posted on 4/18/2016
Lora is a cute but “vicious” vampire. Now she has to get milk ON HALLOWEEN NIGHT!

THIS IS AMAZING Posted on 4/17/2016
Game for Ludum Dare #35 (read full description)

I Don’t Mind If You Don’t Mind (2015) Posted on 4/17/2016
The group get their minds swapped, Now they gotta find a way back.

Gallery Posted on 4/17/2016
Gather vertices and discover different shapes

Axel’s Daily Life #3 Posted on 4/17/2016
Just another ordinary day…

Pekin the Caveman Posted on 4/17/2016
Everyday something new and mysterious comes through the portal in Pekin’s cave…

President Trump Posted on 4/17/2016
How Donald Trump’s first day as president will go…

Doodley Doggs- The Fly Posted on 4/16/2016
They’re baaaaack!

Tales of Zale - Minisode 2 Posted on 4/16/2016
Zale and Elva discover a ‘certain room’

Dumb Stuff Our Cat Does: The Shower Posted on 4/16/2016
Our cat continues to do dumb things.

ARAMAK BEGINS Posted on 4/16/2016
Set in a Sci-Fi-Fantasy world. Aramak, champion of Laservalley seeks vengeance.

Captain Tardigrade: Safety Tips Posted on 4/16/2016
Captain Tardigrade has some saftey tips for kids!

Gwain Saga - Chapter 01 Posted on 4/15/2016
GwainSaga - (Original Serie)

No-Man Episode4 Posted on 4/15/2016
No-Man takes a break from his hero duties to go shopping.

Mentalinks Episode 1: Pilot Posted on 4/15/2016
Show about physicist with questionable morals, “volunteer” student and alcoholic labmonkey

Jamming with Grandma Posted on 4/15/2016
Madeline needs the help of Kaitlyn if she wants to win the jam making contest.

Toons These Days: Ep 64 Posted on 4/15/2016
Doggy talks about Star vs. The Force of Evil

DeadPool’s Chimichanga Escapade Posted on 4/15/2016
Animated Short featuring Deadpool and OnePunchMan!

2 Ants 1 President Promo Trailer Posted on 4/14/2016
Promotional video of an original series

The Amazing World of Pikmin Posted on 4/14/2016
The peculiar society of pikmin

Traffic Collision Posted on 4/14/2016
High Speed Highway Action

Happy Birthday RyanStorm: The End of Birthday Collabs Posted on 4/14/2016
Its RyanStorm’s birthday so you know what that means…

Bill y Cony’s show - Ep1: Mico the ghost Posted on 4/14/2016
New funny cartoon animation

NWAR: Parental Advisory Posted on 4/14/2016
Detective Nwar must ___ and ___ in order to stop too much $#%&ing censorship

Dead Detention #2-5 Posted on 4/13/2016

Pissed Posted on 4/12/2016
Man gets pissed more ways than one.

Hell’s Uber Driver - Bill Cosby Posted on 4/12/2016
Comedy legend Bill Cosby takes a ride through hell.

Parking Fury Posted on 4/12/2016
Hop on the driver’s seat and drive your car to designated parking spot.

Epic Adventure Day 2 Posted on 4/12/2016
Join Ares for the second day of his Epic Adventure!

Ducks Posted on 4/12/2016
Dat busy duck

Zombie Society - Death after death #3/3 Posted on 4/12/2016
3rd and final issue of the interactive motion comic series

A Tale of Caos: Overture (Part I) Posted on 4/12/2016
An old style, pixel-art game, inspired by classical point-and-click games.

Pony Amie Posted on 4/11/2016
Cute ponies being played with in a 3DS game!

Doopie Doodles Episode 2: Valentine Posted on 4/11/2016
A short doodle about what happened to me on Valentine’s Day one year.

Crash Zoom: Grave Mistake Posted on 4/11/2016
When in doubt, ressurect more zombies

Drink Paper Posted on 4/11/2016
A quadruped walk.

