Pulling Back the Curtain on [PlayStation 3]
Posted on 10/9/2013
Kevin VanOrd takes to the shadows in a demo of Thief. Just how convincing is the city where Garrett makes his home? Read more »

XCOM: Enemy Within Reveals the Traitors Among [PC]
Posted on 10/9/2013
The battlefield is growing. The enemies of man no longer hail from just the stars. The exalted are here to rule mankind in the invader’s wake. Read more »

Ubisoft talks about the secret development of Just [Wii]
Posted on 10/7/2013
Developed by a team of 20 out of a minigame from Raving Rabbids and pitched to Ubisoft’s top brass just six months before release, Just Dance’s success was far from guaranteed. Read more »

Top Five Skyrim Mods of the Week - Kevin VanThord burns [PC]
Posted on 10/5/2013
Kevin lives on as the god of thunder, now with the power to start forest fires and create new heavy weapons. He may use both to slay terrifying centaurs. Read more »

Refined Musical Edutainment: Rocksmith [PlayStation 3]
Posted on 10/4/2013
Rocksmith 2014 builds upon the foundation of the original Rocksmith with a plethora of new features. Read more »

GaymerX2: Avoiding the Sophomore [PC]
Posted on 10/4/2013
Kevin VanOrd chats with GaymerX founder Matt Conn about what’s in store for the LGBT gaming convention’s second year. Read more »

Retooling Rapture for Infinite [PC]
Posted on 10/4/2013
Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea revisits, and reinvents, the series’ roots. Read more »

Between Robocop and an X-Wing Pilot: Designing XCOM’s MEC [PlayStation 3]
Posted on 10/2/2013
Senior game designer Ananda Gupta explains the science and sacrifice behind XCOM: Enemy Within’s new class, the mechanized exoskeletal cybersuit. Read more »

Lessons From the Wild: What Watch Dogs Learned From Far Cry [Xbox One]
Posted on 10/2/2013
Ubisoft’s Jonathan Morin explains how Chicago and Africa aren’t so different when it comes to the finer points of player immersion. Read more »

Bungie On How Destiny Beta Is Like a Full Product [PlayStation 3]
Posted on 10/1/2013
Community manager Eric Osborne discusses “massive undertaking” that is beta period for upcoming shared-world shooter. Read more »