Ace Attorney In a Nutshell Posted on 4/11/2016
Attorney not included.

The Lone Astronaut Posted on 4/11/2016
One astronaut is all alone in space.

Street Fighter V DLC’s Posted on 4/10/2016
DLCs in a nutshell

Tales of Zale - Minisode 1 Posted on 4/10/2016
Zale and Elva explore the remains of an abandoned toy store.

Old Man Oatmeal Posted on 4/10/2016
Old Man enjoys some Oatmeal

Peck! Posted on 4/10/2016
Who’s that out in center feild? Uh oh… it’s Peck!

Gundam Lanza Posted on 4/9/2016
A short fan-made Gundam animation

Seagulls Posted on 4/9/2016
A Titmouse 5 Second Day Short

Starbomb - God of No More Posted on 4/9/2016
Starbomb - God of No More - Animated

Stealing Youtube Videos Posted on 4/9/2016
Sharing my thoughts on people freebooting other people’s work.

FrogMan the Series Episode 6 Posted on 4/9/2016
(Part 2 of 3) Alex exacts his revenge on the frogs; Toady goes missing after a bad trip

Amazin’ Sounding Posted on 4/8/2016
Amazin’ Cartoon about ‘Sounding’

Castles and Kingdom Posted on 4/8/2016
Castles and Kingdoms is a multiplayer strategy game.

Dino Dive Posted on 4/8/2016
It’s only a high dive. What could go wrong?

Dandy Cave Explorer Posted on 4/8/2016
A retro inspired action platform game, touchscreen friendly.

One Day of Meursault Posted on 4/8/2016
This animation is dedicated to L’Étranger.

The Watchover Posted on 4/7/2016
6 contestants in one house

I love anime ( ゚இωஇ゚)゚ Posted on 4/7/2016
Based on an audio based on a webcomic.

Alzheimer’s Cop Posted on 4/7/2016
An animated cartoon about an elderly policeman!

Crash Zoom: Orcs n Dorks Posted on 4/7/2016
It’s a LARP and a half

Time Smash Posted on 4/7/2016
A short animated time travel film set to Giorgio Moroder style electronic dance music.

Wizard Hunt: Part 1 Posted on 4/6/2016
A man searches for the wizard who cursed him.

ARMSmasters Project - Phase Zero Posted on 4/6/2016
The ARMSmasters Project - Proof of Concept Short Action Animation

Dungeons & Donuts 2 Posted on 4/6/2016
Mr. Donut is seeking for his Mrs. Donut who has been kidnapped!

Super Blue Boy Planet Posted on 4/6/2016
2D Platformer

Hamster Lost in Food Posted on 4/6/2016
Help a lost hamster to reach to his home by removing some food items which are blocking

Cowboy on the Wall Posted on 4/6/2016
Three brothers get artistic

Evil Asylum Posted on 4/5/2016
Escape an Evil Asylum might not be as easy as you thought…..

Crazy Mom Posted on 4/5/2016
Help CrazyMom get all the party supplies she needs for her and CrazyDad’s anniversary.

Doopie Doodles Episode: 1 Hooky Posted on 4/5/2016
The first episode of my Doopie Doodle series

Super Shorts - Super Saiyajacked Posted on 4/4/2016
Vegeta has the ultimate plan to thwart Goku once and for all.

Osso Buco Posted on 4/4/2016
An animated interpretation of the poem “Osso Buco” by Billy Collins

Yo Escape The Office Posted on 4/4/2016
You are locked inside of your Dad’s office, can you escape?

Taste So Good (Official Animated Music Video) Posted on 4/4/2016
A Haha-Yo Music x digsBot Animated Music Video

Twilight Princess: BAD WOLF Posted on 4/4/2016
After Midna frees him, Link has other plans

RubberOnionBattle March 2016 Posted on 4/4/2016
Animation Battle Compilation for March 2016

One Punch Man - The true hero is you Posted on 4/3/2016
one punch man short fan animation

Birdbath 2: Birds on Vacation Posted on 4/3/2016
Birds discuss what it means to be on vacation…

TD-Parking Posted on 4/3/2016
Parking is fucking bullshit.

Life on Earth II - Tino Posted on 4/3/2016
Well god damn.

Negate Posted on 4/3/2016

Undertale | Sans Battle Posted on 4/2/2016
Sans had a Bad time.

Drink that White Posted on 4/2/2016
Pepe Drinking that White

Jamworld Ep. #14 Posted on 4/2/2016
“Sometimes, You Just have to Mess with Theories”

stay with me Posted on 4/2/2016
Stay with me

the fly Posted on 4/1/2016
one unlucky fly

420 SUBSCRIBERS Posted on 4/1/2016
How does it feel to reach 420 subscribers ?

TrumpGrounds Posted on 4/1/2016
Let me tell you, these slots are just the best!

Johnny Carbon - Indecency Posted on 4/1/2016
The story of a man and his inability to keep it in his pants after a few drinks.

Black Story, First episode Posted on 4/1/2016
Black Story, First episode

ZTV News Finale (Leaked) Posted on 4/1/2016
The last one.

IF YOU QUIT ON LIFE, YOU QUIT ON ME Posted on 4/1/2016
Coe’s Quest - Season 1, Episode 2

Alula Falling #4 Posted on 4/1/2016
A group of highschool students play a deadly game amongst the shadows. Episode 4.

Happy Birthday UrbanTowel! Posted on 3/31/2016
Happy Birthday video to Urban Towel from the New Wave boys!!

Robot Fire Dragon Posted on 3/31/2016
Now we need to put together the Robot Fire Dragon!

Sending Without Ghosts Posted on 3/31/2016
Send photos without a single ghost.

Hey I’m Spider-Man: Episode 7 Posted on 3/31/2016
Spiderman goes on an adventure I think

Hey Brain Posted on 3/31/2016
Ahhh, bath time

#100DaysOfWalkcycles Posted on 3/30/2016
100 Walk Cycle Animations in 100 Days cut into 2:30

The Last Raindrop Posted on 3/30/2016
the story of the last raindrop turning into a girl

Champion 7 Volume 1 Complete Posted on 3/30/2016
Champion 7 Volume 1 Complete

Bowser’s revenge (Mario Maker parody) Posted on 3/30/2016
A parody of Mario Maker

The Visit Posted on 3/29/2016
A man gets some news

Pass the Sticks Posted on 3/29/2016
Trailer for a new original Action/Adventure series

Geek Culture Posted on 3/29/2016
Foamy rants about “Geek” Culture : SEIZURE WARNING!

Gas-E-Pop Posted on 3/29/2016
Beware! GAS-E-POP!

Short People Posted on 3/28/2016
It’s a short world.

Greta (and) the Chosen One Posted on 3/28/2016
Is Greta truly the saviour the people have been yearning for? F*** no.

Getting Popular on YouTube | Root & Digby 19 Posted on 3/28/2016
Root gets advice on how to be popular on YouTube

The Story of Brewster Chipptooth Posted on 3/28/2016
Help Brewster Chipptooth on his quest to find Jelly Wrist Logan’s treasure.

The Plastic Menace Posted on 3/28/2016
star wars ©hasbro

Flying Bum Posted on 3/28/2016
There’s a new superhero in Town !

Madness Hallucination 2 Posted on 3/27/2016
Jus2 enjoy, but it always your Hallucination !

Doom-Nice Shot Posted on 3/27/2016
A bunch of demons just fucking die.

POKÉMANZ Posted on 3/27/2016

Teeth Horn Posted on 3/27/2016
Boy loses tooth and tricks pet with it.

Ristar! Posted on 3/27/2016
Ristar flyin’ thru space!

Ericsorcism Posted on 3/26/2016
Eric makes a deal with the Devil. And the rest of the gang is going to have a HELL of …

FLASH CRASHED Posted on 3/26/2016
for the broken hearted

80 Robot Masters in 50 Seconds Posted on 3/26/2016
Robot Masters death rush!

Stuffed! Posted on 3/26/2016
Patches wants to get rid of his evil thoughts! How will he do it?

Bond Breaker 2.0 Posted on 3/25/2016
You gotta know when to make bonds, know when to break bonds.

How To Be An Animator Posted on 3/25/2016
A training video on how to become an animator!

Undertale: Dreemur Reborn Sprite Animation - The Choice Posted on 3/25/2016
Sprite Animation of An Alternate Universe of Undertale

The D.O.E.S Posted on 3/25/2016
A demented rogue-likeish game.

Parappa Stuff Posted on 3/25/2016
Parappa’s karate lesson gets dark

Noscoped Valentine 2 Posted on 3/24/2016
Another valentine’s day , a lovely day of course ! , but not in this city..

Galactic Speedway Posted on 3/24/2016
Enjoy racing on the Galactic Speedway!

Zootopia Shots: What do Predators eat? Posted on 3/24/2016
What exactly do the predators in zootopia Eat?

Treasure Trouble Posted on 3/24/2016
Adventuring isn’t always glamorous

BulletHell Adventure Posted on 3/24/2016
Some foes took your girlfriend, Its time to bring her back

George Lucas Presents: The Lightsaber Prototype Posted on 3/23/2016
George Lucas fucks his shit with a lightsaber

Hell’s Uber Driver - Donald Trump Posted on 3/23/2016
Donald Trump runs for president of hell.

Cool Cat Story Posted on 3/23/2016
Funny 2d game about a cat who is trying to save his kingdom.

The Mother of the Bird Men Posted on 3/23/2016
The news adventures of Miss Libellule

Yo Escape The Playground Posted on 3/22/2016
Stuck in the playground, it seems to just keep getting worse, can you escape?

Idle City Builder Posted on 3/22/2016
Make your hilarious city by clicking, waiting and managing!

Boiling Keg Posted on 3/22/2016
Old bar fight

The Return Of Nazo: Part 2 Preview Posted on 3/22/2016
A preview to The Return Of Nazo Part 2!

Greater Than Posted on 3/22/2016
A robot learns about self worth

"Is There Alcohol In This?" - 11 Second Club: March 2016 Posted on 3/22/2016
A concerned mother takes control over her alcohol-savy daughter.

THIS YEAR Posted on 3/21/2016
Good things a’ comin’

Sullivan Gets Scared Posted on 3/21/2016
Sullivan loves his job at Monsters Inc (UNTIL NOW!)

Murder Muffin episode 2 Posted on 3/21/2016
Part 2 in the saga of 1940s Paris occupied by the dreaded Donutsee

Lazy Sunday - Titmouse Five Second Day 2016 Posted on 3/20/2016
Short animation made for Titmouse Five Second Day 2016

Be More Edgy Posted on 3/20/2016
In case you’re wondering, YES MY TEDDY BEAR ACTUALLY TALKS.

SleepyCast Animated- Eagle Improv Posted on 3/20/2016
Just some good ol’ fashion Eagle Improv

UndeadEd animated Posted on 3/20/2016
Dead man walking

Supah Market Ep.2 Newcomer Posted on 3/20/2016
Some new friends comes to the market

Donald ‘n Gang Posted on 3/19/2016
The gang meets up for a night on the town…

Sublo & Tangy Mustard #3 - Inspirational Art Posted on 3/19/2016
The boys bring art into Subpar, but why is Katy so mad about it?

Animation Reel 2016 Posted on 3/19/2016
Just an animation reel

Teaser: The Last of the Dashkin 2 Posted on 3/18/2016
It’s happening!